The Unknown Heir 251-260


Didn't you say you were here to meet and make friends?

Chen Hao heard this as if this was going to be the wedding ceremony ah.

So at the moment simply a cold sweat.

"First, before my daughter marries you, you have to put your house, and car, o right, you don't have a car yet, just the house alone . The title deed is to be changed to my daughter's name, which is my daughter's, not shared by the two of you, so you can show your sincerity. Right?"

The woman said.


Chen Hao nodded his head with a numb expression.

The most expensive set of real estate is worth eight hundred million, thought even if you give you dare to either?


"Secondly, and then there's the issue of your parents, you have a sister, right? If your sister gets married, you can't return the bride price. It will be deposited in my daughter's account. The account, your paycheck and the money your parents earn, my daughter has to manage that too, is that okay? And of course, your parents can't live with you. You're from a town. If your parents want to come to the county for a few days, they can, but they must get out and rent a house or stay in a hotel!"

The woman.

"Did you hear that?"

The woman asked again.

Chen Hao nodded his head as if pounding garlic, "I hear you hear me, you say you say!"

Chen Hao not only nodded his head, but also took out a small notebook with a pen from his own bag and jotted it down one by one.

First blind date, Chen Hao had really grown in knowledge, fuck! Chen Ge wondered what other harsh conditions there were.

After all, if Su Ting's colleague hadn't introduced them, Chen Hao would have wondered if they were a fraudulent marriage.

The woman was pleased when she saw how good and silly Chen Hao was.


"As for the third one, it is the issue of the wedding line, my daughter where I work without me mentioning it, right? Oh, there will be dignitaries coming, your wedding car can't be of a lower grade, daughter, how about Audi?"

The woman couldn't make up her mind and asked the girl.

The girl, however, faintly lifted her hair and said, "Or Mercedes-Benz BMW, but the BMW must be at least seven series!"

"That's fine, then Mercedes and BMW you choose!"

The woman said to Chen Hao.

"As for the fourth..."

"And the fourth? Isn't it an appointment?"

Chen Hao's mouth opened into an O shape as he asked.


The woman and the girl were now both looking up at Chen Hao with a glance.

"Oooo, sorry, fourth fourth, you say you say I'm listening!" Chen Hao looked serious.

"The fourth is the wedding bride price, we don't want much, it's just about a row, a million purple and one green bar!"

"Wait Auntie, how much is a piece of green in a million purples?" Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Pfft, it really is boring to the house, a thousand purple and a thousand red a piece of green is about fifteen hundred thousand right, this wants cash, like what kind of bankbook bank card these We don't even look at it. We want cash. That's the rule on this side of the family! Of course, this is the bride price for the betrothal, and the money for the clothes your family gave you when you got married, and there's something else I need to mention to you, because give me... It cost our family a lot of money for our daughter to find this job, and her brother has to study, so we won't escort you! Anyway, our mother's family just wants you two to be together for good, that's all!"

"Oooh! Is this still a good time?" Chen Hao nodded his head as if he knew what was going on.

"Huh? What did you say?"

The woman was startled.

"I said yes! You keep talking!" Chen Hao laughed.

Of course he wouldn't marry, right now he was just curious about these conditions.

"Hmph, the fifth one is the most important, after my daughter marries over, you cannot touch her for three years, it's our old family's The rules, and the fact that after three years, you must have my daughter's permission to touch it!"

The woman.


Chen Hao now dropped his pen on the floor, simply stunned.

"You don't have to look like that, think about it, it's so hard to marry a daughter-in-law these days, and one as beautiful and elegant as my daughter . Work's okay, you're dreaming of fun!"

The woman had just finished.

The girl suddenly covered her mouth and dry heaves a few times.

"Mom, help me to the bathroom! Ugh~"

Afterwards, with the woman's assistance, the girl went to the bathroom while dry heaving.

The sweat on Chen Hao's head flowed down.

Honestly, if it wasn't for this being a worry for Li Xiao, Chen Hao wouldn't even have come.

And this scene, Chen Hao wanted to run.

After taking a paper towel and wiping the sweat from her forehead, Chen Hao also held back a bit to pee and also planned to go to the bathroom.

I didn't expect to go over just as I heard the woman pat the girl's back as she said.

"What's wrong? Reaction so violent?"

The woman asked worriedly.

"Uh-huh, the little villain, kicking me again!"

"Ugh, I told you to pay attention to what I told you to pay attention to, what's with messing around with a black devil!"

The woman.

"Ma, don't you say that about Jack, Jack ain't no ordinary black man, he's a black man from M! He said he'd be back for me in three years!"

Outside, Chen Hao's head had been 10,000 Cao Nima rushing past.

At the same time, they were also thundered outside and inside by this twat.

Emotionally no wonder so beautiful and so anxious to make a move.

Was it a rush to find a catch?

And marrying one and giving away a little black egg?

I can't! I can't play any more! I can't end it if I do!

Chen Hao thought to himself.

Trying to find Li Xiao and the others, they had obviously dodged out.

Now Chen Hao was helpless, so he sat back in his seat.

Not long after, the mother and son returned.

"Alright Chen Hao, did you understand everything we just said? If you understand, then you go back and find a suitable date and try to get married this month!"

The woman held her shoulders.

"Wait auntie, I've got something to say!"

Chen Hao said numbly.

"Huh? You're the only one who has something to say, okay, okay, you say it!"

The woman was impatient.

Chen Hao then looked at the girl, "Can you let me look at you?"

"Didn't you read it? How else would you like to see it?"

The girl's brows furrowed and she gave Chen Hao a blank look.

"I mean you lift up the skirt so I can check it out first!"

Chen Hao said.


The woman and the girl's eyes widened at once.

Gosh, it was a blind date now, and this hotel wasn't low class, but on this occasion, this person actually said such nasty and shameless words.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" The girl sprang to her feet and slammed down her glass.

"Fuck, no sickness can talk with you two this long! I'm really enough, what kind of goods, to make so many conditions!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but curse directly.

This was simply treating himself like an idiot, at first it was fine, but after coming back from the bathroom, the more Chen Hao thought about it, the angrier he became.

Just wanted to pick a fight.

"Son of a bitch!"


The woman was even a bad one to mess with, her face was now hideous and she pounced over with her hands picking up haphazardly, slapping Chen Hao in the face.

"Roll your mother!"


Chen Hao, on the other hand, even slapped back, and Chen Hao's strength was not small, and he knocked the woman down.

At this moment, Su Ting, Li Xiao, and the three matchmakers jokingly came back.

Li Xiao: "You still have to worry more about this matter!"

The matchmaker said, "Don't worry, what relationship do I have with Tingting, besides, I think the woman's side is quite happy with Chen Hao!"

"Hey, let's hear what they're talking about!"

Li Xiao and the three of them arrived at the door, not planning to go in directly.

At this time, they heard the sound of ping pong smashing tables and dishes coming from inside.

All at once, the three of them were all shocked and hurriedly pushed the door open....


By the time Li Xiao and the others went in, Chen Hao was already fighting with the mother and son.

