The Unknown Heir 210

             Chapter 210


After this voice finished speaking, the compartment was instantly silent, all looking towards the youth who spoke.

Give you a face?
Who are you? For me to give you a face?
The person who spoke was naturally Chen Hao.
Originally, Chen Hao had been staying outside of the box, and when he saw Lin Dong eating awkwardly, Chen Hao was just happy to watch from the side.

After all, it didn't matter what happened to him.

But once, that Liu Li apparently hit his eyes on the heads of the girls Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin.

Jiang Ranran it, because she was still a little less.

Although Jiang Ranran was a bit polite to him on the surface, but Chen Hao knew that this girl piece quite despised him.

There was no need for him to pretend in front of her or anything like that.

But, with Xu Xin here, it would be embarrassing if Chen Hao really didn't care.

After all, Xu Xin had been nice to him from the start, and she didn't look at people with colored glasses.

Perhaps in Xu Xin's heart, she thought it was nothing, but in contrast, Chen Hao was quite grateful to her in his heart.

So right now, he stepped forward and decided to do this for Xu Xin.
"Chen Hao, what nonsense are you talking about,  get out of here, don't you understand things above some occasions!"

And Jiang Ranran now said with a cold face.

She was drunk, Jiang Ranran grew up from the city and was quite knowledgeable, above this kind of occasion, it naturally happened overnight.

Even Jiang Ranran has decided, the worst-case scenario is to follow the example of Lin Dong, to chug down a bottle of wine, and then she quickly ran out, measuring Liu Li wouldn't dare to be too lawless, would he?

But she didn't expect that Chen Hao would come out to be a hero at this time, she was really drunk.

All of them wanted to slap Chen Hao once or twice.
"Give you face? What makes you so confident?"

Liu Li's eyebrows furrowed, and the rest of the bigwigs were also sizing up Chen Hao.

Chen Hao put both hands in his pockets and smiled faintly, "This girl is my friend, so I'll take care of this matter for her, Liu Shao if you If you really want to drink, why don't I have someone come drink with you when I finish my call!"
A small punk, Chen Hao naturally wouldn't put it in his eyes.

Now he looked at Xu Xin and laughed.

"Bastard, there is a price to be paid for being a hero, and I hear you saying that, you still want to find someone to compete with me Liu Li, hahaha You look like a loser, do you deserve that?"

Liu Li sized Chen Hao up and down for a while, and now sneered out.
"Chen Hao, stay out of this matter, you should leave now!"

Xu Xin said worriedly at this time.

Chen Hao returned and gave her a reassuring look, smiling slightly, "It's fine, don't worry."

After saying that, he looked at Liu Li: "How about Young master Liu, just tell me if you dare? How about having a nice drink with you later when my men come over?"

"Well, well, in Pingan County, the first time I've ever seen someone who dared to meet up with me, Liu Li, in front of so many big shots! I'm going to show you what I'm made of. But I'm going to tell you something. I'm not going to let you off the hook. What's going to happen, I'm sure you'll know if you ask around!"

Liu Li smiled coldly, as if he was looking at a jumper.

For Chen Hao, Xu Xin and Jiang Ranran hurried away.

Xu Xin looked at Chen Ge with a worried look, quite tangled, she wanted to stay and accompany.

Jiang Ranran, at this time, glanced at Chen Hao like an idiot and then forcibly pulled Xu Xin left.

Liu Li didn't stop them, because he was clear that there was definitely a sequel to this matter, and when the time came to get a few more girls, wouldn't it be It was as simple as having them drink only one bottle of white wine.
And so, Chen Hao was on the phone.

Of course, he was calling the Heavenly Dragon Earth Tiger and the others.
"Shout, give me as much as you have, hahaha!"

And after Chen Hao finished his phone call, he also looked at Liu Li with a faint smile.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, just had to keep a low profile in front of his acquaintances for various reasons, like today at Jiang Weidong's house, because he was an elder after all.

It wasn't like Chen Hao was a dude essentially from a ** background, so some things were just held back.

Because if Chen Hao wanted to hit their family's face, it was really a matter of lifting a finger.

But this time, Liu Li was different, just like dealing with that Hai Shan Group's Xu Wei was almost the same, and when it came to a stall, Chen Hao didn't pander at all.

