The Unknown Heir 308


Chen Ge sat back in his original seat.

At this moment, some of the rich merchants' toasts to Long Shaoyun's side were not over yet.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, also prompted Chen Ge's eyes.

"See what they can endure!"

Huang Yonghao was unconvinced, "Don't wait for my god-sister to come back!"

And Chen Ge now took a deep breath, lifted his wine glass and walked over towards Yang Xue.

"Brother, what are you doing?"

Huang Yonghao.

"Don't worry about it, Chen Shao naturally has his own ideas!"

Although Li Zhenguo was surprised at how Chen Ge was carrying the wine cup over, he knew in his heart that it definitely wouldn't be for no reason.

"Whew! Did Chen come to toast too?" 

Some rich merchants saw Chen Ge coming over and immediately made way for him.

Again, how they were leaning on the Dragon Family was their business, but Chen Ge was definitely something they couldn't afford to mess with.

It was then that they stood to the side.

Chen Ge arrived in front of Yang Xue.

Long Shaoyun was also looking at Chen Ge with a sneer in his pocket.

"Little Snow, I'll drink a toast to you!"

Chen Ge raised his glass.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, was supposed to stand up, but at the moment, she was still sitting, shaking the red wine in her glass.

Suddenly, Yang Xue threw the red wine towards Chen Ge's face.

It splashed Chen Ge's face.

"Hmph, well, this glass is my way of returning the harm you did to me before!"

Yang Xue sneered, "Also, don't call me Xue! Yuki is not your name! Please pay attention!"


And the scene that splashed Chen Ge's face made many of the wealthy merchants stunned.

Holy shit, this wasn't as simple as punching his face.

Li Zhenguo and the others even stood up fiercely: "Insolent!"

The conflict was about to start.

Chen Ge, however, wiped the red wine on his face, indicating that Li Zhenguo and the others should leave it alone.

"Good, Miss Yang, it's always okay now, right?"

Chen Ge raised his cup.


Yang Xue smiled faintly, then lifted the wine glass and poured it straight down Chen Ge's head.

"This cup is my revenge against you!"

The crowd, all of them were looking confused.

It wasn't until the third cup that Yang Xue drank it.

It turned out that Yang Xue was waiting for her here.

When Chen Ge went back, there was a touch of unspeakable bitterness in his heart.

To be honest, it wasn't that Chen Ge was afraid of Yang Xue, but for a moment, he didn't know what method to use to deal with her.

Especially after Yang Xue said that she was still a *girl*.

Alas, all in all, Chen Ge's heart was quite complicated right now.

When the exchange was over, Li Zhenguo went to find that treasure connoisseur from the South Ocean, Wei Lao.

Chen Ge, on the other hand.

On the other hand, he went to look for Yang Xue.

And Yang Xue also knew that Chen Ge would come looking for her, and at the moment, was waiting for Chen Ge outside the manor.

"Miss Yang, I want you to withdraw the people you sent over to Rosebud! You've served your purpose of insulting me today!"

Chen Ge Dao.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't hurt her, after all, it's you who has a grudge against me, and I've never had anything to do with her, so why would I hurt her Nah, only if you honestly do two more things for me!"

Yang Xue Dao.

Chen Ge sighed, "Fine, go ahead!"

"These two things couldn't be easier for you, the first of which is to give me your Genting Villa for a few days!"

"Don't worry, I won't extort your house, just lend it to me for a few days! It's not hard, is it?"

Yang Xue Dao.


Chen Ge nodded.

"As for this last one, it's pretty simple, that is, I'll ask you to help me teach a man a lesson and just shut him down! And this man, who is a total scumbag, I'm sure you don't have a problem with that!"

Yang Xue said.

"What people?" Chen Ge asked.

"His name is Li Hongfeng, by the way, he's from the same village as my parents, he was a brother to my father before, but then what, this man borrowed my family's A hundred thousand to Jinling to do business, then the business got up and didn't pay back, you know, sophomore year I took a leave of absence and went home. He's the one who sent someone to beat up my dad, I told you!"

When she said this last sentence, Yang Xue's voice was significantly lowered.

After all, saying that the two of them used to be, Yang Xue's heart was also quite unpleasant.

"I know, but why are you calling me, now you can totally teach him a lesson, any lesson!"

Chen Ge was confused.

"Oh, I'll teach him a lesson, I'm afraid he won't learn to remember, it's not convenient for me to use the Dragon Family for such things, but of course that's not the main thing, mainly It's you Chen Ge who's so famous in Jinling, and you're much stronger than me when you take action!"

Yang Xue said.

"That guy was really bad enough, I remember he used to call people to block you at school, the one who runs the bar, right?"

Chen Ge was also reminded of the past.

"That's him! In our village, there are a few girls he has kidnapped and destroyed, my sister was almost there in the first place, do you think he should die?"

"Okay, I'll do this for you, but when it's done, I hope you won't target my friend again!"

"Fine, I'll have my men pull back now!"

After Yang Xue said that, she turned around and sat back in the car, then the driver drove away.

"Chen Shao, what are you saying to this woman, you're giving her too much face today, right?"

At that moment, Bai Xiaofei and Huang Yonghao ran over.

"That's right, Chen Shao!"

Bai Xiaofei was angry on Chen Ge's behalf.

"I know what you guys mean, and I'm not afraid of her, I just don't want to make a move on her, I hope after she's done spilling her guts, she won't make any more trouble . And we've never had anything to do with each other again!"

Chen Ge said indifferently.

"That's right, I'll go back and change later, then you guys accompany me to a place and prepare your manpower! Do something with me!"

Chen Ge said to Bai Xiaofei and Huang Yonghao.

"No problem Chen Shao! We'll prepare immediately!"

The two of them didn't ask anything and immediately went to make a phone call.

And Chen Ge returned to Genting Villa to change his clothes.

Getting into a car, Bai Xiaofei drove, Chen Ge Huang Yonghao and the three of them were heading straight to a small bar in Jinling.

"Chen Shao, here for business?"

The three men walked down.

Bai Xiaofei smiled as he smoked a cigarette.

"I heard this place is *pretty* dark."

"It's just dark to be here!"

Chen Ge laughed bitterly.

"Huh? Brother, are you serious? Don't tell me you want to come here and get dirty?"

Huang Yonghao was surprised.

"Bullshit! Today we..."

Chen Ge whispered something to Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei.

Only then did the eyes of the two men light up.

Then the three of them, swaggered in.

In the lobby, they chose a card table and the three of them sat down directly.

And after Chen Ge sat down, his eyes kept scanning.

Only then did he see a middle-aged man with a dragon and tiger tattoo on his body and a bald head standing with his hands in his pockets. The society is talking.

Naturally, this middle-aged man Chen Ge also knew, he was the one who owed Yang Xue's father money.

At that time, when he came to trouble Yang Xue, he was even beaten up by one of his men.

Of course, if Yang Xue didn't mention that incident, Chen Ge would have forgotten about it.

This time, it was a promise to Yang Xue to resolve the conflict.

Otherwise, Chen Ge wouldn't have meddled in her meddling.

"Sir, what would you like to order?"

At this time, a floridly dressed woman came over.

To Chen Ge, who was lying on the sofa with both feet on the card table, she asked.

"No!" Chen Ge closed his eyes and whispered.

"Huh? Sir, we have here..."

"Fuck, didn't you hear me say no either?!!!"

Bai Xiaofei kicked the side table next to him and stood up to yell directly at the girl....


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