When the three of them were startled, they rushed in to persuade them to fight.

Good riddance to persuasion.

Because Li Xiao knew that if Chen Hao was really in a hurry, he would be quite ruthless with his hands.

No, it had already swollen half of the woman's face.

The mother and daughter cursed and were dragged away by Li Xiao and the others.

Li Xiao was in charge of driving them back.

Su Ting, on the other hand, was jumping to her feet in a hurry, what was this situation?

But also followed the car.

Li smiled and said that when he went to his place for dinner tonight, he would talk to Chen Hao to find out why the fight had started.

Chen Hao in addition to took a light slap at first, almost no injury.

As for why Chen Hao had to find fault to take it out.

Firstly, it is because the woman is really too angry and too badly beaten, to pit herself to death.

Secondly, well, a good Chinese summer girl, was ** to that, Chen Hao heart quite unpleasant, would have been angry.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

After all, non-relative, now they are not the previous poor boy, randomly slapped by others?

Standing in the lobby, Chen Hao finished paying the bill and pitied a table of wine and food.

"Huh? Chen Hao, what are you doing here? What a coincidence!"

Just after checking out, Chen Hao heard someone call out to her.

Turning back, it was Xu Xin and her mother who had come at some point.

"Chen Hao, are you here for dinner too?"

Xu Xin asked.

"Sort of!" Chen Hao smiled awkwardly.

"So did you eat or didn't you?"

"Count it as food!"

Chen Hao.

"Pfft, you're talking funny!" I'm not going to be able to get my hands on this," she said. When I run into you, I'll make sure to treat you to a nice dinner, and last time you even treated me to a French meal!"

"Right mom?"

Xu Xin smiled.

Lin Xiaofeng looked at Chen Hao and smiled and nodded, "Yeah, anyway, mom is inviting all of you young people today, so if you don't have anything to do, Chen Hao, come over and join us..."

Lin Xiaofeng heard Tang Lan say that before.

It also felt that Chen Hao was a poor bastard.

Originally, she didn't want her daughter to be with him.

As a result, people Chen Hao had withdrawn 600,000 cash from his bank in one go.

It broke their faces.

The more Lin Xiaofeng thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Because she could see that Chen Hao was a calm kid, and he didn't seem like an ordinary person when facing ridicule.

That's why, after considering all the factors, she wanted to make friends with him.

Just wanted Xu Xin to ask him out for a meal.

As for today's lunch, it was Lin Xiaofeng who managed to get in touch with a relationship, a cousin of her kindergarten classmate, her cousin's family was too powerful, in order to get this client.

Lin Xiaofeng set up a table. The first thing you need to do is to get your own copy of the book.

Meeting Chen Hao again, that would be even better!

The cause and effect, hey, it's because the Director is retiring before the end of this year, promoting one of the two deputy divisions up to be the Director.

She and Tang Lan had become rivals.

"Look my mother is calling you, let's go, let's eat together!" Xu Xin said.

Chen Hao touched his stomach, having just moved his muscles and bones, he was really a little hungry.

Mostly because Chen Hao didn't eat much either.

Plus, now that the feast was over, he nodded his head.

At this time.

Li Xiao called.

"Fuck Chen Hao, I'm sorry, I just know why you did it, don't say you, if it wasn't for Su Ting stopping me, I'd have fucking done it! Up, isn't that a trap!"

Thinking that Li Xiao already knew the situation, he was now angry.

"Now Su Ting and that colleague of hers just finished quarrelling, she said let me say sorry to you, originally quite believe that colleague, did not think that she A colleague introduced you to this woman. I wonder why she keeps throwing up in my car. Ahem!"

Li Xiao was quite self-conscious.

I wanted to do a good thing for my brother, but what about the result, introducing one like that, anyone would feel embarrassed.

"It's fine Li Xiao, by the way where are you guys now? Did you send that woman home?"

"Who drove them, that old bitch spilled the beans in my car, and when I heard that, I drove them off, and now I'm with Sutin Get ready to go to the supermarket and come over for drinks tonight!"


After talking for a while, he hung up the phone.

Alas, how could Chen Hao blame Li Xiao and Su Ting for this matter.

Then this matter was not to be thought about and followed Xu Xin and her wife to the private room.

"I don't know when Young Master Li and the others will come over. By the way, Young Master Li is quite good at getting things done, as soon as he heard that his cousin's aunt introduced him, the phone conversation with I was so polite, I said I'd bring some friends! This way, whether this business succeeds or not, his cousin aunt and I both owe him a favor at the same time. Xiao Xin, it would be great if you found a boyfriend like that!"

Lin Xiaofeng got out.

"Mom! What are you talking about!"

Xu Xin pouted.

"Auntie Lin?"

Suddenly at that moment, the door to the box pushed open.

A boy walked in and asked with a smile.

Behind him, there were three men and one woman, all young men like Chen Hao Xu Xin.

"Whew, you're Li Wenyang, right?" Lin Xiaofeng smiled.

Li Wenyang nodded: "Yes Auntie Lin, we're late, sorry!"

"Haha, what's the apology for hugging, we just got here too. Your cousin aunt has been praising you to me for being handsome, I still don't believe that any boy can still be so handsome, I didn't expect that it's more handsome than what she praised!"

"You're too good at praising people, Auntie Lin, let me introduce you, his name is Liu Meng, my high school classmate and my buddy, the family run The factory, her name is Jiang Xueqing, also a high school classmate of ours, and as for this one, he's the assistant manager of Xueqing's HR department, Zhao Jie! As a special mention, the company that Yukiharu is in is directly under the Dreamer Group! Oh!"

Li Wenyang said with one hand in his pocket with self pride.

"Geez, you guys are so young, how come you're all so powerful?"

Lin Xiaofeng was simply badly surprised.

But didn't realize that the three of the four people who entered the room at the moment were already a bit stunned.

"Li Wenyang, this is my daughter Xu Xin, the same age as all of you, but too useless!"

"Oh, right, and this one, is an ordinary friend of Xu Xin's that Xu Xin just met..." as if Lin Xiaofeng was afraid that Li Wenyang and the others might misunderstand that Chen Hao was Xu Xin's boyfriend, the introduction was very detailed at the moment.

But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Li Wenyang.

"Aunt Lin, there's no need to introduce him, his name is Chen Hao, we know each other and we're in the same high school class!"

Li Wenyang looked at Chen Hao with a hint of a sneer.

The debt from the last class reunion, where Chen Hao beat him in the face, wasn't over yet.

On that day, he was originally the main character, but it turned out that the limelight was all stolen by this guy, and he was even beaten to a bloody pulp!

It was safe to say that those few days, Li Wenyang closed his eyes to all the scenes of being beaten in the face by Chen Hao, it had simply all become his nightmare.

It was hard to feel bad.

Always thinking about how to find a chance to run into Chen Hao to get his face back in front of everyone and stomp Chen Ge to death.

So when he saw it now, he was naturally a bit startled.

Then with a hint of a sneer.

Chen Hao, what an injustice!

Chen Hao stood up at this moment and looked at Jiang Xueqing and smiled.

