The Unknown Heir chapter 207

Chapter 207

The girl stared at Chen Hao curiously.

To be honest, looking at Chen Hao's ordinary clothes and countryside dress, she looked a bit down on him.

And what about the current Situation hearing this.

Let alone how embarrassed the faces of Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan were.

Especially Tang Lan.
Just now, they all said that Jiang Weidong had urgent matters, and would have a meeting later, so they wouldn't stay for Chen Hao's meal.

As a result, her daughter suddenly jumped out to say this.

Can not just make the two of them embarrassed it.

She said daughter, you came out a little late as well, he did not leave it!

"Oo, Ran Ran, you forgot, this is that kid from your Uncle Near East's house, didn't you two meet when you were little?"

Tang Lan said awkwardly now.

"I remember, I think his name is Chen Hao, right..."

The girl said.

"My name is Chen Hao, you remember me ah Ran Ran sister! It's been years since I've seen you, and you're getting prettier!"

This girl's name was Jiang Ranran, whom Chen Hao knew.

The reason for this is because when he came to her house as a child, Jiang Ranran would point at Chen Hao with a disgusted face. Mom, tell him to him to leave, he stained our floor

It was also a matter of pride and since childhood, Chen Hao was afraid that Jiang Ranran would mock him.

But it was much better now, Chen Hao said politely.

"Thank you Chen Hao, you've become handsome too! You'll have to take care of me if I have any problems in the future!"

Jiang Ranran also generously extended her hand to shake Chen Hao.

Although Jiang Ranran's phrase was a courtesy phrase.

But it was considered to be the relatively warmest word Chen Hao had heard since coming to the Jiang family.

Smiling now, he said, "Okay, no problem, you can look for me for anything in the future!"

Gingerly smiling, she withdrew her hand while thinking to herself.

Who do you think you are? I'm just being polite and you've gotten carried away
Yes, Jiang Ranran comes from a bureaucratic family, not to mention her father's connections.

And after her graduation, she will definitely go into an institution, who else will she need in future!

Not to mention who needs your help, Chen Hao.
"That Chen Hao, why don't you stay here for lunch, it just so happens that Ran Ran's friend is coming, you a piece, you see I was busy just now. Forget it, I'm going to prepare dinner!"

Tang Lan was embarrassed at this time.

Just now, she was trying  to chase Chen Hao away, but what, her daughter ruined it, so her face wasn't too good anyway.

If she didn't stay for a bit, then it would be a bit too much of a blow to the face.

"Mmhmm, stay, it's good to meet more people!"

Jiang Weidong also said lightly.

Only Jiang Ranran's face was a bit not looking too good.

The intent was to invite classmates, but it was weirdly awkward for this country bumpkin to insert himself in.

But the parents had invited them, so it was not good for them to say anything.

The next attitude towards Chen Hao, it was a lot colder.

Soon, all these classmates of Jiang Ranran came.

Men and women, there had to be seven or eight of them here.

After chatting for a while, the food on Tang Lan's side was also ready.

Jiang Weidong then hurriedly greeted these classmates of her daughter and took their seats.

"Lin Dong ah, come, sit next to me, you must have a drink with me today!"

Jiang Weidong affectionately pulled Lin Dong's hand and insisted on letting him sit next to him.

Lin Dong, a boy who was quite handsome, based on the chat just now, Chen Hao also knew that his father seemed to be a high level leader.

Quite capable.

And yet, looking at this Lin Dong, he seemed to have some interest in Jiang Ranran.

And Jiang Weidong's barren Lin Dong could develop a relationship with his daughter, Jiang Ranran, so his attitude was not to mention how affectionate he was.

"It's an honor for our Jiang family to become good friends with you, Ranran! Look at Lin Dong, he's so talented and capable, I don't know who's going to be with Lin Dong in the future! Our Ran Ran is definitely not going to make it, look at Ran Ran, she's still like a child, she's so far behind you!"

Jiang Weidong smiled.

"Uncle Jiang you're joking right, Ran Ran is so beautiful, it's only right that she's lucky to be anyone's girlfriend, and Ran Ran has told us that , when you were in the army, didn't you betroth Ran Ran to your comrade's son, huh!"

