The Unknown Heir 322

Chapter 322

"Maya, what are you doing out here if you're not resting in your room?"

Qin Xiangnan was distressed.

"Ahem, Xiaoya is such a good child, be good, you know that we can't afford to offend a family like the Long family, and besides, Long Shao also It's not that I really don't love you, didn't you say that when you were kidnapped, Long Shao was willing to pay millions to save you!"

People from the same clan said.

Naturally, Qin Ya had told all of these clansmen about last night's events to the worried and bad Qin Xianan.


Qin Ya smiled bitterly.

Of course she knew what a fellow clan member meant.

What about being able to say such words, Qin Ya wasn't angry.

After all, this time, the combined pressure of the Long family and the Yanjing Qin family had made Father and the others already very breathless.

A few uncles and uncles generation, they also had family to eat too.

So Qin Ya didn't blame them.

Besides, Qin Ya wasn't taking herself too seriously right now.

What else could she do.

Now Chen Ge is not taking care of himself at all, he has his Su Mu Han.

Previously Qin Ya felt that there was still hope for the two of them, but now...forget about it, don't want to talk about it anymore.

Anyway, now Qin Ya, felt that she was still somewhat useful, could turn the family crisis into peace, right!

"Dad, Mom, I'll clean up later and then we'll go to the Hot Springs Villa for Long's birthday party!"

After taking a deep breath, Qin Ya smiled.

Then she went into the room.

Seeing his daughter like this, Qin Xianan's heart could not speak of the bitterness....

"Chen Shao, this is my gift to you, hehe, you must be interested?"

And then Chen Ge.

Hou San ran over and took a flash drive.

Played a video out for Chen Ge.

Chen Ge looked at it and couldn't help but laugh coldly, "Did you run to record this last night?"

"Hehehe yeah, I, Human Ghost Hou San, don't have any other skills, but to say that I can walk on the eaves, steal chickens and dogs or whatever, no one can compare to me!"

Hou San slapped his chest.

"Okay, stop fooling around!"

Li Zhenguo laughed bitterly on the side, "With this, and the previous recordings, we'll get to the point where we can do something about it!"


Chen Ge nodded his head and smiled.

Right at this moment.

Chen Ge's cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was from his godbrother, Huang Yonghao.

"What's wrong Yonghao?"

Chen Ge asked.

"Brother, we got beaten up, and Dash got the worst of it!"

"What! Who's that bold?" Chen Ge raged.

"Who else, Long Shaoyun, today he threw a big birthday banquet, almost all the respectable people in Jinling went there, and then what, the only one who didn't invite Chen's faction was me and Little Fei, so I sought to bring someone to mess up..."

Huang Yonghao then told the story.

The gist of it was that Long Shaoyun was clearly targeting Chen's Chen Ge this time, so he got disgruntled and was taught a lesson by their Long family when he brought people to mess with him.

The Long family was very powerful, and this time Long Shaoyun celebrated his birthday and chose the location in Jinling.

And it was also the hot spring mountain resort that was previously run by his sister Chen Xiao that was picked.

The targeting went without saying, right?

There were many more people from the Long family this time, and Fei and Yonghao must have suffered a big loss when they went to make trouble without even saying hello.

"You guys came to me first!"

Chen Ge said.

Bai Xiaofei and Huang Yonghao, Chen Ge also treated them as brothers.

"We're downstairs, holding onto Little Fei!"

Huang Yonghao.

"I'm going down now!"

Chen Ge ran down the stairs with Hou San and the others.

Sure enough, Bai Xiaofei was beaten and bruised, and Huang Yonghao's face was colored.

"Chen Shao! Sorry for embarrassing you today!"

Bai Xiaofei slumped as if he had lost a battle.

"It's okay, let's go in first!"

Chen Ge patted Bai Xiaofei and Huang Yonghao's shoulders and was about to go in with the crowd.

"Chen Ge! Chen Ge!"

Suddenly, a female voice called out to Chen Ge from outside.

Chen Ge turned his head and saw that it was not someone else, it was Han Feier.

With this girl, it must have been at least a while since we saw each other.

I didn't expect to see her again now, and she was quite beautiful again.

"Han Fei'er, what are you doing here?"

Chen Ge asked.

"Hmph, still say na, I didn't see any of your people back at school, so I wanted to meet you!"

Han Feier.

Ever since Chen Ge's identity had been revealed, Han Feier had been torn after a short period of time.

There had been a complete change in her heart towards Chen Ge.

For example, before Chen Ge, when Han Fei'er suspected Chen Ge was Chen Shao, her heart was always unsettled... did she love Chen Ge or not?

It wasn't until the last time she was in that neighborhood, when she saw Chen Ge being bowed to by so many people, that Han Feier finally stopped dwelling on it.

"Just want to come meet me? Well, see!"

Chen Ge could not help but laugh bitterly.

"Pfft! How did you get like this now? Well, I know you've got a lot of girls around you and you've forgotten about us classmates. , I came to find you, actually there is one more thing!"

Han Fei'er.

Chen Ge didn't know how Han Fei'er had found her, but it wasn't a secret where she lived.

Just nod and tell her to say it.

"It's like this, I've now started a netcom company and brought my own anchor, so I was thinking of all being under your company . We could have gone over to Yunmeng Mountain to live stream to attract people, but the people over there won't let us in!"

Hanfield said.

"Well, I'll do that favor, and you can go there later!"

Chen Ge smiled.

Han Feier deflated her mouth, seeing how good Chen Ge was to her.

There was really joy and sadness in her heart.

The happy of course was that Chen Ge didn't blame himself for his previous rudeness and took himself to be a friend from school.

The sadness was remembering the past, when the university had just started, when Chen Ge was always peeking at herself, as a girl, of course she understood.

As a girl, of course she understood. Chen Ge liked herself.

But, how could she look at such a D-Silk at that time. To be frank, she was a bit regretful.

If she had been with Chen Ge at that time, it would have been great!

"By the way, how about doing me a favor too?"

Chen Ge suddenly sounded something and said.

"Huh? What's the rush? Can I help you with that?" Han Feier was pleasantly surprised.

"Yes, you come in with me first and we'll discuss it inside!"

Chen Ge said with a smile.

At the same time.

The Jinling Hot Spring Villa was already crowded, and it was quite lively today.

Ever since her sister Chen Xiao had dissolved and auctioned off the original Jinling Business Group in order for Chen Ge to start an independent business.

The Hot Spring Villa was naturally auctioned off to someone else to run it.

And Long Shaoyun inexplicably put the birthday banquet here today, and everyone who came knew what it meant.

To put it bluntly, in the future, the Long family will be planting flags here, and from where they fall, they will get up from where they rise!

"Long Shao, there are so many people here to see you today!"

The servant looked at the pomp and boasted.

"Oh, nonsense, by the way, are Zhenya and her family here yet?"

Long Shaoyun asked.

"I've asked, it's on its way, hehe, even if Miss Qin Ya is no matter how stubborn she is, she still can't escape from Long Shaoyun!"

"Hmph, this woman Qin Ya, Ben Shao treats her so well, so lowly, she's actually devoted to that damned Chen Ge If you don't put pressure on her, you'll treat me like I don't exist! I'll get her if I have to! Shit don't say it, it hooks me when I say it*!"


Just at this moment, a waitress respectfully came over, who had wanted to lick the tea for Long Shaoyun, but ended up accidentally knocking over the cup.

"Damn, you don't grow..."

Long Shaoyun was about to curse, but after seeing the girls' appearance, he suddenly swallowed his curse words back....


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