"Yukari, we meet again!"


"Chen Hao, you know Aunt Lin and the others?"

Last time at the hospital, Chen Hao drove a G500 and got to know the director of Ping An County, which surprised Jiang Xueqing badly.

To be honest, the Chen Hao that day was really radiant.

However, no matter what, Chen Hao was still nothing compared to Li Wenyang and the Zhao Jie by his side.

Li Wenyang's family had a large company, and he himself had opened a company as his boss.

Although the car is not as good as Chen Hao's big G, but Li Wenyang has prospects ah.

Zhao Jie, that is, Jiang Xueqing suspected that he helped his own assistant manager of the personnel department last time.

He is in a big group as a manager, the salary standard of an institution, the end of the year dividends and so on.

He also has his own career.

It was handsome white collar.

But what about Chen Hao, what else does he have?

Although Chen Hao was now considered a figure in the class, Jiang Xueqing had no more affection for him than he had in high school.

"Mmhmm, acquaintance, I didn't expect Aunt Lin to invite you guys, quite a coincidence!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

The group of people, although certain people were not mouths or eyes to Chen Hao, they all still sat down to eat and drink and talk.

Chen Hao was beside them and could see something fishy.

That was that it seemed like Li Wenyang's relationship with Jiang Xueqing was a bit rawer than last time.

How to put it.

In the past, Jiang Xueqing was always half clinging to Li Wenyang, and Li Wenyang also liked Jiang Xueqing.

But now, most of Jiang Xueqing's attention was focused on Zhao Jie.

Li Wenyang sometimes looked at Chen Hao coldly and glanced at Zhao Jie jealously.

In short, his face was somewhat unpleasant.

But Li Wenyang wasn't too bad.

Because Xu Xin's appearance made him shine.

In terms of posture, and Jiang Xueqing that is equal, but also more than a few points of pure, pure beauty and pure beauty is very pitiful.

So, while Li Wenyang was jealous of Zhao Jie, he also did not forget to show his affection for Xu Xin.

Liu Meng also looked at Xu Xin beautiful and also showed Xu Xin, but after taking a look at Li Wenyang's face, he didn't dare to take the initiative to show his affection.

But awkwardly, Xu Xin seemed to have some interest in Chen Hao again, and kept using her chopsticks to give Chen Hao food.

It made both Li Wenyang and Liu Meng quite unhappy.

In short, this dinner party, although amiable on the surface, but it was really an undercurrent ah.

At this time, after glancing at Chen Hao, Li Wenyang gave Liu Meng a wink, and then they excused themselves to go out to the bathroom!

"Chao, what's wrong? You're not interested in Xu Xin, are you? She's my..."

Liu Meng said.

"Go away, let's not talk about that for a moment, I mean, today I finally got a chance to vent my anger, and I can also make Jiang Xueqing this Bitch and Xu Xin think highly of me again!"

Li Wenyang recalled the embarrassment at the dinner table just now and said with a grim face.

"Ah? Brother Yeung? Are you going to screw Chen Hao? What's the whole deal?"

Liu Meng was also excited.

The last fight, in addition to Li Chao had been on, Liu Meng was also on, at the same time Li Meng was also a fierce general under Li Wenyang in high school.

His family runs a factory, has money, and fights are also awesome.

"By the way, two days ago we came out to drink, don't you have a brother from the road, Yang Wenlong? You do this, call Lung later, have him come over and scare the table, then what, if it can't be solved, I'll do it again. At the same time, let my brother Jin call them, haha, now in Pingan County even if it's a Jinling mix, that one shall not give my brother Jin three points of face!"

"And it's not just about scaring, it's better to demean Chen Hao to make him look bad!"

Li Wenyang Dao.

Liu Meng tsked at the idea.

"This is a good idea!"

"Ummm, Jin was quite apologetic to my godbrother because he couldn't help me last time, so he said he could manage if something happened to me in the future Definitely pipe!"

Li Wenyang said proudly.

"That's okay, let's do it, I'll call Brother Long!"

Liu Meng immediately dialed the phone and called.

Then the two returned to the box as if nothing had happened, except that they were obviously quite excited.

Chen Hao nibbled on the side of the pig's feet while wondering, what are these two goods laughing at?

However not long after.

There was a loud noise outside.

"What are you doing? You can't go in there!"

Came a waitress's voice.

"Get out of my way!"

A man cursed.

Then the door to the box was kicked open.

Just look at the seven or eight strong men with boarder heads and gold necklaces around their necks pouring in.

All of them were bare-chested, with tattooed dragons painted on their bodies.

Very domineering.

They were holding their short sleeves in their hands, now coldly sweeping the crowd inside the house.

One of the first, wearing a T-shirt, was holding a boss bag.

As he smoked, he said, "Who booked this compartment? Move me somewhere else!"

"By what right, what people are you!"

Xu Xin stood up furiously, she wasn't afraid of them.

"What people? I'm Yang Wenlong, go out and ask around for me if you don't know me!"

Yang Wenlong, who was holding the bag between his legs, threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stomped it to death, saying.

And Lin Xiaofeng's eyebrows were slightly raised at the moment.

Apparently Yang Wenlong's name was something she had heard of.

"This Mr. Yang, but we haven't finished eating yet, how can we change?"

Lin Xiaofeng compensated.

"How do you change it? Everyone take their food elsewhere!"

Yang Wenlong sneered.

The atmosphere was now frozen, and Lin Xiaofeng didn't know what to say.

If she served it out, wouldn't that make Li Wenyang lose face at all.

Now can only helplessly pull the grumpy daughter Xu Xin to let her sit down.

Li Wenyang and Liu Meng, on the other hand, are calmly looking at everything in front of them.

Just Li Wenyang was a little anxious.

"This damn, how come Chen Hao is considered the main family today, how come not a single fart was released? Thus according to the first plan, the plan to beat up Chen Hao as soon as he opens his mouth is broken ah! It's so wimpy!"

And Chen Hao also thought to himself, "Normally, Li Wenyang and Liu Meng are the kind of people who love to show off, they should be playing the air at this time. I don't need to take away their prestige and get involved in this! But I didn't expect two people to fart at each other, so why are you wimping out?"

So it didn't move.

"OK? You're all quiet, aren't you? Then don't blame me for being rude!"

Yang Wenlong shook his neck and made a crackling sound.


Suddenly at this moment, Zhao Jie slammed the table.

"I'll see if you dare, do you still have a king's law? Yukari, call the police!"

Zhao Jie had one hand in his pocket and was looking at them coldly.

Making Jiang Xueqing feel even more handsome for Zhao Jie at this moment.

And looking at Jiang Xueqing's adoring look at Zhao Jie.

Liu Meng was anxious for Li Wenyang.

It was as if he was saying, "Look, let Zhao Jie steal the limelight!"

And Li Wenyang just smiled bitterly in his heart: "Stealing the limelight? Oh, now let these people like Zhao Jie Chen Hao be the first to make a name for themselves, no one else will be able to make a name for themselves!"

Zhao Jie was also a hero at the moment, and turned his head to give Jiang Xueqing a reassuring, everything is with me look.

