The Unknown Heir 293

          Chapter 193

"What? We have a classmate who has a birthday today?"

Chen Chao smiled with a raised eyebrow.

That female classmate said, "Yeah, today is Li Kai's birthday, haha, originally also called Li Xiao, he didn't have time, plus It's not Chao's treat!"

Li Kai was also a junior high school classmate.

He was a simple and straightforward kind of person, and at that time his grades were the bottom of the class.

The family owns a cement factory, and because it's not the material to study, he went home to work directly after graduating from junior high school.

At this moment, everyone was all looking at Li Kai.

"Fuck, Kai-zi, why didn't you say something on your birthday today, this is embarrassing, haha!"

Chen Chao.

"That's right Li Kai, so today is also your birthday! Come, come, add Li Kai's WeChat and transfer a birthday red envelope for you too!"

A group of boys and girls echoed the sentiment.  First URL

Teacher Wang laughed, "Why don't you young ones nowadays give gifts on their birthdays, remember when I was your age, I had to I made my own gift to give! It's so convenient now that we've got a microchip, though!"

"Of course ah teacher, a red envelope will solve the problem if it's a birthday, a wedding, or a share!"

The girls all laughed.

"Li Kai, you WeChat added, take the red envelope ah!"

"Yes, yes, thank you, students! I'm pregnant on my birthday, I didn't expect to catch up with Chao!"

Seeing his classmates treating him so well, Li Kai was really flattered and even thanked them.

"Then today is simply too coincidental ah, Li Kai is pregnant for a month, and it clashed with Chao's birthday, but don't forget everyone, middle school. Who has the same birthday as Chen Chao?"

Li Xiaoling saw that everyone was giving Li Kai red envelopes and hurriedly said.

"Who is it? I don't really remember!"

The classmates were confused.

"Hmph, of course it's Chen Ge, it's Chen Ge's birthday today, he's on the same day as Chen Chao, and with Li Kai added today, the three of them A birthday."

Li Xiaoling said.

"Oooh, Chen Ge has a birthday today too!"

The students nodded that they knew.

But no one spoke up either.

"Right Chao, I heard there's an event over in Xiaoquan Town this afternoon, let's go together and play, my dad said it's a lot of fun over there."

A girl's flourishing opening broke the silence.

"Yeah, it's pretty lively over there in Little Spring, let's go play together!"

The crowd also echoed.

"I'm sure there's no problem on my side, so let's count the cars, and when Mr. Yang goes in the afternoon, we'll see if we can a piece of the Carry them all, and save yourself the trouble of renting a car!"

Chen Chao suggested.

Then the crowd started counting the people.

There were enough cars.

But count after count, they still left one person behind who couldn't get on the car.

"This is embarrassing, it's not worth it to rent another car for one more person."

A girl said.

"Ahem, then Chen Ge shouldn't go, he's got business to do, or we'll take Chen Ge with us, we'll delay someone's business! "

A boy laughed.

"Right, just don't go Chen Ge, haha!"

"I'm not going, you guys can just go play, Mr. Wang, I came here today just to see you, I was going to invite you to my birthday party today The, also inconvenient, wait for these two days, I will visit again, I have something to do, I have to go!"

Chen Ge came to Teacher Wang's side and said.

"Little Song ah, that's fine, if you have something to do, go ahead and get busy!"

Teacher Wang also saw that everyone was beating around the bush to ridicule Chen Ge, and knew that Chen Ge couldn't sit still, so he said.

And then he looked at Li Xiaoling.

Li Xiaoling nodded her head and also spoke to Teacher Wang and was ready to leave.

"Oh shit, this is leaving, what do you mean today is to see Teacher Wang ah? Are we not classmates anymore?"

Some girls were dissatisfied.

"That's right, it's just that I didn't transfer red envelopes to you, so what!"

"Chen Ge, I'll have to explain this to you, it's not that I don't want to transfer you birthday red envelopes, I just don't want to add your WeChat, hahaha! "

"Fuck, that's vicious!"

The crowd burst into laughter again.

Well, originally, teasing Chen Ge was everyone's greatest pleasure.

Chen Ge didn't say anything, after all, it was easy to hit them in the face, but Chen Ge hadn't bothered to do such vulgar things.

So, presently, he left with Li Xiaoling.

As for Wang Xue, she shook her head as she looked at Chen Ge's departing back.

In fact, although Wang Xue didn't say a word, she was observing Chen Ge the entire time.

Feeling that Chen Ge's performance on the wine field was simply far inferior to Chen Chao's.

It was right that he hadn't chosen him in the first place!

"It's so infuriating Chen Ge, look at what they said, and that Yang Ke, to this day it's all about looking at you, I'm so drunk . If the relationships weren't all good, I'd be spraying them for you!"

Li Xiaoling's angry chest rose and fell.

"Why are you so angry with them!" As he walked back with Li Xiaoling, Chen Ge said.

Less than twenty minutes.

The two of them had returned to the village as well.

"Chen Ge, are you home for your birthday? Do you want me to cook for you? I can make noodles now, long life noodles for you!"

Li Xiaoling said.

Seems to be still worried that Chen Ge's pride has been hurt today, after all, it was he who called Chen Ge out.

As for their words, you should forget about them as soon as possible, anyway, now that Li Xiao he's mixed up well, the worst case scenario is that you go and follow Li Xiao to do it, I also Follow Li Xiao Gan, and we're still together like the third year!"

"Well, the three of us are still together like we used to be!"

Chen Ge smiled and patted Li Xiaoling's shoulder, "But I won't be home for my birthday this year, we have to go to Xiaoquan Town for it, I'm in the hot spring area Booked a spot inside!"

"Huh? Hot Springs View? Chen Ge, you're bragging, don't you know that the hot spring scenic area has been booked, and all the hotels have been booked!"

Li Xiaoling was busy saying, "How did you book the spot?"

Honestly, Chen Ge didn't know what Li Zhenguo was doing by hiring all the hotels.

According to the budget, there would never be more than thirty this time.

But he probably had his own plans, so Chen Ge didn't ask.

Presently, Chen Ge looked at Li Xiaoling and smiled and said, "You'll know later, let's go, it's after eight, let's go over early too . I might even have to pick someone up!"

"Really? Ah you, but how are we going to get there now, it's a long way to Little Springs?"

Li Xiaoling asked, feeling that Chen Ge was really getting stranger and stranger.

"Of course I'm driving, I've put my car inside the hutong, I'll drive out and drive you to go with Master Wu and his wife!"

Chen Ge raised the key in his hand.

Bringing Li Xiaoling to the hutong this.

As soon as Li Xiaoling saw the car, she was instantly dumbfounded.

"Fuck, Audi A6, Chen Ge, is this your car?"

Lee was stunned.

"Not mine, the driving company's, and as for my car, it won't be here until later!"

Chen Ge smiled.

Looking at the somewhat stunned Li Xiaoling, she said, "You get in the car first, I'll go call Master Wu..."


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