The Unknown Heir 316

Chapter 316

And the other side.

"Long Shao, I missed!"

"What? Poison Scorpion will you miss, you can't even handle a Chen Ge?"

On the phone, Long Shaoyun, who was in the bathroom, said in a startled voice.

"No, there's an expert helping him, and if I hadn't withdrawn my strength in time just now, my arm would have been ruined!"

Inside the car, Poison Scorpion was making a phone call with one hand, while the other was flattened.

Right now, the blood-red flesh tendons protruded above that arm, as if a bright red earthworm was crawling all over his entire arm.

It was even more unable to move.

The Poison Scorpion's forehead was even filled with virtual sweat.

"Damn, this brat is really lucky, hmph, but this is a good start, when the headlines come out tomorrow, this brat is also considered to be The notoriety has spread far and wide, the Ouyang family will not let him go, the two families will join hands and kill him in minutes!"

"As for you, Poison Scorpion, go home and recuperate first!"

After saying that, Long Shaoyun hung up the phone.

Just hung up.

At this time, Wei Mengjiao called again.

"Brother Shaoyun, isn't this matter too big today? All you said was for me to clang him into the room and not let my Cousin O'Brien suffer, and what did you do?"

Wei Mengjiao said anxiously.

"It didn't make Ouyang Ru suffer, she wasn't insulted and the effect we wanted was achieved, isn't it good?"

Long Shaoyun advised.

"Hmph, that's still called not being insulted ah, making my cousin *like* that! After all, my cousin is a member of the Ouyang family, and this matter will have to sit on the back burner, or else both of our families won't be able to explain!"

Wei Meng Jiao.

"Alas, I really regret helping you, you don't even know, I've been accompanying that Chen Ge to compensate for the smile since last night, afraid that he would reject me without Come out, and then I'll have to think of another way to trap him out!"

"And I've offended a rich young man from Jinling for you, ah, he and her sister's combined wealth is no worse than your Long family! I missed the chance to befriend a dude!"

"Hahaha, what's there to regret, with the support of our Yanjing Dragon Family's heritage, you will only be equivalent to climbing a high branch in the future, Huaxia Everywhere you go, there are forces of our Dragon Family in Yanjing, and Chen Ge is just in Jinling! Anyway, I promise you that if you help me get Qin Ya this time, I'll make a wish come true for you too!"

Long Shaoyun helplessly smiled bitterly.

Only then did he coax Wei Mengjiao over.

Besides, at this moment Chen Ge had already returned to the hotel.

Unlike before, the hotel had been closed.

And Li Zhenguo Zhao Zixing Tian Longdi Tiger and all of them had arrived.

Li Zhenguo and the others had heard some news about today's incident, and they were all extremely attached to it at the moment.

Originally, everyone thought that the Long Family would be concerned and wouldn't dare to take direct action against Chen Shao.

But now, it looked like everyone was wrong in their judgement.

"Chen Shao, captured that president, damn it, is setting up tomorrow's news headlines at home!"

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon and Earthly Tiger walked into the box and said.

"Bring him in!"

Chen Ge sat on the boss chair and said in a cold voice.

There was no way, since Long Shaoyun had spent so much effort to calculate himself.

He would have to continue.

And tomorrow, this slandered news must not be sent out.

"What for? What are you doing? Let me out!"

Soon, a middle-aged man was escorted in by several bodyguards.

The middle-aged man was the president who was paid off by Long Shaoyun, surnamed Liu.

"Hello President Liu, I think you know what I'm looking for you for now, where are the things your people shot today?"

Chen Ge asked.

"Chen Shao, I don't know what you're talking about, and you think about what's being done right now, my people shoot things, that's right and proper, and fair Justice! These, let you do whatever you want, I won't hand them over!"

President Liu said coldly.

"Fair and square? Oh, I understand your people are waiting in the car downstairs two hours early, right? Is it possible to have the prophetic skill to predict what will happen in two hours?"

"While all the surveillance in that hotel is down today, the surveillance elsewhere isn't! What's going on, President Liu, you know better than me, right?"

Chen Ge said.

Yes, this was the first time since childhood that Chen Ge had been counted like this.

In the past, when my sister said that business was an assessment and an experience for you, Chen Ge still thought it was nothing ah, but now she finally understood.

And once Chen Ge's words came out.

Only then did that President Liu stop talking and instead coldly glanced to the side.

In his eyes, no matter how powerful Chen Ge was, he was only famous as a sister and brother, but the Yanjing Long Family was different, it was an entire family.

He would rather offend Chen Shao than the Long Family.

"Since you are silent, then I can almost conclude that you are deliberately messing with me, in that case, there is no need for me to be polite to you! Someone!"

Chen Shao said.

"Hmph, I know what you want? But I'm telling you, before I came here, I informed my men that if I'm not back in an hour, they'll send the whole... The event is exposed in advance, and at the same time, it is reported*!"

President Liu said.

"Is it? But you're thinking too much, I only asked you to come here this time to ask you, I didn't intend to fight you, so go away..."

Chen Ge smiled faintly.

And President Liu was let go.

He was confused and wanted to leave.

Just look at Chen Ge pulled out his phone and opened a video with someone.

"Dad! Dad! Help me! Help me!"

As soon as the video opened, a little girl screamed in fear.

And when President Liu heard the voice, he ran back from the doorway at once.

"What are you doing? Is that my daughter's voice?"

President Liu was anxious.

"Oh, President Liu no need to be anxious, your daughter is now in the hometown countryside, coincidentally, our group film and television department is going there to film a security Education video, your daughter is so beautiful, naturally you should invite her on camera! She is now playing, a little girl who has been kidnapped and the robbers want his father to compromise or they will rip him off!"

Li Zhenguo smiled.

He took the phone from Singer Chen and let President Liu look at it.

At first glance, it was really a group of people filming in the village.

But President Liu violently swallowed his saliva.

What this means is already very clear.

There was no need to make it clear.

Moreover, this matter was indeed arranged by Long Shao to deliberately blacken Chen Shao.

President Liu did not take up any reason at all.

He couldn't say anything about being retaliated against.

Now that his own daughter was fine and was happily playing with the staff over there, he was already giving himself a lot of face by Chen Shao.

"Chen Shao, there's a big misunderstanding in this matter, I definitely didn't believe it at first when I said that you forced* that woman . Big misunderstanding!"

President Liu's face went white.

"President Liu, it's not your business, besides, we're not Long Shaoyun, and we can't do this kind of blackmailing others . How about you tell me what to do about it? If you try to screw me on purpose, I won't like it!"

Chen Ge said.

"Yes, yes, I'll be honest, the photos taken, Long Shaoyun arranged for us to make pictorial changes, just to discredit you, so that you and the Ouyang family also Make an enemy! I know that Chen Shao you definitely can't do that kind of nasty thing!"

President Liu's cold sweat dripped out.

Seeing that President Liu had said it all.

Chen Ge looked at Li Zhengguo, which nodded his head and let President Liu watch another video that was filmed.

And when he saw this video, President Liu stared at it with wide eyes and an incredulous face, and then his anger turned white....


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