And after Jiang Xueqing nodded, she took out her phone and wanted to call the police.

"Fuck! No face at all, brothers, fight!"

Yang Wenlong, in a hurry, took a stool from the side and smashed it at Zhao Jie.

During the fight, naturally someone grabbed Jiang Xueqing's phone and broke it.

Scared Jiang Xueqing's face is almost white, and leaned straight towards Li Wenyang's side.

And Zhao Jie, on the other hand, was pressed on the ground group beating, beating quite hard.

"Quickly stop fighting, don't fight, what should we do about this!"

Lin Xiaofeng was so anxious that she was about to cry.

As for Li Wenyang, looking at Xu Xin Jiang Xueqing's atmosphere has arrived, but seeing that Chen Hao still did not make a move, he could not help but curse under his breath, thinking that he could only find fault to have someone beat him up later, at the moment.

There was another sound of pounding the table.

Seeing Li Wenyang with both hands in his pockets, squinting his eyes, his head slightly lowered, he coldly said.

"You guys stop this right now!"


Li Wenyang directly stood up with a shout.

Yang Wenlong and the others immediately stopped.

"Kid, you also want to find death, don't you?"

Yang Wenlong walked towards Li Wenyang with a fierce face.

"You guys don't mess around, do you know who Brother Yang's father is?"

Although Jiang Xueqing has experienced some worldly wisdom over the years, but, like this kind of black scene has really never seen, as a result of the accident, the original Zhao Jie brought her a sense of security is gone.

In the end, Li Wenyang is still more outstanding.

At this moment, when Jiang Xueqing was afraid, she also directly wanted to use Brother Yang's family's background to scare him.

"Hmph! Who is it?"

Jiang Xueqing was about to say something back.

But Li Wenyang pulled her arm to indicate that she should shut up.

"Yukari, I told you long ago that I won't let my father get involved in my affairs in the future, so get behind me, it's okay, I'll take care of it! "

Li Wenyang Dao.

"Ah? But Yang!"

"Get behind me!"

Li Wenyang bullyingly roared at Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing nodded heavily, and although he was yelled at, a long-lost sense of security arose in his heart.

Stood obediently to the back.

"Brother Long is it, my name is Li Wenyang, myself, started a small company, hehe, I know you are quite famous on the road, my godbrother Don't look from Jinling, he still knows you!"

Li Wenyang put one hand in his pocket and smiled.

"O?" Yang Wenlong acted as if he was shocked.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, seeing that Li Wenyang was actually so calm in his dealings, he was even more appreciative.

"Your godbrother also knows me? Also from Jinling, what's the name?"

Yang Wenlong paused and asked.

"Jin Biao, the forces in Jinling and the current Pingan County, they all call him Jin San, haven't you heard of him, Brother Long?"

Li Wenyang laughed.

"What? Is Master Jin your godbrother?"

Yang Wenlong's face went straight white.

Honestly acting quite like it.

"Bullshit, what kind of person is Master Jin? Someone from the Jinling Group can know you?"

Yang Wenlong questioned.

Lin Xiaofeng also doubted it, thinking it's impossible, is Li Wenyang so powerful?

You've adopted the third son as your godbrother?

"Oh, you don't believe me, do you? If you don't believe me, I can call my brother Kim and have him speak to you personally!"

Li Wenyang said, and dialed Jin Biao's number.

Of course, also spoke to Jin beforehand, begging him to casually help deliver a message and so on.

Mainly, he wanted to teach one of his enemies a lesson.

Then, Jin Biao saw that the last thing also did not help him, this time, he was going to help Li Wenyang teach his enemy a lesson. And also agreed.

"Brother Jin, are you busy? I've run into something here... Oooh, I'm at the Ruyi Hotel right now, and a guy named Yang Wenlong blocked me and my friend!"

"What Jingo? You're near the Ruyi Hotel and you want to come over?"

Li Wenyang is somewhat happy on top of happy.

The previous phone call was good, this time just let Brother Jin bring a message, did not expect Brother Jin to personally come.

Now, rushing to hang up the phone.

"It's really Master Jin!"

Yang Wenlong pretended to look shocked and also pretended to be too scared to move.

This time, the condition of cooperating with Li Wenyang's acting was to befriend Master Jin through Li Wenyang, after all, Yang Wenlong knew that Li Wenyang's family was now very cool.

Otherwise only would not accompany him to play blindly.

"Hmph, you guys now know that you're afraid!"

Jiang Xueqing said.

The gang had just dropped her phone, and the anger hadn't gone down yet.

Not long after.

The door of the compartment was suddenly opened.

A young man in a suit walked in.

"Who's causing trouble?"

The young man's gaze was like an eagle, and he said indifferently.

Yang Wenlong looked at the youth and was startled, "It's really you, Master Jin, huh, little brother Yang Wenlong, has been playing around this North Street area! Some misunderstanding!"

Jin Biao, just happened to be invited to sing in a karaoke next to Jin Ruyi, thinking that by Li Wenyang's family so many favors, a little help is not so bad.

So simply came over to take a look.

"Oh, I thought what's the matter? Wen Yang, you're not hurt, are you...?"

Kim Bill asked.

"I don't have a Kim!"

Li Wenyang walked to Jin Biao's side, picked up a cigarette to hand it over, and also lit it.

But after Jin Biao just took a few puffs, the cigarette automatically dropped to the ground.

"Brother Yang, what's wrong with you?"

Li Wenyang curiously asked.

"'re here?"

Jin Biao looked at the seated Chen Hao in astonishment.

Who is Chen Hao, he can be incomparably clear ah, even among the group of people, one of the few people who are very familiar with Chen Hao.

As for Chen Hao, he also really thought that the usually simple and upright driver, Jin, was actually playing quite well with a randy male like Li Wenyang.


Chen Hao nodded his head.

On the side, Liu Meng, who also wanted to be able to speak to the big brother, walked up to Jin Biao and gently said.

"Master Jin, this is the kid we were going to cut him down today!"

"What? You guys said you were going to beat up someone,'s him?" Jin Biao was shocked.

"Hmph, Master Jin, this brat has actually offended your godbrother, this is hitting me in the face, let's see me go over and flatten him!"

Yang Wenlong and the others hadn't figured out what Jin Biao's expression meant.

Right now they were about to do it.

Just watch as Jin Biao lifted a kick and directly kicked a handful of the eighty pound Yang Wenlong away.

It hit the ground heavily.

"Damn, out of line, I'll waste you!"

As a driver, Jin Biao was naturally able to fight and resist.

And if this group of people want to fight Young ,Master Chen does it mean that they have to fight Young Master Chen too?

We're in trouble!

Li Wenyang was shocked, did not say good brother Jin just point Yang Wenlong on it, Jin brother how to hit people?

"Jin, you?"


Jin Biao raised his hand is a mouth smack on Li Wenyang's face.

"Damn, something that doesn't know how to die!"

Then he added a kick, kicking Li Wenyang away as well.

Jiang Xueqing and the others all looked stunned.

