The Unknown Heir 309

Chapter 309

And this scene, too, was heard by many of the surrounding people.

For a moment they all looked over towards this side.

The middle-aged boss would also forget a glance towards here, but didn't say anything.

Open bar KTV, which boss is not a background, troublemaking, everything is not afraid of troublemaking.

Because then didn't do pay attention.

At the same time.

On the other side of the bar by the card table.

"Huh? Is he?"

A girl had naturally heard the noise over there, and after looking over at the moment, she was surprised out loud.

"Huh? Tuffy, do you know that man?"

Next to the girls, there are many young men and women who are coming to the bar at the moment, there must be as many as a dozen. 

A girl asked the girl named Tuffy at this point.

"Ummmm, know!"

Tian Fei nodded.

"I'm sure you'll find a lot of people you don't know. Tell us about him. What's your story? It looks pretty hung over!"

Some of the boys said sourly.

After all, young people are out to have fun, especially in a place like a bar full of handsome men and women.

Everyone wants to attract attention and pretend to be a pimp in public.

However, there are very few people who can really pretend to be a pimp here.

Seeing that someone was arrogant, it was natural to ask for the bottom line.

"Actually, I don't know him well, I just met him once in the morning when I was working on a case, he was high school classmates with one of my colleagues!"

The company's website is a good place to start," said Tian Fei.

I'm not sure if it's the same as the one from Hu Huimin, but this morning she was teasing Chen Ge, asking him if he had a girlfriend, just for fun. chant.

The morning's events have now been suppressed.

But there were many mysteries.

Including Hu Huemin, who was curious about Chen Ge.


Because it was Chen Ge who came over to remind them, but no one cared at the time.

But didn't expect that something really happened.

And what followed was clear, that is, at the moment of life and death crisis, several girls were saved by an expert.

And this expert, did not have the intention to show up, more like the kind of entrusted by others, just help the momentum.

So Hu Huimin and Tian Fei were guessing.

Especially after going back, Tian Fei wondered if it was Chen Ge who had found someone to save them.

After all, Hu Huimin and Chen Ge were high school classmates, and he knew the situation, he was the most suspicious.

But coming up, Hu Huemin flatly vetoed it, saying it was impossible.

Chen Ge wasn't that big of a deal.

They were supposed to declare Chen Ge, but the higher-ups transferred the matter, so they can't investigate later.

As for the celebration banquet to be held tomorrow, and Tian Fei this is also the thought that today twice in the bar did not have fun, just tonight friends invited. So I came to the bar to have a quiet drink.

Unexpectedly, I saw Chen Ge.

And he seemed to be looking for something!

It made Tian Fei even more curious.

"Oooh, then how come he's so powerful, three people just come looking for trouble, don't you want to ask your classmate what he's about?"

Several girls asked.

"I know where he's from, he ah, just a poor kid in high school, quite poor, quite poor kind, when I saw him today, also He was drinking alone in a bar. I didn't expect him to come back at night. I thought he was honest, but now I see that he's that kind of society. Plankton, huh? There's no future!"

Tian Fei Dao.

"So that's how it is, oh shit, the poor kid also dares to come here and pretend, see if the boss Li Hongfeng has to waste him this time, Li Hongfeng in this The streets are pretty dickish!"

A boy said.

"Isn't that right, it was still three months ago, someone was causing trouble in a bar and was being screwed over by Li Hongfeng."

A boy chimed in.

Of course the few of them were happy to watch the fun.

As for Tian Fei.

It was just a thought that neither side was good, it was better to have a nest fight, so they didn't care, but they were also ready to call the police at any time.


And at that moment, Chen Ge accidentally knocked over a vase that was placed on the card table.

A clear banging sound was emitted.

It further attracted the attention of the crowd.

"A few gentlemen, this is your fault, coming here, not ordering a single drink, and breaking one of our vases!"

The girl also knew that these three people were not good.

Now holding her shoulders, she sneered.

"It's just a broken vase, fuck, name a price and pay it back!"

Huang Yonghao.

"Yes, sir is really painful, but our boss will have to discuss this specific price with you!"

After saying that, the girl looked towards Li Hongfeng over at the bar.

And Li Hongfeng was already walking towards this side.

"What is it?"

"Boss, these three guys don't order any drinks and broke our vase, so they're probably here to cause trouble! But they said they'll pay for the vase!"

The girl said.

"Oh, it's good that you're willing to pay for it, I say brothers, you guys are also really ambitious, you actually dare to provoke me, Li Hongfeng, how about this I don't need much more than a vase, just stay with me for three million!"

Li Hongfeng smoked a cigarette and smiled coldly at this moment.

At this time, the entire audience had all looked over towards this side.

After all, there had been a conflict, and everyone was in a watching posture.

The sound engineer, at this moment, was also turning off the sound.

At the same time, many of the boys who often played here at the bar and had dyed red and willow green hair were coming over towards Chen Ge.

"Brother Feng, what is it?"

A boy asked.

"Nothing nothing nothing, just broke a vase, I want him to pay me for it!"

Li Hongfeng smiled: "See? Brothers, if you don't pay me three million today, I'm afraid you won't be able to walk out ah!"

Many of the gangster boys behind him shook their necks, ready to strike at any moment.

And Chen Ge faintly smiled: "Li Hongfeng, I didn't think you were still this overbearing ah, a broken vase, you dare to ask for three million, who gave you the Courage, huh? By the way, do you remember me? We've met before!"

"Well? Seen it?"

Li Hongfeng was slightly startled before he suddenly remembered: "I said why do you look so familiar, you're that boyfriend of the Yang family's daughter, right? Fuck, who did I think it was? Kid, you're tired of living, didn't you get enough lessons last time?"

"I'm telling you, if you kid can come up with three million to compensate me today it's still okay, if you can't, you can think of the consequences!"

Chen Ge smiled faintly.

And Bai Xiaofei stood up at that moment, "Fine, I'll go raise money for him, I'll be back later!"

"Boss, it looks like he wants to go get someone!"

One of the men.

"Let him call, I'll see what he can call!"

Li Hongfeng despised a smile.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, it's a big deal, this kid is directly barking at Li Hongfeng, doesn't he know that Big Head has a part in this bar of Li Hongfeng's? Do these boys still want to hang out in Jinling?"

A few boys on Tian Fei's side of the card table said excitedly.

"Tian Fei, didn't you say that he went to high school with your colleague, do you want to help him?"

A girl asked.

"Hmph, what's the point of helping him, mantis is not self-reliant, although this Li Hongfeng is notorious, Chen Ge doesn't look at it, it's him who can Is it something to mess with?"

Tuffy held her shoulder.

And not a moment later.

Suddenly someone in the bar shouted: "You guys, look, isn't that Brother Big Head? Big Head is here!"


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