The Unknown Heir 313

Chapter 313

The skin was quite white.

Chen Ge nodded at her and smiled.

"Hey, Chen Ge, this is my cousin, here to play with me, pretty, right?"

Wei Mengjiao.

Chen Ge nodded.

"Hmph, but my cousin is already married, she was the school flower at first, and now she's also a delicate rose, haha!"

Wei Mengjiao teased.

"This, should be Jinling Chen Shao, right? Hello Chen, my name is Ouyang Ru, I'm older than all of you, you can call me Sister Ouyang!"

Ouyang Ru said with a smile.

"And do you know, Chen Shao, my cousin's family is also very powerful in the South Seas, and my cousin, she is now teaching at the university!"

Wei Mengjiao.

"Nice to meet you, Sister Ouyang!"

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Chen Ge followed a few people inside.

And shortly after Chen Ge left.

A luxurious luxury car, less than ten million to start with, parked in front of the hotel.

Then, the driver got off and first respectfully opened the passenger side, and a rich young man wearing a suit with that expensive pocket watch on it came down.

"Long Shao!"

The driver was respectful.

This person was exactly Long Shaoyun.

And the corner of Long Shaoyun's mouth seemed to have been hooked with that kind of unkind smile.

At this moment, he took a glance towards the hotel.

Only afterwards did he smiled and opened the back door.

"Sister Qin Ya, here we are, come down, right?"

Inside the car, sitting in the car was Qin Ya.

Qin Ya walked out of the car without a single glance.

She only wore light makeup today, but she was still so beautiful and elegant.

Let Long Shaoyun look at it, his eyes are going to shine.

Because from the first moment he met Qin Ya, Long Shaoyun felt that this girl was not like any other girl at all.

He had met a lot of women, all kinds of them.

But it was really the first time for one as temperamental as Qin Ya.

It was a pity that the first time he met her, he had shown his affection many times.

It was reasonable to say that the third young master of the Long Family in Yanjing, as soon as he nodded his head, countless girls would flock over.

Not to mention the show of affection.

But Qin Ya, however, was oblivious to herself.

It was only later when I heard that she had a sweetheart ah.

So, Long Shaoyun intensified his pressure on the Qin family.

That's what forced Qin Ya to come out to dinner with himself today.

"Don't be so unhappy well sister Qin Ya, actually you don't look at me usually some dude, but I'm really quite nice, while some people although surface Look up good, maybe hide it deep, there are very few people who say what they have to say to me and are as frank as I am!"

"Thanks, I'll judge for myself!"

Qin Ya said in a cold voice.

"Fine, fine, let's go, let's go in!"

Long Shaoyun laughed.

After saying that he also reached out and wanted to hug Qin Ya's waist.

But Qin Ya hastily dodged it.

And glared at Long Shaoyun.

"Not if you touch it? You're my fiancée!"

Long Shaoyun.

"Who says I'm your fiancée, I didn't agree to be engaged to you, Young Master Long, please respect yourself!"

Qin Ya's face tightened.

To be honest, she didn't feel anything but disgust towards Long Shaoyun at all.

Of course ah, the family was now in such a crisis, and dad and mom also persuaded themselves that they could give up something for the sake of the family, for the sake of their family.

It's not that this Qin Ya hadn't thought about it, and also tried to try to compromise with the Long family, and then slowly accept Long Shaoyun.

But in the end, they all failed.

She had nothing but disgust in her heart for Long Shaoyun.

There wasn't the slightest bit of emotion to cultivate.

Even these past few days, Zhenya was worried enough to have some extreme thoughts.

And today, it was dad who persuaded himself to come.

Qin Ya also didn't know if she should take that step.

"Okay, it doesn't matter, the engagement is all about sooner or later, haha, let's stop talking, let's go in!"

Long Shaoyun also took Qin Ya inside.

And back to Chen Ge.

Chen Ge had arrived at the box, today Wei Meng Jiao invited quite a few people, except for her cousin Ouyang Ru, most of them were young people of the same age.

There were locals from Jinling, as well as those from abroad.

The group of people were very respectful and polite to Chen Ge.

Wei Mengjiao, in particular, had been giving Chen Ge food on the side.

They also said that they would play together again at night, and a group of friends were coming.

Originally, Chen Ge was going to play for a while and then leave, but when he went there, Wei Meng Jiao told them to serve the food.

He had no choice but to stay and have a drink with them.

This group of people were also all quite capable of drinking.

They drank and chatted, and before they knew it, someone couldn't stand the power of alcohol anymore.

It was Wei Mengjiao's cousin Ouyang Ru.

"No, no, no, I'm dizzy, how about you guys drink? I want to go back to the car and sleep for a while!"

Ouyang Ru said.

"Huh? Cousin, it's not going to work. I thought you were a big drinker. Besides, why are you sleeping in the car? There are rooms above in this hotel, I'll help you to rest in your room."

"By the way sis, I have a bottle of soda here, you'll feel better if you drink it!"

Wei Mengjiao wrung it out and let Ouyang Ru drink a few sips.

Ouyang Ru, on the other hand, couldn't hold it any longer, so she nodded her head.

Wei Mengjiao has let the service open a good room, Ouyang Ru seems to be really weak in alcohol.

Already about to be unable to stand.

"Hey, Meng Jiao, let me help you help Ouyang up!"

A boy immediately volunteered himself.

Yes, Wei Mengjiao was very pretty looking, and Ouyang Ru, needless to say, was mainly extremely good temperament and beautiful.

Bigger than everyone else, but looks especially charming.

What boy wouldn't be moved ah.

"Get out of my way, don't think I don't know what you guys are thinking, none of you are good, I'm telling you, my cousin is but South Yang Ouyang Home, even if you eat tofu, you need a new person!"

Wei Mengjiao didn't have a good mood.

But it was a bit hard for her to help herself up.

Now looking at Chen Ge, "Chen Shao, I'll trust you, why don't you come with me to help my cousin up?"

"All right!"

Chen Ge nodded his head.

Although it was inconvenient for himself, since Wei Mengjiao had said it, it was not easy to refuse.

Mainly because he didn't have any messy thoughts in his own mind.

Then kept helping Ouyang Ru into the room above the seventh floor.

Ouyang Ru held her forehead, laid down on the bed, and went straight to sleep.

"Ugh, let my cousin rest a bit, she ah, the amount of alcohol is really no good! Chen Shao, you're quite a drinker, aren't you?"

Wei Mengjiao said.

"It's okay!"


At this time, Ouyang Ru suddenly dry heaves violently, looking quite uncomfortable.

"Ah? Cousin, are you okay? I'll immediately go buy you sobering pills, Chen Shao, help me watch my cousin here for a while, I'll be right back!"

Wei Mengjiao said.

After saying that, she immediately went out in a hurry.

As for Chen Ge, he didn't know what to think ah!

Now see Ouyang Ru also did not vomit, but fell asleep in a daze.

Chen Ge felt that staying in the room was not such a good idea.

So he took his room card to the outside of the room and waited for Wei Mengjiao to return.

But after waiting for a short while, he heard the sound of Ouyang Ru's struggle coming from inside.

It seemed like she was struggling for something.

At first, Chen Ge didn't mind, just thinking that Ouyang Ru was drunk.

But the more he listened, the more he felt that something was wrong, because inside, there was something else moving!


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