"What's going on here? Isn't Brother Jin the one Li Wenyang called for? How did you beat up both sides?"

Lin Xiaofeng tightly pulled her daughter Xu Xin's hand, these people can't afford to provoke all of them ah.

Half of Li Wenyang's face was swollen from the beating: "Brother Jin, how did you hit me?"

Directly aggrieved, he cried.

Originally, today's matter was too simple, he wanted Brother Jin and Yang Wenlong to cooperate with him to play a pose and then beat up Chen Hao in a group.

As a result, he was beaten up, and Yang Wenlong was also beaten up.

And looking at Jin Biao ignored Li Wenyang and stepped on his finger and came directly towards the crowd.

Lin Xiaofeng was nervous: "Master Jin, we didn't offend you, what are you doing?"

Jiang Xueqing was also scared to retreat.

Because at this moment Jin Biao, suddenly picked up a bottle of red wine.

Walked up to Chen Hao, full of silly smiles, "So you are here! Listen to me, it's not what you think!"

As he said that, he poured Chen Hao a full glass of wine.

Just about nervously kneeling down to Chen Ge.

"Ah? What's this about?"

The whole room was in shock.


Jin Biao's respectful attitude towards Chen Hao shocked everyone.

Especially Jiang Xueqing's eyes changed when she looked at Chen Hao.

Previously, they had only thought that Chen Hao's connections were average, but now they didn't expect that Chen Hao really knew all kinds of people!

And Jin Biao was such a powerful figure, hearing that someone was going to beat up Chen Hao, he actually went out of his way to teach Chen Hao a lesson, not showing any mercy at all.

"It's quite a coincidence today, besides, if you don't come, Little Jin, I'll have to be beaten up!"

Chen Hao helplessly smiled bitterly.

By now, Yang Wenlong this matter he could also see that it was probably Li Wenyang who was up to no good, Chen Hao said to himself how come just now he saw the two of them always smiling!

"You're joking!"

Jin Biao bowed.

The meal was quite awkward, but Chen Hao was full anyway.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, seeing that Li Wenyang was beaten up like this, she didn't have the heart to eat.

Just paid the bill early.

"This Jin Master, you know Chen Hao and are so familiar with him, you skill and so great, I am the deputy director of **Bank, if your group is Some of the cash flow will be used by our bank, and please take care of it!"

Lin Xiaofeng also didn't forget to befriend.

Jin Biao, on the other hand, did have the ability to move money between some subordinate small companies and **banks.

But right now, he looked towards Chen Hao and asked Chen Hao's meaning.

Chen Hao then nodded his head without a trace.

If Lin Xiaofeng didn't invite herself to dinner today, she might have been able to talk about her business, but now, sort of because she was stirred up by this bureau, it was fine for Chen Hao to help.

It was also agreed.

And also at this time, just listen to the compartment Yang Wenlong those people are fighting again.

But this time it was clearly a group of people beating up Li Wenyang.

Originally thought to befriend Jin Biao with the help of Li Wenyang's hand, but as a result, they were offended to death.

How could Yang Wenlong not hate ah!

A group of people's anger all towards Li Wenyang.

Chen Hao listened to Li Wenyang's screams only sneered, in his heart straight, still beaten lightly!

Jiang Xueqing, on the other hand, kept looking at Chen Hao with complicated eyes.

Seeing that Chen Hao was only talking to Xu Xin, as if he didn't see himself either, and didn't pay much attention to him, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

This dinner party was just like that.

It just so happened that Jin Biao was driving his car, so he let Jin Biao drive himself back to the hotel.

"Xu Xin, no wonder your grandfather said that this young man's identity is not simple, today I've really seen it!"

Lin Xiaofeng just reacted, last night at dinner, Xu Xin's grandfather always said that this child was not simple, at first she didn't think much of it, but now she could understand.

"Yeah, I didn't expect Chen Hao to be so powerful, but he knows so many people, huh? Mom, when you say it like that I do remember one thing, that last time I was at the karaoke, I think I understand a little better now!"

Xu Xin said with a slap on the head.

As for Jiang Xueqing, for one thing, she wanted to wait for the inside to finish beating people so that she could save them, but she didn't dare to go in and stand alone, afraid that Yang Wenlong and the others would retaliate against her.

So when she came down, Jiang Xueqing came down with Chen Hao.

Now, Chen Hao also left on his own without talking to himself.

Jin Biao's respectful attitude towards Chen Hao shocked everyone.

Especially Jiang Xueqing's eyes changed when she looked at Chen Hao.

Previously, they had only thought that Chen Hao's connections were average, but now they didn't expect that Chen Ge really knew all kinds of people!

And Jin Biao was such a powerful figure, hearing that someone was going to beat up Chen Hao, he actually went out of his way to teach Chen Hao a lesson, not showing any mercy at all.

"It's quite a coincidence today, besides, if you don't come, Little Jin, I'll have to be beaten up!"

Chen Hao helplessly smiled bitterly.

By now, Yang Wenlong this matter he could also see that it was probably Li Wenyang who was up to no good, Chen Hao said to himself how come just now he saw the two of them always smiling!

"You're joking!"

Jin Biao bowed.

The meal was quite awkward, but Chen Hao was full anyway.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, seeing that Li Wenyang was beaten up like this, she didn't have the heart to eat.

Just paid the bill early.

"This Jin Master, you know Chen Hao and are so familiar with him, you skill and so great, I am the deputy director of **Bank, if your group is Some of the cash flow will be used by our bank, and please take care of it!"

Lin Xiaofeng also didn't forget to befriend.

Jin Biao, on the other hand, did have the ability to move money between some subordinate small companies and **banks.

But right now, he looked towards Chen Hao and asked Chen Hao's meaning.

Chen Hao then nodded his head without a trace.

If Lin Xiaofeng didn't invite herself to dinner today, she might have been able to talk about her business, but now, sort of because she was stirred up by this bureau, it was fine for Chen Hao to help.

It was also agreed.

And also at this time, just listen to the compartment Yang Wenlong those people are fighting again.

But this time it was clearly a group of people beating up Li Wenyang.

Originally thought to befriend Jin Biao with the help of Li Wenyang's hand, but as a result, they were offended to death.

How could Yang Wenlong not hate ah!

A group of people's anger all towards Li Wenyang.

Chen Hao listened to Li Wenyang's screams only sneered, in his heart straight, still beaten lightly!

Jiang Xueqing, on the other hand, kept looking at Chen Hao with complicated eyes.

Seeing that Chen Hao was only talking to Xu Xin, as if he didn't see himself either, and didn't pay much attention to him, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

This dinner party was just like that.

It just so happened that Jin Biao was driving his car, so he let Jin Biao drive himself back to the hotel.

"Xu Xin, no wonder your grandfather said that this young man's identity is not simple, today I've really seen it!"

Lin Xiaofeng just reacted, last night at dinner, Xu Xin's grandfather always said that this child was not simple, at first she didn't think much of it, but now she could understand.

"Yeah, I didn't expect Chen Hao to be so powerful, but he knows so many people, huh? Mom, when you say it like that I do remember one thing, that last time I was at the karaoke, I think I understand a little better now!"

