The Unknown Heir 295

Chapter 295

Yes, it was Jiang Weidong Tanglan and his family.
Originally, Jiang Weidong was quite happy, but after seeing Chen Hao, he couldn't help but look ugly.

As for Chen Hao, he also caught a glimpse of Jiang Weidong and the others, if it was before, Chen Hao would have had to come forward to say hello anyway, but now, forget it.

"You guys, look at that, there's a lot of luxury cars coming!"

"Really? That's true! My God!"

At this moment, the crowd suddenly shouted.

Immediately following, the crowd that was originally blocking the road made way for the crowd.

The staff of the scenic area, however, had already put up a fight and came out to greet them.

On the first luxury car, a middle-aged couple walked down arm in arm.

"Mr. Li Guohao, Mrs. Li, please come in!"

The staff respectfully said.

"Heavens, it's Li Guohao and his wife, I go, our Jiangnan Province's number one philanthropist, once the richest man in Jiangnan Province ah, never thought they would actually Here it comes!"

"Yes, now that Mr. Lee and his wife, whose energy has long been off business, have heard that they like to travel the world's major attractions, I didn't realize that the They're actually here!"

"You don't even see it on TV very often!"
The crowd was talking about it, all taking out their phones to take pictures.

"Dad, grandpa, how about it, it's a spectacular scene, this Mr. Li Guohao, he used to be the richest man in Jiangnan Province!"

Wu Feng Wu Jie and the others all came over to Chen Hao's side as well, and at this moment, Wu Feng was quite proud of his introduction.

Master Wu was surprised to see this kind of tycoon for the first time.

The Wang family was also surprised.

On the second luxury car, there was also a group of middle-aged couples walking down at the moment, and they were followed by their sons.

"I go, this is Mr. Liang, the few film and TV cities in Hong Kong City and Jinling City are owned by their family!"

"Why are you here too?"

"It's so spectacular, might we have to collaborate to put in a film city in Little Springs?"

"Hmmm, not a possibility, there was indeed a plan for that, or I was planning it when I was in office!"

Listening to a passerby's description.
Jiang Weidong could not help but say with a bit of pride.


While the crowd was talking, a cry suddenly erupted.

The crowd shouted in unison.
All looked towards the newcomers.
"Mr. Li Zinian, the richest man in Jiangbei! I'll go!"

The crowd watched in awe, all stunned.
"Dad, what the hell is the occasion today? So many big names are here!"

Jiang Ran Ran was also shocked badly.

After all, Jiang Weidong was an insider and naturally understood the situation.

"Oh, other than that Young Master Chen from Jinling, who else has such a big face, Young Master Chen's family is mysteriously powerful, and his connections are naturally strong!"

Jiang Weidong said proudly.

"What? Chan Siu? So it's Chan's birthday today?"

Jiang Ran asked in shock.
And naturally, this sentence also went viral.
Many people shouted in shock, "So it's Young Master Chen's birthday! That's odd, who else would come to a poor country like Little Spring Town!"

"By the way, speaking of Young Master Chen, why isn't there any information about him on the internet?"

Someone asked curiously.

"Needless to say, Young Master Chen is said to be a very low-key person!"
"That's right, there are very few people who know what Chen looks like now!"

The crowd discussed in unison.
"Today, it's really that young Chen's birthday, I guessed right!"
Wu family.

The boss and the others only realized it in hindsight at this point.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was standing on the side, squeezed into the crowd, and was currently a bit confused.

He was befuddled because he didn't expect Li Zhengguo to spread the scene so much himself.

And it was even more unexpected that so many big brothers had come.

Originally, it was planned that there would only be twenty or thirty people!
That's great!
"Look guys, that seems to be a *grown man* from Jiangnan Province!?"
"Fuck, it's just okay, *Grownups are actually here!"
At this, many of the onlookers were all shocked.

"Mom, I'll go take pictures first, you guys watch! Let's go, let's go!"

Wu Feng now looked serious and took his camera to take pictures.

And the crowd was all cheering.
When this team went back in.
The next bunch and the next bunch were all big shots.

Master Wu was all excited to see them, after all, these people could only be seen on TV ah.

What's more, there were also those household name actors and actresses.

"Wow, handsome boys and girls, so many rich and handsome boys and girls!"

Then it was time for the girls' welfare to arrive.

A Ferrari Lambo cool sports car stopped.

From the car, down came a famous rich second generation of Jinling City.

"That's Huang Shao, Young Master Chen's godbrother, I've seen him online, he's a little chubby, but he's so handsome and cute! Love it simply!"

"The most handsome one there is Bai Xiao Fei Bai, tall and handsome, my mother, I heard he's very close to Young Master Chen! Mum, I wish he'd kissed me!"

"And there's more, that's..."

Many young girls sprang forward at once.

Taking out their cell phones and swiping photos.
"These guys are really handsome and rich, Mandy and Shasa, mommy doesn't expect you guys to be anything else, even if you find one that's only half as good as the others. OK."

Wang Min's mother was envious at the moment.

I wish all these rich youngsters were my own daughters, then today I can be a sight to behold.

Bai Xiaofei, Huang Shao and the others with their pockets in their sunglasses, chewing gum hanging towards the inside.

They are in the door inside the big square collection, according to the organizer requirements, this time definitely to a big group photo.

And seeing some people gathered around in front of this group of big brothers to greet and so on.

It made Jiang Weidong who was on the side blush with anger.

"See, that brat topped me, otherwise it's me who can go in today!"

Jiang Weidong was jealous.

The former subordinates could now go in and say hello to many rich businessmen and such, and inside the scenic area, while he, on the other hand, could only be a spectator, naturally making Jiang Weidong uncomfortable.

"Alas, look at others, with the staff inside the scenic area, but all the relatives, can go in to play, you say why we do not have How many of the viewers do you know?"

At this moment, the second sister-in-law was also envious.
Now looking at her daughter Wu Qian said, "Xiao Qian, work harder, strive to have this kind of big event again in the future, but also let your mother and I can go in to see! "

Wu Qian nodded her head out of concentration.

Neither knew what she was thinking.

Yes, who wouldn't want to walk down the red carpet and have a good time at this kind of scene, who would be willing to be a spectator?
"Make way! Let me through!"
Chen Hao saw that the people were almost here, so he had to go in anyway.

After all, without herself, how could this birthday party be held?

But just a moment ago, Chen Hao was squeezed inside by the crowd that was surging up.

"Get out of the way, what's the squeeze! Bummer!"

"That's right, what are you doing over there! Really!"
The few little girls in the front row couldn't help but give Chen Hao a scowl....


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