The Unknown Heir 212

                CHAPTER 212

"Excuse me this lady!"

The head waitress smiled as she looked at Jiang Ranran.

And then, under Jiang Ranran's staring pocket, a Western-style meal was placed in front of Chen Hao.

"Ah? What?"

Jiang Ran Ran was the first to be confused.

"Hey, hey, hey, have you guys got it wrong? You're in the wrong place, aren't you?"

Jiang Ran Ran was startled.

As long as an individual could tell that this Western-style meal was worth a lot of money, the lesser standard was three thousand to start with, and this was actually for Chen Hao?

That's right, she had always looked down on Chen Ge and thought he was a poor man.

And in the past, she had once let slip that she had told her father about her father's engagement to Chen Hao when she was a child, not knowing that it was met with How many people scoffed.

"Ran Ran, your fiancĂ© from the countryside is waiting for you!" 

The jeers of his classmates seemed to be still fresh in his mind.

This was considered the biggest dig at Jiang Ranran.

Usually, she didn't say it, but Jiang Ranran thought it was.

So, putting aside the issue of saving face, she was really quite disgusted with Chen Hao.

But now, Chen Hao actually ate so well.

"How could it be wrong, this Mr. Chen ordered our most expensive set menu, cooked by a French catering master himself! It's a full $6,999!"

The waiter smiled gently and left after giving another respectful salute to Chen Hao.

"What? 6999? "Jiang Ran Ran was even more confused, she hadn't even been this extravagant, okay?

"Chen Hao, what do you mean, you're poorer than everyone else, but you live such a wasteful life, and you order a French meal, you're sick! Do you know, you seven thousand dollars, use it to do something It's not good!"

Jiang Ranran said rudely.

"That's right, the more money you have without money, what status do I have what status do you have, my phone is only 6999, you eat a meal will be So much, are you confused!"

Lin Dong chimed in.

Honestly, in Pingan County, holding a 3,000+ phone was considered awesome.

But Lin Dong is definitely even more awesome, holding a 6999 and having face.

But now a comparison, damn it is Chen Hao's meal money, anyone's face is not good ah.

"Chen Hao, not that we're talking about you, with this money, buy yourself some nice clothes, or get yourself a nice phone than What's not strong, and improve yourself, but you're now...ugh!"

Jiang Ran Ran directly shook his head speechlessly at Chen Ge.

Her  eyes were filled with disappointment.

Indeed, compared to Lin Dong, Chen Hao was far behind, both in terms of people and thinking.


Just at this moment, Chen Hao's phone vibrated.

When he pulled it out, it was an unfamiliar number.

And Jiang Ranran and Lin Dong were now looking at Chen Hao and even more immediately stared at it.

It made Chen Hao quite embarrassed and embarrassed to answer it.

He hung up the phone and tried to put it back in her pocket.

After all, she was Uncle Jiang's daughter, and it was not easy for Chen Hao to hit her in the face.

"Don't you move, let me see your phone!"

Jiang Ran Ran was instantly confused and hurriedly snatched Chen Hao's phone away.

"This is...?" Jiang Ran Ran murmured.

"This phone was just recently launched, 29,999 a piece, Chen Hao you use this?"

This time not only Jiang Ranran Lin Dong, even Xu Xin was startled.

"Ahem, this is the one I used from my classmate! Isn't it dignified to bring it along!"

Chen Hao blacked himself out.

"Hmph, if you don't tell the truth, pull it off, you think I can't see that this is your phone!"

Xu Xin gave a slight glance at Chen Hao.

Jiang Ran Ran had been so tangled up that she couldn't speak.

What's going on, how could the person she hated... were those people really called by Chen Hao?

"Forget it, what's so great about a cell phone, you guys just drink and eat, or I'll buy you French Dinner. Great meal!"

Chen Hao smiled, trying his best to change the subject.

"Yes, yes, I'm really hungry, I've never had a 6999 French meal before, haha, do you want to treat Chen Hao!"

Xu Xin giggled.

"Of course!"

"Xu Xin! Have you forgotten what you were going to ask? And also, weren't you most worried about Chen Hao just now? Don't you want to know why he's okay?"

Jiang Ran Ran still said with a straight face.

"Right, you see I forgot about it when I was happy, Chen Hao, tell me quickly, how are you fine? And are those people outside that you shouted for?"

"Yeah? How am I okay?"

Chen Hao was muddled.

"It's us asking you again!"

Jiang Ranran stared at Chen Hao with a slight frown.

Chen Hao slapped his head at this time, "Au, it's like this, originally I was about to get into a fight with Liu Li, but then the guest in the next box They must have a grudge against Liu Li for barging in and the two factions fight! I'll slip away while I can!"

Chen Hao struck out.

Jiang Ran Ran was so angry that she was speechless.

It was obvious that Chen Hao wasn't telling the truth.

Fuck! You snuck off and went next door for a French dinner? You're lying!

Oops, I won't ask, I'm really anxious and angry!

"You two stay for dinner, too, as a treat!"

Chen Hao asked Jiang Ranran.

To be honest, Jiang Ranran looked at a table of French food, she really wanted to stay, girls well, aren't they all food!

But with a relationship like this with Chen Hao, how could she stay.

Don't want to save face?

"Well, no, we can just order it ourselves if we want!"

Jiang Ran said with her shoulders hugged and looked at Lin Dong.

She really wanted to eat.

As for Lin Dong, he touched his wallet, a meal would cost more than six thousand, he had a total of more than ten thousand.

Just now from the KTV out, he settled more than eight thousand meat pains already, now where there is seven thousand dollars to take out a big meal ah.

His family is powerful, does not mean rich ah.

"That's true, either next time, next time I invite you to eat! Today I drink too much!"


Jiang Ranran also can see that Lin Dong is really out of money.

There was a sigh of relief.

Lin Dong himself felt quite useless.

Stand up and want to go.

As a result, he turned around and knocked off a bottle of flowers on the side table.

With a bang, the vase shattered.

"Sir you wait!"

"What's wrong?"

"This vase of flowers, it's an artistic arrangement, you're breaking it now, a thousand dollars won't be enough! You need to pay ten thousand!"

The waiter smiled.

"What? Ten thousand?"

Lin Dong was confused.


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