Chapter 320

"Hey, there's no harm in telling you this little girl piece, but it also makes you recognize what kind of person that unmarried Fei Long Shaoyun of yours is, this Chen Shao also really never brings an entourage with him, so that day, Long Shaoyun found me and wanted to discuss a matter with me..."

Hou San finished speaking.

Qin Ya, however, was breathing rapidly.

"So, Chen Ge really didn't do anything, you did it! Why are you guys setting him up like this!"

Qin Ya's eyes reddened, and an unspeakable feeling emerged in her heart.

Yeah, how could she be so stupid.

She had known Chen Ge for a while now, how could he be like that.

Moreover, Chen Ge had argued with himself that he didn't do it.

He took himself as a good friend before saying that to himself.

But himself, he didn't trust him in the slightest and called him a disgusting scum.

How lost he must have felt at that time!

So many people don't trust him, except for his own friend, but he doesn't trust himself either!

Just a moment ago, Chen Ge had come to visit him, trying to explain to him.

But why.

Why couldn't he just listen to his explanation, why did he have to drive him away!

"Chen Ge, I was wrong to blame you, I'm sorry!"

Qin Ya's tears suddenly flowed out.

"Alright, alright, what misunderstanding or not, I don't care about anything now, when I get the money, I'll disappear and no one can find me You guys just fight, haha!"

Hou San said.

"Hurry up and give me his phone!"

"I didn't, and I'll never let you hurt him!"

"What harm him ah, I'm trying to clear up a misunderstanding, I'm not going to harm him, give it to me quickly or don't think I'm some kind of A decent man, I'll take care of your friend first, do you believe me?"

Hou San said he was about to remove his belt.

"Ah! No, no, no!"

Zhao Tong Tong shouted in fright.

"Xiao Ya, it seems like he really doesn't mean anything else, so let Chen Ge save us, okay?"

Zhao Tong Tong cried.

"Oh, you're wrong Tong Tong, if we really shouted for Chen Ge to save us, he wouldn't have come, I broke his heart this time, we're not even friends Can't do it!"

Zhenya's eyes were red, "If he comes, he's for his own thing!"

"Alright, alright, just give it to me so I can take the money and run!"

Hou San was helpless.

Zhao Tong Tong said, "I have it, I'll give it to you!"

Hou San then dialed over.

"What's wrong Zhao Tongtong?"

Chen Ge's side quickly connected.

"Hehe, Chen Shao, it's Hou San! Hello!"

"Hou San?"

"You may have forgotten that at noon today, at the hotel, we hit it off!"

"It's you!"

Chen Ge sat up from the bed all of a sudden.

"Yes, now that I invited Miss Qin Ya, with Miss Zhao Tong Tong to come to my place, I am also clear that you turned Jinling over to me, I am this Don't want to make a deal with you!"

Hou San Dao.

"You still dared to kidnap Qin Ya, what do you want?"

Chen Ge said in a cold voice.

"It's like this, I know you've been wronged, because Miss Chen used to take care of me, so I'm quite upset, so . I've recorded the whole story of that incident, you pay the youngest a sum of money, then I'll get out of your face and clear your name!"

"I'm asking you, what did you kidnap Qin Ya for?"

Chen Ge.

"Ao O, don't worry, Miss Qin Ya is definitely fine. But you need to personally send me the money, I don't accept payments and I won't let your hands down, I know your two men The Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger are awesome, so... hehehe!"

Qin Ya, on the other hand, bit her lip slightly, listening carefully to the voice on the phone.

"Alright, I'll go over there and release them immediately!


Chen Ge did not hesitate.

If it was because of this matter of his that he implicated Qin Ya, Chen Ge's heart would be overwhelmed again.

Though Zhenya made herself a little cold.

Feeling that she shouldn't distrust herself if she helped her so much.

But then, it's not a grudge.

Don't want to get her into trouble.

Anyway, there was no need for her to suffer for herself now that there was no connection.

"Chen Shao, you really are refreshing, I'm regretting setting you up, well, I'm in..."

After Hou San said a few words.

Chen Ge hung up the phone.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, had tears streaming out.

"He doesn't hate himself yet, and is willing to go it alone for himself!" Qin Ya's heart completely melted open.

And after explaining some things to Tian Long Di Hu, Chen Ge also drove off by himself.

Arriving at the location.

Chen Ge was carrying a pocket of money.

Standing within the wilderness.

"Chen Shao, I saw you, and sure enough, you didn't bring anyone with you!"

Hou San was watching from another spot with binoculars.

After making sure it was correct.

Only then did he say the second location.

Let Chen Ge rush over.

Damn, this kid was a thief.

Chen Ge was helpless in his heart.

He had to do as he was told and spare a few circles before he saw the sharp-tongued Hou San.

"Meet Chen Shao!"

Hou San bowed slightly.

"Cut the crap and let them go, also, where's the recording I want?"

Chen Ge threw the money in front of Hou San.

"It's there, it's all there, with this recording, it's absolutely fine for you to clarify!"

Hou San said with a smile.

And Chen Ge walked up to Qin Ya Zhao Tong Tong and helped them untie themselves.

For fear of Qin Ya and the others making noise, Hou San had just gagged them.

"Chen Ge!"

After Qin Ya untied herself, she immediately jumped into Chen Ge's arms and cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have not believed you! And saying something like that with Long Shaoyun to piss you off, I'm sorry!"

Qin Ya cried.

And Chen Ge's hand hung in the air, he didn't know what to do anymore.

"It's good that you guys are fine, let's go!"

Chen Ge didn't use to hug Qin Ya and pushed her away gently, then smiled.

"Wait a minute Chen Shao!"

"I have one more condition!"

Hou San added.

"What more do you want?" Chen Ge frowned.

"That is, even though I'm rolling over in the future, if Missy asks in the future, you must never say that I did it and keep it a secret for me . Chen, you're kind and generous, but Miss Chen Xiao is different. I'll be killed by a thousand cuts. So, please consider that I'm not... For the love of God, spare my life! Let Miss Chen Xiao, just go and find that Dragon Family's trouble, they made me do it!"

Hou San swallowed his saliva.

Chen Ge nodded his head.

Then he walked out with Zhao Tong Tong Qin Ya.

Hou San, on the other hand, while in the window of the house, was again looking through a telescope.

Apparently this human spirit was afraid that Chen Ge would find someone to handle him.

And after Chen Ge walked out, he also smiled faintly.

"Hou San, you're holding binoculars, you don't always have to look in all directions, otherwise, your vision is easily incomplete!"

Chen Ge shouted.

"Fuck, Chen Shao, what do you mean?"

The sensitive Hou San suddenly felt that something was wrong.

At this moment, he heard a buzzing sound coming from overhead.

When he looked up, he was directly dumbfounded....


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