Xu Xin said with a slap on the head.

As for Jiang Xueqing, for one thing, she wanted to wait for the inside to finish beating people so that she could save them, but she didn't dare to go in and stand alone, afraid that Yang Wenlong and the others would retaliate against her.

So when she came down, Jiang Xueqing came down with Chen Hao.

Now, Chen Hao also left on his own without talking to himself.


"Tang Deputy Department, you are also, people Lin Deputy Department so hard to be happy happy, you don't hit her it, such a big indicator, even if the Even the governor may not be able to finish it, let alone Deputy Lin!"

A woman who was good friends with Tang Lan was now helping to ridicule her.

Tang Lan proudly said, "Yeah, I say Deputy Division Lin can't be that great either!"

Lin Xiaofeng just smiled and didn't say anything.

And this time.



A middle-aged man was seen trotting all the way into the office, sweating profusely.

A crowd of employees stood up and shouted.

"Governor Zhu, what is it? Look at how hot you are!"

Tang Lan, because of her husband's reasons, was considered respectable in the governor's place.

Unexpectedly, Governor Zhu, who had always been courteous to her, didn't even look at her at the moment, and it was even as if he hadn't heard her speak.

He came straight to Lin Xiaofeng's face.

"Ah Lin, you've done a great job for our bank this time, I don't even know how to thank you!"

Governor Zhu was obviously particularly agitated.

"Governor Zhu, what's wrong?" Lin Xiaofeng thought of something, but asked anyway.

"Haha, it used to be the Jinling Business Group, no, now it's the Dreamer Business Group, I've dreamed of pulling in their cooperation, but as a result , I simply can't pull off a partnership at this level, not even a small company directly under their umbrella!"

"As a result, you've taken over 30 subsidiaries of their family in one go, and over 60 partnership orders for companies they finance , that number is still growing and I...I don't even know what to do about it."

It was easy to imagine Governor Zhu's excitement.

And not to mention Governor Zhu, Lin Xiaofeng was also frightened at the moment.

She thought that Chen Hao's face was just one or two companies, but more than thirty direct subordinates, and more than sixty financed?


This time, I'm afraid I'm not so simple as the Director, right?

"Haha, I came here today to tell you that tomorrow we're going to officially sign a contract with them, so you'll have to come with me, but what I've reported to my superiors, and with immediate effect, I'm promoting you to be a reserve vice president, just in time. Lau retires next month. You fill in! As for the Director's position, it's going to be vacant next month as well, so let's say you work part-time on both sides first, be more tired!"

Governor Zhu picked up, "Okay, you go write the application, I'll approve it later for the Vice President and the Director!"

"I...I know Governor Chu, thank you for your trust!" Lin Xiaofeng was so excited that she was about to cry.

After Governor Zhu left, even Lin Xiaofeng didn't know what she should do.


And then, Donlan's cup fell straight to the floor shattered when he didn't hold it steady.

She was numb.

"How is it possible? How is that possible?"

She muttered incredulously.

Think about it, a deadly competitor of yours, you originally had all sorts of advantages over her.

In the end, after fighting for half a day, she doesn't talk about ascending, she directly soars, and instantly isn't on the same level of existence as you, what's it like in your heart!

"Congratulations to the Lin Division...o no, congratulations to Governor Lin!"

The people in the office all applauded loudly.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, she smiled proudly at Tang Lan's appearance.

Then the first time he found a number and dialed it.

"Chen Hao, thank you so much for this, that Master Jin friend of yours has a lot of face! I'm a vice president now, Chen Hao, when you have time, Xu Xin and I will take you out to dinner again! You have to come, Chen Hao!"

Lin said loudly, about to be heard by someone.

"Okay Aunt Lin!"

Chen Hao nodded on the phone.

After saying a few words, Lin Xiaofeng hung up the phone.

"You...who are you calling? Who do you think helped you?"

Tang Lan asked with a pale face.

"Ah Chen Hao, you're more familiar with it than me, do you know who Chen Hao is? The guy we were talking about yesterday, the one who withdrew $600,000 in cash in one fell swoop. That's him. He's my daughter's best friend now. He treats me like a... The daughter is fine!"

Everyone in the office was familiar with it, so Lin spoke without fear.

"Wow! That's multiplication!"

The crowd envied him.

"'re talking nonsense, where does Chen Hao he have such great skills? You're talking nonsense!"

Tang Lan roared.

These words were like a sharp thorn in her heart.

"Haha, let's pretend I'm bullshit, fine, fine, I'm bullshit okay!"

Lin Xiaofeng smiled happily.

As for Tang Lan, a mouthful of sullen air clogged her heart.

It was also forty years old, seeing that fame and fortune had been earned by a competitor, and it was still given to her by Chen Hao, who she regarded as a lost dog.

Remorse chagrin jealousy added together, actually cried!

Plus Chen Hao.

At this moment Chen Hao was already in the hotel and received a call.

It was a call from Li Zhenguo.

"Young Master Chen, there are two things I need to tell you!"

Li Zhenguo.

"Mr. Li, you say!"

"The first one, is the progress of your piece of jade pendant, that old man Xu has worked out some results, and I've found a few more from around the world The master to help him make the final confirmation, I believe the results will be available in a day or two, is only a prediction, jade pendant raw material origin from the Southwest!"

Li Zhenguo.

"Southwest direction... okay, let's wait for the final result then, what about the second thing?"

Chen Hao was also quite happy once he heard that things were coming to a head.

"The second thing is, I wanted to ask if you are free tonight, hehe, this investment we are making in Pingan County and the big development in Jinling City The leaders attach great importance to, this afternoon to inspect the evening I held a cocktail party, if you can come, but also seems we are also on the Leadership respect!"

"Who are all the people here, Oo? I have time for that!"

Chen Hao asked.

"Director Huang Weimin, as well as the *Chief and Deputy* Chief of Jinling City, and all the major ** of Pingan County, all come!"

"That's okay, I'll be there early that night!"

Chen Hao said.

Right now looking at the time it was almost four o'clock.

It was also ready to get ready to go over early.

It was also at this time that Chen Hao remembered that he had an appointment with Li Xiao for dinner in the evening.

I can't go, I have to call him to tell him.

But no one answered no matter how I called Li Xiaoxiao.

What's the situation?

Chen Hao called Su Ting again.

After calling twice this time, Su Ting connected.

But after answering, Chen Hao felt something was wrong.

Because Li Xiao's side was noisy, as if someone was cursing.

There were also occasional cursing shouts from Li Xiao.

Su Ting was speaking, but also with a hint of anxiety.

"Chen Hao!"

"Soutine, what's wrong? Is there something going on over there?"

Su Ting paused, "It's Li Xiao, someone came to smash up our shop, Li Xiao and them want to fight, and now this group of people are still in the shop!"

"Huh?" Chen Hao jumped up from the couch with a roll of his head.

"Wait, I'll be right over!"


When Chen Hao arrived, sure enough, there were many cars parked outside Li Xiao's used car dealership, and a group of people were blocking the trouble here.

