The Unknown Heir 311

Chapter 311

Chen Ge took out his cell phone to take a look, and the call was from Li Zhenguo.

"Chen Shao, it's the matter of the jade pendant, there's news!"

Li Zhenguo said.

"O? Where are you now?"

Chen Ge asked.

The famous treasure connoisseur from the South Seas, Wei Zhong Yuan Wei Lao, whom Chen Ge had met before at the celebrity banquet, also toasted him a glass of wine.

After that, because he had something to do, he asked Li Zhengguo to take Xu Lao to Wei Lao's place, and Xu Lao could only see that the origin of the jade pendant came from Southwest Shuchuan.

However, the specific origin of the jade pendant cannot be found for the time being.

Now that Li Zhenguo was on the phone with himself, it seemed that the results were out.

"I'm at Wei Lao's manor right now with Xu Lao, Chen Shao, are you coming over now?"

Li Zhenguo asked.  The first website

"Okay, wait, I'll be right there!"

After hanging up the phone and greeting Huang Yonghao and the others, Chen Ge went straight to the manor where Wei Lao was now living.

Wei's family had developed in the South Seas before, and their reputation was very high.

But from what Li Zhenguo said, his hometown was in Jinling.

Back then, it also developed from Jinling.

Now that Wei is in his old age, he has returned to his hometown of Jinling.

At the celebrity banquet, the Wei family was also considered to be a highly respected family.

Chen Ge naturally couldn't slow down.

He immediately went there personally.

The Wei family was located in a manor.

When Chen Ge arrived, Old Wei was having tea with Li Zhengguo and Old Xu.

"Chen Shao!"

Li Zhenguo and Xu Lao stood up in respect.

"Mmhmm, Wei Lao, thank you for this fact!"

Chen Ge nodded, then looked to Wei Lao and said.

"You're welcome, Young Chen, please sit down!"

After a round of pleasantries.

Wei Lao was stepping into the topic.

"Chen Shao, I know this jade pendant, it should come from one of the families in Shu Chuan Liang City, this kind of jade is very rare, well Fifty years ago, when I went with my master to the cool city of Shuchuan, I had the pleasure of seeing a similar one, but it was a local Teenagers wear it, it's supposed to be their family's symbol!"

Wei Lao Dao.

"Then which family is this?"

Chen Ge hurriedly asked.

To be honest, Chen Ge originally had little interest in finding this Dream Minute woman for Dad.

However, but when Su Qiangwei was almost identical to the Dream Peasant that dad was looking for, Chen Ge was very curious.

Was Su Qiangwei his half-sister or not?

Why did you feel a strange affection in your heart every time you saw Su Rose?

There had to be something going on here.

Chen Ge knew that he wouldn't tell his dad the truth even if he asked him, but it made Chen Ge want to investigate it even more.

Wei Lao shook his head at this point.

"Just now I was discussing this matter with Old Man Xu and Mr. Li, and since that teenager was also quite young at the time, I only caught a glimpse of the I'm impressed, I don't know which family he's from in Liangcheng, but Mr. Li and I have just searched for all the big families in Shuchuan Liangcheng. Once again, it turns out that people don't even have this tradition in their families!"

Wei Lao Dao.

"Alright, but since this jade pendant came from Rangcheng, I'm sure it won't be hard to check it out!"

Chen Ge smiled slightly.

Next, the crowd was just chatting about something else.

And at this time, Xu Lao suddenly got up and walked towards a pendulum clock in Wei Lao's house, with a bit of curiosity.

"Mr. Wei, this pendulum clock, if I'm not mistaken, is it from the Republic of China?"

Xu Lao said.

Wei Lao nodded, "Brother Xu is right, it's exactly from the Republic of China, M Goods, which was displayed at the Republic of China Presidential Palace!"

Xu Lao was surprised.

"You can get this too!"

"Oh, Old Brother Xu is joking, this is the birthday gift the Yanjing Dragon Family gave me in the first place!"

Old Wei didn't seem to know that the Long family was a bit of a friction with Chen Ge.

So it didn't feel like it at the moment.

Chen Ge smiled faintly and took a sip of his tea.

"Grandpa, so many guests at this late hour, huh?"

At this time, at the second floor location, a girl in pajamas walked out.

At this moment, she looked at Chen Ge and the others with a curious face.

"Yes, Jiao Jiao, come meet Chen Shao, weren't you still very curious about Jinling Chen Shao before?"

Wei Lao smiled.

"He is Chen Shao Chen Ge ah?"

Wei Mengjiao slowly walked down.

With her eyebrows slightly raised, she stared up and down at Chen Ge.

"Hehe, hello, Chen Shao, my name is Wei Meng Jiao, you can call me Jiao Jiao!"

Wei Meng Jiao said.

"Mmhmm, hello Jiaojiao, just call me Chen Ge!"

Chen Ge shook her hand.

This girl was really beautiful.

She was definitely a rare beauty.

After chatting for a while, I felt that she was quite generous to others.

Chen Ge's first impression of her was quite good.

And very chatty looking, chatting with Chen Ge about this and that.

"Chen Ge, you are Chen Da Shao, what kind of entertainment activities do you usually participate in?"

Wei Mengjiao said.

"I, ah, don't usually participate in many activities!"

Chen Ge shook his head.

"Hmph, why wouldn't I believe it, you're definitely having a lot of fun, haha!"

Wei Mengjiao said.

Suddenly sounded like something: "By the way, tomorrow at noon, I'm going to invite some of my Jinling friends I know out for lunch, a piece of Get together, Chen Ge, if you're okay, can you come?"

Wei Mengjiao.

Chen Ge remained silent without speaking.

"Jiao Jiao, rude! How could Chen play around with you bears!"

Wei Lao heard it at this time and had to say with a bitter smile.


Wei Mengjiao glanced at her mouth.

As for Chen Ge, it was also Wei who had helped himself once, and at the moment, it would be quite embarrassing to directly reject someone's granddaughter.

So he nodded and smiled, "Alright, if I have time tomorrow, I'll go!"

"Okay, so that's what you said O!"

Wei Mengjiao smiled.

Not long after, Chen Ge left Wei's estate with Li Zhengguo and the others.

Originally, Chen Ge wanted to go back to the Genting Villa to rest.

But on second thought, the Genting Villa had now lent itself to Yang Xue.

So he let Li Zhenguo arrange for a self-run hotel to stay in.

"Stinky beggar, get out of here, do you hear me!"

When Chen Ge arrived.

A few security guards at the entrance of the hotel were pushing and shoving an old man with dirt all over his body and hair as messy as a weed.

"Who's asking for food, I don't want food, I just want to pick up your place and take a shower." The old man said.

"Wash you big head ghost, don't you see what kind of place this is in the Jinling?"

The security guard sneered.

"Hmph, I'll tell you what, I'm actually no one else, I'm the grandfather of Jinling Chen, your young master Chen Ge, he's my grandson, hurry up . Let me in!"

"Fuck! You stinking old man, I see you looking for death!"

The security guard is about to get rough.

As for Chen Ge, he didn't care if he saw someone causing trouble, but there were security guards after all.

Chen Ge didn't care about the old man's words.

However, after Chen Ge glanced at the old man.

Only then did he suddenly pause....


Chen Ge said.


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