The Unknown Heir 205

           CHAPTER 205


When Chen Hao lifted his head towards the visitor, he saw a middle-aged man, who was hurrying towards him.

This middle-aged man looked quite familiar.

It seemed that he knew him?

Presently Chen Hao stepped forward.

"Fuck, Chen Hao, why are you standing out? Didn't you hear people shouting for Young Master Chen?"

"Haha, yeah, embarrassing isn't it?"

The few high school classmates who were following behind Li Chao directly burst out laughing.

Even Li Mingxue was covering her mouth and laughing at the moment.

What's more was mentioned that Liu Min was already rolling her white eyes all the time.

"I'm really drunk on this Chen Hao, speechless!"

Liu Min shook her head and smiled bitterly.

"Young Master Chen, I drove your car for you, it's in the C section of the parking lot, here's the key, and the Master has instructed you to go back early !"

After saying that, the middle-aged man respectfully handed over a car key.

"I got it Uncle Li, no more business for you, you go back!"

It was only then that the boy next to Li Chao shook his head and laughed bitterly and stood out.

"Fuck, so it was a mistake!"

Chen Hao was also a bit embarrassed ah.

"You're hilarious, aren't you, Young Master Chen and Chen Hao aren't harmonious either!"

Some boys continued to ridicule.

"Okay, okay, let's continue to go back to drink, by the way Mr. Liu Min, when you are free, I will organize a class reunion. Ah, you must be there then O!"

Li Chao didn't bother to ridicule Chen Hao, at this time just to Liu Min.

"Okay, no problem, you can organize your classmates then, I'll definitely be there!"

The group agreed, and Li Chao and the others didn't continue to pay attention to Chen Hao, so they went back to drinking.

Followed Liu Min a piece of the upstairs.

"Shame on you? Aren't you embarrassed? People shout Young Master Chen and you show your head, fuck, I'm ashamed of you!"

Liu Min scolded Chen Hao a few more times.

Only then did she walk back to the scene.

Chen Hao was also used to it, so he continued to sit down again at the empty seat next to Liu Min.

Liu Min was about to start cursing, when the hosts of the venue seemed to be hosting the show already.

And it's been a while since the show started.

Then had to quiet down.

Just look above the stage, at some point there was an additional turntable.

There were several names written on the turntable.

One of the appellations, Young Master Chen, didn't have a name written on it either, or anything like that.

After all, this was Young Master Chen's greeting dinner, and what the word Young Master Chen represented was clear to everyone.

This is a bit similar to a live raffle.

And right in the middle is the prize pool, the prize is actually a Mercedes-Benz G500.

"Liu Min, you almost missed a good show, look at that, whose names are on there?"

At this time, the woman on the side of the room to grab Liu Min's arm.

"Wang Qiang? Fuck, you're in the raffle?"

Liu Min also excitedly pulled the arm of her own husband Wang Qiang on the side.

"Haha, yeah, just now first the quota entry lottery, I made it to the shortlist, my name to be able to be with Young Master Chen a piece, it's already very honourable! As for this G500, it doesn't matter if it's hit or miss!"

Wang Qiang was also satisfied.

"Don't be unimportant, it's a Mercedes G500, a little two million! If we're drawn, how cool would it be to go out in a big G?"

Liu Min excitedly said, "Right by the way, is Young Master Chen here? Which one of you is Chen? Look at that table, it looks like it's full of big shots!"

"Chen didn't come, but the legendary Jinling Giant Crocodile Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing are here, and just now Li spoke, saying that Chen might come over later, Anyway, Chen said to come, and he'll definitely be here tonight!"

Wang Qiang was also excited.

On the other hand, Chen Hao, on the other hand, was looking at his phone, and as expected, ah, Li Zhenguo had already made several calls to him.

Watching Chen Hao play with his phone, Liu Min was dissatisfied again.

She was about to scold him away.

At this time, the host's voice had sounded.

"Everyone, the raffle, it's now official, let's spin the wheel and see what the top prize tonight, G500, will actually be Who's the flower!"

The big G is pretty good in the county, a testament to the sincerity of this Chamber.

And as the host's voice landed on the floor, the turntable began to turn.


Eventually, the pointer stayed.

"Congratulations, Young Master Chen, on winning the Mercedes-Benz G500 prize worth two million! Applause!!!"

The host yelled in excitement.
The whole arena screamed.
Of course, the others are really random, and as for the final prize, Young Master Chen may not look good, but it's definitely going to fall on Young Master Chen's head.

The pattern, and everyone knew it!

"All right, ladies and gentlemen of the award, please come forward! Also, have you arrived yet, Young Master Chen, and if you have, please come up to the stage as well!"

The audience was suddenly quiet again.

Everyone's eyes searched everywhere.

"Hurry up Wang Qiang, you can share the stage with Young Master Chen!"

Liu Min straightened her dress and also blocked the stains.

She hurriedly took Wang Qiang's arm and stood up.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was not easy to pigeonhole at this time.

It was also not going to keep a low profile, and simply stood up along with Liu Min and followed them towards the stage.

"Fuck, why are you following?"

When she was almost on stage, Liu Min only discovered Chen Hao who was following behind her.

Presently, she asked in shock.

"To Receive the award ah!" Chen Hao said.

"Oh shit, it's not reading your name, you're receiving an award, that's Young Master Chen, not Chen Hao, you're fucking blind, right?"

Liu Min said nervously.

"Oops Wang Qiang you don't even know just now, I didn't run into my students in the downstairs hall it, the results of a student friend of my housekeeper Came and shouted Young Master Chen , when this Chen Hao stood out stupidly, and I was embarrassed for him!"

"And now, he's actually trying to get up on stage to receive an award! If we make a joke and people find out he's my student, then we'll be embarrassed!"

That's what Liu Min was worried about.

"Young Master Chen, please come up here!"

At this time, Li Zhengguo naturally took the stage as the guest of honor.

At this moment, he looked respectfully at Chen Hao and said.


Chen Hao nodded and did not explain.

Just walked up to the stage.

And Zhao Zixing from the VIP table below, as well as the original Jinling Business Group's cadres, all stood up and respectfully shouted.

"Young Master Chen, congratulations!"

"Thank you all!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, just smiled faintly.

"I go, so he's Young Master Chen!"

The entire scene, however, was instantly silent....


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