As for smashing the shop, they smashed Li Xiao's glass door.

And from afar, Chen Hao saw two familiar figures.

Could it not be the mother and daughter who were on a blind date with herself.

As soon as he saw this, Chen Hao knew what was going on!

No wonder Su Ting never let herself come on the phone.

The feeling was that this was someone's revenge.

"Shit, that's him, the bastard hit someone and still wants to run!"

And that humongous woman also saw Chen Hao at a glance, and now said to the few people behind her.

Looking at these few people, they all looked like gangsters.

All of them had tattooed dragons painted on their arms, and they were not easy to provoke at a glance.

They were probably all twenty-six or twenty-seven year old youths.

They were also holding sticks in their hands.

Li Xiao, on the other hand, had two kitchen knives in his hands, and although the other side was crowded, Li Xiao wasn't wimpy at all.

The people over there, seeing that Li Xiao was a playful person, didn't dare to move first.

In short, the two sides were facing off against each other, and no one dared to be the first to make a move.

"That's the bastard who beat our mothers! Shoot him!"

The fierce woman cursed.

"I'll fucking see who dares touch my brother!"

Li Xiao shook the chopper and roared, the people over there really didn't dare to move.

One of those people, the leader of the group, five big, three thick, wearing sunglasses, carrying a small black bag in his hand, now raised the bag in his hand, a group of brothers behind him all took a step back.

"I say Li Xiao, we have not known each other for a year or two, we are all in the used car business, I also know your temper, hehe, if it is Anyone else, I'd let it go, but this time it's my cousin who got beaten up, this is my cousin's aunt, this is unacceptable! I need an explanation!"

The man crooked his neck and said cross-eyed.

"Yang Guoquan, this bitch she's your bullshit cousin, how come I've never heard of you having a cousin ah!"

Li smiled coldly.

Chen Hao could tell from the sidelines that this girl was one of those promiscuous women who didn't know how many men!

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, okay Li Xiao, before, you and I have had our differences in business, but there are a few big brothers for you I don't know what to say, but today, you and I have made an alliance over this matter. Let's read the script on the donkey. We'll see! Brothers, go!"

Yang Guoquan waved his hand and left with a group of people.

"Brother Guoquan, just let them go!?"

The girl was unconvinced.

"Come on, I've got a plan!"

Yang Guoquan sneered.

The group withdrew.

Chen Hao looked at the smashed glass of Li Xiao's store and felt a surge of self-blame inside.

By the way, the misfortune was caused by himself.

As a result, a brother had to pay for it!

"Li Xiao, Suting, I'm sorry!"

Chen Hao said.

"Why are you telling me this, I don't blame you! I've been fighting with this Yang Guoquan for more than a day or two, and if I don't make this excuse today, I'll have to make that excuse tomorrow!"

Li smiled and threw the kitchen knife away.

Took a cigarette from the side and lit it.

Whereas, Su Ting went to clean those broken glass.

Listening to Li Xiaoxiao, Chen Hao also understood the whole story.

Originally, Li Xia went with Su Ting to go to the supermarket and came back, and also bought a pocket of meat and vegetables to prepare the evening meal.

As soon as she came back, she saw Yang Guoquan and the mother and daughter at the entrance.

The mother and daughter obviously called out for revenge against Chen Hao, but they couldn't find him.

They asked Li Xiao, but Li Xiao still refused to tell them.


Shang Li smiled and got angry, scolding the mother and daughter for their shamelessness!

So it was done, and during the fight a couple of guys smashed up the store.

Then Li Xiao ran to the back and touched two kitchen knives out.

That's why Chen Hao called Li Xiao and Li Xiao didn't answer, because he didn't want Chen Hao to get involved.

"Who is that Yang Guoquan?"

Chen Hao asked.

Not to mention that this matter was a brother taking the thunder for himself, even if it wasn't, Chen Hao had to take care of Yang Guoquan.

"He's a big gangster who also deals in second-hand cars, and last month, because of a business deal, he said that we Li Xiao broke the rules and stole his customers' and tried to find trouble, some big brother in the area put in a good word for Li Xiao before it was all over, he was relying on his brother-in-law, who was supposedly City**'s, it's awesome!"

Soutine said as she cleaned up.

"Oooh, I got it!"

Chen Hao nodded.

"Just wait until we say something tonight and let Zhao Zixing handle it in secret.

But there's still the most important thing to tell Li Xiao right now.

"Right Li Xiao, now that the Dreamer Group is coming to Pingan County, why don't you take this opportunity to make a large trading car dealership! I'll help you!"

Chen Hao said.

The money, definitely all of it was free from Chen Hao.

After all, Li Xiao's relationship with himself was different from others.

"Alas, but where do people see us, how can they give investment?" Su Ting said with a pout.

Li smiled: "Brother you may not know, not to mention soliciting investment from them, just an individual like us, even the threshold qualifications of others' No, even put it to you this way, even those businesses that were originally in Safe County, getting down to business and making products, trying to pull the Dreamers' It's hard to even invest, so you don't know much about any of this!"

"Huh? Why don't companies that get down to business and make products get investment?"

Chen Hao really didn't know yet.

"Ahem, in order to get the Dreamer investment, you have to suck up to some of the employees within their company, and that's not all, after sucking up to the market testing employees, you have to suck up to the supervisor!

Have to stammer up one layer at a time, only in the end.

And some small businesses, themselves do excellent products, profits have been pressed very low.

That there is still money to pay respect to this layer of grandmother ah.

Only those who themselves have the money and power in our Ping An County, they will get financing.

This way you will understand it.......anyway our Pingan County is not as simple as you think! It's too complicated!"

Li smiled after finishing a cigarette and threw it on the ground to stomp to death.

And Chen Hao also finally understood.

Why Li Wenyang and a dude like his father could get financing.

So this was the reason ah.

He himself was trying to support these fine small enterprises in the first place in order to invest.

As a result, things didn't go as planned.

It seems that there is a serious problem within the company.

The main problem is the quality of the newly recruited executive staff.

I'm afraid that Li Zhenguo has overlooked this point.

Something can be seen from Jin Biao!

Chen Hao already had an idea in mind.

However, he still advised Li Xiao to invest a piece of information on it.

Because this information would be directly approved after Chen Hao took it away.

And just at this moment, two or three *cars* outside directly parked at the entrance.

Then walked down a team of people in *uniforms.

"You guys this?" Sutin asked in shock.

"Hmph, we got a call that there was a brawl here, wasn't it you guys? Your name is Lee Smile?" The first person looked at Li Xiao and snorted.

"I am, but I'm not the only one fighting, there's also Yang Guoquan!" Li smiled.

"Cut the crap and bring all three of them back for investigation!"


This group of people directly barged into the store.

Only, what surprised Chen Hao and the others was that although this group of people were wearing *uniforms*, they didn't feel like it at all.

As expected, while Li Xiao and the others were stunned, a group of people directly surged up, first holding Li Xiao down, then Chen Hao and Su Ting, who were also controlled.

Then a knife was pinned to the waist of the crowd.

