The Unknown Heir 204


Chen Hao frowned, but still walked over.

"Whew, Teacher Liu, this is that student of yours, he looks pretty good, hey, why isn't he wearing a uniform?"

A woman on the other side said.

"Yeah, look at all the waiters here in their uniforms, and he's the only one not wearing one, really!"

"Guess it's a handyman, he'll work wherever there's work to be done, it's not permanent after all, it's temporary!"

Liu Min explained directly.

"Haha yeah, come little brother, come over to sister's side, there's just an empty seat, you sit down and chat for a while!"

"Yeah little handsome don't be shy! Look, it's rare to have you sitting with so many rich and young CEOs today, you must be precious o!"

A few twenty-seven or twenty-eight year old women looked at Chen Hao quite clear and beautiful, so the teasing heart.

As for Liu Min, she took a glance at Chen Hao and also said, "What are you waiting for, can't you see that Sister Xin and the others have asked you to sit down, really, silly! No one else! Four years of college for nothing!"

Chen Hao also couldn't resist the invitation of these women. 

He thought it was fine, just sit down by yourself and wait until you see Li Zhenguo and the others later before going over.

Mainly because he had been mocked by Liu Min, Chen Hao was a little angry.


Oh, for the sake of our teacher-student friendship, from the bus station, you asked me to do what I did, but I didn't even get a thank you.

Now, from the very first door, you're mocking yourself.

I'm obviously here to attend the greeting party, and as a result, you're mocking up the left sentence.

It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're looking for.

Presently unceremoniously sat down.

"Hmph, really simple and pitiful ah, let you sit you really sit ah!"

Sure enough, Liu Min was directly mocking on again.

It made several women giggle.

These women were all broad wives in the business world of Pingan County, people's husbands, who also had industries in Jinling City, cattle.

Liu Min, on the other hand, was just a substitute teacher.

So on some occasions, they were all welcomed at every turn.

Seeing that they were happy, she was even more energetic.


Liu Min slapped Chen Hao's head, "Fuck, why don't you stand up and pour wine for Xin and the others, making yourself a rich second generation ah!"

This scene, again, made everyone at the table laugh.

Chen Hao was silent, standing up and pouring the wine one by one.

But when it was time for Liu Min, Chen Hao deliberately lifted it a bit more fiercely.

I saw the red wine in the bottle, directly towards Liu Min's abdomen below the pouring up.

It was poured all over her skirt.

"Ah! Holy shit! My skirt!"

Liu Min called out directly.

"Chen Hao, do you know how to pour wine? You want to die? Do you know how much I paid for this dress?"

Liu Min was furious.

The party will start later, how can she meet people like this.

But yet, Chen Hao looked like a numbskull.

It is obvious is that this goods have not experienced the occasion at all, all the hands and feet went wrong.

But the wine was poured by himself, and Liu Min couldn't curse any nasty words.

"I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn't have let you goods sit over from the beginning, if you didn't sit over, my skirt will be It won't get dirty!"

"Oh my, what are you waiting for, I'm going to the bathroom, hurry up and get me a tissue!"

Because now her boyfriend Wang Qiang had already gone to the side to talk to some elders, it was weirdly unattractive for her to casually hold a tissue herself again, so she poked Chen Hao's head.


Chen Hao looked at Liu Min and smirked, so he still nodded his head.

He followed Liu Min to the bathroom.

"Fuck, I asked you to take a box of tissues, what the fuck do you mean by taking a piece?"

Liu Min was even angrier.

It was all getting angry.

Since the sink was public, only the men's and women's bathrooms were on both sides.

At this moment, a girl came out from the side of the bathroom.

Just happened to walk over to wash her hands.

"Huh? Teacher Liu, how come it's you?"

The girl was surprised.

"Li Ming Xue, how did you come to Chunhua, didn't I see you say in the group that you were going to Baosheng? tonight?"

Liu Min was also stunned.

Isn't the girl their original class representative, Li Mingxue, who now works at the county hospital!

"Forget it, the Baosheng side is temporarily closed for a few days, so I came to Chunhua to make a reservation, and the Chunhua Hotel seems to be doing something today. event, thank goodness we booked early, or we wouldn't have had a place!"

Li Mingxue held her shoulders grumbling.

It seemed as if Chen Hao who was standing on the side did not see it.

"Teacher Liu, why are you so careless with your clothes, pouring red wine on them all!"

Li Mingxue asked at this time.

"Hm don't mention it, I'm here for a business event, but I blame Chen Hao for that bastard! Got me all over!"

Liu Min white eyed Chen Hao.

Only then did Li Mingxue see Chen Hao standing at the side.

Chen Hao smiled and waved his hand to Li Mingxue.

Li Mingxue then also greeted Chen Ge.

"Chen Hao, why are you here too? Don't tell me you're here with Miss Liu Min for a business event?"

Li Mingxue said in shock.

"Hmph, just him, he's here to work as a handyman, where's the business event for him to attend!"

Liu Min said in a bad mood.

What to do

Can't get it clean either, it's about to start soon, so Liu Min has to get out of the House.

"Hey, Li Chao, you guys come see, who is this?"

As soon as Li Mingxue walked out with Liu Min, it just so happened that a few boys came out of a box in the first floor lobby.

It can not be precisely Li Mingxue's boyfriend Li Gang and Chen Hao's classmate Li Chao and the others.

By the way, with Li Chao they are also considered to be several years since they have not seen each other, because they did not contact much in high school, let alone after college.

So when they rushed over to surround Liu Min to greet them.

Chen Hao didn't interject to take the initiative to greet them, and just listened quietly beside them.

"Li Chao, at that time in the class you were the most handsome, didn't expect that you are still so handsome ah, how about it, where to go in the future Huh?"

Liu Min asked Li Chao.

I'm not sure if I'm the one who's the richest, but my family is the most well-connected, and I'm quite respected by my teachers.

"I don't know yet, let's wait for home arrangements."

Li Chao hit the ground running.

Needless to say everyone understands that the institution is stable.

Let a crowd of people really envious.

"But Li Chao, you can't stabilize yourself, now Ming Xue is also working in the hospital, you have to help with what you can help ah!"

Liu Min hadn't forgotten her own class representative.

"Don't worry, no problem!"

"Hey right, isn't this Chen Hao also a high school classmate of yours, why does it look like you guys don't know each other?"

At this time, Li Mingxue's boyfriend Li Gang suddenly pointed at Chen Hao and asked with a smile.

"Huh? Chen Hao? Fuck!"

Li Chao and the others listened and took a look towards Chen Hao's side, and sure enough, it was just like that, isn't that the Chen Hao from high school!

"Right, right, right, I forgot to tell you guys. I saw Chen Hao at noon today. He's working as a waiter at the Chun Hua Hotel. !"

As soon as Li Mingxue saw that she had left Chen Hao out to dry, she also felt quite embarrassed, so she smiled and introduced him.

"Ao, that's good ah, Chen Hao you are in the back or front room ah, to the time it's really not possible, I'll find you a relationship and promote you to be a Foreman or something?"

Li Chao smiled and nodded.

"Is he a classmate of yours from high school?"

Among the group of people, there was also a boy that Chen Hao had never seen before, who was now looking at Chen Hao and asking a somewhat playful question.

Yeah, on an occasion like a class reunion, actually running into an old classmate working as a waiter, that was newsworthy in itself.

"Yeah, he's the famous big poor guy in our class, haha!"

The other boy smiled.

The group of people, without fear, began to introduce that boy to Chen Hao's previous deeds.

"Young Master Chen, so you're here!"

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the hall....


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