The Unknown Heir 314

Chapter 314

The more Chen Ge thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Now he directly brushed open the door and took a look, and was even more surprised to see his eyes wide open.

Just saw in the room, there was actually a strange man.

At this moment, there was a desire to do something wrong to * Ouyang Ru's clothes.

No wonder Ouyang Ru struggled badly, with tears all over her face.

And that man, after seeing Chen Ge, he smiled coldly at Chen Ge.

Then, he directly jumped off the bed and leapt out from among the windows.

This was the seventh floor!

Chen Ge hurriedly rushed over to look, and saw downstairs, where was there a half-dozen people?

Where did it go?

Chen Ge was instantly startled.

Looking back at Ouyang Ru again, Chen Ge's face was turning red.

He was about to go over and cover her up.

As a result, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside.

"Oh my, are you guys annoyed ah, my cousin has Chen Ge to take care of, you guys are really, nothing to be fond of ah!"

Followed by Wei Mengjiao's voice.

There was also the group of people who were just drinking.

Apparently, when Wei Meng Jiao went out to buy sobriety pills, this group of people had to come up along with them.


What are we going to do?

Chen Ge was a bit confused.

Knowing that Ouyang Ru was now unclothed*, he would definitely misunderstand ah.

Chen Ge wanted to dress Ouyang Ru, but Ouyang Ru was now slightly opening her teary eyes and opening her mouth to slightly beg for help.

That means don't come over and shout for help.


"Knock knock!"

There was a knock on the door at that moment.

"Chen Ge, are you in there? Open the door, huh?"

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

"Eh? Cousin? What's wrong with you?"

Apparently outside, Wei Mengjiao heard her cousin's distress call and now asked in surprise, "Chen Ge, Chen Shao? Are you in there?"

Chen Ge was busy shouting, "There it is!"

Come over and open the door.

"Chen Shao, what took you so long to open the door? You wouldn't be...ah!"

Wei Mengjiao was ridiculing what she wanted to say.

But when she saw the scene in front of her, she directly screamed in fear.

And many students who came in later.

Some of them were also screaming in shock.

All of them looked at Chen Ge incredulously.

This Chen Shao looked quite refined, but he didn't expect to be so dirty.

"Chen Shao, what... what did you do to my cousin?"

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

" guys don't misunderstand, it's not me!"

"It wasn't you, was it my cousin herself* who did this?" Wei Mengjiao said.

"There was a man, there was a man in this room, and then he jumped out of the window!"

Really, it was hard to argue with Chen Ge now.

"This is the seventh floor!"

Some of the boys rushed to the window, "Fuck, if you jump out from this height, you'll be crippled if you don't die, right?"

And Wei Mengjiao had already taken the blanket to cover Ouyang Ru up.

"Chen Shao, in vain I believed in you so much, I didn't expect you to be such a dirty person, thanks to my grandfather has been praising you for your good character, you're too The filth is disgusting!"

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

"Yeah, I didn't expect Chen Shao to be like this, all the other rich young men are straightforward, I didn't expect him, to disguise himself so well!"

A girl scowled.

"It really wasn't me, you guys misunderstood, if you don't believe me, just look at the monitor, I was just outside the whole time!"

Chen Ge said.

Immediately afterwards, someone informed the manager, who came up immediately.

"I want you to immediately adjust the surveillance out of this floor!"

Chen Ge said.

"Huh? The CCTV on this floor, Mr. Chan, I'm sorry, it was broken yesterday, I was in a hurry, I haven't fixed it yet. !"

The manager said.

"How do you know me?"

Chen Ge looked towards this manager.

The manager was busy compensating for the smile and said: "Hey Chen Shao, I met you at a Chamber of Commerce, and your sister Chen Xiao used to pay a lot of attention to me. Of course I know you!"

"Hmph, Chen Ge, don't act, everyone in Jinling doesn't know which businessman has to give you some face, you're all in cahoots, Why is the monitoring bias not broken before, but now it needs to be overhauled!"

Wei Mengjiao said angrily.

Wei Mengjiao's voice was quite loud.

At this moment, all the customers from the other rooms have also come out.

The entire floor, surrounded by many people.

"What's the situation?"

Someone gossiped.

"Seems like a rich young man watched a woman get drunk and dragged someone into his room, resulting in an attempted force* that was discovered by the woman's cousin. Fuck, the beast!"

"Geez, I thought I'd only see this kind of thing on TV, but I didn't think there was one in reality, is it that disgusting?"

The people were talking.

There were even good people who directly called the news hotline.

The Splendid Hotel, was a big hotel that integrated entertainment and leisure dining.

At this moment, on the third floor, inside the glorious restaurant.

Long Shaoyun was eating with Qin Ya.

Qin Ya just ate a few bites.

"Hey guys, have you heard, something happened upstairs in the seventh floor guest room!"

Then a new table of guests came and sat down next to Long Shao Yun, and they talked about it.

So they told him what had just happened upstairs.

"And such dirty people!"

Long Shaoyun took a sip of red wine and smiled slightly after hearing it.

And Qin Ya also frowned.

"Then what happened later? Is it still happening? Who's the rich guy? It's too dude!"

"Fuck, speaking of that rich young man, it looks as if he's quite well known, someone said, it's Jinling Chen!"

The man was surprised.

"What? Master Chen of Jinling? No way, right?"

"Of course not, he would never do such a thing!"

Qin Ya at this time directly yelled at the person next to her.

"Geez, what are you so anxious about us, we're just chatting, isn't it that you go up there and see what's going on!"

A man said.

"What does that Chen Shao look like? Isn't he handsome? Alas, he's particularly mysterious, not even seen!"

"He's quite handsome, but he doesn't do anything... I heard someone shouting, it's like his name is Chen Ge or something, it's Chen Shao can't be wrong!"

The man.

And hearing this, Qin Ya's body trembled slightly.

"What did you say his name was?"

Qin Ya stood up at once.

"Chen...Chen Ge ah!"

The one on the other side was shocked.

"No way, how is this possible!"

Zhenya was incredulous.

Then, see if someone wanted to go to the seventh floor to watch the fun.

Qin Ya also ran up there.

And Long Shaoyun, smiled bitterly and drank red wine.

Then pulled out his phone and made a call: "You can come up!"

Also got up and walked up.

"Move over, we're reporters!"

At the moment, the seventh floor was very crowded.

The reporters from the Jinling Times were pouring up, and if nothing else, today's events were going to be on tomorrow's headlines.

And Chen Ge was also blocked and had a hundred words to say.

What about Qin Ya, who was now standing on the side watching the scene in front of her, and when she saw that it was really Chen Ge, Qin Ya took an unbelievable step backwards.

"Impossible, impossible, Chen Ge is not such a person!"

Zhenya murmured in a low voice.

"What isn't such a person, caught in the act, trying to commit murder while he's drunk, and now people's clients are identifying him!"

A tenant on the side, who heard Qin Ya's muttering, immediately retorted.

"Sister Jiao Jiao, how come it's you? What's going on?"

At this time, Long Shaoyun came over with a group of bodyguards.

After seeing Wei Mengjiao.

Long Shaoyun asked.

"Ah? Brother Shaoyun, it's great that you've come, it's not me, it's Cousin Ouyang who's in trouble!"


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