The Unknown Heir 324

Chapter 324

"Third Master, they're coming!"

A younger brother reminded him grimly.

"There's no need to fight them, dammit, let's pull out first!"

Hou San said, and then took the girls a few away from the back of the hill.

"Chase! Give me the chase and kill them!"

Long Shaoyun shouted angrily.

Since childhood, really, the first time he had been humiliated like that, and the first time he had been treated like that, Long Shaoyun naturally couldn't stand it.

A group of people went after him.

"Long Shaoyun, are you alright?"

The butler asked worriedly.

"Fuck! It's still fine, look at the good place you chose, how did you let Hou San and the others run up here, I almost died!"

The butler was fifty or sixty years old, and received a big slap on his face directly from Long Shaoyun.

Now shamed and indignant: "It's my bad, it's my bad Long Shao!"

"But it's your birthday now, a lot of respectable people are here, Long Shao, let's go back first."

The butler advised.

Long Shaoyun angrily straightened his tie and then went towards the front.

"Look, that's Long Shaoyun's fiancée, Miss Qin Ya Qin, right?"

"Tsk, tsk, rumor has it that Miss Qin Ya Qin is very elegant and even more beautiful, now that I've seen her, it's really unusual!"

In front of the venue, at the moment, many rich and famous merchants and celebrities were looking at the family of Qin Ya, who had been respectfully invited here, and could not help but discuss.

"By the way, have you heard, Miss Qin Ya, seems to have a very shallow and ambiguous relationship with Young Chen, and almost became his girlfriend!"

"What do you mean almost ah, what I heard was that Qin Ya is already Chen Shao's woman, all pregnant with Chen Shao's child! It's not even a secret anymore!"

"Huh? Really? There's more of that!"

"Don't talk nonsense, be careful to let Long's people hear, anyway, I also heard about Miss Qin Ya's affair with Chen Shao, it's not clear anyway. , but now, Miss Qin Ya is clearly Long Shao's woman!"

The crowd discussed in low voices.

As for Qin Ya, besides her own family this time, Qin Ya called out her best friend to come as well.

Let Zhao Tongtong and the others accompany them.

The whispered discussion of the crowd, Qin Ya naturally heard it as well.

A blush could not help but emerge on her face.

If it wasn't for the fact that the occasion didn't work, she would have scolded those mouth-breathers.

And some of the discussion had also reached Yang Xue's ears.

There was even more indignation at the moment.

Originally well, thought well, today myself is also the protagonist.

But obviously as soon as Qin Ya came, the main character became hers, which itself was unhappy.

Now, but said that Qin Ya and Chen Ge are also better, Yang Xue felt a little uncomfortable.

In everyone's eyes, they all felt that Qin Ya was better and prettier than herself.

And Qin Ya, a girl who is better than herself, is better with her ex-boyfriend, again uncomfortable.

Yang Xue was a little irritated, so the gaze towards Qin Ya was also full of hostility.

At this moment Long Shaoyun also came back.

At a glance, he saw Qin Ya.

There was also some bitterness in his heart.

This girl, allowing herself to be pursued like this, and now coming to celebrate her birthday, she also had a cold face.

Plus, having received an insult, it was irritating in itself.

Long Shaoyun sat over with the atmosphere.

"Long Shao!"

Some of the clansmen from the Qin family hurriedly greeted.

Without saying anything, Long Shaoyun sat on the main seat.

Yang Xue said sourly at this time, "Shaoyun, it's your birthday today, but I see that your fiancée seems quite unhappy, and you know that Did everyone just say anything?"

"Say what?"

"Everyone says that the person Qin Ya likes is Chen Ge, and with you, you forced her to be with you.

Breaking up the pair of people Chen Ge and Qin Ya!" Yang Xue Dao.

"Bullshit! Who the fuck said that! I'll kill him!"

Long Shaoyun was furious.

Slamming the table, he shocked the whole room.

The entire venue, everyone didn't dare to squeak.

Yes, today, they said they were here to celebrate Long Shaoyun's birthday, but everyone was clear that they were not yet here to TIEN Long Shaoyun.

At this time, Long Shaoyun looked towards Qin Ya and coldly said, "Qin Ya, come over and sit next to me! I want them to see that it's my Long Shaoyun's woman!"

Qin Ya, on the other hand, frowned.

Glancing her head to the side.

And quite a few people in the venue, on the other hand, were laughing with the mindset of watching the fun.

Obviously, Qin Ya was slapping Long Shao's face, not giving him any face at all ah!

Long Shaoyun was already unhappy today, and with Qin Ya's constant icy attitude, Long Shaoyun had been depressed.

Plus the irritation from Yang Xue's words just now, and the expressions of the people looking at him now.

Long Shaoyun was really angry.

"I said for you to come over, can't you hear me!"

After saying that, he stood up and pulled Yang Xue's arm, dragging her hard to his side.

"What are you doing! What's wrong with you, man?"

And Zhao Tong Tong and the others all looked at Long Shaoyun furiously.

I had thought that Qin Ya was hopeless with Chen Ge.

If this Yanjing Long Shao was really nice, it would be nice to be with Xiaoya.

But now that they looked at it, this Long Shao was simply worse than a scum.

"She's my fiancée, she'll do whatever I want her to do, come here! Stay by my side and pour me a drink, bullshit Chen Ge is nothing more than a fart in my eyes!"

Long Shaoyun domineeringly grabbed Qin Ya's arm.

The Qin family looked on, their faces were not pretty, but no one dared to say anything.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, was proudly watching the scene before her.

Qin Ya held her arm that was scratching painfully or sat down.

"Today is my birthday, can you fucking stop being cold, I want you to smile, laugh and pour me wine!"

Long Shaoyun roared again.

The crowd wasn't sure why Long Shaoyun had suddenly lost control of his emotions, but they were all watching the scene before them.

The bitterness in Qin Ya's heart seemed to have intensified at this moment.

Squeezing out a faint smile, she poured wine for Long Shaoyun.


The crowd all shouted in applause.

Yang Xue also smiled faintly, "Haha, sister-in-law is really quite good, you guys are really, hearsay that sister-in-law likes that! Chen Ge, how can that be? I think she loves Shaoyun. If you don't believe me, Shaoyun, you two kiss each other. Hahahaha, this is Shaun's biggest birthday present today!"

"Yes, yes, yes, a kiss! Kiss one!"

Everyone heard Yang Xue's words and applauded again.

Long Shaoyun was holding Qin Ya hostage, so naturally, he didn't put Qin Ya in his eyes.


"Q on Q!"

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

But Qin Ya hastily dodged.

"What are you doing? You're sick!"

Zhenya couldn't help but curse directly.

"Huh? What the hell is this?"

The crowd was startled.

Yang Xue was also looking at the scene in front of her with an act of surprise.

"Sister-in-law this is your fault ah, Shaoyun is celebrating his birthday today, you are clearly not giving him any face at all, hmmm, can't it be that all have arrived At this point, is your heart full of it or is it Chen Ge?"

Yang Xue Dao.

And it was this sentence that provoked Long Shaoyun's anger.

Long Shaoyun glared angrily at Qin Ya....


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