The Unknown Heir 294

Chapter 294

Chen Ge called out to Wu Dada Wu as well as Li Xiaoling, and the four of them drove together to Xiaoquan Town.

It was only a twenty minute drive.

They arrived at the hot spring scenic area.

Just what Chen Ge didn't expect was that the hot spring scenic area at this moment, but it was also already crowded with people, and even more so with quite a few luxury cars coming.

There were also quite a few vendors at the entrance, selling things and such.

It was like an annual meeting.

So lively!

Chen Ge's heart was shocked.

Looking further, a red carpet was laid out from the entrance of the mountain resort to the scenic hotel.

The staff on both sides of the carpet were still busy.

If it wasn't for Li Zhenguo's car here, Chen Ge would have thought it wasn't for his birthday.  Remember the website

"Oh my god, so many people, Chen Ge, where did you book the hotel? It must have been all wrapped up inside!"

Li Xiaoling was still puzzled and asked.

"Yeah Little Song, just find a hotel in our town on the line, it's not possible to let you Auntie Wu go back to make it for you, this place is not only It's crowded and a very expensive meal!"

Master Wu also said.

"Don't worry, we can just go inside and eat!"

Chen Ge smiled bitterly.

By now, Chen Ge had nothing to hide, after all, today's banquet was prepared for himself.

He was just about to explain to Li Xiaoling and Grandma and Grandpa Wu.

"Grandparents, what are you guys doing here?"

Suddenly, Wu Feng walked over with a few young people.

Seeing the old couple, Wu Feng said.

"Fengzi ah, your grandparents come to play why not notify earlier, as well as to entrust the people of the scenic area, to arrange to go in to play ah, after all we Just waiting here for the leader to come!"

"Ahem, this is not considering that people's leadership are personal name to play it, and not business, how can we let the scenic area people to arrange our Wha!"

Wu Feng said, "Don't my parents and the rest of them hang around too!"

"We're here for Chen Ge's birthday, by the way, where are your parents?"

Master Wu said.

"Pfft? It's Chen Ge's birthday, why are you guys here, it's all covered!"

Wu Feng glanced at Chen Ge.

Grandparents' temper Wu Feng knew, they were all the kind of crops that were quite honest.

This Chen Ge is good, the place is obviously wrapped up, but Chen Ge actually dragged nothing like the old couple to the birthday.

It made Wu Feng feel especially ugly in front of his colleagues.

"Mom and Dad, what are you guys doing here?"

Just at this time, the boss, the second and third oldest, as well as Wu Jie Wu Qian and the others came over towards this side.

The eldest was extremely puzzled.

The thing today is like this, I've long known that the scenic area is going to have a big event, it's said that it's a big brother's birthday, and also invited stars and so on, so everyone came to play.

After all, it wasn't just for fun, maybe we could also take the opportunity to meet a few powerful friends, as a right to expand our own network.

Therefore, almost all of them brought their entire families over.

"Hmph, how else could they have come, they were brought here by this Chen Ge!"

Presently, Wu Feng exhaled and told the crowd what had just happened.

"Oh, what a lack of self-importance, don't even look at what place this is, what day is today, see what you can do, and still enter the scenic area Birthday inside!"

The second sister-in-law was now holding her shoulders and sneering.

If Chen Ge could get in today, it wouldn't be much better than his own daughter and the others, how is that possible ahhaha!

"That's right Chen Ge, I was expecting you to find a restaurant in town, but I didn't think you'd come to Xiaoquan. Bring the two oldest and use you to show off!"

Third sister-in-law also dao.

"All right, all right, you guys stop talking, it's Little Song's birthday today, said he's inviting us to dinner, I see you guys are fine, later Little Song will find a good restaurant , let's go celebrate Song's birthday!"

Master Wu said.

"Huh? Dad, we don't have time, a few of your son's comrades are here, we're supposed to eat together. "

Sister-in-law said at the moment.

Looking at Wu Feng again, "Xiao Feng, Xiao Jie, you guys quickly go busy, don't waste time here, if your leader comes later, a bit Eyesight, live a little!"

Wu Feng and the other few colleagues nodded seriously, this matter was indeed very important to them.

When they glanced at Chen Ge, they dispersed.

Wu Qian, on the other hand, had been secretly standing at the back observing Chen Ge.

Just now, Auntie, Auntie and Mama had repeatedly mocked and ignored Chen Ge.

If it were before, Chen Ge would have lowered his head in shame.

However, ever since she learned that Chen Ge had some connections with the scenery, Wu Qian noticed that Chen Ge just smiled the entire time and faced everything.

It was as if all the ridicule didn't matter.

Why was he so confident?

Where did this confidence come from?

Is it possible that Chen Ge is really strong?

It was this unspeakable feeling that kept Wu Qian preoccupied, and she was now so afraid to hear any good news about Chen Ge that she hadn't told her parents at all about that day.

Until now when Chen Ge had come and was threatening to go in for dinner, Wu Qian was really worried!

"Old Wu? Whew, it's really you!"

At this moment, an old and energetic voice rang out.

When Chen Ge looked up, he saw an old man, walking towards this side with a family of four.

"Old Wang, I didn't expect to run into you here!"

Grand Master Wu was also excited.

The family of four behind the old king also came up to say hello.

When Chen Ge saw the two people behind the middle-aged couple, he was stunned.

Could it not be Wang Min and Wang Shin.

"Two days ago, I had my two children go on a blind date, and I don't know how the results went, but when I asked Minnie about this child, Minnie wouldn't say anything, so I still wanted to ask around So, what's wrong with Chen Ge? Is it because you don't like my daughter?"

Lao Wang laughed.

"Dad, don't talk about that Chen Ge, it's probably because he thinks he's poor and not worthy of our daughter, so he's knowingly retiring, so don't Give people a hard time!"

Wang Min's mother stepped forward at this time and said.

I didn't expect the old man to talk about his daughter's blind date as soon as he met her.

Is there any need to talk about this matter?

She must have disagreed ten thousand times, and she really thought her granddaughter couldn't get married?

"Ahem, Old Wang, this is Chen Ge, and I was wondering what the hell was going on that day too!"

Master Wu pointed at Chen Ge.

"What? Is that him?"

Wang Min's mother was a bit embarrassed and stopped speaking.

She only faintly glanced twice at Chen Ge.

Wangasa, on the other hand, arrived in front of Chen Ge with surprise and joy.

"Chen Ge, we meet again!"

Chen Ge smiled faintly.

Wang Min was still a little embarrassed when she saw this scene, as if Chen Ge was treating his sister much better than himself.

"Mom and Dad, look, isn't that Chen Ge!"

At this moment on the other side, a girl pointed at Chen Ge as she walked this way.

"Hmph, so what if it's him, I guess he wants to come and get some more knowledge!"

The middle-aged man snarled at the news.


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