Chapter 298

"Is this a rich young man's car?"

More and more people came around to watch.

Chen Ge bar, now although Chen Shao's identity is not a secret anymore, but it's really embarrassing to have him walk out of the car like this in public.

Thinking about it or forget it, don't drive into the campus.

Making a U-turn, he directly drove the car into the small woods where he used to park.

Only afterwards did they walk in on foot.

"Chen Ge?"

And at that moment, Chen Ge saw a little girl in a military uniform.

Presently, he was somewhat surprised.

As for this girl, she was obviously surprised to see Chen Ge as well.

But in the next moment, she smiled with an inexplicably sneering and ridiculing look on her face and said, "One second remember to read the book shu8.net

"Oh, what a coincidence, I can't believe I'm seeing you!"

"You enrolled in Goldsmith's University to study?" Chen Ge also really didn't expect to see her, and asked now.

"Yeah, how about it, Senior Chen Ge, I never thought that someone with my grades would be able to enter your Jinling, right? Haha!"

The girl looked at Chen Ge.

The girl in front of her, her name was Yang Lu, not an outsider, but Yang Xue's own sister.

As Yang Xue's boyfriend, she had naturally met with Yang Lu before.

The impression given to Chen Ge was that she was quite a crazy girl, often skipped classes in high school, and at that time had learned to soak up nightclubs, and there were tattoos on her arms, and she would also smoke.

The standard society girl.

Needless to say, her studies were a mess.

I remember when she came to Jinling to find Yang Xue for the first time, Yang Xue and Chen Ge do not have much money, in order to let her sister play happy, Chen Ge and Yang Xue are going to part-time job.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

The first thing Yang Lu said when she saw Chen Ge was: "Sister, how did you find such a poor brother-in-law, no money, no background, so low!

Of course, at that time, Chen Ge would not be bothered with her.

Anyway, from that time on, Yang Lu quite despised Chen Ge.

In the future, they had met a few times, and she would come to play with Yang Xue every year on the eve of vacation.

Instead, she was very familiar with her.

Chen Ge didn't expect that she would be among the new students at the beginning of the university this time!

"It was unexpected!" Chen Ge smiled bitterly.

"Sister Lulu, who is this?"

Yang Lu, who was accompanied by a few sisters, asked at the moment.

"Oh, my sister's ex-boyfriend, a loser!"

Yang Lu Dao.

Apparently, Yang Xue didn't tell Yang Lu too much.

Chen Ge, on the other hand, didn't want to chat after a few words and wanted to leave.

But still, he had to stop.

Raising his head, he asked, "Your sister... Yang Xue, is she alright?"

Back then that incident, Yang Xue directly dropped out of school because she couldn't stand the humiliation.

In fact, to be honest, she was just asking for it, after all, Yang Xue had gone too far in some things, but, thinking about ruining someone's future because of this, this punishment was a bit too much.

After all, people had the right to choose, so why did they have to choose themselves to be right?

So Chen Ge was more or less guilty of Yang Xue.

"Heh asshole, I'm telling you, my sister is fine, and you'll see, you'll suffer the bitter consequences if you dump my sister!"

Yang Lu waved her little fist, more domineering than ever.

"Well, that's good!"

Chen Ge smiled faintly and then left.

And looking at Chen Ge's back.

The mocking smile on Yang Lu's lips seemed to grow even stronger.

"Sister Lulu, is he the Chen Ge that you said you were looking for?"

Several sisters asked softly at this point.

"It's not that I'm looking for her, it's my sister who's looking for him, exactly how this guy hurt my sister, I'm not sure, but anyway, this time he's finished before It's true!"

A cold smile.

Now, Yang Lu took out her cell phone, found a phone number, and dialed it....

And Chen Ge had already arrived at the dormitory by now.

"Old Chen, welcome back!"

As soon as Yang Hui Li Bin saw Chen Ge, he came with a big bear hug.

Chen Ge was also very happy and a few people chatted with each other.

Chen Ge came to the school just to see Yang Hui Li Bin.

After all, he would have to go back to the company later.

The three brothers were chatting, when the dormitory door was opened.

Chen Ge was startled.

Because at the entrance of the dormitory, there was a girl standing.


The girl looked at Yang Hui and called out happily.

"Hello brother Li Bin, this, is brother Chen Ge, right?"

"Hi, I'm Chen Ge! You're Yang Hui's sister, right?"

"Ummm, I'm Yang Xiao Rou, brother Chen Ge, you're so handsome!"

Yang Xiao Rou said with a smile.

"By the way, my brother said he wants to invite me to dinner with my new roommates, brother Chen Ge, let's go together?"

Yang Xiaoru Dao.

It seemed that Yang Hui didn't miss talking to her.

"That's no problem, but not this time, I have to go back later, how about this, you guys eat first, until the evening's, I We'll arrange it! Treat you to a good meal!"

Chen Ge smiled.

"Huh? That's not good! Okay Brother Chen Ge, you're busy..."

Yang Xiaoru was quite good at coming to things, and now there was a flash of disappointment before her eyes.

But then her eyes lit up again, "Then when will you be done with Brother Chen Ge? You have to eat at lunch, right? If you have time, come over! Big deal, we'll eat later."

"That's right, okay, I'm going to be fine, I'll come back for lunch with you guys! Then I'm hurrying back now!"

It was hard for Chen Ge to refuse.

"Fine, let's go down together then, I have to let my brother lead me around too! My sisters are still waiting downstairs!"

Yang Xiaoru suggested.

The four of them went down together.

After coming out, it was also true to see a few girls standing outside the dormitory building.

It's only been a day of military training, and each and every one of their faces are a little darker.

But a few looks are really good.

Even if the sun has turned into a small black face, it looks pretty.

After greeting them one by one, Chen Ge walked with them for a while before leaving the school separately to return to the company.

"Hehe, this senior is really good looking!"

As soon as Chen Ge left, a few girls were chattering about it.

After all, the girls who have just entered the school are discussing about nothing else but which boy in the class is handsome, which boy is ugly, which senior they met today, and so on.

The discussion with the boys was similar.

"Yeah, quite gentle and quite stylish!"

A few other girls also said.

"Then Senior Yang Hui, does Senior Chen Ge have a girlfriend?"

A girl asked.

Yang Hui smiled bitterly, "Of course I have, oh, and do you guys know who Senior Chen Ge he is? For that matter, I didn't even tell Ruu."

"Huh? Who is it?"

Yang Xiaoru also asked.

Several girls all poked their heads over curiously.

"Have you guys heard of Jinling Chen Shao?"

Yang Hui said in a mysterious manner.

"What? Jinling Chen? It's the second generation of the rich in Jinling. It's said to be old and rich, and I saw it posted in the forum, it seems to be Jinling Chen. It's a birthday, and all the big shots from half of Jiangnan Province are there!"

The girls were startled.

Apparently they had all heard of him.

"Oh, that's him!"



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