The Unknown Heir 317

Chapter 317

"This group of people... are Long Shao's people?"

The other side of the video is inside a house in a village.

Inside the house were tying up four or five men in black.

All beaten and bruised, watched by Chen Ge's men.

And this group of people was obviously known to President Liu, the people of Long Shaoyun.

"President Liu, that brat Long Shaoyun is vicious and malicious, he is afraid that you will do tricks, so he sent people to catch your daughter this afternoon, huh, also Thankfully, we were one step ahead!"

Li Zhenguo smiled.

Only then did President Liu suddenly come to his senses.

"Good you Long Shaoyun, I almost got played by you! Chen Shao, I'm sorry!"

President Liu even bowed and apologized.

Yes, now no matter what, Chen Shao was considered to have indirectly saved her daughter, and Long Shaoyun's own personality was also clear, he would do anything to achieve his goal.

If his daughter fell into his hands and he didn't do what he told him to do, something would definitely happen.

So, now President Liu repents and fears at the same time, is the guilt plus gratitude to Chen Shao.

And, when he immediately lowered his voice, he said in a mysterious manner, "Chen Shao, I have a recording here, I believe you will be very interested! "

Chen Ge and Li Zhengguo looked at each other, nodding now and asking President Liu to bring out the recording....

Regarding this matter of hype, Chen Ge sort of didn't have to worry about it.

This President Liu also understood how to go about it.

As for Long Shaoyun, Chen Ge naturally had to deal with him.

And also at this time, Chen Ge suddenly received a phone call, and at a glance, it was from Zhao Tongtong.

Zhao Tong Tong and Qin Ya were good girlfriends, and speaking of which, he himself hadn't seen Zhao Tong Tong for quite some time.

I guess it's because of Qin Ya's matter with herself today.

Qin Ya must have misunderstood herself today.

When the current connection.

There came Zhao Tongtong's dissatisfied voice.

"Chen Ge, what do you mean? What did you do to Sayaka? She's been crying and crying since she got back, it was supposed to be a happy day, Maya she was first in the semester and she got an honorable mention. The guaranteed place, we were going to have a celebration party for her, and this is what happened!"

"There was some misunderstanding, and I didn't get a chance to explain it to her!"

Chen Ge said indifferently.

Originally, Chen Ge still cared quite a bit about Qin Ya's opinion, as she was his friend.

Chen Ge also wanted to explain things to her.

After all, as of now, it was no longer difficult to explain.

However, at that time, Chen Ge saw Qin Ya eating with her enemy.

There was an indescribable anger in his heart.

Yes, he took Qin Ya as a friend.

But Qin Ya would be with Long Shaoyun in the future, and now, Qin Ya had obviously tried to be with Long Shaoyun.

The other two are a couple.

What is there to explain to yourself!

"What misunderstanding? I asked her and she didn't say anything, ask you look you swallowed, if there is a misunderstanding come and explain clearly ah, we are all at Maya's house now!"

Although Zhao Tongtong knew about Chen Ge's relationship with Su Mu Han, and also Qin Ya.

But yet, it was still Chen Ge who could make Qin Ya sad now.

As a good best friend, she naturally couldn't see it.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have sneaked out to make this call to Chen Ge.

"I'll just stop going!"

Chen Ge faintly said.

What else do you continue to dwell on.

First, because of Yang Xue, he was up against the Long family.

And now there was Qin Ya.

Especially Qin Ya, caught in the middle, making Chen Ge extremely uncomfortable.

"What do you mean you're not coming ah, I know, you have Su Mu Han, but please, even if you don't want to be friends with Xiao Ya anymore, you put the Let's talk it over with Xiao Ya, okay? After all, it's all a misunderstanding. If you hadn't given that jade bracelet blindly, why would Qin Ya have become interested in you and fall in love with you? , I understand that you're Chen Shao now and you're great, but do you think it's appropriate to play with a person's heart like that?"

Zhao Tongtong said urgently.


I'm not toying!"

Chen Ge said.

But these words also spoke to Chen Ge's heart.

Yeah, the start with Qin Ya was just because of some misunderstanding about something, wasn't it.

I had no intention of doing so.


Go there now.

Make it clear, and also tell her what kind of person Long Shaoyun really is!

"Okay, I'm going over there now!"

Chen Ge said.

It was now six o'clock in the afternoon.

Chen Ge did not go alone this time.

Instead, he was followed by the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger.

When he arrived at Qin Ya's door.

The Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger were waiting outside.

Chen Ge just walked in.

"Alright Xiao Ya don't be sad, although I don't know what happened between you and Chen Ge, but after all, today is the day of successful bailout, it's always Happy right?"

Zhao Tongdao.

"And Xiao Ya, maybe Chen Ge will remember your goodness one day!"

"Oh, Tong Tong you guys don't try to talk me out of it, I'm not with him because of anything else but...forget it, I don't want to talk about it, when I think of him now Just feel sick!"

Qin Ya took a deep breath.

She was already panicking about boys now, because no matter how good a boy looked, behind the scenes, he was actually a scum.

Like this one that she liked.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, dead Qin Ya wouldn't have believed it.

"Alright not to say not to say, but Xiao Ya today is your happy day, I'll have a surprise for you later!"

Zhao Tong Tong's eyes moved.

Taking a sip of red wine.

Just when everyone was wondering what surprise Zhao Tongtong was talking about.

Ding Dong!

A doorbell sounded outside.

"Here it comes, here's my surprise!"

Zhao Tong cheerfully and went straight over to open the door.

As for Qin Ya, she also stopped giving everyone negative emotions and slightly showed a smile towards the door.

But when she saw the visitor.

The smile on Qin Ya's face gradually diminished.

The person who came was Chen Ge.

"Hahaha, Xiao Ya, unring the bell, I've called him here, any unhappy misunderstanding, you two can talk it out !"

Zhao Tongdao.

"What are you doing here?"

But Qin Ya's pretty face was cold.

"I came here to explain what happened today, you misunderstood me!"

Chen Ge.

"I don't want to hear it, and you don't have to explain it, Young Master Chen, so if there's nothing else, please leave! I don't want to see a dirty man in front of me, dirtying my eyes!"

Qin Ya coldly said.

"I just wanted to explain the misunderstanding..."

Chen Ge took a deep breath.

"There's no need for this Chen Shao, what's the point of explaining to me or not, if you have the energy, you'd better go explain to someone."

"Besides, it's nighttime and we're all girls, so it's too inconvenient for you to be here, and I don't want Shaun to know that I'm It's still got something to do with you!"

Qin Ya said coldly, "So there's nothing else but this matter, you can leave!"

After hearing this, Chen Ge understood it all.

Thinking about how ridiculous she really was, and what else had she come to explain, it was simply redundant.

Now she had called Long Shaoyun Shaoyun.

Maybe it's already found what she really likes.

"Okay, then I'll leave you alone!"

After saying that, Chen Ge smiled bitterly and turned around to leave.

"Wait a minute!"

And then, Qin Ya called out to Chen Ge again.

"I have something that I want to return to you..."


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