The Unknown Heir 307

Chapter 307

"Just as well, I'd like a chance to talk to you!"

Chen Ge saw Yang Xue and blushed slightly.

After all, Chen Ge's emotions were quite complicated right now.

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

Yang Xue arrived in front of Chen Ge with a smug face.

"But I'm curious to know, now I, Yang Xue, am not the same as before at all, seriously, your luxurious life, I'm just dreaming I was, but even in my dreams, I never got to experience the real luxury life, but now that I'm in it, when you had Humiliating me like that, rejecting me, and now that I'm on equal footing with you, I want to know how you feel right now!"

Yang Xue pressed closer towards Chen Ge.

"I'm not in the mood, I just want to make things clear to you, if you feel I've wronged you, you're perfectly free to punch if you have hatred for the I came, no need to take revenge on those around me!"

Chen Ge said.

"Oh, what do you mean I think? Don't you have any feelings, Chen Ge? Are there some things you've done to me that are too much?"

Yang Xue's eyes suddenly turned red.  

Yes, Yang Xue had reflected on herself about the previous incident, and indeed, she had been with Lu Yang before and had gone too far with Chen Ge, but that was at best It was a catharsis on Chen Ge for subjecting himself to two years of blank stares and poor lives.

At that time, the more I thought about it, the more I felt that God was unfair to me.

The more I felt I was a loser.

I'm very pretty, but why is it that other girls have what I don't?

The other guys can take their girlfriends to buy bags, buy brand-name cosmetics, buy cell phones, eat delicious food, and play fun.

But, why don't they have anything!

Quite the opposite, and you took money to subsidize the boy for two years.

What did you do wrong?

Just don't want to go on like this anymore, she could have given even all she could give for love before.

But in the end, couldn't she want to be realistic? Is that wrong?

Is it wrong to want to vent your emotions and satisfy your vanity?

But what you didn't expect was that just after the breakup, you Chen Ge was rich.

So rich.

At that time, how could you not regret that you were finally going to set aside the clouds and see the sky, but ended up parting ways.

How could Yang Xue not regret it.

So next, Yang Xue waited and waited for Chen Ge to come and get back together with her.

In fact, all Chen Ge had to do was say a word and he would return to him and follow him with a death wish.

But he didn't.

And eye-to-eye with another girl.

Yang Xue's heart hated it so much!

Since then, the things done have become more and more extreme.

But in the end, Chen Ge's identity as Jinling Chen Shao was revealed.

That day herself was even more sad and happy.

She felt even more that she had lost out, having survived with this guy for three years, she was finally going to enjoy her glory and wealth, but he liked another girl.

She begged this man to give her a chance.

That day, they abandoned their dignity as a human being, a girl's dignity.

But all you get is this boy's back.

In the end, I left Onsen Villa like a dog, and I couldn't stay in school any longer.

After leaving school, the confusion about the future, the social grind, who can control themselves?

Hate! I hate it!

All of this was caused by Chen Ge.

So, he had to make him suffer as well.

Make him feel regret and even remorse when he saw himself in the current scenery.

But, this boy didn't even have an apology to offer now.

And yet, he had to let himself go at him!


Yang Xue raised her hand and slapped Chen Ge.

Chen Ge didn't fight back.

Just said, "If this will help you take out your anger, go ahead and fight! After the fight, I want the two of us to be even and owe each other nothing!"


Yang Xue angrily raised her palm and was about to hit it.

But what? The palm hung in the air, and Yang Xue took her hand back.

"You want to get even so easily, I'm telling you, don't even think about it, and Chen Ge, how can you hurt me so much as to let you take a beating so Easy to fix!"

Yang Xue took a deep breath and returned to her high and cold appearance just now.

"What else do you want?"

Chen Ge.

"Not so good, by the way, I heard that after we separated, you have a lot of female friends, one of them seems to be called Su Rosebud, right?"

Yang Xue held her shoulders and sneered.

Chen Ge raised his head sharply, "What do you want? I'm telling you Yang Xue, if you dare to touch her, I'll never let you go!"

Yang Xue took a deep breath and frowned, "Oh, I'm also telling you Chen Ge, I don't care about anything at all right now!"

After saying that, he took out his phone, clicked on the video call, and showed it to Chen Ge.

Just inside the video, Su Rose was dropping her child off at school, and she, now that she was being watched, hadn't even noticed.

"You don't have to scare me, I won't be afraid of you, I'm open to anything right now, do you believe it, I only need ten seconds, Su Even Rose's life will be lost, do you believe I'm capable of that?"

Yang Xue said fiercely.

"And don't even think about saving Su Rose or informing her, that would just speed up the process of getting me to fish out of the net!"

Chen Ge said, "Then what do you want? As long as you're not touching the people around me, some conditions, I will agree to!"


As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Xue slapped Chen Ge in the mouth again.

"Fine, you're really compassionate now, but why, why did you prefer to be so ruthless to me in the first place!"

Yang Xue tried to collect her emotions.

"If you want me to not move the person next to you, it's not a bad idea, how about this, you do a few things for me, and when you're done, we can both It's a write-off! Don't worry, I won't let you kill or set fire to anyone!"

Yang Xue Dao.

"All right!"

"The first thing I want you to do is to toast me later, in public!"

Chen Ge nodded, "It's no problem!"

"Then do this one first!"

After Yang Xue finished speaking, she proudly prepared to leave.

Just as she was about to leave the bathroom, Yang Xue retreated back.

"I know you, in your heart, I'm the kind of girl who's filthy, the kind of girl who can just bang *anyone* for money, but I'm Let me tell you, I was never the kind of girl you thought I was from the start, and I say that even though I'm engaged to someone now. Because I'm still a *girl*!"

After saying that, Yang Xue directly left.

And when Chen Ge heard this, he was slightly startled.

This was something that Chen Ge had indeed not expected.

To be honest, Chen Ge's heart inexplicably produced a complex emotion that he did not know whether it was gratitude or emotion.

Yang Xue was actually still a *girl*.

Thus, he felt even more guilty about what Yang Xue had done before.

But guilt was guilt, Chen Ge also knew that Yang Xue was indeed different from before, a heart of harm must not be harmed, and a heart of defense must not be absent! !

Chen Ge only went out after this.

Moreover, Chen Ge didn't quite understand what Yang Xue meant by letting herself just toast her in public?


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