Lin Dong laughed bitterly.

"That stopped counting a long time ago!" At this time Tang Lan smiled and brought the food over to Lin Dong, "No, this Chen Hao is the boy that Ran Ran's father drunkenly promised. But you see, Chen Hao is now well groomed, our family Ran Ran can't be worthy, don't you think Chen Hao?"

Tang Lan asked Chen Hao who was sitting at the very edge.

"Yes yes yes!"

How could Chen Hao not hear Tang Lan's meaning, but also afraid that the crowd would draw the topic to him, so he hurriedly nodded his head.

And this scene, however, made Lin Dong scrupulous a bit.

To be honest, it wasn't just a day or two that he liked Jiang Ranran, it was just that he didn't confess, the two had always had an ambiguous relationship.

But then, Aunt Tang Lan said that the boy who was originally promised to someone else was here.

This dramatic comes.

Because the crowd was also looking at Lin Dong and Chen Hao.

Wanting to hold the two for comparison.

Right now, Lin Dong stood up with a smile, "Whew! If it wasn't for Auntie Tang lan's introduction, we wouldn't have known that you almost became the husband of our goddess Ranran. Come, come, be formal. Meet, Brother Chen Hao, I'm Lin Dong, currently working at the **Bureau,hehe..."

Lin Dong pretended to be surprised as he stood up and shook Chen Hao's hand.

While doing so, he also shook his wrist, the gold watch on his hand was dazzlingly golden, with a face of modesty.

"That was all arranged by the family, and I just got a taste of it! After all, I don't have much power myself!"

"Haha, Lin Dong, don't be modest, you don't have the ability who does, let's say Chen Hao, even if you let him have your position, he can't do it either, let's not talk about those stale things, come on, let's have a drink!"

Jiang Weidong smiled and patted Lin Dong's shoulder.

Then there was chatting about **some internal matters, in short, a group of people jokingly listening to the two talk.

As for Jiang Ranran, she was also looking at Lin Dong with a satisfied face holding his fragrant chin.

Feeling quite proud.

Jiang Ranran's eyes were not low, and she was generally unable to see anyone.

Chen Hao was sitting in the vice escort seat, and from time to time, he stood up and just poured drinks for everyone.

"Thanks ah Chen Hao"

At this moment, a pretty girl sitting next to Chen Hao smiled at him.

"You're welcome!" Chen Hao replied back.

"Don't keep pouring drinks, whoever wants to drink should pour their own, hehehe, do you rarely come out to eat with others?"

The girl looked at Chen Ge curiously and asked.

This girl was also extremely temperate, in short, the piece of looks and temperament was not inferior to Jiang Ranran at all.

Only the reason for not drinking, they girls instead sat a little off.

And through their chat just now, Chen Hao knew this girl's name.

Her name was Xu Xin.

"Oooo, not too much!"

Chen Hao had indeed attended few occasions.

The main reason was that this occasion was different from the past, and those present, after all, had Jiang Weidong as an elder.

And just at this time, Tang Lan came up with a plate of food, and was about to put it on Lin Dong's side.

But Lin Dong, also didn't pay attention, waved his hand and touched Tang Lan, directly knocking over a plate of dishes!


Tang Lan screamed.

Lin Dong immediately stood up and busily said sorry.

"All right all right, you child, Aunt Tang is afraid of burning you, The two of you should continue to drink. I'll fry you another plate later!"

Tang lan smiled.

Hurriedly, she cleaned up the floor.

Chen Hao then saw that their wine glasses were full, so he got up and poured them wine.

As a result, Lin Dong didn't know if it was intentional or not, but as soon as Chen Hao poured it for him, his hand shook, and then he lost his grip on the wine glass and fell It shattered on the table.


Lin Dong was shocked.

And then, just then, Tang Lan came out of the kitchen to see this scene.

"Do you know how to pour wine? How did it go down? You Dropped the glasses?"

Tang Lan looked furious as she pointed at Chen Hao and scolded him .

Jiang Weidong, on the other hand, also glanced coldly at Chen Ge, which was a dislike of Chen Hao's rudeness....


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