And soon.
Just listen to the sound of brakes sounding, you can see a luxury car stopping directly in front of the KTV.

A team of black-clothed bodyguards poured down, and the two people leading them were the Heavenly Dragon and the Earth Tiger.

As Chen Hao's current base manager, the two were even more of Chen Hao's personal bodyguards.

Wherever Chen Hao was, they would naturally also appear in order to provide support at all times.

"YoungC Master Chen is inside, charge me in!"

The Heavenly Dragon Earth Tiger waved his hand fiercely, and the crowd poured into the KTV.

At this moment in the box.

Liu Li is playing with the wine glass in his hand, looked at his watch: "Kid, it's been five minutes now, there's not even a phone call from your side! Are you playing with me?"

Just joking.

A slamming sound was heard, and the door of the compartment was violently kicked open.

A group of people poured straight in.

A few of the big brother's bodyguards were alert and immediately tried to make a move.

But before they could make a move, they were already directly fucked over by a few black-clothed bodyguards.

The action was swift and fierce, as if a vicious tiger was pouncing on them!

"Who are you guys?"
Liu Li was stunned.

Seeing these people's skills and the cold, fierce air on their bodies, Liu Li also knew that these people were not simple.

"Young Master Chen, is that him?"

The Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger walked up to Chen Hao and said in a whisper.
"Hmmm, lesson learned!"

Chen Hao nodded faintly.
"Fuck, you guys dare? Do you know whose place this is?"
The middle-aged man named Master Long was cold and stern at the moment.
Although his face was fierce, his forehead was already filled with virtual sweat.

I thought to myself that I've met a hard target this time!
"This is Brother Dafei's territory, and when Dafei comes, none of you will be able to get out standing up!"
Liu Li also shouted.

"Sister Hong, hurry up and call Brother Dafei!"

Now he was making eyes at Sister Red again.

Red nodded, "Hmph, I've just sent a text message to go, Brother Dafei is bringing someone over, then, just wait for the good show! See?"

And the other side.
"Lyndon, you stop the car, I want to get out!"
Lin Dong and the others had driven off in a mess.
But halfway through the run, Xu Xin suddenly fretted and wanted to call out to the car.
"What's wrong Xu Xin?"
Jiang Ran Ran asked.
"No, no, I still don't feel comfortable leaving Chen Hao there alone! Everyone knows what kind of person Liu Li is, he'll really pick off Chen Hao's tendons and hamstrings!"

Xu Xin was going to cry with worry at the thought of it.
"Hmph, what are you worrying about him for, who let him punish heroes recklessly, he deserves it!"
Jiang Ran Ran despised it.

Now she was able to see clearly that Chen Hao and Lin Dong were simply incomparable.
One was as stupid as a fool, while the other was a big man who could bend and flex.
Especially when Lin Dong had just taken the lead in draining a bottle of wine for the sake of setting an example for everyone, Jiang Ranran was touched.
Men, there was nothing better than this!

But when she thought of that Chen Hao, Jiang Ran Ran just shook her head speechlessly.

"That's right Xu Xin, besides, you two don't know each other well, why does he deadly care about you? You see how people are not even paying attention to him, fuck, don't tell me, Xu Xin you like that poor dick?"

Lin Dong asked as he drove.
"Think what you like, I knew it, if we didn't have Chen Hao today, none of us would be able to get out of this so easily, you stop the car, I want to Go down and go back and see!"
Unable to stand the fact that Xu Xin was really anxious, Lin Dong stopped the car.

Xu Xin got out of the car and ran back.

"Xu Xin you come back ah!"
Jiang Ranran was also anxiously shouting, "Lin Dong, what do you think we should do? If Xu Xin is in danger, how will this be explained to her grandfather!"
"Ugh, I'll tell you what, let's turn around even if we can't!"

"Huh? It's not like you want to save that Chen Hao too, Brother Dong?"
"Fuck, what am I saving him for, I'm afraid something will happen to Xu Xin, so let's just go back and let Xu Xin see the situation from a distance, so We can get a grip on the situation too!"

Lin Dong explained.
The crowd agreed, and now the two cars turned around together and returned...


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