The Unknown Heir 318

Chapter 318

The item that Qin Ya was talking about was naturally the jade bracelet that Chen Ge had given her before.

"In the future, the two of us won't have a relationship, hehe, I still have this jade pendant and have kept it, I originally thought, the two of us won't be in the Together, I took it, and it's a thought, but for now, there's no need to give it back to you!"

With an indifferent face, Qin Ya handed the jade bracelet to Chen Ge.

"This is fine!"

"Also Chen Ge, I want you to delete all my contact information as well, you now have Su Mu Han and I have Shao Yun, so delete After that, the two of us are considered to be completely unrelated!"

"All right!"

And Chen Ge didn't say much, after receiving the jade bracelet and nodding a greeting to Zhao Tong and the others, he left the Qin family.

"Why ah Qin Ya? You let Chen Ge go like this? What the hell happened to you guys?"

Zhao Tong Tong said with a puzzled face.

"It's nothing, don't ask, right, Shaoyun just gave me a very expensive gift this afternoon, I'll take it out and show you guys ah !"

Saying that, Qin Ya wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and tried to squeeze out a cheerful smile, "You guys wait, I'll go get it for you!"

And seeing Qin Ya's forced smile.

Zhao Tong and the others were even more unable to eat and drink.

"Xiao Ya, don't be like this alright, since you don't want to talk about it, we won't ask you what happened, but don't torture yourself like this . We know that you don't like Long Shaoyun but Chen Ge, what are you deceiving yourself like this for?"

Zhao Tong Tong said.

"Poof! No, you guys are wrong. I just realized that I don't like Chen Ge at all. Maybe it's just the past. I felt sorry for him because he's poor. That's how I felt. Now, I realize I don't love him at all. !"

"And I'm really happy now, too, and it's extraordinarily easy, and you know what, I'm never going to have to worry about hanging on to someone again. You can also be with Young Master Yun and become the third young lady of the Long family, hmmm, honestly, are you jealous of me?"

Qin Ya smiled.

And Zhao Tongtong and the others looked at each other, all of them stopped talking.

As for Chen Ge, he was finally done with Qin Ya.

To be honest, the heart didn't know what it was like.

Neither can I say joy.

Neither can I say sadness.

In short, it was like overturning a five-flavor bottle.

After returning to the hotel with Tian Long Dihu.

Li Zhenguo called.

It was about finding the person who was hidden in the hotel today.

That person was also, as guessed, somewhat skilled, good at rock climbing, and very cunning.

Li Zhenguo had used a lot of his strength, but he hadn't been able to find him.

Although Chen Ge had been framed this time, with President Liu clarifying the matter, not much had happened.

But that person, Chen Ge also had to be found.

Seeing Li Zhenguo blaming himself, Chen Ge advised him to take it easy.

That night, Chen Ge was the one who took an early night's rest.

And it was also this night, although it seemed calm, it was turbulent.

A riverside, there was a man sitting right now.

"Young Master Long, I've already done the matter, but the money you promised should be in place hasn't come over ah?"

A man with some thieving eyebrows said.

"Hmph, what's your hurry, didn't I tell you to find a place to hide, don't worry, Ben won't be missing your money!"

Over the phone, a voice snorted.
"The problem is that I'm not worried, Young Master Long, this time for you, not only did I offend the

The Ouyang family, and also provoked Young Master Chen, today, Young Master Chen's people almost turned Jinling over to me, in case in the future Miss Ouyang Ru will again Looking back over the case, I'm done for!"

The man continued: "I Hou San this time for your sake, but it's a sacrifice, so quickly give me the money, I have to leave this place of wrongdoing, or else. I'm sure the Ouyang family will soon find out who came up with the idea to move Ouyang Ru, hehe, it'll be really lively then, your Long family and the So much business dealings in the Ouyang family!"

"Shit, Hou San, how the hell do you dare to blackmail me?"

Long Shaoyun snorted coldly.

Indeed, Long Shaoyun had indeed moved Ouyang Ru's idea this time in order to find a competent helper to bring Chen Ge down, after all, the Ouyang family's power was similar to that of the Long family, so that once Chen Ge fell.

It wasn't just a matter of holding the beauty himself.

He could also help the family and regain his industry in Jinling.

Take out this bad karma for the family that was driven out of the Jinling market by Chen Xiao back then.

Paving the way for his future inheritance.

Obviously, the enmity of this relationship Hou San, the human essence, was clear.

The fact that Long Shaoyun had been able to gather so many helpers in Jinling in a short period of time was precisely the reason why the Long family had been involved in Jinling before, and it had something to do with it.

"It's not blackmail, no way, if I don't get paid, I won't be able to live! And Chen's sister hasn't come back yet. If her sister comes back and finds out you're working with me to screw her brother, you'll be the first to know. How the Long Family was played to death by Chen Xiao in Jinling, I don't need to remind you of that, do I?"

Hou San said.

"OK, where are you? I'll send someone over to you with the money, take it and shut up and get out as soon as possible!"

Long Shaoyun coldly said.

Right now, Hou San told the location.

And not long after, two Maybachs stopped at the shore.

From the car, an old man got down, plus a few black-clothed bodyguards.

The old man was carrying a box in his hand.

He walked up to Hou San.

"Hehe, that's right, planting such things, it's definitely no problem to find me, Human Ghost Hou San, to make sure they don't have any evidence at all, haha I'll count the ways!"

Hou San smiled and took the money.

"It's right to look for you, you Hou San have great instincts, but it's just that your mouth is also too big, this matter is to mess with the Chen family siblings, it's only to implicate the The Ouyang family, so my young master, is very worried that you can't keep your mouth shut!"

The butler-looking old man smiled faintly.

"Don't worry, I have a tight mouth!"

Hou San smiled.

As for the steward, he gave a wink to the few subordinates beside him, especially the long-haired poisonous scorpion.

Instantly, a few of the subordinates moved.

Inside jumped over and grabbed Hou San.

"Fuck, you guys are trying to kill people, damn it!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Hou San, but in order for the Ouyang family to work in unison with the Long family against the Chen siblings, I can only offer you! And you shouldn't have blackmailed Master Long! Do it!"

After saying that, a poisonous scorpion with a bandaged hand shot out to choke Hou San.

"Fuck you!"

Hou San raised his leg and kicked away the poisonous scorpion's hand.

Then he fiercely struggled away and ran away in a flash, and he directly jumped into the river.

"Damn it, why are you guys so careless, this kid belongs to the loach, if you can't catch him, don't think about this chance again in the future! "

The butler cursed.

And Hou San stayed in the water for a long time before he came ashore.

Now cursed viciously, "Damn, this Long Shaoyun is really not a good bird, almost fell into his hands, but let me Hou Three can't make any money, don't even think about it, you touch me, I'll touch your woman!"


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