The Unknown Heir 208

               CHAPTER 208

Because of this, it had trained Chen Hao a bit.

It made Chen Hao quite embarrassed.

F*ck, it was obvious that he didn't hold it alright, and they all came at him?

But Chen Hao also understands.


To put it bluntly, Lin Dong has a status, but he has no status!

"It's not Brother Chen Hao's fault, I'm the one who didn't hold it steady, by the way, Brother Chen Hao, you're not working yet, are you?"

Lin Dong smiled at this time and asked Chen Hao.

Chen Hao shook his head, "No!"

"That's not a good idea. Why don't you ask someone? Why not look for one?"

Lin Dong looked like he was surprised.

"Now there is such a good relationship, unless the relationship is really hard, such as Ran Ran's job, I found it with a lot of effort, alas, it is difficult!"

Jiang Weidong said lightly.

Straight away, he left out his piece.

"I have nothing to do with it!" Chen Hao returned.

"Oooo, it's really no good, I'll help out, right Jia Yun, that factory your dad runs, didn't he say two days ago that he wanted two young security guards? I think we should let Chen Hao go over there, you can see that Chen Hao is also quite honest and the work is definitely real!"

Lin Dong pointed at a boy beside him.


As soon as the words came out, everyone on the table laughed.

Jiang Ranran even got mad at Lin Dong with a glare: "Chen Hao is from Jinling University, how can he be a security guard?"

"That's right, you shouldn't be laughed at by others!"

"You don't need a girlfriend anymore?"

Several girls laughed one after another.

Only Xu Xin didn't speak.

"Huh, even our factory don't just want, bodyguards, you have to have the ability, and we don't want waste!"

The boy named Jia Yun listened to the words of a group of girls, and felt that Chen Hao would work for their family and blame them, thinking that they mocked their company, and repudiated.

"Yeah, don't think that Yunjia's factory is so close, and it doesn't matter if college students tell the truth. In today's society, all college students go on in a brick, and the work is not expensive, what about the security?"

"Security is also a career that can be used conscientiously!"

Lin Dong said seriously.

"Well said Lin Dong, I didn't expect you to be young and mature and able to have such insights, you guys really shouldn't laugh, what Lin Dong just said, it Makes sense, you guys need to learn more from Lin Dong"

Jiang Weidong was also serious at this time.

The crowd of people nodded their heads with stifled laughter.

This meal, Chen Hao naturally ate nothing, and was stepped on quite hard, he want to seize it, but also embarrassed.

Just think, forget it, he followed his father's wishes and also came to visit.

Although people look down on themselves.

But my father is a bit nostalgic, isn't he?

If you dislike him, it's no big deal.

Simply smile and eat with a bored head.

After eating it, Jiang Weidong asked: "Right, you guys said to go to KTV in the afternoon to sing, don't play too long, go home early, so that The family is at ease!"

"Got it dad!"

"Don't worry Uncle Jiang, I'm here, I'll keep an eye on them!"

Lin Dong said with a smile.

"Mmhmm, that's why I'm so relieved that you're here, Lin Dong!"

Jiang Weidong smiled and nodded his head.

At this time, Lin Dong looked at Chen Hao again, "Right brother Chen Hao, we'll go to Karaoke later and you'll go play too, are you okay this afternoon? "

"I won't go, you guys should play very well!"

Just kidding, of course Chen Hao wasn't going, although Jiang Ranran was quite pretty, Chen Hao felt like he wasn't in the same circle as them.

"Don't mind, we're eating together, of course we have to go together to have fun, do you look down on us, brother Chen Hao?"

Lin Dong said.

There was some displeasure on his face.

He had asked Chen Hao to play, but it was actually the same as bringing Chen Hao for him to use to relieve boredom.

Isn't that how some people are, when they are capable, they have to find an incapable one to ridicule them ah?

And when Jiang Weidong saw that Lin Dong looked at Chen Hao he did not look good, he said.

"Chen Hao, if you want to go, you can go, how come you have no eyesight at all, Lin Dong, what status do you have, what status do you have, now you are invited, you Not yet!"

"All right, I'll go!"

Chen Hao was also a little indelible.

Especially the one next to her, Xu Xin, who was going to wink and look at her, wanting to have a piece of fun.

Plus now Jiang Weidong also said.

I thought to play with it, I'll just ignore them.


A short while later, the group of people went downstairs.

