The Unknown Heir 310

Chapter 310

"Huh? No, why is Big Head following that kid, fuck, isn't that the kid that went out?"

"That's right, that kid shouted at someone, went to shout at Big Head, but it didn't look like it, did it?"

Some people were talking about it.

And then, everyone stared as if the scene before them was incredible.


A flurry of footsteps could be heard.

A large group of black-clothed bodyguards, as well as a number of rich young men dressed as dudes, all walked in.

In short, the sound was very loud.

And Li Hongfeng was also stunned.

Not to mention those black-clothed bodyguards with different temperaments, even this large group of dudes in front of him looked like an existence that couldn't be messed with.

"Chen Shao, this big head is Li Hongfeng's backstage, let me bring him here!"

Bai Xiaofei came up and sat next to Chen Ge and said.

"Chen...Chen Shao! I was blind and trusted the wrong person to cooperate, so I hope you'll be generous and spare me!"

Big Head was in his forties and was sweating nervously at the moment, he hurriedly said with a series of bows.

It seemed that he already knew what was at stake.

"Big Head, why are you so polite to this kid?"

Li Hongfeng wondered.


Big Head lifted his hand and smacked him, "What the hell did you do to provoke Chen? Turn around and see if I don't screw you!"

"What's going on? Did you guys see that, it looks like Big Head was bowing to Chen Ge just now?"

The boy next to Tian Fei said.

"Yeah, what the hell, and did you guys hear what Big Head just called Chen Ge? It was so loud, I didn't hear a word!"

Some of the girls were also surprised and said.

"I can't hear you, I don't know what's going on!"

After that, Tian Fei couldn't hear what Chen Ge said.

Just saw Chen Ge reached out his hand and patted the head of Li Hongfeng who was lying on the ground, apparently he didn't know what was going on and was about to die of shock. Just left with one hand in his pocket and a large group of people straight away.

And the big head just trotted off behind him.

Quite a few customers, too, all followed behind, wanting to go out and see the formation.

Because this reversal simply made everyone unexpected.

Especially since everyone wanted to know more about who this bullish big head was.

So the boys and girls brushed up against each other and chased after him.

"Tian Fei Tian Fei, let's go out and take a look too, shall we? Listen to this, you guys, there's a roar out there, I don't know what's going on."

The girls couldn't settle down either.

When Tuffy paused, she nodded.

She was curious, too.

That scene just now literally made her jaw drop in shock.

Think about it, a first impression of a boy who is a poor dick, and you never even took him seriously in your heart.

But yet suddenly so powerful.

A girl would be surprised.

Especially when combined with the first few things, Tian Fei couldn't settle down.

A few people also ran out.

After going out, they also realized why everyone who came out was surprised.

Because even Tian Fei herself, she covered her mouth with a scream.

One by one, the cool sports car Ferrari, and the Maybach limousine.

It blocked the entire entrance of the bar.

Luxury cars ah!

Not many people can resist that temptation.

And seeing so many cars at once, such a big scene.

Tian Fei's shocked pretty face flushed red.

At the moment, she quickly searched in a group of people.

Sure enough, the most luxurious one was a Lamborghini cool sports car.

Chen Ge was right next to that sports car.

Naturally, a bodyguard personally opened the door for it.

Just saw Chen Ge get into the sports car and then leave.

"Ah? What's going on here? Tuffy, you lied to us, didn't you...didn't you say he was just a loser? How is that possible?"

Several girls all swallowed in surprise.


"How could I have lied to you guys, really, he's... really just a..."

Tian Fei was also nervous and didn't even know how to say it at the moment.

Think back carefully to the scene where she met Chen Ge today.

Yes, when she had first met Chen Ge at the very beginning, she had thought that Chen Ge was handsome and cool.

He even asked himself if he had a girlfriend.

After all, I don't have a boyfriend, so if you get to know the little handsome guy, get to know him a little bit right.

When did you yourself change your mind about Chen Ge?

Yes, it was after Hu Huemin introduced Chen Ge that she herself developed some dislike for him.

She thought he was poor and not very successful and still came to the bar.

But now Tian Fei remembered one detail.

It was that Chen Ge didn't seem to say much throughout the whole process.

On the contrary, later on, after knowing that they were in danger, he even came over to specifically remind them.

Only to be mocked away by everyone at the time.


So then, one's previous suspicions would be valid.

Chen Ge wasn't what Hu Huemin said, on the contrary, he was very powerful.

Even the experts that the first captain said saved his own life could have been Chen Ge's help!

"Chen Ge, who the hell are you?"

Tian Fei was in a hurry.

Right now, she was ready to tell Hu Huemin about this big discovery.

But on second thought, she put down her phone, it was better not to tell her about this, after all, the manifestation of Cheng's immaturity lay in being able to Can't keep some secrets.

Why do you have to bare your heart to Hughie everywhere!

Let's say Chen Ge again.

"This is the key to the Genting Villa, here, I can let you stay for a month temporarily, now, I've helped you with Li Hongfeng's matter I want you to understand that if it's true, you can't hold me to ransom. After I give you the key, we're done. !"

Chen Ge found Yang Xue and tossed the keys to her, then he was ready to turn around and leave.

"Hmph, what do you mean? Well, do you hate me that much? Not even interested in talking to me one more time?" Yang Xue, however, rushed.


Chen Ge faintly said.

"I know that, you have a new girlfriend now, and I've heard about your relationship with that Qin Ya That's good, but after all, the two of us used to be good friends, so I have to remind you that you'd better stay out of Chinya's business. !"

"Really, you don't even understand what the Dragon Family is all about, much less what kind of person Long Shaoyun is, and your Jinling Group is awesome though, But the Dragon Family trying to destroy you is about the same as crushing a bigger ant you know?"

After Yang Xue took the key, she said.

"Qin Ya's matter, I have no intention of interfering again, of course, even if I did, I'm not afraid of the Dragon Family, you don't need to scare me!"

Chen Ge faintly said.

"Hmph, good intentions for a donkey's liver and lungs, anyway, I've already warned you, stay away from that Qin Ya in the future, lest you regret yourself then !"

Yang Xue left after glancing at Chen Ge.

It was true that Chen Ge didn't want to care about Qin Ya's matter, since he wasn't with Qin Ya and helped her too much was what was going on, and Furthermore, the Dragon Family and her are on a first-name basis, right?

What can I do?

And at this moment, Chen Ge's phone suddenly rang...


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