The Unknown Heir 297

Chapter 297

"Lamborghini Reventon! I'll go! It's a full 20 million!"

The crowd was startled.

And Rambo soon stopped, and in the car, Li Xiao brought Su Ting down.

Throwing the keys to Chen Ge: "The car is back for you!"

This is something that Chen Ge asked Li Xiao for two days ago.

After all, he has no car now, there must be a car to walk, let Li Xiao to drive back.

Now with a smile, he patted Li Xiao's shoulder, and then a few people went in together.

"So this car is Chen Shao's ah! It's weird!"

The crowd envied it.

What followed was the photo shoot, followed by the birthday banquet.

According to what Li Zhenguo said, with this standard, it was a world of difference compared to sister Chen Xiao's back then.

This Chen Ge did understand, but he couldn't really go and bag an island like his sister did!

The birthday party lasted until three o'clock in the afternoon.

There was a small episode that happened during that time.

That was when Chen Ge called Qin Ya several times, and Qin Ya said she was coming, but she didn't come either.

It took several calls to get through.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, wasn't in high spirits and told Chen Ge that she couldn't come.

Chen Ge nosily asked if something had happened.

Qin Ya didn't say anything, and hung up the phone.

Chen Ge didn't think too much about it, so let's just not come, it's to Chen Ge's liking.

By the time this was almost done today.

Chen Ge went to the scenic room to rest for a while because he had drunk a lot of wine.

"What are you guys doing, you can't go in!"

"I am Chen Shao's elder, and my surname is Jiang!"

The middle-aged man said to the bodyguard.

Yes, this man was Jiang Weidong.

He had just begged his former subordinate for half a day before letting him in.

After coming in, of course, Jiang Weidong wanted to see Chen Shao.

Two reasons.

Firstly, the matter of him offending Chen Shao, I believe that it would soon spread without a trace, and by then, I'm afraid that he would not be able to do an unstable job as section chief, after all, he was really overdoing it.

Secondly, if he licked his old face and came in this time, he could beg for Chen Ge's forgiveness, and there might be hope that he could be restored to his official position.

This time, Jiang Weidong was open-minded.

It's sad enough to think that Chen Ge actually knows so many big shots, if he hadn't offended him, he might have a bright future now.

Although I don't know how Chen Ge's family got up.

But Jiang Weidong couldn't think about that much at the moment.

"I want to see Chen Shao, please pass it on!"

Jiang Weidong said.

Behind him, he was followed by Tang Lan Jiang Ranran.

The bodyguard also didn't dare to be careless, in case it was really Chen Shao's elders again, it would be troublesome.

After going in, he told this to Chen Ge.

The bodyguard then came out.

"Chen Shao is resting right now, if you want to meet, just wait!"

The bodyguard glanced coldly at Jiang Weidong.

"Yes yes yes!"

Kang Wei Dong could only nod.

Half an hour had passed....

An hour passed....

A full five hours had passed, and it was almost nine o'clock in the evening.

Jiang Weidong was still waiting, his legs were shivering from standing.

"You don't have to wait, Chen Shao is having dinner and said to let you go home first, we'll talk later if anything happens!"

The bouncer made another trip in and out.

The corner of Jiang Weidong's mouth twitched.

He understood that this was Chen Ge deliberately making things difficult for him.

Who had once made them, father and son, wait downstairs for a full five hours as well....

Meanwhile, this evening, on the road from Yanjing to Jinling.

A stretched version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, is speeding.

In the backseat of the car, a woman wearing light makeup, but dressed like a noblewoman was resting her eyes, no, she couldn't be called a woman. It should be said that she actually looked like a girl who had just shed her school youth and had recently entered society.

"Is it almost time?"

The girl opened her eyes slightly and said faintly, but kept her gaze on the scenery outside the window.

"Miss, we're almost in the Golden Mile!" The driver, saber-eyed and now respectful, replied.

"Let the cars in the back catch up as quickly as possible!"

The girl instructed again.

Then the driver was seen saying something into the intercom.

Behind the phantom, a whole fleet of Maybachs appeared for a moment, more than two dozen in number.

The passing vehicles could not help but all move out of the way.

"Jinling City, Jinling University, these two places that once filled me with shame and humiliation, huh, I'm back!"

The girl thought of all the past, and now, clenched her fists.

Because of the vigorous effort, it caused the somewhat sharp nails to open up white.

"Miss, and Miss is about to enter Jinling University to study, huh? Oh, speaking of which, she's your school sister!"

The driver of the car respectfully said, "I heard that the fourth-year students are holding a thesis defense these two days, are you still going back to school to defend?"


The girl cursed, then closed her eyes.


A caravan of vehicles, entering the Jinling.

Plus, Chen Ge was up early the next morning.

With things here almost taken care of, it was time for Chen Ge to find time to go back to school.

Nearly three months of summer vacation was neither too long nor too short, not to mention that in two days, the university defense would begin.

So Chen Ge planned to, return to Jinling today.

This was one of the reasons why he let Li Xiao drive his own car back.

Going back to say goodbye to Wu Da-niang, of course, it was the second sister-in-law and the others who held Chen Ge's hand and kept sending him to the car, as well as running Following Chen Ge to the entrance of the village, until Chen Ge's car was out of sight, the second sister-in-law and the others went back in love.

"This child Chen Ge is really getting better and better, since I was little I've been saying that this child Chen Ge will grow up to be a great person, what do you think?"

The second sister-in-law said at every turn....

On the way, Chen Ge received a phone call.

It was from the head warden, Yang Hui.

"Old Chen, when are you going back to Jinling?"

"It's on its way!"

Chen Ge said.

"Haha, Li Bin and I have arrived! It's in the dorm now!"

"Fuck, you don't have to study so hard for a test, do you? This early? Don't you spend more time with your date?"

Chen Ge laughed bitterly.

"My object they have long gone back to school to prepare for their research, and besides our school's thesis defense earlier, my object their school are not so Morning! Of course, my cousin has come to study at King's Lynn University and I came with her! Binzi's cousin is also studying here, so it's just as well that we're both early!"

Yang Hui.

"Yeah, it's just as well that I'm going back today, we'll talk when we see each other!"

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Ge stepped on the accelerator.

After the third year of college, some of the fourth year students had internships, some stayed in school for research, and some departments had to study for three months.

Yang Hui and Li Bin also planned to go to graduate school, and of course, Chen Ge also planned to go to graduate school.

During this period of time, they didn't miss much time to study.

After not seeing each other for more than two months, Chen Ge really missed Yang Hui and Li Bin.

Soon, at around nine o'clock, Chen Ge drove to the campus.

As expected, it looked like today was the first day of the new students' military training, and there were many new faces wearing military uniforms.

"Wow, they say that there are many rich dudes from Jinling University, it's really hey, you guys look, what kind of sports car is that?"

As soon as Chen Ge drove up to the entrance, a number of little girls immediately attracted attention....


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