Lin Dong and the one called Wang Jiayun both had cars.

Two people drove the crowd.

Finally, it was Chen Hao's turn to get in the car.

As a result, there was no seat.

"Whew, fuck, look, the car is full for both of us, you can't sit with a couple of girls, right? Quite inconvenient!"

Lin Dong rolled down the window and laughed.

It looked like he was vigorously mocking himself since he heard that he and Jiang Ranran had once been engaged.

Deliberately looking for something to embarrass him.

And how could Chen Hao not know, he let himself go to KTV, I am afraid that is exactly the purpose.

"What's wrong with sitting with a girl, let me go in, Chen Hao, sit next to me!"

Xu Xin waved to Chen Hao.

It made Lin Dong a little unhappy, but Xu Xin was also a goddess level, so he couldn't say anything yet.

"Thank you!"

Chen Hao smiled and nodded his head, which was why he sat next to Xu Xin.

Soon, the crowd arrived at a private room in a KTV.

And Lin Dong had called another group of friends from somewhere.

There were both men and women, and all of a sudden, the box was lively.

Drinking and singing, it was so cheerful.

"This KTV, Jiayun comes here often, and he's been hanging out with a female manager here for a long time, haha, so today we can order whatever we like I'll treat you with Jiayun!"

Lin Dong smiled widely.

"Thank you, Brother Dong!"

"Love you Lin dong, ahhhhh!"

"Brother Dong is a natural person in our family, how can I say love!"

One girl said patting herself on the head.

It caused another burst of laughter

Wang Jiayun was also laughing quite happily, after all, it was quite a proud day.

Jiang Ran Ran also bowed her head with a slight blush.
To be honest, she was really too satisfied with Lin Dong's personality, on the other hand, Chen Hao who was sitting in the corner and didn't even dare to say anything, the difference was simply worlds apart.

Presently, she helplessly looked at Chen Hao and shook her head.

And at this moment, the door of the compartment was pushed open and a woman dressed in red walked in.

She had a voluptuous face and was very sexy and beautiful.
At a glance, she was an expert in social situations.

At this moment, she was holding a bottle of red wine and smiled, "Young Master Wang and Young Master Lin, knowing that you are coming, I specially give you a bottle of red wine, and I am happy to play today!"

The woman in red smiled, "And today's spending, Wang is often here, I give everyone a 10% discount, Play well!"

"Huh? What's with the 10% discount? Jiayun, aren't you familiar with this Red Sister, why is it only 10% off?"
A few boys joked and coaxed.

This made Wang Jiayun's face quite unpleasant, as if he had lost face.

"No, at least 20% off!"

Wang Jiayun said uncomfortably.

"That won't work, Wang Shao, I have to do business!" The woman in red covered her mouth and chuckled.

"Cough, that's okay, but how about you, Red Sister, you have to have a drink with us?"

Later, the boys looked at the sexy women in red, but they had to pull her for a drink.

"Sorry, I have important customers to accompany today, I can't drink it!"

After talking, Hongjie waved her hand and went out.

As a result, the atmosphere was suddenly embarrassing.

Several boys looked at Wang Jiayun one after another.

"Jiayun, what's the situation, people won't give you any face at all from Sister Hong!"

"Fuck, I'm familiar with a tyrant, I gave you a 10% discount, I thought we were on good terms, but I ignored you!"
When Red left, a few boys were the ones who said sour words.
This made Wang Jiayun simply like sitting on pins and needles.


Yes, it was true that just now, Sister Hong didn't give any face at all.

In the past, when she came here, she was still polite and courteous, making Wang Jiayun feel like he was familiar with her.

But I didn't expect that the bragging went out, and when it came time to use it, it was no use at all.

"Hmph, well, you guys don't believe it, right, I'll drag her here to toast you guys right now, you guys wait."

After saying that, Wang Jiayun furiously pulled open the door of the KTV and left, looking like he was going to find that red sister.

While Chen Hao looked on the side just smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Think face is really that important sometimes.
For such a small matter, it was worth getting angry.

And Chen Hao could see that the red sister should belong to the kind of people who are very polite with everyone, business well, spontaneous familiarity is normal.

But it's not good to have no self-awareness.


However, a short time later.
I saw one of the girls who had just gone to the bathroom run in, looking flustered.

"Brother Dong, you guys go out and take a look, Wang Jiayun has been beaten!"


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