Chapter 300

And now, Chen Ge had received a call from Yang Xiao Rou and knew that something had happened to Yang Hui Li Bin.

Right now, he hurried to the hospital.

"What's going on here?"

Looking at Yang Hui Li Bin who had been beaten more severely, Chen Ge asked anxiously.

"We don't know, it's a group of people who fight when they see us, we've never seen them before, but by the looks of it, I feel like they're It was directed at you, so I wanted to warn you!"

Yang Hui said.

Directed at himself?

Chen Ge was shocked.

"Who could it be?"

"Brother Chen Ge, my classmate told us that the one who ordered them to beat up Brother Hui Bin is actually a girl from our department, her name is Yang Lu, she's very Bully, those people, she's the one who shouted!"

"What? Yang Lu!"

Chen Ge was even more shocked.

He had just finished listening to Yang Hui Li Bin's description.

This group of people were quite uncomplicated, not at all what ordinary social thugs could possibly compare to, and this group of people drove a Maybach and were well-trained, much like a family's bodyguards only had the momentum.

Yang Lu?

How is this possible, and Yang Xuejia Chen Ge knows it, how could there be such a bodyguard?

But in that case, one thing was certain.

That was that Yang Lu had indeed come for herself.

Thinking about the smug look she gave herself when we first met her on campus, no wonder she was acting like she was just going to wait and see, she was already thinking of getting back at herself.

Of course, there was no deep hatred between herself and Yang Lu.

And the one who wanted to take revenge on herself was Yang Xue?

Yes, when Han Feier had gone to Yanjing before, she had told herself that Yang Xue was now very different from the past.

And Yang Xue, when she left that day because she couldn't stand the humiliation anymore, she viciously warned herself that she would get her revenge back sooner or later!

To tell the truth, I also made Yang Xue drop out of school because of that incident because it was not handled well, and I do feel a bit ashamed.

But even if you are ashamed, Yang Xue, if you want to take revenge, just take revenge on yourself, why not even Yang Hui, who is good friends with you, Li Bin?

And at this time, Chen Ge received a call.

It was a call from Li Zhenguo.


After Chen Ge connected, he was stunned again.

Then he looked at Yang Hui Li Bin: "I'll come to see you guys later, Zheng Yue and Manager Li Feihong are also in trouble, I have to go and see what's going on! Situation!"

After saying that, Chen Ge went straight to another hospital.

Zheng Yue was also injured, while Li Feihong was also not lightly injured, with a broken nose.

Li Zhengguo as well as Zhao Zixing were all present.

As for Zheng Yue, her face was just swollen.

Chen Ge was almost certain that it was Yang Xue.

If he remembered correctly, it was Zheng Yue who had slapped Yang Xue.

That's why Yang Xue harbored a grudge and retaliated one by one after returning.

This Yang Xue, what exactly had she gone through?

"Chen Shao!"

Zhao Zixing Li Zhenguo immediately came up to greet him.

And looking at the emaciated Li Feihong, Chen Ge was also extremely surprised.

Because Li Feihong was definitely a very capable existence, and had many men, but that was how he was still beaten into the hospital.

How could one not be surprised.

It was inconvenient for Li Feihong to speak.

Li Zhenguo told Chen Ge the details of what happened.

"Chen Shao, it's almost certain that it was done by the Yanjing Long Family!"

Li Zhenguo said.

"The Yanjing Dragon Family?"

This Chen Ge has heard about it, Qin Ya seems to have told herself that the one who forced her to get engaged is the Yanjing Long family, isn't it?

But what does this Dragon family have to do with the Yang Xue sisters?

"Did you get someone to ask them what they wanted?" Chen Ge Road.

"I've asked, but the Dragon Family won't admit to these things!"

Li Zhenguo said.

The most important thing now was that he had to meet Yang Xue and talk to her clearly.

"You take care of them, and my two buddies, I'll take care of this matter!"

Chen Ge Dao.

Since it was a fire that burned because of yourself in the first place, you still have to be the one to put it out.

It wasn't that Chen Ge was afraid of the Dragon Family.

To be honest, if he really pushed it, he could unleash the family's maximum energy, and even if the Yanjing Long Family was strong, he would certainly be able to destroy it with jade and stone.

However, in the end, it was because I was a little too cruel to Yang Xue that I twisted her psychology.

What else could one do now?

Just find her!

Chen Ge went downstairs.

Called Han Feier and asked her for Yang Xue's number.

"Huh? Chen Ge, I don't know, why did you think to call me, huh, I thought... beep beep beep!"

Over there, Han Fei'er hadn't put words into words yet, and Chen Ge hung up the phone.

Han Feier didn't, then it seems that only one person had.

That was Yang Lu.

Right now, Chen Ge drove directly back to the school.

And directly rushed up to the girls' dormitory, where Yang Lu lives, Chen Ge just a big listen can also find out.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the dormitory.

The dormitory aunt also wanted to stop, but a look at Chen Ge's car, knew that Chen Ge is worth a lot of money, also did not dare to move.


A sound.

Chen Ge kicked the girls' dormitory door open.

"Who is it? Ah!!!"

There were girls shouting in the hallway, and in the dormitory, several of Yang Lu's roommates were also covering their chests and shouting.

Obviously all of them were terrified.

"Fuck, big pervert, get out!"

The girls were scared into a ball.

As for Yang Lu, she was smoking on the balcony at the moment.

Seeing Chen Ge angrily coming to himself, Yang Lu obviously knew what was going on.

Now smoking a cigarette, she faintly looked at Chen Ge.

"Where is your sister?"

Chen Ge asked.

"Why should I tell you?"

"If she comes back, I want to see her!"

Chen Ge.

"Why should I see you, my sister said that she doesn't want to see you!"

Yang Lu Dao.

"Don't you make me! My friends, did you lead the fight?"

Chen Ge squeezed Yang Lu's wrist, grimacing in pain.

"You you you, hear me out first!"

Yang Lu struggled to free herself from Chen Ge and shook her wrist, "I know, you're wondering about something, aren't you? Wondering, "When did my sister and I, when did we get this big?"

"Well, since you've been all grumpy today and stormed right into our girls' dormitory, I can tell you something, you come downstairs with me Talk!"

Yang Lu Dao.

Yang Lu kept bringing Chen Ge to a small park.

Only then did she stand still.

"Chen Ge, I only found out your real identity yesterday, hmm, you're amazing, you're actually Jinling Chen Shao, no wonder you hurt my sister! of so deep, but don't you think you're even more cruel than my sister in comparison to what we've done to you? Just teaching your friend a lesson to make you feel bad, and what about you to my sister?"

"Do you know that you almost killed her and left me without a sister?"

"Me? I almost got her killed?"

Chen Ge was stunned and whirled around to ask incredulously.


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