The Unknown Heir 312

Chapter 312

This old man, as soon as Chen Ge took a look, wasn't he the one who blackmailed him when Qin Ya disappeared last time.

Unexpectedly, it was still coming back to him now.

"It's you again?"

Chen Ge frowned slightly.

"Ouch! Great grandson, at least I ran into you again, hmmm, these little security guards won't let me in, so tell them to let me in!"

The old man stuck his head in.

"What are you going in there for? I told you that I helped you last time and healed your leg, and you're still relying on me this time, do you really think I have no temper at all? ?"

Chen Ge was impatient.

Once in a while, seeing as you're pitiful, Chen Ge helps out just a little bit.

But again and again this is too much!

"Great grandson, why do you say that, what do you mean I'm relying on you, I'm looking at you too much like my lost grandson, if he doesn't die The word is, it's time for you to be this big this year!"

The old man looked suddenly mournful.

Lowered his head.

"You old man, full of gossip, see if I don't hit!"

The security guard was about to beat him.

Chen Ge was also looking at this old man a little pitiful.

Just raised his hand.

"Yes! Chen Shao!"

The security guard immediately retreated to the side.

The old man, on the other hand, looked sad at the moment and sat down on the doorstep.

Chen Ge, on the other hand, may be a little too sad to bear, so he took out his wallet.

Pulling out a thousand dollars to him.

"Alright, I also know that you want money right, this is the last time, here's the money, go away!"

Chen Ge also knew that giving money all the time would feed his bad habits.

But it couldn't be helped, this old man was so old, he couldn't really ask someone to beat him up.

"I don't want money, grandson, I just want to go in and take a shower, look at these torn clothes of mine!"

The old man laughed heedlessly.

Chen Ge put his finger on his nose, "I'm warning you, don't call me grandson again!"

"As for you wanting to take a shower, there's a washroom next door, you go there!"

After saying that, Chen Ge handed the money to the security guard, then turned around and walked away.

The security guard naturally knew what it meant, "Damn old man, our Chen Shao was kind enough to let you wash next to him, fuck, I'll take you over!"

The security guard just pulled the old man away.

"Thanks, great grandson!"

"And fucking scream!"

This matter was a small episode.

After Chen Ge returned to the open room, he was ready to wash and rest.

Shortly after washing and brushing, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Chen Ge opened the door and took a look.

He was directly startled.

It was that old man.

"Fuck, what are you doing? How did you get up here?"

Chen Ge looked confused.

The elevator in this hotel required a room card.

And the floor that he was staying on was even more of a VIP floor.

To get in, one would have to go through the security gate first.

This old man actually found his way here.

"Hey, I'm here to see you, great grandson, why don't you arrange a place for me to stay?"

The old man smiled and said, "And don't forget, I've helped you anyway, the last time you were looking for a girl doll, it was me. Tell your clue!"

"I'd like to know now how you got up here."

Chen Ge scratched his head straight in speechlessness.

Now the old man was indeed a lot cleaner.

But his grin gave Chen Ge the feeling that he wasn't a good person.

"Oooh, you said those glass doors, right? Hey easy, I'll poke my finger in the air and those machines go out of order, I'll find them!"

The old man.

The words just fell.

Just saw the glass door open.

More than a dozen bodyguards rushed straight up with electric batons in hand.

Apparently, this group of bodyguards had found them after watching the surveillance.

"Stinky old man, there he is!"

The bodyguards gathered around, "Chen Shao, this old man snuck into the lobby after his shower when we weren't paying attention, I heard that the lady at the front desk said that your The room number, it just smashed our machine to find it! We'll beat him away now!"

Chen Ge didn't say anything this time, this old man gave him a strange feeling itself.

It was precisely this stall.

Chen Ge's cell phone rang.

It was Su Qiangwei.

Chen Ge had sent a WeChat to tell Su Rose about today's discovery, and now that she had seen it, she called Chen Ge.

Chen Ge glanced at the old man.

Then he pressed connect.

"Rose, have you finished reading all the news?"

"Ummm, so Chen Ge, what's next? Can I...can I really find my mom?"

Su Rose was excited.

"Well don't worry, I'm going to find this woman too, and I'll go with you in a few days when this is all taken care of! Besides, I'm not worried about you going to Shuchuan by yourself!"

Chen Ge smiled slightly.

"Good, then I'm relieved!"

After a few brief conversations, Chen Ge hung up the phone.

At that moment, several security guards were racking the old man out.

"Shuchuan? Great Grandson, I'm going to Shuchuan too. It's my hometown. Take me with you. Great Grandson!"

The old man shouted.

He also broke away from the security guard and rushed to Chen Ge and begged.

"That's my old home, great grandson, will you take me home?"

The old man said.

Chen Ge, on the other hand, sized him up again and again.

Seeing his eyes seemed to be quite eager to go back, quite excited.

As far as this old man was concerned, Chen Ge's impression of him wasn't too bad. It was just that the rogue shrewishness made Chen Ge feel bad.

"Fine, I'll find someone to send you back!"

"I heard you say that you seem to be going to Shuchuan with your girl doll to find someone, I tell you, I'm looking for me ah grandson, I'm familiar with that place, I can take the You found the man you were looking for, and you helped me so much, I had to help you for once!"

Old Man Dao.

Once Chen Ge heard it, a decent sentence finally came out of his mouth.

"You dead old man, we Chen Shao use you to help, give us a go!"

The security guard bellowed.

"Well, ask him if you don't believe me, if I hadn't told him where the girl doll appeared last time, he would have been able to find the doll so quickly It?"


"All right, all right, take him down first, and besides, go and arrange a different hotel for the old man to stay in, and buy him some food, and wait till tomorrow, and find somebody Send him back to Shuchuan!"

Chen Ge shook his head helplessly.

As for the old man's words about wanting help, Chen Ge only smiled bitterly.

Only afterwards did he return to his room.

The night was considered wordless.

Waiting for the next morning.

Chen Ge received another call.

The one who called was that old man Wei's granddaughter, Wei Mengjiao.

Chen Ge just remembered, Wei Meng Jiao's invitation to the party she organized.

Originally, it wasn't too familiar with Wei Mengjiao, so after getting on the phone, Chen Ge wanted to find a reason to refuse.

"Chen Ge, my grandfather was quite happy to know that you're coming to my party, and said that he wants me to entertain you properly!"

Wei Mengjiao said this.

Chen Ge is a little embarrassed, this matter Wei Lao also knows, and Wei Meng Jiao is so full of great intentions, he really can not erase.

So it was agreed.

And after that, they drove to the meeting place.

Prepare to arrive at a venue and then leave.

"Chen Shao Chen, we've been waiting for you for a while!"

The location was chosen inside the Jinling Splendid Hotel.

At the entrance, Wei Mengjiao was waiting for Chen Ge, at the moment, hot.

And beside Wei Mengjiao, there was also a mature and sexy woman standing at the moment, who looked to be around thirty years old, but with long hair and a slender figure....


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