The Unknown Heir 325

Chapter 325

"How dare you hide? I'll make you obey me honestly, or else I'll make your Qin family disappear in Jinling!"

Long Shaoyun was furious and grabbed Qin Ya by the hair.

Just hugged it to himself.

"Let go of me, you madman! Let go of me!"


As Qin Ya struggled, subconsciously, a large mouth smacked Long Shaoyun's face.

"Hit me? How dare you hit me?"

Long Shaoyun's eyes were spurting blood.

The crowd even opened their mouths wide in surprise.

"Xiao Ya, are you alright!"

Zhao Tongtong and the others, however, hurriedly pulled Qin Ya aside to protect her.

"I want you to kneel before me immediately! Or you'll regret it!"

Long Shaoyun covered his face in anger.

And the people from the Long family were all coming over at the moment.

After all, smacking Long Shao's mouth in public was the same as smacking the Yanjing Long Family's face in public ah.

"Long Shao, I'm sorry, it's Xiao Ya who's too rude, I'm sorry Long Shao!"

Qin Xiangnan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

After all, every father, seeing his daughter being treated this way, also simply couldn't stand it ah.

The Qin family, on the other hand, was afraid that things would get worse.

Qin Ya's third uncle just came up and smiled.


He was directly knocked to the ground by Long Shaoyun's punch, "Get out of here!"

"Uncle Sam!" Qin Ya was crying.

The Qin family was also afraid.

Just look at Long Shaoyun, slowly walking over towards Qin Ya.


Suddenly, a small stone pill hit Long Shaoyun directly on the forehead.


The pain caused Long to scream over his forehead.


Long Shaoyun cursed.

Then thumped and took another hit on his forehead.

Only then did he look towards the entrance outside the venue.

Just saw a few boys, not knowing when they entered the venue.

The boy who was the leader of them, holding a toy gun in his hand, was aiming at Long Shaoyun.

"Hahaha, two shots!"

The boys laughed and tossed the toy gun aside.

"Shit, you guys again? Is it that you don't want to live?"

Long Shaoyun took a look, isn't it the ones who came to cause trouble in the morning and then fought off by himself?

Yes, the visitors were precisely Huang Yonghao and the others.

At this moment, Huang Yonghao had his two hands in his pockets, followed by a few people behind him, walking over towards Long Shaoyun.

"Yeah, I'm feeling bad all over, I just want to get beaten up!"

Huang Yonghao sneered.

"Someone, give me..."

Long Shaoyun was about to send thugs.

He was stopped by the butler, "Long Shaoyun, calm down, let's see what he wants!"

"I'm telling you Long Shaoyun, if you know what's good for you, let my sister-in-law go, or else you're finished!"

Huang Yonghao suddenly pointed at Qin Ya.


The whole place was now all startled.

"I go, Long Shao this is a prairie on his head!"

"Yeah, the Dragon Family is really embarrassed this time!"

A crowd of people.

The injured Bai Xiaofei, however, glanced at Huang Yonghao at the moment, reminding him to play around and not to fucking joke around.

This was pulling a big one.

"Looks like the rumors are all true ah, Long Shao wants what's left of the others?"

The crowd was all over the place.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, looked at Huang Yonghao, "What are you talking nonsense, who... who is your sister-in-law!"

"Hey, I don't care anyway, if we're here today, we'll never let you get hurt!"

Huang Yonghao.

And Long Shaoyun, angry face is almost green.

"I understand, no wonder Huang Shao they came to make trouble in the morning, feelings, this is a bit of wedding snatching, two big young jealous yet, Huang Shao But it's Young Master Chen's godbrother!"


All of them were talking about it.

"Hmph, you guys are so bold to come here and cause trouble, if you have the guts, let Chen Ge come, why did you send you guys? Let him do it, and don't just call anyone's sister-in-law!"

Yang Xue said.

I don't know why, hearing Huang Yonghao call Yang Xue sister-in-law, why is Yang Xue so uncomfortable in her heart!

"Fuck, I think they're just looking for death, three times they're making trouble at my birthday party, give it to me!"

Long Shaoyun roared with red eyes.

The bodyguards that the Long family had brought today all gathered around.

There were as many as a hundred of them.

The scene was so big that it shocked the rich and famous businessmen present.

"I go, so many people? I'm so scared, but to be more than a man in the Golden Mile?"

Huang Yonghao stuck in his pocket and smiled.

Then a whistle blew.

"Boom Boom!"

Just seeing from outside the door, a large number of people suddenly poured in.

Looking around, the entire halfway down the mountain of Hot Springs Villa was filled with people, all walking towards the top.

It was less than five or six hundred, and all of them were very imposing Chen's bodyguards.

The entire scene was surrounded by a sea of people.

And behind Huang Yonghao, even more crowds of people were standing behind him.

Long Shaoyun was also shocked by this battle.

Yang Xue also shut up.

Yeah, if we're just talking about this, the Long family really can't get half of the advantage.

And they, all of them, were Chen Ge's people.

When did Chen Ge become like this?

Yang Xue thought to herself.

Some of the top executives of the Long Family, looking around, swallowed saliva at the moment.

"Third Young Master, don't be impulsive, they're just deliberately here to provoke trouble, if we make the first move, they'll have mouths to feed!"

A high ranking member of the Dragon Family was now speaking to Long Shaoyun.

"Shaoyun, to endure, I'd like to see what they can do!"

The other man was also a bit scrupulous.

"Li is here!"

Just then, I don't know who shouted.

Just saw the crowd automatically get out of the way.

It was Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing and the others walked over.

"Mr. Li, Mr. Zhao!"

Some rich merchants on the side, how could they still not see the form and hurriedly greeted.

As for the Long family, they saw Li Zhenguo.

A middle-aged man walked over.

"Mr. Li, long time no see, today is my Long Shao holding a birthday banquet at the Hot Spring Villa, what do you mean by that?"

Apparently, some of the top executives of the Long Family were acquainted with Li Zhenguo.

"There's not much point, I heard that Younger Long is celebrating his birthday, so we came to join in the fun, Happy Birthday, Younger Long!"

Li Zhenguo said with a smile.

"Then what's with all these bodyguards, Mr. Li?"

That senior member of the Long family said.

"You said them, they used to work as bodyguards in the Jinling Commercial Street, but they just heard that Long Shao is going to be in our former home, the Hot Springs Villa It's a birthday, and it's exciting! They're all here too! Mr. Long, you're too sensitive!"

"Besides, we came to pay our respects, so won't you invite us in for a drink?"

Li Zhenguo Road.

Long Shaoyun held his fire.

But he wasn't an idiot and didn't dare to move.

He just turned his head angrily to the side.

"Of course, our Long family is very hospitable!"

The Dragon Family senior said indifferently, "Mr. Li, please!"

After that, Li Zhenguo Huang Yonghao and the others sat on the table next to Long Shaoyun.

And Long Shaoyun, depressed was trying to drink a glass of red wine.


With a sound, I felt something hit me on the cheek.

When I looked up, it was Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei throwing peanuts at him.


Long Shaoyun glared viciously at Huang Yonghao Bai Xiaofei.

Clenched his fist.

Swallowed the breath raw.


Again, this time, a piece of roasted meat smashed right into Long Shaoyun's face.


Long Shaoyun directly stood up.

"Shaoyun, don't be impulsive!"

Being pressed directly on the shoulders by the Dragon Family's top brass....


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