The unknown heir 299

Chapter 299

"Oh my god oh my god, what did we just see? I can't believe that he's gone with Jinling Chen!"

"Fai, is this really fake?"

The girls said in unison.

"Of course it's true! I can still lie to you guys, except that Old Chen has always kept a low profile and we've only known his identity for a short while!"

Yang Hui said with a smile.

"That's no wonder, just now when I was walking with brother Chen Ge, I always found him very attractive, so he's Jinling Chen Shao!"

The crowd was joking.

The next center of conversation, naturally, was even more Chen Ge.

Yang Hui's plan was to first lead his sister and the others to stroll around a few places like the campus library, and the swimming pool, before going to the campus to play with the culture.

As they strolled around, the few girls couldn't walk anymore.

After all, Jinling University is quite big.  First URL

"I can't I need to rest and rest, I'm thirsty!"

A few girls wailed and wailed.

"Thirsty, that's easy to say, I'll go get you drinks!"

Yang Hui.

"I'll go too!" Li Bin saw that it was quite awkward for Light to leave himself here, so he also followed Yang Hui with him.

The nearest supermarket, which was also seven or eight minutes tutorial away from here.

Yang Hui bought six bottles of black tea.

Just came out of the supermarket with Li Bin.

But saw the entrance of the supermarket, at some point parked two Maybach luxury car.

In front of the door of the luxury car, there were seven or eight youths wearing sunglasses.

They were staring at Yang Hui and Li Bin.

Seeing the two come out, the seven or eight youths blocked towards them.

"What are you guys doing?"

Yang Hui.

"Come with us over there!"

The young man leading the group had long hair and wore sunglasses just like a woman, but his cold temperament made people shudder a little.

At this moment, he pointed at the back of the supermarket in a piece of fence and coldly said.

"What are you doing there, we don't know you!"

Li Bin said.

After speaking with Yang Hui, he wanted to leave.

The long-haired youth grabbed Li Bin's shoulder.

The people behind those people even more surrounded up, pressed Li Bin Yang Hui, pressed to the back of the wall inside.

The supermarket is naturally a lot of people.

Seeing this scene were all a little stunned.

After all, what's in front of you is a Maybach ah, and these people, look also all do not seem like ordinary social people.

So no one dare to provoke, not even a photo.

Ten minutes later.

This group of people only shake their necks and wrists to come out from behind the fence.

The head of the sunglasses long-haired, even more wiped the blood on his hands with a tissue, tossed the tissue faintly to the side.

A group of people, all walked to the supermarket side.

A girl who was sticking out her tongue and licking ice-cream, giggling in front of her.

"Second Miss, it's done!"

Longhair was faint.

It seemed that whoever he was talking to, his voice was very cold.

"Hehe, Brother Long Hair, hard work, it's just a pity that I stuck my eyes in their side to come back to report early, so that you guys didn't block Chen Ge, mom The, what an upset!"

The girl in front of her, who else could it be if not Yang Lu.

Don't look at the fact that Yang Lu had only arrived at school for a day.

But beside her, there were already quite a few little sisters.

And in the school, it was almost rampant, no one dared to mess with her.

Just because when the school just started, Yang Lu was the one who brought the fleet and was very high-profile.

All were afraid of her.

"No hard work, it's an honor for me to work for Miss Big Two!"


"Okay, then you guys can go home and wait for my call anytime!"

Yang Lu waved her hand, so she licked the ice-cream and left with the people.

On the other side.

"Oh my, what's taking so long, Brother Yang Hui and Brother Bin haven't come back yet?"

The girls wondered.

"Who knows, it's been twenty minutes yay, why don't we go look for it?"


At this time.

A girl ran over towards Yang Xiao Rou and the others.

At first glance, it turned out to be a classmate, from the dorm next door.

"Xiao Rou, it's bad! I just went to the supermarket.

, your brother was blocked and beaten!"

Apparently, this girl she knew Yang Hui, and she was present for what had just happened.

"Huh?" Yang Xiaoru's body shook, "Where is my brother now?"

"Follow me!"

The girls ran over.

When they went over, sure enough, brother Yang Hui and brother Bin were now lying on the ground, bleeding profusely.


"Ru, I'm fine, but these guys are tough!"

Yang Hui was also a man, and there were no shortage of fights.

Thinking back to the scene just now, Yang Hui also had palpitations in his heart.

This group of people came up and did it, Yang Hui and Li Bin must have fought back.

But what, they were lifted up by that long hair with one hand.

With just one kick, Yang Hui felt like the sky was going dark.

Li Bin also, didn't resist someone's punch.

The next one punched him hard.

"Who beat him? I'm calling the police!"

Yang Xiaoru cried.

He was grabbed by Yang Hui's hand, "Call Old Chen, this group of people, it seems like they're coming for Old Chen!"

"Okay, I'll call now!"

Yang Xiaoru cried out.


"Zheng Yue, no no no, it should be called Zheng now, haha, congratulations, now you're the CEO of the new development bar in Yunmeng Mountain!"

At this time, in the underground garage of a hotel.

Li Feihong is coming out from dinner with Zheng Yue.

Now it, because of Zheng Yue and Chen Shao's relationship, the status is also soaring fast, and now has been considered to be equal with Li Feihong.

It's also the elder sister.

These past one or two months, Jinling has changed quite a bit, a few streets of shops in Yunmeng Mountain, some of them have already started to officially pre-sell.

"What Mr. Zheng, Mr. Li, or call me Xiao Zheng!"

Zheng Yue smiled.

"Little Li, go drive and send Zheng back!"

Li Feihong was followed by five or six black-clothed bodyguards, now faintly.

Little Li immediately went.

As a result, he waited for a full five or six minutes and didn't come out, nor did he move.

"What's the situation?"

Li Feihong asked.

The two bodyguards walked over to the corner entrance and looked.


One person let out a scream.

It immediately caused Li Feihong to be alerted.

He was about to rush over.

At this time, a few Maybachs rushed out, front and rear across the ends of the underground garage.

Blocked Li Feihong and Zheng Yue's road.

After that, there were many black-clothed people with sunglasses coming down from the car.

And the one who headed them was the long-haired sunglasses youth.

His face was particularly white, and could even be completely described as the residual white of a dead man.

It looked even more like a streak of white frost.

"Shit! Interesting, really interesting, no one has dared to do that to me, Li Feihong, in Jinling, seeing as you're all raw faces, where?"

Li Feihong calmly lit a cigarette.

After all, it was the number one hitman plus bodyguard under Li Zhenguo, what scene had Li Feihong not seen.

And the long-haired youth faintly pointed at Zheng Yue: "Your name is Zheng Yue? Come with us!"

As for Li Feihong, he saw that this youth was really arrogant and completely ignored his words.

Immediately signaled two of his men.

The two men immediately jumped on it, but before they could reach the front, they were put down by the man behind Long Hair.

Li Feihong was startled and threw the cigarette to the ground.

"There are two of you, but if you want Zheng Yue to go with you, you'll have to go through me, Li Feihong, first!"

After saying that, Li Feihong directly flew up.

Punching at Long Hair's face.


A sound.

Zheng Yue saw that Li Feihong who rushed in front of Long Hair didn't move, then his legs weakened and he slowly kneeled down.

Only then did he reveal Long Hair's fist that rushed straight at his face.

Li Feihong felt a virtual image in front of his eyes, and blood flowed from his mouth.

A face full of incredulity.

But still with all his strength, he lifted his trembling hand and pulled Long Hair's collar.

The buckle was ripped open and one could see Long Hair's chest, printed with one word.



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