The Unknown Heir 321

Chapter 321

In the air, a helicopter manifested itself and formed a siege over the house.

There were over thirty of them.

Hou San was dumbfounded.

And Zhao Tongtong was even more surprised to cover her mouth.

I go, although Zhao Tongtong also grew up in the city, how come I've never seen such a battle before!

"Chen Ge, you play dirty!"

Hou San roared in fear.

Immediately took the money and wanted to run.

And already there were bodyguards coming down the ladder.

They surrounded Hou San.

"It's really you Hou San, I thought you wouldn't dare to come back long ago, but I didn't think you would not only come back, but also dare to hit on Chen Shao. Aren't you afraid that CEO Chen Xiao will know?"

Li Zhengguo walked down, with the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger by his side.

At this moment, sneering.

Apparently they had all known each other before.

And looking at the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger, as well as Li Zhenguo were all here.

Hou San also cancelled the idea of escaping.

Yes, it was too late to say anything now, if Li Zhenguo told Chen Xiao about this, then Chen Xiao would definitely not let go of him, and it would be difficult to get a whole body then.

There might still be a chance of survival if he restrained himself.

"Hehehe, isn't it true that after Missy told me to get lost, I really don't have a way to live, and besides, Brother Zhenguo, even if I'm involved in the Chen's framing, but I have good intentions, and you don't know, that Long Shaoyun wasn't just trying to frame Chen that day! So I refused. And now you see, I've taken the initiative to help him. Clarified!"

Hou San said with a hippie smile.

"Brother Zhen Guo, you remember that the three of us brothers were working for Miss, and I saved you in the first place, so please spare me ? You see, I was a little kid back then, but now I'm older, but what's the mix all about?"

"You still know you were Missy's man in the first place, huh? I thought you'd forgotten, but as for what to do with you, it's up to Chen Shao to decide!"

Li Zhengguo and the others arrived next to Chen Ge.

"Hou San used to be my sister's man?"

Chen Ge was also surprised, no wonder, Hou San was quite afraid of his old sister.

"Yes Chen Shao, when Miss was in Jinling at the very beginning, it was me, as well as Zhao Zixing, and this Waiting Bank Ping, which is Hou San, we Three, when Hou San was only in his early twenties, but stealing women and dogs, once drunk, the subordinate of a female employee's belly * large. Up, Missy in a fit of rage told this beast to get lost!"

Li Zhenguo looked at Hou San with a cold smile.

"So there's more to it than that! Now that he's shown me all the evidence, I'll stop pursuing it!"

To be honest, at the very beginning, Chen Ge had wanted to find that person to viciously blast and demean him.

But now, Hou San was smiling and laughing at Chen Ge.

Chen Ge didn't want to take care of this skinless and shameless person either.

"Hmph, count yourself lucky, Hou San, leave the money behind and get lost! Spare you this time!"

Li Zhenguo was furious, but also secretly relieved at the same time.

After all, ah, it used to be a piece of cake, and this Hou San, had saved himself once in the first place.

I was really afraid that Chen Shao would be ruthless and just take this guy's life.

"I... I'm not leaving!"

Hou Sandao.

"What do you want?"

"Chen Shao, you see I have no other place to go, please take me in and keep me, I promise, I won't make any mistakes in the future, Chen Shao, let me Follow you?"

Hou San said.

Yeah, when he himself first met Chen Ge at the hotel, he had already seen that Chen Ge was a rather benevolent and generous type of character.

And what he had just said was not as simple as joking.

Indeed, Long Shaoyun had asked himself to use some means to harm Chen Ge.

But how could Hou San, who was a yang and a yin disobedience, actually go to harm.

Firstly, he was jealous of Chen Xiao.

Secondly, Chen Xiao had been kind to him anyway.

He didn't dare to come back, only thinking of extorting a sum of money and leaving this place of wrongdoing.

In fact, this recording was also a result of being more careful when dealing with Long Shaoyun, and if everything went well and he got the money, Chen Ge would at most be Misunderstanding for seven or eight days, he would hide to the ends of the earth and give the recording to Li Zhenguo.

For now, you can't even run away.

Let's just beg Chen Ge to take us in!


Chen Ge couldn't help but smile bitterly, "Forget it, I'll spare you today, and I won't let my sister pursue you later, so you'd better go!"

Hou San was sharp-tongued, and Chen Ge didn't know if that statement of his was true or not.

"Don't don't don't ah Chen Shao, I'll give you a big gift, just as a door sticker! Chen, you'll love it!"

Hou San Dao.

Chen Ge and Li Zhenguo looked at each other before nodding, "Well, it depends on what gift you bring!"

After saying that, he looked back at Qin Ya and Zhao Tong Tong: "Mr. Li, send a car to take them back."

The tone of voice was a bit cold.

And Qin Ya was expecting Chen Ge to say something more to her, such as words of concern.

But, not a word.

After the sedan drove over, Chen Ge got in and left.

He did it on purpose.

This was good, to show his attitude, so that no misunderstanding would arise in the future.

And Qin Ya looked at the back of Chen Ge's departure, her heart was suddenly sore, will she and Chen Ge be like this from now on? Did he really chill out on himself?

Not even a little friendliness?

Oh, yes, definitely.

People Chen Ge just wanted to come and get the evidence and save himself just in passing, what are you imagining?

Who are you? And you want Chen Ge to be alone for you.

Qin Ya, how can you be so silly as to be touched by this?

He only has Su Mu Han in his heart, so isn't it obvious that he's using this opportunity to separate from himself?

Qin Ya's heart bitterly reminded herself.

I had thought that there were really boys who would give up their lives for themselves, it was all a lie! It's a lie!

Zhenya went back this night and started tossing and turning.

She didn't sleep until the early morning.

The next day at around nine o'clock, Qin Ya was woken up by a loud noise outside.

"I say Xiangnan ah, you have to come up with a way out of this matter ah, we ran away from the Qin family with you in the first place, you have to be responsible for us! The family is going to be unsustainable!"

It's Qin Ya's parents, Qin Xianan and the others who have returned.

There are also some uncles and uncles' generation people.

They are discussing with Qin Xiangnan on how to deal with the Long Family and the Yanjing Qin Family.

Because of something, Qin Xiangnan left home in a fit of rage, and now, the company that they jointly founded can't sustain.

Naturally, they have to be responsible for everyone.

"Xiao Ya still has no end in sight with the Long family's third young man, that's not good, today, Long Shaoyun is having another birthday banquet at the Hot Spring Villa . It's clear enough to name Maya to accompany him, and to ask her to agree to his request for a betrothal!"

The same clan.

"Alright, alright, last night Xiaoya was all in trouble, you guys aren't unaware of it, and you haven't seen that Long Shao do anything for my daughter, now Xiaoya Resting, alas, truly, forgiveness!"

In the early hours of the morning, Qin Xianan and the others all headed back, after all, the matter of their daughter almost being kidnapped was too serious.

Just when everyone was anxious to discuss.

The door opened.

Qin Ya looked a bit ugly and walked out, "Dad, Mom, don't be anxious, I'll just go today!"


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