The Unknown Heir 306

Chapter 306

Chen Ge had been looking for Yang Xue for two days.

In these two days, Chen Ge was also wondering what Yang Xue had become.

Yes, even though Yang Xue had done so many excessive things against herself.

But it only made Chen Ge angry, but to say that he hated it, he couldn't hate it.

She reminded herself over and over again that she was no longer the same Yang Xue from her freshman and sophomore year, she had changed.

There was no need for myself to be polite to her.

However, when it really came to this, every time Chen Ge wanted to be ruthless towards Yang Xue, he was always unable to be ruthless.

It was always possible to think of the days when she was once with him, when he was so poor, and she didn't even mind.

After all, with Chen Ge's strength now, it was really too easy to take revenge on their sisters.

Take Yang Lu for example, he could have given her a hard lesson today, even maiming her wouldn't be a problem.

But Chen Ge couldn't do it anyway. 

Yang Xue, on the other hand, had also clearly seen Chen Ge.

At this moment, the corner of her mouth flashed with a cold smile, and after glancing at Chen Ge slightly, she withdrew her gaze.

Under Qi Wei's guidance, he arrived at the first seat.

"I say, what are you guys still standing around for? Your place is there, of course, if you have to sit here, Chen Shao, I can't stop you, hehe!"

Qi Wei looked at Chen Ge and sneered, pointing to the companion seat next to the first seat.

If that seat was nothing to anyone else, it was instead an honor.

But to Chen Ge, the meaning was different, and it clearly didn't have Chen Ge in mind.

This made the people in Chen Ge's camp, all of them, rub their hands.

What about some of the other rich and famous merchants in Jinling and elsewhere, they were looking at the scene in front of them with a sneer.

Chen Ge was not stupid, today's matter was already obvious and easy to see.

There were many people who targeted themselves and joined the Dragon Family.

Even the warm greetings from those people just now were all paving the way for the present!

And Yang Xue and Long Shaoyun had sat down at the moment.

Yang Xue looked at Chen Ge with a smile on her face.

That look was like saying again, does it feel good to be humiliated?

"Surname Qi, I see you!"

Huang Yonghao's face was white with anger, and he wanted to fight right then and there.

He was stopped by Chen Ge.

Chen Ge didn't want to handle today's matter too rashly.

He then prepared to head over towards the companion table.

"Hmph, still want to hit me! Some people are so skinless!"

Qi Wei sneered.

But to say that this man's skin was just thick.

Now he looked at Chen Ge again, "Chen Shao, come, come, I'll lead you over!"

Chen Ge and the others had just arrived at the escort table.

Chen Ge was just about to take his seat.

Suddenly, Qi Wei said loudly again, "Excuse me Chen Shao, I reserved this seat for another rich businessman, you can't sit!"


Some rich merchants laughed out loud.

Chen Ge took a deep breath and prepared to sit down beside them again.

"Sorry Chen, what a coincidence, I've reserved this seat for a rich merchant!"

Chen Ge gave Qi Wei a hard stare, so he had to sit close.

"Sorry Chen, this seat..."


However, Chen Ge raised his hand to smack Qi Wei directly in the face with a mouthful of force that shook Chen Ge's hand anyway Hot and painful.

Just see Qi Wei cover his face and sit straight on his butt.

It was evident how much force had been used.

And this loud slap, naturally, attracted the attention of everyone in the arena.

"You... you dare to hit me?"

Qi Wei covered his face that was swollen into a pig's head, incredulous.

After all, he had Long Shao's backing.

"I'm sorry Qi, I had an itch today, I couldn't hold back, so I hit you!"

Chen Ge sneered.

And when Qi Wei heard this, he miserably stood up, Inique! It looked like he wanted to fight back.


Chen Ge looked at him with one hand in his pocket and didn't move.

Qi Wei, on the other hand, also reacted at once.

Holy crap, he's the richest man in Jinling no matter what, and his sister is even more of an ox, not much worse than the Long family except for the bottom line.

I'm going to really hit back myself.

Even the two Dragon families can't save themselves ah!

Besides, it's impossible for the Long family to get into trouble with Chen Ge's siblings to the point where they can't branch out just for the sake of themselves, right?

Thinking about it this way, Qi Wei couldn't help but shudder.

Today, he had received a token arrow to deliberately make Chen Ge look bad, so it would be fine if he did.

But no matter what, he couldn't afford to provoke Chen Ge.

"Mr. Qi, I'll sit here, is it alright?"

Chen Ge smiled coldly, shook his somewhat swollen wrist, and sat down directly at the previous spot.

"No problem Chen Shao, no problem, sit down!"

Qi Wei was only honest about it.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, was looking at Chen Ge with some surprise.

In fact, Yang Xue had always thought that Chen Ge was still as obsequious and low-key as before.

But I didn't expect that he had changed so much more now than before.

Just now, he had slapped Qi Wei, which was really unexpected for Yang Xue.

Of course, but that didn't affect anything!

The celebrity meeting still continued to convene, and of course, many of the people who had been paid to do so were now heading towards Long Shaoyun to make a toast.

Deliberately snubbing Chen Ge.

This Chen Ge could naturally see.

"Yonghao Little Fei, accompany me to the bathroom!"

Chen Ge laughed bitterly.

He then called Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei to go to the bathroom.

"Fuck, piss me off, one by one, they're all going for that Long family, Chen Shao, I feel like this time that Long Shaoyun, as well as you Ex-girlfriend Yang Xue, is deliberately targeting you ah!"

The effort of washing his hands, Bai Xiaofei hammered the wall hard.

"That's right, when my sister used to be here, like this kind of celebrity club, as soon as my godsister came, one by one, the atmosphere didn't dare to breathe . And then there's Qi Wei. I remember one year at the celebrity party, Qi Wei accidentally knocked over a glass in front of his god-sister. Shit, this guy is direct. Kneel down and kowtow to my God-sister! Chen, you're too nice to people!"

Huang Yonghao Road.

In fact, the two brothers also knew that Chen Ge was kind at heart, so that's why the two brothers were thinking of Chen Ge in every way, because Chen Ge was kind to them It's really nice.

Even though he grew up with his sister.

But Chen Ge and her sister were two personalities.

"Forget it, we'll talk about this later, I want to bring it now..."

Chen Ge took out a paper towel as he wiped his hands, but before he finished speaking, Chen Ge paused.

Because it was at the door of the restroom.

Right now, a girl was holding her hands on her shoulders and leaning on the wall beside her.

It was unknown how long she had been watching Chen Ge and the others.

Right now, with a sneer on her face, she was looking at Chen Ge.

Originally, Chen Ge wanted to say that he wanted to finish this matter with Yang Xue first.

But it didn't occur to him that Yang Xue was watching them at the door right now.

So Chen Ge didn't say anything further.

Huang Yonghao and Bai Xiaofei also saw Yang Xue and forgot Chen Ge's glance at the moment.

Then said, "Chen Shao, we'll go out and wait for you!"

Afterwards, they left.


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