The Unknown Heir chapter 206

Chapter 206

Especially Liu Min who had just been reprimanding Chen Hao.

Her eyeballs were about to drop.


This Chen Hao's background is incomparably clear to her ah, is a small poor boy, what money is not the kind of.

And who is Young Master Chen?

It was the man of the hour in Jinling, and even more so the man who was going to change the history of Pingan County.

Even if I beat Liu Min to death, I don't believe that these two people could be linked together.

However, Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing and the others definitely knew Young Master Chen.

So Chen Hao's identity must be right ah?

Fuck, Liu Min was directly disheveled.

"Mr. Li, are you guys right? You call this poor bastard Young Master Chen?" 

Liu Min directly couldn't help but ask a question.

And Li Zhengguo frowned slightly, and looked at the stains on Liu Min's body, and said to the organizers with a sudden appearance of mischief.

"What's going on here? This woman can be so dirty as to dare to go on stage and be so rude to our Young Master Chen?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Li and Mr. Chen, it was an oversight on our part!"

The organizer's staff immediately nodded in sweat.

At once, they pointed at Liu Min and his husband, Wang Qiang: "You! And you, get out of here!"

"Huh? Why? This person is fake, he's just a poor student, you've really made a mistake, I'm his teacher, fuck you, Chen Hao, say something, Say you're a poor man, they've got the wrong man!"

Several people had come over to shove Liu Min and Wang Qiang.

But Liu Min was unwilling to scream.

First of all, it was too humiliating to be thrown out in public.

Secondly, how could Chen Hao be Young Master Chen ah, if it was true, she, Liu Min, would really have to die ah!

So now, she just wanted Chen Hao to say something to acknowledge it.

After all, this Chen Hao was too much of a dick, when he was just downstairs, wasn't it people shouting at Young Master Chen, and he took two steps ahead?

And at this time, Li Zhenguo also looked at Chen Hao.

It meant that he was asking about his meaning.

After all, if this woman was really acquainted with Young Master Chen, some things Li Zhenguo wouldn't dare to take the initiative to do too much.

Unexpectedly, Chen Hao said.

"I don't know her too well, or she used to teach me!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly, "But if you have to make me admit it, fine, I'll admit it, I'm a poor pimp, a poor student . They've got the wrong person!"

"Ah! Mr. Li, did you hear that? hahaha, he admitted it, he just admitted it himself!"

Liu Min shouted.

I thought to myself that I might be able to get appreciation from General Manager Li as a result.

But Li Zhenguo looked at Liu Min with a sneer: "Someone, blow the two of them out!"

There were already people waiting, and in a flash, they racked Liu Min and the befuddled Wang Qiang and drove them out together.

The venue was much quieter.

Chen Hao is also really annoyed with Liu Min, since the bus station, Liu Min treated herself like that, in fact, this beam is even closed.

In the past, Chen Hao tolerated some things, such as the original Zhao Yifan taunting, because Ma Xiaonan and the others were saving face.

So Chen Hao endured as long as he could.

But you, Liu Min, whose face are you looking at yourself? Why should I give you face!

So Chen Hao was a little more decisive.

This trip, Chen Hao also won a Mercedes-Benz G500, the organizers thought Young Master Chen  would feel shabby, after all, the host of the event, also pulled in sponsorship.

But Chen Hao did not say anything.

The big G was pretty good in Chen Hao's eyes.

And he was back, and couldn't drive around usurping that Lamborghini of his own.

At first, he was thinking of borrowing a car from Li Zhengguo to drive it, so it was just as well that a new car had arrived.

The next step is to make a toast and talk about the topic.

In the blink of an eye, a week's time passed.

Master Wu was also discharged from the hospital.

On this day, Chen Hao also had nothing to do, so he was ready to go to Li Zhenguo's side to keep an eye on projects and such.

Sister Well came to call a few times.

The first thing that came to my mind was that I had been told by my father to visit his comrades in Pingan County, and I had been back for more than a week and had forgotten all about it.

On this day, Chen Hao was fine, simply bought some gifts and headed to an upscale community in Pingan County to visit that Uncle Jiang Weidong Jiang.

As I've said before, the relationship between the two families had faded a lot with the passing of several incidents later on.

But dad is also a very nostalgic person.

He didn't believe it, reality is reality, but people, how can there be no human feelings?

When I remembered the cold attitude of my dad six years ago when he led himself to beg someone to go to high school.

Chen Hao understood his dad's feelings.

It was just that this trip was on his own? But a new identity!

I wonder if it will still be the same treatment as before, huh....

As he thought, according to the location of his memory, Chen Hao had also arrived.

He knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"

The door opened, it was a middle-aged woman who opened the door.

Naturally, Chen Hao knew the middle-aged woman, her name was Tang Lan, Chen Hao called her Aunt Tang, she was Jiang Weidong's wife, it was said that she was quite powerful as a leader in a bank.

"Hello Aunt Tang, do you recognize me, my name is Chen Hao, I didn't miss coming to your house with my father before!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Oooo, I remember, aren't you the son of Old Jiang's comrade in arms, Chen Near East, haven't seen you for several years, you've grown up so much ah! Come in!"

Looked at the things that Young Master Chen was carrying.

Tang Lan's politeness was also bland with and without a word.

This scene was commonplace for her, and looking at Chen Hao's appearance, she knew that he was here to prop her up.

In the present, she had already planned in her heart how she would refuse later.

But the etiquette was not too harsh yet.

Entering the living room.

Chen Hao saw a middle-aged man reading a newspaper on the sofa with his legs crossed.

He was just like a big leader.

Naturally, he was Uncle Jiang Weidong, who Chen Hao called Jiang Weidong, and should now be a leader in the Development Bureau.

A standard bureaucratic family.

"Hello, Uncle Jiang!"

I don't know why, after so many years, Chen Hao was still quite constrained to see them again.

"Mmhmm, it's Chen Hao, it's been years since we've seen each other, right, I heard that your father left the country to make money because of his debts?"

Kang Wei Dong threw down the newspaper and asked.

"Ummm, sort of making money abroad!"

Chen Hao chuckled.

"You just graduated from college this year, right? What did you study?"

Jiang Weidong asked lightly, blowing gently on his tea a few times.

"In the literature department, Chinese language as well as codification!"

"Ahem, this major is a bit cold, but jobs are easy to arrange, by the way, have you found a job yet?"

Jiang Weidong asked.

"Not yet Uncle Jiang! I came this time to pay a special visit to Uncle Jiang, and my father has specifically instructed me..."

"By the way Ginger, do you have a meeting this afternoon?"

At this time, Tang Lan on the side interjected.

"Oooo, there is a meeting, alas, it's quite urgent to talk about it, or else we'll stay Chen Hao for dinner later!"

Jiang Weidong smiled faintly.

Chen Hao was not stupid, so of course he could hear that Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan must have thought they were here to beg them to arrange a job as soon as they heard that they were paying a special visit.

So in disguise, they drove themselves away.

It seems that there is really no love for them, so if you go back and tell your dad about today's incident, he will probably give up on you.

In the middle of the conversation, Chen Hao stood up and was about to leave.

Just at this time, a girl came out from the second floor of the duplex, wearing headphones, quite pretty and good-looking.

"Mom, my classmate will be coming to the house for dinner later, is your meal ready? Do you want me to help you?"

The girl said with a smile.

Suddenly, she looked at Chen Hao and gazed at him, "Mom, who is he?"


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