The Unknown Heir 319

Chapter 319

Qin Ya family villa.

At the moment, several little sisters were drinking and K-singing together, having quite a good time.

Everyone tried to make Qin Ya forget about the unhappiness with Chen Ge today.

As for Qin Ya's parents, all of them had already left for Yanjing today.

So in the evening, Zhao Tongtong and the others would definitely not leave to accompany Qin Ya.

"Tong Tong, I'm going to the bathroom, why don't you accompany me?"


"Good drop!"

Then the two girls went to the upstairs bathroom together.

But not for long.


There was a sudden scream from upstairs.

It frightened the crowd.

Immediately they all ran up.

But when they went to the washroom, where was Zhao Tongtong and Qin Ya's figure.

Just saw the restroom window open and looking downstairs, there was no figure either.

"Tongtong, Xiao Ya? You can't be serious, where are you?"

A few girls shouted.

But after searching for half a day, they made sure that Qin Ya really wasn't joking, but was really missing.

They were all anxiously on the verge of crying out.

"What should we do?"

"What else can I do? Hold on to the phone!"


"Let go of us, who are you?"

As for Qin Ya and Zhao Tong, when they went to the bathroom just now, a shadow flashed in front of their eyes, followed by a sore behind them Fainted.

When he woke up again, he was tied up in this place.

It seemed to be in a shabby house in the middle of nowhere.

Now, in a panic, he said.

"Yeah, let us go, let me tell you, we Qin Ya know a lot of rich young men, if you don't let us go, you're finished!"

Zhao Tong Tong said.

"Hahaha, I'm so scared, I know, Miss Qin you're Long Shao's fiancee ah, and Long Shaoyun is said to be quite fond of you. Actually, I didn't have any other meaning in tying you up today, I just wanted to borrow Miss Qin to be able to get that bastard Long Shaoyun to give me my money! , take the money, I'll leave immediately, and I won't hurt half of Miss Qin's hair!"

And this person, is exactly Hou San now.

This guy, no profit, give money, will do anything.

At the moment, it is precisely because of the money that you want to blackmail Long Shaoyun.

After all, in the last moment, he does not want to tear his face, the Long Shaoyun united himself almost insulted Ouyang Ru things to say.

Because then, he would have offended the Chen Long Ouyang three families, guaranteed to die without a funeral.

He is a smart man.

That's why he had this idea.

"Hehe, Miss Qin, you really are beautiful, I'm sure Long Shaoyun will give me the money for his beautiful fiancée !"

Hou San pinched Qin Ya's chin.

"Hmph, it's not just Long Shaoyun, there's another Major Major, if he finds out you kidnapped Xiao Ya, you'll be finished, he's Jinling Chen Shao Chen Ge!"

Zhao Tong Tong said again.

"What? Chen Ge?"

Hou San's face tightened.

If he hadn't provoked Chen Ge, he wouldn't have been reduced to hiding in the wilderness.

Really, the power of the Jinling Chen Clan was not to be underestimated.

"Tong Tong, stop it, I have nothing to do with that person anymore! And we're done, so why would he help me"

Qin Ya said as she looked at Tong Tong.

"Hmph, even if it's over, Chen Ge will come to save you, I don't believe it!"

Zhao Tongdao.

"I'll never want to see this scum again from now on, either!"

Qin Ya was indifferent.

"Hey, hey, hey! I said you two aren't finished. I'm fucking kidnapping you! What are you guys doing? Pretend I don't exist!"

Hou San was listening to the conversation between the two and became angry at once.

Zhao Tong Tong was so scared that she shut her mouth.

Hou San rubbed his nose and took Qin Ya's phone.

"I don't care if this is less or that is less, I just want money!"

After saying that, he used Qin Ya's phone to dial Long Shaoyun's number.

"Sister Xiaoya, why did you suddenly think of calling me?"

Over the phone, immediately came Long Shaoyun's spoiled voice.

"Fuck you, don't talk nonsense, Qin Ya is in my hands, if you don't want something to happen to your little sister Ya, bring me the money! I'll release him immediately!"

Hou San cursed directly.

"Eh? Hou San? How dare you, I've spared your life and you dare to kidnap Qin Ya?"

Long Shaoyun's tone went cold.

"Oh, spare my life, I'll tell you Long Shaoyun, today the two of us are settling old scores together, and that money, I now want to Three times as much as you paid for my emotional distress! Also, I've got recordings of the crap you used to do, so send me the money yourself, and I'll give it to you once and for all. Just settle the bill!"

Hou San sneered.

Since he had already suffered a loss once, Hou San naturally wouldn't suffer a second time.

Although Long Shaoyun's group was very powerful, but trying to capture Hou San? Oh, yeah!

I believe Long Shaoyun himself understood this.

"I won't go, besides, I'll have the money sent over to you, where are you?"

Long Shaoyun coldly said.

"Don't, you have to come, something I have to tell you face to face, and if you don't come yourself, I guarantee you'll regret it later . Besides, you're the one who came to Austria by yourself!"

Hou San laughed gloomily.

"Let you say whatever you want, I won't go if I say I won't go, you can try to touch me!"

Long Shaoyun laughed.

"Damn, you really don't come, if you don't come, I'd rather not have the money, I'll make your fiancée Huo Huo do you believe? She's so pretty anyway!"

"Just give you $3 million, you let him go, you keep your recording, but other than that, no deal! Besides, think about what's going to happen to you!"

After saying that, Long Shaoyun directly hung up the phone.

"Hey! Hey! Damn, what a beast, not even caring for his own woman!"

Hou San's angry face was almost green.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, even though she hadn't liked Long Shaoyun half as much, she had heard everything just now, and her heart was filled with a touch of coldness.

As expected, no matter how well a scum disguises himself, he is still a scum.

Their true nature would be exposed at the moment of real crisis.

"Oh, your wishful thinking is wrong, Long Shaoyun and I aren't as good as you think, blackmailing him with me, you're dreaming!"

Qin Ya laughed bitterly.

"What can we do about this? Thieves don't walk empty, and I've offended three big families in a row, I can't just take three million and forget about it!"

Hou San was anxiously scratching his head.

Suddenly, he slapped his thigh.

With a jolt.

"Shit, how did I forget, it's really no good, I'll make another profit from Chen Da Shao forget it, the Long family gave me three million, Chen Da Shao is even richer! It's worth it to extort 4 or 5 million! And I also have the information that Master Chen wants! Hehehe!"

Hou San smiled.

Walking over to Qin Ya, he said, "Miss Qin, please give me Chen Da Shao's contact information."

"I'm sorry, I don't have any relationship with him anymore, and I don't have any contact information for him anymore, and by using me to blackmail him, don't you think that you Is it more ridiculous?"

Qin Ya laughed coldly.

"Hehe, what's so ridiculous, I have the information he wants in my hand, even if you're worthless in his eyes, my information can be worth a lot, after all Long Shaoyun and I screwed him this time, insulting* the Ouyang family, he can't even dive into the Yellow River now! Just anxious to find me to justify his proof!"

Hou San wouldn't be staying in the country anyway, so these secrets wouldn't be called secrets anymore, and no one would be afraid of offending.

But when Qin Ya heard this, she looked up sharply, "What did you just say?"


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