The Unknown Heir 326

Chapter 326

Faced with Huang Yonghao's obvious provocation, the Long family was now too angry to speak up.

"Mr. Li, there's no need for this, right? Please also ask Mr. Li to restrain the people under his hands!"

The Long Family senior said.

Li Zhengguo smiled slightly: "Yonghao, no rudeness!"

Only then did Huang Yonghao stop.

And then back to Chen Ge.

It was said that at this time, Chen Ge had arrived at the large golf course behind the hotel.

Apparently, he was still waiting for someone.

"Has the helicopter arrived yet?" Chen Ge made a phone call.

"Right away Chen Shao!"

Tian Long Di Hu said.

Originally today, Chen Ge didn't want to casually use the helicopter team, but Li Zhenguo advised that dealing with the Dragon Family was still a deterrent.

Therefore, it couldn't be too low-key.

Well, since he had already decided to confront the Dragon Family, Chen Ge didn't care so much.

Taking this opportunity, Chen Ge also looked around towards the stadium.

On top of the course, there were also a scattered number of people playing golf.

"I'm sorry to ask a few gentlemen to leave, but the course will be cleared soon."

At this time, several staff members, each walked up to the people playing and informed.

"Huh? Why? We've only been fighting for a little while!"

"That's right, how can you do that? I'm here with a client. What's your manager's number? I'm calling your manager!"

"Yeah, we've paid so much for the right to not even have that, and we're not going anywhere, no way, no way!"

Many customers had a strong opinion at once.

"That's right, we had a hard time following Teacher Zhang Ke for fun, and this makes us leave, how can we!"

A girl said with a face full of reluctance.

"Chen Chao Wang Xue, don't you guys think so?"

"Ummmm, yeah, let's keep playing since so many tourists are still here anyway!"

Chen Chao also said.

In this line, there were three or four people, men and women.

"Teacher Zhang Ke, your husband is so awesome that he can actually bring us to a place like this! I've dreamed of coming to the golf course!"

The girl said.

"Haha, my husband he's accompanying an important client today, they're here to play golf, I think we're fine too, so let's come together . You guys were my students in junior high, but we've kept in touch over the years. I took you guys as my brothers. Sister view!"

Zhang Ke said.

The staff on the sidelines, seeing that they couldn't be persuaded to leave, went back.

After all, they hadn't received any strict orders, just a reminder to keep the stadium clear of too many people.

If the stadium had been really strictly cleared, they wouldn't have been sent.

"Hmph, they've finally left, what a nuisance! Right Wang Xue, Chen Chao, you're getting married soon, if you get married then, you can take wedding photos here as well, look here. How beautiful, my mood has changed for the better!"

A female student said excitedly.

As she said that, she took out her phone and took pictures.

"I'll take a picture, hehe, I'll take a picture!"

The girl was shooting.

Suddenly she screamed.

"Oh shit!"

Then stared at the picture that had been taken without moving.

"What's wrong Rei?"

Zhang Ke and Wang Xue Chen Chao both looked at Xiao Li.

Then Xiao Li was surprised and pointed in a certain direction: "Teacher Zhang Ke, Chen Chao Xue Xue, you guys look, that person...that person how to So much like Chen Ge?"

"Chen Ge?"

The crowd was shocked and brushed at it.

It was as expected.

That person standing in the corner of the golf course, who was putting both hands in his pockets, wasn't it Chen Ge.

"How come it's him? Why is he here?"

Rei wondered.

"Who knows, huh, I heard he knows a lot of people, so I guess he's here...haha, picking up balls for people, right?" Zhang Ke suddenly said.

"Pfft, I think so, the last time we had a class reunion, he even said he was going to start his own business, it's just laughable."

Xiao Li said despicably.

The few of them, aren't they the junior high school classmates that Chen Ge ran into last time when he went back home for his birthday.

It was Chen Chao's birthday that day, and then Chen Ge only knew that Wang Xue, once an ambiguous object in junior high school, had been with Chen Chao.

Since there was no common language at that time, Chen Ge himself also rushed to go to the birthday.

Just did not continue to stay there.

And after Chen Ge left it, Chen Chao they had said requesting hot spring scenic spot to play, but when they finished eating and driving over.

The big scene had already passed, nothing touched.

And that's exactly when.

Zhang can say, what's the point, and then later her husband to receive customers, can take them to a five-star golf course to play.

That's not it, only now a scene.

"Then Teacher Zhang Ke, do we still see him?"

Rei asked.

"Why don't you see him? Oh, look guys, you're really picking up the ball for someone!"

Zhang Ke suddenly covered his mouth with a smile and a finger.

"That who, can't see, help us pick up the ball!"

Just now, when Chen Ge had just finished making a phone call, a ball ran to his side.

It's also no one, a female learning ball, actually hit the crooked.

Then a man pointed at Chen Ge and asked Chen Ge to pick up the ball.

It was nothing, and Chen Ge walked over and picked it up.

"Really, what kind of staff is this!"

The guy gave Chen Ge a blank look.

"Oh dear, don't be so mean to this young man! Don't scare people!"

"That's the kind of person you have to make often, and if you don't make often and don't scold often, he's itching all day long instead!"

Chen Ge just shook his head and laughed bitterly at the words.

Naturally, there was no need to get along with them.

Then was about to go back to standing and be quiet for a while.

"Hahaha, Chen Ge, what a coincidence indeed!"

Just at that moment, Xiao Li and the others came over.

The scene of Chen Ge picking up the ball for someone just now happened to be thoroughly watched by them, and they were scolded for being slow in picking it up.


I had thought that Chen Ge really had to mix it up a bit.

So, the crowd was happy.

"Eh? How are you?"

Chen Ge was a little surprised.

It could not be his junior high school classmate.

Even Wang Xue, the former ambiguous object of affection, was there.

"What? Afraid we'll see? I know, I bragged about starting my own business, but what happened? Is that what you started? Oh up, pick up the ball for someone!"

Zhang Ke said sourly.

And Wang Xue looked at Chen Ge and even shook her head.

People with nothing to look forward to are really always people with nothing to look forward to ah!

"Koko, so there you are, I was looking for you!"

At that moment, a young man in a suit came over and said to Zhang Ke.

"What's wrong honey?"

"O, it's like this, I'm short of a ball picker over there, why don't you go to the front desk for me and ask how it works?"

The young man in the suit said.

"Huh? Lack of ball collectors? Haha, hubby, you've found the right person, it's not, one of my former D-silk students is now here to pick up balls for others, let him go! ......."


The young man nodded, "Okay, you can come with me."

Chen Ge helplessly shook his head, "Sorry, I don't have time..." 


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