The unknown heir 302

Chapter 302

"I...I don't know where my sister is, do I? She came to visit me at school just once after she arrived, and I communicated with her all by phone!"

Yang Lu cried.

"Then call her!"

Chen Ge said.

Must see Yang Xue now, I can't let her torment me like this.

Come at me if I've wronged you!

Don't take a swing at someone close to me.

Chen Ge can't stand this.

Although Yang Lu kept giving his men a wink hinting them to mess with Chen Ge.

But none of these men dared to move, after all, everyone had seen the strength of these two, definitely not easy to provoke.

I'm afraid that only someone like the Scorpion can contend with the two. 

So the bodyguards didn't dare to move.

Yang Lu only had to take out her phone to Chen Ge.

Chen Ge found Yang Xue's phone and dialed it, but it was prompted that it was off.

"Why is the phone off?"

"I don't know, do I?"

Yang Lu said.

"It seems you won't tell the truth until you've been taught a lesson, Earth Tiger, do it!"

"Yes! Chen Shao!"

A silver needle was taken out and was about to be inserted into Yang Lu's neck.

"Ah! Oooooh..."

Yang Lu directly cried out of fear, "I'm telling the truth, that's my sister's phone number ah!"

Yang Lu cried.

And let the Earth Tiger scare her as much as she wanted, that's what she said.

The Earth Tiger looked at Chen Ge.

Chen Ge frowned and waved his hand, signaling the Earth Tiger to let her go.

Just now, Chen Ge was just scaring Yang Lu, but it looked like Yang Lu was also scared, and what she said should be the truth as well.

After all, Chen Ge couldn't do anything to Yang Lu.

Cripple her?

Or what?

As for the slap she gave herself just now, she should return the favor to Yang Xue.

Saying a thousand words, Yang Xue was forced to drop out of school, and she had something to do with it.

Chen Ge frowned and walked out of the box.

"Chen Shao, what about these people?" Tian Long pointed at a few subordinates.

After nodding, Chen Ge also went out.

Then, the pig-killing screams could be heard from the compartment.

This group of bodyguards had no reason to forgive themselves.

Chen Ge walked out, came to the bar, and ordered a beer, thinking about how to handle this matter of Yang Xue.

And next to Chen Ge, there was a girl sitting down at the moment.

At this moment, she was also drinking a glass of champagne.

Chen Ge took a look at her and was suddenly startled.

After thinking about it, he did not dare to acknowledge her.

But couldn't help but take one more glance towards her.

The girl, on the other hand, also seemed to be paying attention to Chen Ge's gaze, and couldn't help but have a touch of disgust pass through her eyes.

Turning her head, she glanced towards Chen Ge.



They were both shocked.

"Chen Ge?"

"Vivian Hu?"

Now in unison.

"Why are you here?"

Hu Huimin looked to Chen Ge and asked.

"I came over for a drink, I didn't expect such a coincidence!"

Chen Ge was surprised.

Hu Huimin, was Chen Ge's high school classmate, but not in the same class, so why did they know each other.

When he was in high school, Chen Ge excelled in his studies.

He often participated in competitions on behalf of the school's competition team.

Hu Huimin was also a member of the competition team, and was the captain of the team.

At that time, whenever the provincial competition was held, it was also the happiest time for Chen Ge.

Why? First of all, there was a sense of honor, and secondly, it was well-fed and well-lodged.

A group of twenty-four people, twelve men and twelve women.

It was also possible to make many friends.

Only at that time, though, I knew Hu Hu Huimin.

But people Hu Huimin is a captain, and the family is local to the county, to the end of the college entrance exams, even more family moved to Jinling city.

Hu Huimin's grandfather was very well connected in the army.

Her parents were also in politics.

She naturally grew up living in a very privileged family environment.

Although Chen Ge had good academic grades, he was not yet in Hu Huimin's good graces, which meant that every time he participated in a competition, he spoke to Chen Ge as a captain.

There was no personal friendship.

Why was Chen Ge impressed with her.

That was that Hu Huimin, in addition to having a very high vision, was also very capable and belonged to the type of girl who was very competent.

And she was particularly beautiful.

It was the kind of goddess level that Chen Ge wouldn't even dream of.

A lot of guys wanted to become friends with her, but what, her real male friends were also each and every one of them were very unique, either having a strong background at home, or having a very strong financial power at home.

In short, it was an existence that no mere mortal would want to approach.

Being able to speak to her, Chen Ge was all satisfied at that time.

There was even some habitual nervousness in the present.

"It's been years, I heard you got into the police academy, are you interning now?"

Chen Ge.

Hu Huimin didn't say much, nodding faintly before glancing at Chen Ge.

"Why are you still coming to a place like a bar, shouldn't you be working?"

Hu Huemin was chatting one sentence at a time.

Only the attention, it seemed, was elsewhere.

"I'm not looking for a job yet, by the way, what are you looking at?"

Chen Ge asked.

At the same time, she also followed Hu Hu Huimin's gaze around.

"Don't you look around, just right, talk to me!"

Hu Huimin was still in the same temper, using a commanding tone at the moment.

Chen Ge didn't know what was going on and just nodded his head.

And Hu Huimin didn't know what was going on, so she held her cheek and smiled at Chen Ge as she drank.

Chen Ge's face was red.

Suddenly, Hu Huimin didn't know what she saw.

Pulling out the walkie-talkie from her pocket, she said, "Action!"

And then immediately flew out and quickly pounced over towards a youth on the card seat.

And as Chen Ge watched, there were also a few young people walking quickly towards that youth.

A siege was formed.

It was just like how the television played out.

That youth, who was originally drinking, was instantly blinded.

It was directly pressed to the ground by several people.


The people around them screamed.

"Freeze! Police!"

Soon, the man was cuffed.

Holy shit!

So she's already a cop, working on a case.

I mean, why was she so eager to talk to me and smile at me?

So it was an act.

Chen Ge smiled bitterly in his heart.

But then he thought, Tian Long Di Hu is inside beating up that group of bodyguards.

It wouldn't be by chance that Hu Huimin caught him in the act, right? This was embarrassing.

"Well, brat, I've been watching him for a few days, but I can finally call it a day! Peggy, it's been a tough day for you, how about I have a drink with you!"

A tall, handsome boy, at the moment, looked at Hu Hu Huimin and smiled.

As for that suspect, there were naturally people to take him away.

And beside Hu Huimin, there were also a few young female plainclothes police officers who came around.

"Wow, Brother Jun Wen, we also want a drink, why don't you invite us?"

The girls were envious.

"Fine, fine, all please, let's go to another bar and drink!"

Shen Junwen said with a smile.

"By the way sister Huimin, do you know that boy? I just saw you two talking yay!"

A girl secretly pointed at Chen Ge who was sitting in front of the bar.

"Ummm, I know him, he's sort of my high school classmate, he was the captain of the competition team at the time!"

"Haha, I say! Ask him to come over for a chat, look at him, he's quite handsome, what does he do?" Some of the girls asked.

"I don't know, I was going to ask him!"

Hu Huimin shook her head and laughed bitterly.

Then she looked at Chen Ge and her voice faded, "Chen Ge! Come here!"


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