The unknown heir 303

Chapter 303

Hiu min hooked his finger at Chen Ge.

According to Chen Ge's current status, he would hate to go over so badly.

After all, there was no need for him to still let Hu Huemin call out to him.

It was like this, when he was still in school, he used to participate in competitions a few times.

Hu Huimin as the captain was probably used to it.

"Chen Ge, have you finished moving the boxes of mineral water I asked you to move?"

"Chen Ge, go help everyone with their luggage!"


Anyway this way, Hu Huemin was probably used to it.

Hearing this now, Chen Ge laughed bitterly in his heart, but he still walked over.

"Haha, it's really true, Chen Ge he listens to you ah!"  Remember the URL

"Dare to disobey, don't say our sister Huimin used to be his captain, but now Huimin is a **, if you don't obey, arrest him, haha !"

A girl joked.

"Chen Ge, I remember when you used to be quite poor and poor, why don't you want to come to the bar and drink? How did you get rich?"

Hu Huemin asked.

She was quite puzzled just now.

"Huh? Is Chen Ge quite poor?" The girls were surprised.

"Yeah, when we were in high school, Chen Ge's family was famous for being poor, he only had one meal a day, and sometimes he even had tuition fees Can't afford to pay, in short you can't imagine being poor!"

Hu Huemin said.

She didn't mean anything else by her words.

She is also a straightforward and capable character that she has developed since she was a child, and she said whatever she had to say, without any consideration for Chen Ge's feelings.

That's how it was since high school.

Some embarrassing words, Hu Huimin said in public.

Maybe in her eyes, it was nothing to be poor.

But this time, the girls' eyes changed when they looked at Chen Ge again, turning into that sympathetic gaze.

Because just now, everyone felt that this was still a male brother.

"That's right, you should usually focus on your studies, it's better for you to study harder and put your mind on your studies and career!"

"Yeah, a former junior high school classmate of mine, he, ah, had a high fever as a child, his brain is not working, then people go early to do A business, and now they have a store of their own! So you have to work hard too, Chen Ge-san!"

They didn't wait for Chen Ge to speak, but the few girls were talking endlessly.

Chen Ge didn't explain anything, just nodded with a bitter smile.

"Alright Huimin, I think we should go have a drink first!"

Shen Junwen stuck in his pocket and lit a cigarette, in his eyes, naturally there was no need to talk to Chen Ge.

"Fine, fine, then Chen Ge, are you going?"

A girl gave way casually.

"What's he going to do, he can't understand what we're talking about!"

Hu Huimin Road.

Inherently well, she also knew that her colleague might be polite.

But Hu Huimin was quite afraid that if Chen Ge wasn't smart enough to really see what it was to be polite and go, it would be a problem.

After all, it was uncomfortable in Hu Huimin's heart itself to have him follow on such an occasion.

Then after smiling and waving with Chen Ge, a few people left the bar.

The entrance position, Tian Long Dihu seems to have finished things, two people are smoking cigarettes leaning against the wall, looking at Chen Shao it.

Apparently, they had been waiting for Chen Ge for a while.

"Finished? Where's Yang Lu?"

Chen Ge asked.

"It's crying inside!"

Tian Long chuckled.

Chen Ge helplessly shook his head and smiled, then the three of them walked out together.

"Chen Shao, those people are your classmates?"

When he came out, Triton asked.

"One of them was, sort of, a classmate from high school! What's going on?"

"It looks like these people are either graduates of the police academy or the military academy, they obviously have some military training!"

Dihu said as he smoked.

"You two are really powerful, it can be seen, the one I talked to her, called Hu Huimin, graduated from the police academy, and now people have entered the Got the detective squad now, pretty impressive!"

"Since it's your classmate, I might as well be blunt with you Chen Shao, this classmate of yours, along with her colleague, might be in trouble tonight!"

Tenryu asked for some clarification before saying.


Chen Ge was stunned.

"Just now we saw them go out and two of them followed them, and each of them had a weapon on them, as well as those two on them All of them have a murderous streak and have some military training, so they must have killed someone!"

Tian Long Dao.

In fact, if these words hadn't come out of the mouth of the Heavenly Dragon Earth Tiger, Chen Ge wouldn't have believed them.

Just now, Chen Ge watched Hu Huimin and the others walk out.

Nor did he notice these situations.

But who was he, how could he compare to the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger in this regard.

And these two, they would never joke with themselves.

By all means, he didn't have any friendship with Hu Huimin, just high school, which was barely a superior and superior relationship.

But then again, saying a thousand words, they were also classmates ah.

If you know that something will happen, if you don't save her, how can this be a peace of mind?

Right now Chen Ge didn't want to reveal his identity again, because in the future he would have to do a lot of things!

There was already a plan in mind at this point.

After making the arrangements for Tian Longdi Tiger.

Chen Ge went straight to the bar that Hu Huimin went to.

When they went there, Hu Huimin and the others had already opened their drinks in front of a card table.

"Puff! Huimin, look, why is Chen Ge here?"

A girl spurted out a mouthful of wine and pointed at Chen Ge in surprise.

And Chen Ge had found them, and now walked over.

"Why did you find me again?"

Hu Huimin frowned this time.

Thought Chen Ge was playing a scoundrel.

Presently disgusted.

Really, just now just to be polite with you, and really took them to invite you to drink, I go, what kind of person na this is!

"I just came to tell you, don't stay out too late today, it's pretty dangerous! There are a few people watching you!"

Chen Ge Dao.

He could only say this much himself, right to give Hu Huemin a heads up.

"O? Someone's after us? Who is it? How come I didn't see it? Oh, what do we do, what do you do, to say that someone is watching us, I think it's you who's watching us too!"

These words, if they were spoken by a leader, Hu Huemin and the others would take them especially seriously.

What if a better friend said it, Hu Hu Huimin would feel grateful as well.

However, from Chen Ge's mouth, Hu Hu Huimin felt that it was an insult to her career.

It's like being a falconer or a tiger, but at this time, a pig comes to your field of expertise! Finger-pointing.

Of course outraged.

Hu Huimin's face was even more angry.

And Chen Ge was naturally prepared for this this time.

After just nodding his head, he left.

"This person is so annoying, feeling like what, showing off what!"

"Yeah Hye Min, was he this annoying in high school?"

The girls were also sick of Chen Ge being nosy.

"Geez, I'm not going to bother talking about him, what are you talking about him for, Xiao Meng Xiaotian, let's go, go to the bathroom with me!"

Hughie Min.


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