Chapter 296

"Hmph, watch others push forward and you push forward too, don't even look at what you look like!"

The second sister-in-law was now looking at Chen Hao who was being pushed back by the girls in disdain.

I'll go!
Chen Hao was also really helpless.

"Chen Hao, just calm down for a moment and take a good look, so many big shots!"

Li Xiaoling was also persuaded.

By this moment, the people were almost here.

And inside the venue.

Li Zhenguo was holding a microphone and had already started to acknowledge the crowd.

As Li Zhenguo's voice rang out, the crowd outside also instantly quieted down.

The entire open-air large venue, so many people, at the moment falling needles could be heard.

But there were also people whispering outside.

"It seems like half a day, which one is Young Master Chen? Why can't you see it?"

"Could it be that Chen didn't come? No way, right?"

"Maybe Chen was already inside and just didn't like to show his face!"

"Ah, then wouldn't you not be able to see Young Master Chen again if you want to see him?"
Some of the girls were instantly disappointed.
Yes, although Bai Shao was good, Huang Shao was good.

However, the girls were more interested in seeing what Super Rich Chen Shao looked like.

After waiting outside for so long, wasn't it just for this moment!

"So anxious, why hasn't that Chen Shao come out yet?"

Tang Lan was also anxious.

"Alas, Chen Shao might not come out to meet you!"

Kang Wei Dong.

And it seemed that the people inside the venue were wondering.

Li Zhenguo had noticed.

At the same time he was also wondering.
It's almost eleven o'clock now, according to the agreement, Chen Shao will come over after picking up Wu Lao.

Right now, Li Zhenguo smiled and said, "Everyone, I'm really sorry, I'll give Chen Shao a call, he might be delayed by something! "
Then, they took out their phones and dialed Chen Hao's number directly.

"Wow, did you hear that, Young Master Chen is not here, not missing!"

"Yeah, in that case, wouldn't that mean we'll be able to meet Chen later?"

The girls are surprised again.

Toot toot toot....

At this moment, Chen Hao's cell phone rang.

It was jarring in the somewhat quiet crowd.

At the same time, the Wu siblings, the old Wang family, and the Jiang family all glanced towards Chen Hao.

Mostly, they were all shocked.

As soon as Mr. Li over there dialed the phone, Chen Ge's phone rang, was it such a coincidence?

"Hahaha, if you don't know, you'd think he's Young Master Chen!"

Someone laughed.

"Hey Li, I'm here, I'm squeezed inside the crowd, I'll be right over!"

Chen Hao said in the crowd.

"Hahaha! This person is too deep into the drama, and really takes it seriously ah, shoot the segment right this is?"

"That's right, the man is so coke!"

The crowd mocked.

And when Chen Hao hung up the phone, he walked towards the front, but this time, a few girls didn't stop him, instead, they all looked at Chen Hao with some surprise.

"Chen Hao, what are you doing? Come back!"

Li Xiaoling thought that Chen Hao was having a stroke.

It was only when Chen Hao walked to the center of the red carpet that everyone was silent, looking at Chen Hao in dismay.

And inside the venue square, at this moment, Li Zhenguo as the leader, all the big brothers, as well as Bai Xiaofei Huang Shao and the others, all came out.

"It's over, it's over, Chen Hao is finished, he's attracted the attention of the big brothers!"

Li Xiaoling was nervous.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

Suddenly, Li Zhenguo and the rest of his group shouted in unison.

The sound was neat and seemed to pierce through the heavens and earth at this moment.

"Chen... Young Master Chen? What!!!"

And this shouting also made many people's entire bodies tremble.

Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan's eyes were almost staring out in surprise.

He was Young Master Chen?
How is that possible?

Jiang Weidong always thought that Chen Hao was the son of a no-good friend and was destined to have no

What an outcast.

That's why he repeatedly looked down on Chen Hao, and also because he was afraid that Chen Hao would seek help from him.

But right now, Li Zhenguo and that group of big shots, neatly calling Chen Hao as Young Master Chen?

So the mysterious Jinling Chen is Chen Hao!

Jiang Weidong swallowed his saliva, feeling like he had received a hard slap in the mouth, the kind where his brain hit blank and his mouth twitched.
Jiang Ranran even covered her mouth in disbelief all at once.
Not only Jiang Ranran.

There was also Wu Qian, and the people of the Wu family, all startled.

Not to mention the Wang family's pair of daughters!

I can't believe that Chen Hao is Young Master Chen!

No wonder he's so rich!
Just what is going on?

"Young Master Chen, you're so handsome!"

Some of the girls shouted at Chen Hao.

But Chen Hao ignored them and turned his head to look at the equally stunned Li Xiaoling and the startled Grand Master Wu in the crowd.

Smiling, he said, "Grandma Wu, Xiaoling, let's go, I've booked a place inside, let's go eat!"

After saying that, the past also assisted Master Wu and Wu Dame as well as pulled Xiao Ling out of the crowd.

The actual actuality is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

It was really frightened.
At this moment, Bai Xiaofei walked over with Young master Huang and a few other rich youngsters.

They assisted Master Wu and the others.

"Grand Master, I'll help you in!"

Bai Xiaofei smiled.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was walking towards the inside along with the back.
Only to pass by Wang Min's side.

The scene from a few days ago instantly drifted through Wang Min's mind.

"Sister, I don't want to meet that poor loser, so you helped me go on a blind date and then rejected him!"

Mum Wang Min is also thinking of that day.

"That's right, my daughter, even if she doesn't marry, she can't marry him, what kind of a thing is that, you really think my daughter can't marry, A mangy toad trying to eat a swan!"

But now, I hate to find a place to get into it.
And Wu Qian's family.
Even more so, their faces were purple.

"Big brother, second brother, sister-in-law, second sister-in-law, tomorrow is my birthday, if there's nothing else, let's have dinner together, shall we? I don't have any friends or acquaintances!"

The invitation and Chen Hao's then coy and sincere smile seemed to ring in her ears.

"We don't have time, who has time for your birthday!"

"That's right, you, watching other people's birthdays, and you're learning from them, without looking at who you are!"

"We don't have time to serve idle people, and Peaks has work to do!"

Chen Hao had invited them twice, but his heart was like a bottle of five flavors at the moment.
Wu Qian, on the other hand, has dropped her cell phone all over the floor and doesn't even know anymore.
Himself always worried about Chen Hao getting better.

But now, there was no need to worry about anything.

No wonder Chen Hao he can make manager Wang Biao like that, no wonder Chen Hao can make the manager of the scenic area sticking to them like a lapdog, no wonder Chen Hao wants to invite his grandparents to celebrate his birthday here.

So, Chen Hao is Young Master Chen ah!

As Chen Hao walked out.

Jiang Weidong even looked at Chen Hao.

Wanting Chen Hao to take a look at himself and say hello himself or something like that.

After all, now that I think about it, after all these years, who was true to himself.

It's none other than the Chen family father and son ah.

No wonder the last engineering accident, the dreamer directly invested to relieve the situation.

Which time did you have a problem, and Chen Hao didn't go to visit you?

And he calls Uncle Jiang "Uncle Jiang". He's so nice!

But now, he actually smashed him out with a teacup.

If there was a crack in the ground, Jiang Weidong really wanted to get into it.

"Wow, you guys look, what kind of car is that?"
Just then, a few girls pointed into the distance and shouted, hoping that their voices would attract Young Master Chen's attention.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was also looking over there.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Because at this moment, there was an incomparably luxurious Hyundai, racing towards this side!


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