The Unknown Heir 304

Chapter 304

Hu Huimin came to the bathroom with the two of them.

After going to the toilet to wash her hands, she suddenly saw through the front mirror two women with long hair and flower curls walking towards her.

And their eyes were cold and stern.

Hu Huimin instantly noticed that something was wrong.

"What are you guys doing?"

Hu Huemin asked in unison with the two girls.

Suddenly, the girl named Tian shouted, "Huh? You're dressed as men and women, Huimin, look, they all have Adam's apple!"

"Pretty smart, huh? But it's too late now, we're the ones who killed you!"

The two men sneered.

Then, they directly pulled out the pistol equipped with a silencer.

Aimed it at Hu Huimin.  A second to remember to read the book


The two girls were, after all, newly recruited police officers, and were directly terrified as they were facing a life and death crisis at the moment.

And Hu Huimin was also dripping with cold sweat.

She only now remembered what Chen Ge had just said, that she was being targeted.

With a little bit of embankment, it wouldn't be like this at all.

"Hmph, after capturing so many of our brothers, I want to avenge them today! No bullshit, just kill!"

After saying that, the two of them directly pulled the trigger.

Hu Huemin closed her eyes.

Waiting for the gun to fire.


However just heard two noises.

The two assassins suddenly covered their necks, their entire bodies stiffened, and then their bodies convulsed and lay directly on the ground.

Not long after, they couldn't move!

"Huh? How did that happen?"

The two girls were surprised and happy after the robbery.

Hu Huimin, on the other hand, looked nervously towards the outside, where there was no one there.

And that was also the time.

There was a sudden commotion outside.

The sound of footsteps rang out urgently.

Not long after, Shen Junwen rushed over towards the bathroom with a dozen cadets.

"Huimin, are you guys okay? Something's wrong. Damn it, that poor kid was right. Wang just called me. He said there's a foreign assassin lurking around, the target. That's us!"

Shen Junwen was nervous.

Upon lowering his head, he saw the two guys lying on the ground in disbelief.

Then, the first captain and all of them also came over.

Seeing the two killers lying on the ground.

The first captain's gaze slightly glazed over, "That's them! International Class A Most Wanted!"

"Huemin, who subdued them?"

The captain asked curiously.

"I don't know, just now, the two of them were ready to shoot at us, but they covered their necks and lay still, just like that The ground!"

Hu Huimin's brain was now blank as well.

What was happening in front of her was too comical.

"Awesome, this is the Silver Needle Pulse Sealing Technique, it's long been lost!"

And the first captain was now surprised as he looked at the two covering their necks.

"The Silver Needle Vein Sealing Technique? Is this an expert who specifically saved Hui Min and the others?"

Shen Junwen asked.

"Oh, not only are they experts, they are simply the best of the best, when I used to be a special forces soldier in the army, I once heard the instructor say that The Chinese military career had produced two great powers, who later became even more powerful in the West, and their best skill was... Silver Needle seals the veins!"

"In the West, they are known as Heavenly Dragons and Earthly Tigers!"

The first captain's eyes suddenly flashed with a touch of reverence.

"Except then I heard that after a war, the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger had disappeared in the West, and it wasn't until these two years that news was released . They're already in the hands of a very large and mysterious family, but these two "A" criminals were subdued, and it looks like they're doing it right, for God's sake. Why did they show up in Jinling?"

The first captain said.

The rest of the team members, after hearing the first captain's description, were also filled with incredulity.

Especially Hu Huimin, she should have heard of the mighty name of the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, so at this moment, a look of excitement appeared on her pretty face.

"Huimin, what kind of person have you recently come into contact with that would have such a great power to help you? At first we were surprised when we got the 911 call, but now it looks like someone knew the news ahead of time and stepped in to save the You!"

The captain asked.

"Huh? I...I haven't had any contact with anyone, and to say there is, it's...Chen Ge?"

But how is that possible?

And how did Chen Ge know such a powerful person?

But to say that it was Chen Ge who got the news in advance and alerted himself, too!

"Chen Ge must know something!"

Hu Huemin thought to herself.

Back to Chen Ge again.

The one who had subdued the two thugs must have been Tian Long, but Chen Ge didn't let him show up just yet.

After all, this matter was just a small episode to say the least.

It wouldn't be a coincidence that he and Hu Huemin would meet again!

What Chen Ge was worried about now was still Yang Xue's matter.

In the afternoon, Chen Ge went back to school.

As a result, as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw an acquaintance.

It was also walking towards the school.

And this girl, who else could it be if it wasn't Qin Ya.

Qin Ya looked quite pale and somewhat listless.

But when she reached Chen Ge, Qin Ya saw Chen Ge and raised her face now.

"Chen Ge? When did you get back?"

Zhenya was clearly surprised.

"I just got back today as well!"

Chen Ge laughed.

"I'm sorry Chen Ge, I was going to go for your birthday, but something happened and I couldn't make it!"

Qin Ya.

Qin Ya, right now, still had that kind of emotion towards Chen Ge, and still felt that Chen Ge was a pretty good person.

So right now, she had a lot of things that she wanted to say to Chen Ge.

But yet, Chen Ge's meaning was also clear to himself, he always avoided himself.

"Are you something wrong?"

Chen Ge also wanted to walk away, but on second thought, that seemed too heartless, so he asked now.

"I'm fine, by the way Chen Ge, can you walk with me? Just walk with me, okay?"

Qin Ya looked at Chen Ge.


Chen Ge paused.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

There was a Maybach parked at this moment.

Inside the car, a rich young man dressed as a young man was sitting in the back seat of the car, looking at Qin Ya and Chen Ge who were walking together.

In his eyes, he could not help but produce a fierce color.

"Young Master Long, that's the man, Miss Qin Ya escaped last time and also hid in this man's house, he is Chen Ge, Jinling Chen Da Shao. !"

The driver of the car said at this time.

"That's the Chen Ge that Second Sister-in-Law wants to deal with, right? I'm much more ruthless than your sister-in-law, let's see what I can do! Fix this kid!"

Long Shao said.

This Long Shao was no fool, he had already found out everything about Qin Ya.

"But Long Shao, although our Yanjing Long Family is powerful, but the Chen Ge siblings, they are also a hegemon in Jinling, we can't do too much, right?"

The driver scrupulously said.

"Fuck you, I don't give a shit about the one tyrant of Jinling, it's all scum in front of my Dragon Family!"

Long Shao smacked the driver.

"Long Shao, I'm going to take care of him for you now!"

At this moment in the passenger seat, a man with long hair and a pale face, his voice was even colder like a piece of ice, said.

"No need to poison scorpion, there is no need for you to take action now, Old Liu is right, Chen Ge's sister Chen Xiao is very powerful in Jinling, and to take action in plain sight It's simply stupid, don't worry, I have a plan!"

Long Shao sneered.


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