The Unknown Heir Chapter 209

                  Chapter 209

"What? Beaten up?"

"F*ck, that's trouble!"

A few of the boys and girls in the house were suddenly nervous.

Even Lin Dong was also a little nervous.

But he didn't panic, he now said calmly, "What's the hurry, go, go out with me to see I'll like to see who dares to touch my brother!"
Now, he just waved his hand, and a bunch of boys' and girls' followed him out.

A few of the boys even went straight for a bottle, looking like they were going to fight!

Chen Hao, though, felt that Wang Jiayun was quite easily provoked.

But didn't expect him to be fucked.

Now that it's all over, it wouldn't be a good idea for him to sit here and drink, so he simply followed the crowd and went over with them.

The first time he saw this, He thought it would be a good idea for him to get the ball rolling.

He was curled up on the floor, his head full of blood.

A dozen karaoke bouncers had just finished beating him up.

Red sister, on the other hand, was holding her shoulder beside him, looking at Wang Jiayun with a cold smile.

"Stinky brat, shame on you, and you dare to pull my hair, I think you don't want to live, do you know whose territory this is? Brother Fei will kill you! Fuck!"

Red Sister scolded.

And when they heard the three words Big Brother Fei, the few people who were onlookers on the sidelines also couldn't help but turn pale.

Presently, they were even more sympathetic to Wang Jiayun on the ground.

Just now, Wang Jiayun suddenly shouted to stop Sister Hong who had walked into a box, and furiously wanted to pester Sister Hong to toast, Of course the red sister ignored him.

In fact, there are not many KTV that can make Red Sister toast.
But this Wang Jiayun did not let her be, and in the end, in a hurry, he even went to pull Sister Hong's hair, it looks like Sister Hong Cannot toast today.

The result is what's in front of him.

And someone from another box in the other room, when they actually came to the box in another room, they dragged the hair of Hong Jie.

When the people over there waved their hands, they suddenly rushed out seven or eight strong men.

Holding a stick, he knocked Wang Jiayun to the ground.

A good lesson.

And it was also at this time that a girl who was going to the toilet saw it, which is why she rushed back to report the scene.

"Sister Hong, let the boys handle this kid, my table guest is waiting for you to pay for it!"

Next to Red sister, there was an angry boy standing at the moment.

He had a plucky face, but looked like he was rich and powerful.

"I see Liu Shao, let me take out my anger first? Look, he just pulled my hair!"

Red smiled.

"Haha, no problem, since that's the case, pull him in my box. I just found you in trouble at the door of our box, and it wouldn't give me Liu Li's face, yeah, I'm going to be angry today! Look at what the kid has. Fuck!"
As soon as Liu Li raised his hand, a few bodyguards immediately got the order to rack up Wang Jiayun and walk towards the box.

But just entered the compartment.

"Stop! If you know what's good for you, let my brother go!"

At this time, a loud shout was suddenly heard.

Seeing Lin Dong with one hand in his pocket, he had led a large group of people over.

It was menacing.
"Damn, interesting, there are still those who have come to seek revenge, let me see who, why are they so bullish?"
And Liu Li also looked like he didn't care, so he hung around and entered the box, and even asked the bouncer to open the door and let them in.
Lin Dong and the others thought that brat was afraid, and now they were even more courageous.
They rushed in with a swarm of bees.
However, when they saw the people in the room, not only Lin Dong, but also quite a few people behind Lin Dong who were holding bottles of wine were shocked.

"Liu Shao, is it you? Brother Zhang, Master Tiger, Fourth Master, why are you here?"

Lin Dong stared at him, the flames on his body were instantly doused.
As for the few girls, they originally thought that they could have a good time following Lin Dong, but now they were quite embarrassed to see Lin Dong wither away.

Especially Jiang Ranran who was standing next to Lin Dong.

"Little Li, who is this kid? Your friend?"

At this moment, a large man with a tattooed dragon painting style on the side asked faintly.

"I don't know ah, fuck, I actually know him!"

Liu Li smiled faintly.

"Lin Dong, who is he?"

Jiang Ran Ran quietly tugged on Lin Dong's arm at this time and asked.

"Liu Li, that mine in Pingan County is their family's, the richest man in Pingan County, in the entire Jinling, it's also considered a name, his dad is the The leader of the underground forces in Ping'an County, Brother Dafei is the one who hangs out with his father, an absolutely ruthless man!"

"The ones he's with are also famous on the road!"

Lin Dong naturally knew a lot of people.

Presently, he hurriedly explained everything.

So much so, Jiang Ranran and the others were even more afraid.

Liu Li's big name, they had all still heard of it.

The influence was even more clear as well, and now that they heard Big Brother Fei's name again, how could they not panic.

"Whew! I said, "Dude, what are you doing here with a bunch of guys and a bottle? Are you trying to scare me to death?"

Liu Li sat with his legs upraised and a smirk on his face.

"Ahem, Young Master Liu, misunderstanding, all misunderstanding, a little too drunk today, this friend of mine has also offended you, I hope that you are generous to Give him a break, my name is Lin Dong, my father is Lin Qian, give him a break! Master Tiger Four, my father even brought me to drink with you last time!"

Lin Dong hurriedly introduced.

"Oooo, I know about him, but ah Lin Dong, I've never lived this long, and no one has ever blocked me in a box with a bottle like this before, you say What's to be done about it?"

Liu Li said with a smile.

But his eyes, however, could not help but sweep over the faces of Jiang Ranran and the other girls next to Lin Dong.

I thought to myself, one by one, they are all superb ah.

"That's really no good, Young master Liu you see, I'll blow a bottle of wine, just to compensate for my sin!"
"Yes, yes, Liu, let's blow a bottle of wine!"

A few of the boys also said.
"Well, in that case, each of you will blow a bottle of wine, all of you, to me O! This matter is over."

Liu Li looked at the few scared girls and smiled as well.

"But on one condition, beer is definitely not an option, so let's switch to white wine, one bottle per person, finish blowing, and you guys walk in. Little sister!"

"Huh? White wine?"

Lin Dong was dumbfounded.

"What? You don't give Liu Li this face?"

Liu Li's face was tight.

Before the words fell, a bodyguard had already come in carrying a box of liquor.

And when Lin Dong bit his teeth, he had to make a sample first.

Holding his nose, just like drinking boiled water, he gulped down a bottle of it with gusto.

The other boys did the same, and soon, each of them drank a bottle of white in.


Liu Li applauded admiringly, at this time he looked at the few girls of Jiang Ranran, "Beautiful girls, you have to drink too, huh? You won't get out of this door today without a drink!"

"As for you guys, you can fuck off!"

Liu Li pointed at Lin Dong.

"Young Master Liu, she's my girlfriend, can I take her away! Please, give me some face!"

No matter how stupid he was, he knew what Liu Li wanted to do, and now Lin Dong covered his stomach and said.

"No, you don't have any face in my place! And if you don't get out of here, you won't be able to leave!"

Once this was said, many boys were afraid and hid out.

As for Lin Dong, he bit his teeth and didn't know what to say, after all, Liu Li was quite ruthless.

He could only lower his head and also walked out.

As for Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin and the others, they were naturally controlled by a few bodyguards.

Just when Jiang Ran Ran was so scared that she was about to cry.
"Young Master Liu isn't it, give me some face and let them go..."


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