The Unknown Heir 323

Chapter 323

"Quite pretty, sister, why didn't I see you earlier?"

Long Shaoyun suddenly asked with narrowed eyes.

"Probably because Long Shao is too busy, and with someone causing trouble just now, of course Long Shao can't care about me!"

The girl smiled a little.

The smile was even more beautiful.

After saying the girl was going to continue to pour wine for Long Shaoyun.

But Long Shaoyun grabbed her hand, "Look, you just touched the red wine to me, you can't keep apologizing to me, you have to Gotta do it in a way that makes me happy and makes me not mad!"

"Then... then, Long, what's the way to make you happy, huh?"

The girl was shy.

"Haha, come here, come with me! Go to the back!"

Long Shao Yun saw that there was still over an hour before the official start, so he was just busy.

"Long Shaoyun, now?"

The butler on the other side reminded him.

"I know, don't worry, I'll be back soon!"

Long Shaoyun said.

Then he led the pretty girl to the back.

"Shao Yun, what are you doing?"

And at this time, a girl blocked in front of Long Shaoyun.

"Sister-in-law ah, I went to the back for some business, I'll be right back, huh!"

The person in front of them was naturally Yang Xue, as well as Yang Xue's sister, Yang Lu, and a few of Yang Lu's classmates, who had been called by Yang Lu as well.

Yang Xue's eyes flashed with a touch of disdain.

Naturally, it was clear what Long Shaoyun was going to do.

Even last night, Yang Xue had a fight with Long Shaoyun because of some things.


That was today's big scene birthday banquet.

Yang Xue meant to call out for Chen Ge to come.

The meaning was simple, today was the day that she, Yang Xue, was also going to make a big splash, so she definitely wanted Chen Ge to come ah.

And where is this place?

Hot Springs Villa, this was the place that made itself the darkest in the first place.

And here, hitting Chen Ge's face again couldn't be better.

In fact, to be frank, it's not enough to beat Chen Ge's face once or twice, Yang Xue just wants Chen Ge to be humiliated in front of himself, to see the crazy moment he's having now, so that he can regret it and make him feel uncomfortable.

See what, leave you Chen Ge so what, I'm not the same scenery, regret go on you.

It's that simple.

Yang Xue didn't think of anything else.

But Long Shaoyun is different, because this birthday banquet here, is aimed at Chen Ge.

So the two of them mixed up a few words.

Of course, there was no arguing with Long Shaoyun.

Right now, Yang Xue left with her sister and didn't care about him.

"Oh my, Long Shaoyun, what are you doing? What do you want me to do in the guest area? There are many of your guests in front of you?"

The girl said.


"What do you think I brought you here for, get in!"

Long Shaoyun laughed sardonically a few times, then took the girl's hand and pushed her into a room.

"What are you doing!"

The girl cried out in terror, "Someone help!"

"Damn it, today the entire mountain village is my people, I'll see who dares..."


Suddenly, the door was kicked open.

Just saw three or five people pouring straight in.

"Sister, damn it, you dare to touch my sister, recorded it yet? I don't think you want to live!"

A man came over and said viciously.

A couple of people on the other side of the room took out their phones and recorded it.

"Ah! Brother, you're here, I'm so scared just now!"

The girl immediately walked up to the man.

Long Shaoyun, on the other hand, was so shocked that he hurriedly stood up, and when he saw the face of the man coming in, his pupils all jumped.

"Wait... Hou San? Why you? How did you get in here?"

Long Shaoyun's cold sweat came straight out.

"What a coincidence, it's Long Shao, good, you dare to insult my most beloved sister like this, I'll fucking kill you!"

After saying that, Hou San jumped up with a kick that hit Long Shaoyun straight in the chest.

Long Shaoyun flew from the end of the bed, straight to the other side.

When he covered his chest, it felt like blood was about to kick out.

"Hold him down for me!"

Hou San instructed his men.

Immediately a few of them held Long Shaoyun down.

Long Shaoyun's face was white with fear: "Someone come, someone come!!!"

At this moment hissed and yelled.

"Shout, shout harder, in this room, no one will hear you even if you shout your throat out, first you send someone to kill me, and now you do this to my sister. , Long Shaoyun, I'm not at odds with you!"

After saying that, another slap was slapped on.

"Third... Third Master, I was wrong, I was wrong, when did you have a sister? I don't know."

Long Shaoyun was directly convinced.


A heavy slap was thrown across the face, "How dare you ask me rhetorically if you have any reason to treat my sister like that!"

"I was wrong I was wrong! Hou San, although we have a grudge, I know you want to get back at me. To be frank, you just want money, right? Today is my birthday, we have elders from the Long family coming too, let's have a discussion, I'll just give you as much money as you want!"

Long Shaoyun wasn't stupid, so how could he not see that this was being jumped by a god.

It was deliberately trapping itself.

At this moment, he really regretted not holding back just now.

"Also Hou San, you know my identity well, there's no benefit to offending me at all, is there? And from what I've heard, there are security cameras throughout the villa, so you won't be here long before my people find out. It won't be easy for you to end up here when they arrive, so that's it, take the money and you're gone!"

Long Shaoyun was busy.

"Okay ah Long Shao, it's already this time, and you still don't forget to scare me, besides, we came in through the back door, and you know this set of surveillance Did anyone supervise the installation of the safety equipment back then?"

Hou San smiled coldly.


"It's me!"

Hou San roared and slapped again.

Long Shaoyun swallowed his saliva.

"Then what do you want?"

"I want ah, and simple, you insulted my sister today, so I caught her in the act, let's say, I don't want your stinking money either, you give it to me How about kneeling down and calling me grandpa three times, followed by adding that I'm an animal, and I'll spare you?"

Hou San sneered.

"Don't you dare!"


I'm not going to give up today, at worst I'll let you die with me, anyway, you bastard won't be spared. Me!"

After saying that, Hou San wanted to pull out a knife.

And looking at Hou San's eyes were red, he was also aware that he and Hou San were life and death enemies, and really would do anything.

"Don't, don't, I'll shout, Master San, I'll shout!"

Now, Long Shaoyun was so frightened that he knelt down, "Grandpa, I'm an animal!"


Shouted three times in succession.

And this scene was also recorded by the rest of the people.

And by the time Long Shaoyun shouted the third time.

He suddenly raised his head violently, pulled up the bed sheet from the side and threw it towards Hou San.

Then he got up himself, opened the window, and jumped right out.

"Damn it, don't let this kid escape!"

Hou San was also stunned and rushed to chase after him.

But Long Shaoyun shouted as he ran, which naturally made the bodyguards in front of him hear the noise.

"Long Shao!"

Just saw Long Hair running straight over with a large group of bodyguards....


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