The Unknown Heir 211


"Huh? What's going on?"
When Kang Ranran and the others hid on the side of the road and saw the scene, they were directly surprised.
Because at the entrance of the KTV, there were many luxury cars parked.
And people were bustling around.

"F*ck, something must have happened, is it hard to believe that kid Chen Hao has stirred up something big?"

Lin Dong analyzed.

"Definitely ah, otherwise Pingan County, who else would be able to start such a big commotion ah, I should have known that I wouldn't have brought that kid with me! It's a good thing now, once we cause a big problem, it will be a liability for us, after all, Young Master Liu knows he's with us!"

A few boys were cross-eyed and quite depressed.
And Xu Xin was even pale from their words.

If this was really according to what they said, then would Chen Hao still be alive!

No, I have to go in and take a look. If I can't, I'll call the police. 

Xu Xin said in her heart, then opened the car door and ran directly towards the inside of the KTV.

Xu Xin's impression of Chen Hao is extremely good, of course it is the first time to meet it, like these things are definitely excluded.

It's just that I feel that Chen Hao is quite good, quite real, and just now, Chen Hao carried the whole thing down himself in order to save everyone.

She was not like Jiang Ranran and the others and should not just let Chen Hao go like this, Xu Xin won't be able to do it anyway.

That's why Xu Xin was so nervous.

"Xu Xin you're crazy, come back!"

Jiang Ranran also ran off the car and shouted urgently.

The best sister of Xu Xin, also can not bear to see Xu Xin like this, Jiang Ran Ran is afraid, so she ran over to chase Xu Xin.

Let her never be impulsive.

As for Lin Dong and the others, they were sitting in the car smoking cigarettes, not even daring to get out of the car, watching from afar. 
"Fuck, it's so tragic inside, that Young Master Liu doesn't know who he messed with, he was crippled!"

"Who says it isn't, I don't even dare to watch it, it's really too much drama, Liu thinks he's awesome, but I didn't expect someone to be more awesome than him, Haha!"

Just at this moment, a few young men and women passed by in front of Xu Xin.

They were chattering and discussing.

When Xu Xin heard it, she was first surprised.

Big Major Liu had been crippled?

What about Chen Hao?

Right now, they hurriedly stopped them to ask what was going on inside.

Jiang Ran Ran just happened to come after them at this time.

When a few boys saw the two beauties, their strength came up, so they told them about the situation in the KTV box they were in just now.

"Beautiful women, you didn't even go in to see, Young Master Liu you've always heard of it, our Pingan County's first rich young Liu Li, just now by a group of The black-clad bodyguards are drying out! Those guys are so ruthless, they're said to be from Jinling, just look at the cars they're driving! BULL!!!"

A man excitedly said.

"Liu Li too, I had thought he'd say shouting for Brother Dafei to come, I thought things would take a turn for the worse and Liu Li would teach that guy a lesson . In the end, Dafei came and seemed to be especially respectful to those two, handing them cigarettes and pouring drinks! At that time, Liu's face turned green!"

"And a few of the big guys in the box are wimpy too!"

The other two boys also said.

"I'm not asking how you Liu Li and the others are doing, I'm asking if any of the young men are injured. Did Liu Li slash a young man?"

Xu Xin asked a bit anxiously.

"Huh? Young people? Except for Liu Li and a guy named Fourth Master who took a beating, the others were all unharmed. Come up here and get dried out, and I don't see any young people in there!"

"How did that happen? Where's Chen Hao? Are you sure you're not mistaken? The person who was named wasn't Liu Li?"

Jiang Ran Ran said incredulously at this time.

"How is it possible, who hasn't seen a picture of Liu Li Liu!"

The group joked and laughed and left as well.

"So, Chen Hao is fine?"

The boulder in Xu Xin's heart suddenly landed on the ground.

"But why did this group of very rich people come to fight Liu Li? Ranran, do you think they, could they be the people Chen Hao called out to?"

Xu Xin suddenly said this.

Because she suddenly remembered that when Chen Hao let them go again, he said that he would call out a group of people to accompany this Liu Li.

That meant that he would call for people to fight with Liu Li.

At that time Xu Xin didn't think about anything else, she thought Chen Hao was trying to prop up Liu Li.

As a result, a large group of people really came, and they really beat Liu Li.

And what about this suspicion of Xu Xin.

It directly made Jiang Ran's whole body shake.

"How is it possible! It's him! I don't know him yet. He's just a poor loser. How can he know so many rich people? Xu Xin, don't let him fool you!"

Fuck, if this were true, Jiang Ran Ran would immediately bang her head against the wall and die.

But how could it be huh!

Jiang Ran Ran then waved to Lin Dong and the others in the car to come over.

Tell them about the situation just now as well.
As soon as they heard that Liu Li was beaten to a pulp, they were all quite surprised as well.

Looking at a luxury car that was blocking the KTV, they all looked at it with admiration.

"Look guys, isn't that Chen Hao?"

Jiang Ran Ran's eyes glanced around and suddenly saw Chen Hao eating at a western restaurant next to KTV, by the window.

It almost blinded her.

"Impossible, right? Fuck it's really him!"
Lin Dong was also stunned.

Everyone thought that Chen Hao was going to be miserable, but what was the result? He's actually in a western restaurant and it's a nice place to eat?

This this this....

"Chen Hao really isn't hurt at all, Ran Ran, it's possible that Chen Hao was telling the truth, he really called that group of people just now, Chen Hao might Know a lot of rich people!"

Xu Xin said happily.

"No way no way! I don't believe you. Let's go ask him what's going on, Lin Dong. And this poor bastard can actually eat in a western restaurant!"

Jiang Ranran stomped her foot in a hurry.

The person you don't like actually has great skills?

It's a slap in the face!

"Yeah, let's go over there! That little Li, you take them drunken ones home first!"

Lin Dong ignored his drunkenness at this time and said to a younger brother.

Because many boys had just blown a whole bottle.

The alcohol was up, and some of them were already suffering badly.

Lin Dong's drinking capacity was better, but he was reluctant to leave such a big scene, so he held on.

Bringing Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin, the three of them went directly inside the western restaurant.

"Chen Hao, I thought I was blind, I didn't think it was really you, ooh, running here and not ordering anything, just dry sitting, don't tell me you're sneaking out and there's no place to sit?"

Jiang Ran Ran angrily ran over and asked.

She was originally a little worried that Chen Hao was really rich and capable.

But coming over to take a look at Chen Hao's table, Jiang Ran Ran was relieved.

This guy, nine times out of ten, was here for refuge.

"Ran Ran you probably don't know, this western restaurant dead ghost, go upscale route, and is based in Jinling, ordinary people really Don't dare to come in and barge in, and this can be considered the best haven for Chen Hao, haha!"

Lin Dong also mocked a few words.

As for Chen Hao, he was just a bit confused.

In the KTV box just now, his own bodyguard had beaten up Liu Li and the others, and Chen Hao was feeling a bit tasteless watching the beating there.

Just give this kid a lesson.

So there was no plan to stay in the KTV.

After all, it's not Chen Hao's's nature to pretend like this. Plus eating less at noon, this point he was a little hungry, and Chen Ge came out to eat.

But just after ordering a meal he sat down and thought about the future plans.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ranran and the others actually came back.

What's the situation? I thought we let them all go!

Now, Chen Hao didn't even know how to explain this?

At this moment, the six waiters from the Western restaurant were seen lining up in a line, respectfully carrying Western food and walking over towards Chen Hao....


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