The unknown heir 301

Chapter 301

That incident did hit Yang Xue hard, but killing her?

This Chen Ge really didn't expect.

"Hmph, that day could be said to be the darkest day of my sister's life, because the old you was known to be a big poor bastard . No one looked down on you, no one talked to you, but my sister, walking with you, on campus, holding your hand, with you Shopping, eating with you, you know what people call my sister?"

"Look guys, isn't that Yang Xue, the girlfriend of the big poor guy at our school!"

"You hear that, everyone called her that, mocked her, and then what, she thought it was nothing. But in the end, a girl's got to have some self-respect, and my sister had had enough, and she felt more and more that God wasn't being fair. Ah, she's dumped you and broken up with you!"

"But don't you dare tell me that my sister did the wrong thing."

Chen Ge was silent, this matter, of course, Yang Xue is not wrong, who does not have the right to choose.

It was just that Yang Xue's transformation of late was unexpected by Chen Ge.

"Do you still remember how sadly my sister begged you that day?"

Yang Lu was full of resentment.

"As a result, you just ignored, my sister she felt ashamed to study and meet your former classmates, so she chose to drop out of school . You know, you guys were a few months away from graduating, and you made my sister spend the next ten years of her life in college. All in vain!" 

"After she left, she tried to hide away somewhere far away from you where she would never hear from you again, and she went to Yanjing by herself! Prepare to find a job."

"I didn't expect that on the first day I went there, my wallet was stolen, Yanjing ah, it's hard to walk without money, what do you want her to do? She just happened to see a bar hiring at the time, so her sister, who couldn't afford food and lodging, went for it! Finally, we've settled down for a while."

"But a few days into the good times, a boss who saw how pretty my sister was and got ahold of her, and I My sister was so angry that she slapped him, and because of that, my sister almost lost her life. Know what!"

"Next thing you know, my sister offends him, it's even harder to get by, a decent job isn't even available, and the guy doesn't know what he's using to So my sister can't even get a ticket home from Yanjing! Force my sister to comply!"

"A girl, every day like this, how scared you are, you know?"

"At the end of the day, my sister went to scrub dishes for someone's restaurant and didn't pay, just food and lodging, but that was it, and she wasn't even beaten by the owner's wife. Boss Lady Bully!"

"It was only when my sister had suicidal thoughts that a miracle occurred, and it was the housekeeper who saw my sister, just as the Dragons' Second Young Master wanted a maid and needed someone to wait on her, so my sister went. And then... my sister was lucky. My sister's up, and the two of them have since become engaged. Haha!"

"Chen Ge, didn't expect it, maybe the first half, my sister's miserable life, is exactly what you scum want to see, but you definitely Wouldn't have thought that my sister would have this day, and the Second Youngest of the Dragons, I'm my brother-in-law, very obedient to my sister! Anyone who had bullied my sister in the past had gotten rich, and the middle-aged boss who had pushed my sister had gotten screwed, of course. That's not even the main thing, my sister's biggest enemy, is you!"

Yang Lu said with a cold face.

Chen Ge didn't expect so many things to happen after Yang Xue left.

To say the least, he did almost get her killed.

Only, it was even more unexpected that Yang Xue had settled down with the second youngest son of the Long family, so it was not hard to understand the rights that the Yang Xue siblings had now.

"Alright, then, tell me where she is now?" Chen Ge asked.

"Okay, no problem, you want to see my sister, then follow me!"

Yang Lu snapped his fingers.

And then left with her hands behind her back.

Chen Ge frowned slightly and still followed her.

Yang Lu had been leading Chen Ge to a private room in a bar.

It was only when she entered that she discovered that the compartment was empty.

"Where is Yang Xue?"

Chen Ge asked Yang Lu.

"You really want to see my sister, don't you? Well, then I'll let you see!"

After saying that, Yang Lu clapped his hands.


A rush of footsteps sounded outside.

The compartment door then opened, and a group of black-clothed bodyguards were seen rushing in.

There were more than a dozen of them.

They surrounded Chen Ge.

"Hahaha, Chen Ge, did you really think that I would let you see my sister? I pooh, my sister hates you so much that she won't see you, and you're so stupid, you know I'm going to deal with you, but you're still good enough to come to my door! "

"Well, hold him down!"

Yang Lu Dao.

Immediately a few black-clothed bodyguards moved to securely grab Chen Ge's arm.

"How long are you going to retaliate?"

Chen Ge asked very calmly.

"Hmph, I don't know when, but anyway, you won't be going back tonight!"

Yang Lu said with a sneer.

"Yeah? Yang Lu, didn't your sister tell you that this street, originally called Jinling Commercial Street, and all the shopkeepers on the street know me!"

"Of course I know about it, oh, but this bar, which has been bought by my sister, is now owned by nothing more than the It's one of my dogs! This, you didn't expect more, did you?"

Yang Lu said proudly.

Then she walked up to Chen Ge.


A slap slapped Chen Ge's face.

"Hmph, this slap is on behalf of my sister, you bastard, who caused her to suffer so much! Today, I'm going to torture you to death!"

Yang Lu said viciously.

In fact, today, even if Chen Ge didn't find her, she would definitely have to find Chen Ge's trouble.

"Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's not enough for you to torment me today!"

Chen Ge coldly said.

"Stinker, what did you say!"

A bouncer snarled.


Then his voice only fell, and he immediately let out a scream.

Now covering his neck and lying directly on the ground twitching all over.

"What's the situation?"

Yang Lu was also shocked.

She couldn't see what was going on at all, so she felt a silhouette pass by just now.

She was wondering.

Her own neck was suddenly strangled.

It turned out that it was two people who rushed in at an unknown time.

One of them was holding one of those long silver needles in his hands, and in the blink of an eye, the two men who were escorting Chen Ge had been placed on the ground foaming at the mouth.

"Chen Shao, we're too late!"

The two of them, not bystanders, were naturally the Heavenly Dragons and Earth Tigers that had been protecting Chen Ge.

At this moment, respectfully, they said.

Chen Ge nodded his head.

He himself had followed Yang Lu here, so naturally, he had to keep an extra eye out, after all, he was clear that the Yang Xue sisters were now different from before.

If not, Chen Ge would not have gone alone.

So before coming, he had already informed the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, and the two of them naturally knew that Chen Ge through the family specific communication device Appear somewhere.

When Yang Lu was captured, those men naturally didn't dare to move.

"Better tell me where Yang Xue is, or else, do you want to taste what it's like to lie on the ground foaming at the mouth?"

Chen Ge looked cold and stern.


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