The Unknown Heir 327

Chapter 327

After saying that, Chen Ge bitterly smiled and stepped aside.

Yes, these former classmates had misunderstood themselves too deeply.

Of course, there was no need for Chen Ge to explain anything to them.

"What kind of attitude does this person have?"

Zhang Ke's husband was dissatisfied.

"Hmph, don't mind him, it's just a D-Silk!"

Zhang Ke was also angry.

And at that moment, I don't know who was the first to shout, "Fuck, what a lot of helicopters, huh?"

"Huh? Where is it?"

"Oh my God, it really is, it's got to be thirty-six racks and it's lined up in shape!"

For a moment, the whole place was startled.

Although most of the people who came here were rich merchants.

But there was no shortage of young ones as well, so of course they were surprised to see such a battle.

Even Zhang Ke and the others' attention was all drawn to the helicopter.

"Honey, this doesn't look like a military* helicopter ah?"

Zhang Ke was surprised.

As for Wang Xue Chen Chao and the others, they were already dumbfounded.

"Of course not, this looks like a civilian helicopter, but it definitely has the quality of a military*, in our Huaxia, those who can put up this kind of battle Doesn't seem like much, does it?"

Obviously Zhang Ke's husband was knowledgeable, and said lightly now.

"That... who would that be, I go, such a big battle, it must be the richest level, right?"

Rei was jumping with excitement.

And took out her phone to swipe pictures.

It was simply too exciting today.

"Hubby hubby, look, it looks like these helicopters are going to land at the stadium!"

On the side, the lady who had just hit the crooked ball was also happy.

"Good, no wonder, a staff member just came to clear the field, I guess it must have been some kind of big man who came! Luckily we didn't leave and had the pleasure of meeting the big man!"

That man also looked shocked.

It was true that they too had money, but being rich to this extent was simply impossible!

"I don't know if you're clear, sir, but which big man is this arrival?"

Seeing the heated discussion between the couple next to him, and seeing people dressed gorgeously, it was remarkable at first glance.

Zhang Ke's husband smiled and leaned in to ask.

Zhang Ke and the others also went over.

"Can't really guess, huh!"

The man laughed.

So Zhang Ke's husband chatted briefly with the man about the famous tycoon in Warsaw, thus accosting him.

It made Chen Chao and the others admire him to no end.

This was the socialization between successful people ah, simple some things, but also can be struck up a conversation.

All in all, it was the power of connections.

If he himself was not familiar with Teacher Zhang Ke, how would he have the opportunity to come to such a high-end place.

Including Rei, who was also filled with pride at the moment.

The helicopter, as expected, had landed on the golf course in formation.

It instantly exploded the atmosphere of the entire stadium.

Even the people who originally lived in the hotel ran out to watch.

"Look! Someone's coming down from the plane!"

Tian Long Di Hu came down from the plane with a team of bodyguards.

"So handsome, really handsome!"

Rei shouted excitedly.

As for Wang Xue, her own eyes couldn't help but jump slightly.

It was obvious that they were also handsome.

As for the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger's group, they ignored the bystanders, but wore sunglasses and walked directly over towards Chen Ge.


Zhang Ke and the others were slightly stunned.

"Chen Shao!!!"

The Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger crowd shouted.

"Uh-huh, you guys are here!"

Chen Ge nodded his head slightly.

"Chen...Chen Shao?"

And it was this voice that made Zhang Ke Xiao Li and the others all startled.

What was going on?

Why is this group of people calling Chen Ge Chen Shao?

Also, are these helicopters here to pick up Chen Ge?

Not only did the crowd now feel their cheeks hurting, especially Zhang Ke Xiao Li Wang Xue, their hearts felt even more painful as if they had been gripped.

One had to know how much they despised Chen Ge.

But it was such a person who was so glamorous!

"No way no way! How is that possible!"

Rei said.

As for Chen Ge, he was ready to leave without looking at them.

"Chen Ge!"

Rei suddenly shouted.


Chen Ge turned his head.

"You... you you, the helicopter is here to pick you up?"

Rei was nervous.


With a faint nod, Chen Ge looked at Wang Xue and Zhang Ke at the side and said nothing.

Then, with one hand in his pocket, he walked up to the helicopter under the compliments of a crowd of people.

As for the young man and woman, they were about to be scared silly.

Heavens, what had they just done to ask such a big man to pick up the ball for them, heaven forbid!

These people's expressions Chen Ge hadn't bothered to look at anymore.

As for pretending to be 13 or not, Chen Ge didn't feel as embarrassed as before.

The helicopter started up and flew away from the scene directly under the complicated gazes of Wang Xue and Zhang Ke.

Plus, Long Shaoyun's birthday party.

Due to the fact that Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei's looking for trouble just now, Long Shaoyun has already been harboring a belly of fire in his heart.

Add to that Hou San's matter before.

The more Long Shaoyun thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong today.

Because Chen Ge's people obviously just wanted to make trouble, but how come that Chen Ge hadn't come yet.

"I think so, today Chen Shao is here to steal the wedding, he must have come over to steal Miss Qin Ya!"

"Yes, Miss Qin Ya is so beautiful, and with the fact that Chen had a great grudge against the Long family in the past, it's no wonder why Chen Shao is so upset!"

The crowd discussed.

"Brother Shao Yun, what... what should we do?"

At this time, Wei Mengjiao also came over.

After all, the person who had wronged Chen Ge was besides Long Shaoyun.

That was Wei Mengjiao.

So seeing this scene, she was also a little scared.

Because Chen Ge himself, in terms of himself, was still good to himself, and for the sake of his own face, he went forward to attend his own party.

It was true that she felt guilty.

But there's no way, who let Chen Ge biased without the Dragon family's background, of course he has to help Shao Yun brother.

And seeing that the scene was quite awkward, the crowd didn't dare to say anything.

The senior member of the Long Family called Long Jinan spoke.

"Everyone, today is Shao Yun Long's birthday, and now, even Mr. Li has come to congratulate him, which in itself is an extremely pleasing thing . Now, I have one more happy thing to tell you, and that is that we, the Dragon Family, have officially announced the purchase of the Lower Hot Springs Villas as our The foundation point of the investment project in Jinling, and we, the Dragon family, will also show you the next business that the Dragon family will carry out in Jinling Layout!"

Long Jin Nan faintly glanced at Li Zhen Guo, then answered.


The crowd also all understood that it seemed that the Long Family was officially, starting to take revenge for being screwed like a dog by Miss Chen Xiao, who rolled out of Jinling back then.

And Long Jinan, who dared to say such words in such a situation, must have their Long Family's bottom line.

What was it?

Just when everyone was curious.

Long Jinan clapped his palms.

Then, a buzzing sound could be heard from somewhere in the mountain villa.

Immediately after, it was seen that a full six helicopters rose up in the Jinling Mountain Villa.

Beneath the helicopters hung the Long Family Project Management's long red.

It was like six red dragons rushing up into the sky.

"What! The Dragon Family's fleet of flying dragons was also sent here? Damn, no wonder, this is the fleet used by the old man of the Long family, it's rarely used, only for big events will the old man of the Long family send out this A fleet of six helicopters! Every one of them is almost worth a fortune."

"No wonder! No wonder, the Dragon Family actually still has this kind of strength..."


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