Chen Hao also looked at the police number on top of their *uniforms, but they were all the same, and only then could he see that this group of people, they were pretending to be police officers to come over to bluff people.

"Take them to the car, take their phones away, be quick!"

The person leading the group spoke harshly.

Li Xiaoxiao saw that they had also hijacked Su Ting, and now didn't dare to do anything, but just cursed, "Fuck, you guys have too much guts!"

"Get out of here, you'll see what happens later!" The man who headed the group smacked Li Xiao.

In the end, Li Xiaoxiao, Su Ting and Chen Hao were directly blindfolded by them and taken to a ruined building and locked up, and they took all the cell phones away!

The one who imprisoned them wasn't a bystander, listening to Li Xiao said, the wrong one was Yang Guoquan's cousin Li Xiaogang's ghost.

The first two years, someone offended Li Xiaogang, who was also dragged away from his home in this way.

As a result, the person was dragged to the field and beaten for three days and three nights.

Of course, also because of this matter of impersonating **, later it happened, Li Xiaogang went in to squat for a period of time number.

So, the first time Li Xiao thought of Yang Guoquan and Li Xiaogang.

This matter is obvious, is Yang Guoquan's revenge. Because Yang Guoquan can be clear, you come directly to the people, Li Xiao is not afraid, already dry up!

That's the way it is now, no questions asked after the lockdown, so the three men are put in a small booth.

"Fuck, wait till I get out and fuck this cunt!"

Li Xiao cursed hatefully, but at the moment, he was tied up and couldn't move.

Chen Hao was just advising him not to be too impulsive.

Now Chen Hao had no choice, after all, his phone was taken away, or else he would have given Li Zhenguo a call.

"It's getting darker and darker, it's six o'clock, what should we do?" Su Ting was a little nervous right now.

After all these years of following Li Xiao around the country, she had also been blocked like this, so Su Ting's emotions weren't too broken.

At most, they were just beating people up and mentioning conditions to threaten!

Six o'clock?

Chen Hao said to himself, I guess Li Zhenguo's side will have to be anxious to find him, if he can't make a call, he will definitely send someone to contact him personally at the first opportunity.

"Li Xiao Su Ting, just wait a little longer, I believe we should be able to get out in less than an hour!"

Chen Hao.

"An hour? How is that possible Chen Hao's, I guess the ones who want to screw us are still behind us!" Li smiled.

Chen Hao was silent.

Outside at this moment.

"Come on, Brother Gang, smoke one!"

Yang Guoquan respectfully handed his cousin Li Xiaogang up a cigarette.

"I've told you before, this brat has targeted your brother for me not for a day or two, I'll have to educate him well this time! Or he won't remember! In addition, his shop location is also really good, my shop is going to be demolished, just right, give this guy 10,000 or 20,000, let him take over the shop directly. Give it to me!"

"Don't worry, it's proper!"

A middle-aged, big, fat man, that is, Kong Li, said.

"Then, Gang, is it alright to do this? Don't cause a lot of trouble!"

The mother and daughter who were on a blind date with Chen Hao were also there.

At the moment some apprehension.

"There's nothing to it, I know the details of Li Xiao and his daughter-in-law, there's no background, as for that boy called Chen Hao, he's an even poorer one . Several people out of one place! Don't say that this time it's just to teach them a lesson and no one will care if they die!"

Yang Guoquan smiled fiercely.

"But this Li Xiao is really a stunned bastard, he wouldn't be so honest if he wasn't pretending to be **! Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered my brother Gang, I would have taken care of him myself!"

"Okay, let's not talk about anything else, let Li Xiao bring the shop over, you have to give me half the dividends!"

Lee was smoking a cigarette.

"Gang, a kid whose phone keeps getting calls?"

At that moment, one of his men came over.

He still had Chen Hao's cell phone in his hand.

By now, it had been dialed no less than fifty times.

"Heavens, I can't tell, this kid is using his phone pretty well, it's ten or twenty thousand, right?"

Those two mothers and daughters were naturally also there, and at the moment the Humongous Woman stared at Chen Hao's phone with envy.

"Mmhmm, more than twenty thousand of this phone, he actually uses such a good one!"

The girl was also a little surprised.

I thought to myself, "Could that guy be a rich second generation?


How can ...

At best, he's just a douchebag pretending to be rich. Some people are poorer than others, but they use better cell phones and wear brand-name clothes, for fear that people will know he's poor and love to show off.

"Daughter, if it's really 10,000 or 20,000, why don't you exchange your phone with him, this beating, my mother and I can't take it for nothing ah!"

The Hummer said.

"What are you talking about you guys, the cost of the soup will not be less than compensated for!" Li Xiaogang was cold at this time.

This good phone, change to you guys, what are you thinking!

If you want to change it, you keep it to yourself.

"Brother Gang, what about this phone? To answer or not to answer? Looks like it's pretty urgent over there!"

Hands asked at this point.

"Pick up a fart, just shut it down and toss it aside!"

Li Xiaogang cursed.

And looking at the domineering cousin, Yang Guoquan flattered, "Brother Gang, you're getting more and more powerful!!!"

"Of course, I'll tell you Guoquan, what's most important in today's society, connections and resources are most important, and nothing can stand up to your cousin me. You know a lot of people! Your brother and I have people to talk to everywhere, that's the connection haha!"

Li Xiaogang was chatting with Yang Guoquan and the others one sentence at a time.

"Old Li, how's it going? Still can't get through?"

Right now at the conference site, many senior VIPs have arrived, but the protagonist did not come, and now can't get through directly, making everyone that anxious ah.

"No one answered just now when I called, but now it's hanging up, I'll call again and directly shut down!"

Li Zhenguo knitted his eyebrows.

"Nothing will happen, right?" Zhao Zixing was also wary.

"According to normal reasoning, if Young Master Chen is inconvenienced by something, he would just hang up on me, but then, he just called so much We've called dozens of times in total, and even if something were to happen again, Chen would still give us a response! "

"Yeah, and besides, if the phone wasn't with Chen, how could someone just hang up and turn it off again?"

Zhao Zixing and Li Zhenguo became sensitive at the same time.

At this time, Zhao Zixing's subordinate, White Wolf, walked in with a team of people.

He came to the two: "Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li, I just went to Young Master Chen's hotel, and the hotel manager said that Chen Shao went out this afternoon!"

"Going out?"

Zhao Zixing and Li Zhenguo looked at each other.

Afterwards, many VIPs from the banquet all gathered around towards Li Zhenguo and Zhao Zixing.

"Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li, is something going on? Chen didn't come?"

Huang Weimin asked.

The venue was divided into several large boxes, with an inner venue and an outer venue, and the scene was particularly large.

Now for the inner venue, what level of VIPs would naturally go without saying.

So when they heard this, everyone came over to ask.

"Hmmm, Young Master Chen can't be reached, we're trying to find a way to contact Young Master Chen!"

"Mr. Lee, check it out!"

At this time Jin Biao ran over breathlessly.

Attached to his ear, he spoke beside Li Zhenguo.


Li Zhenguo's eyes widened.

The entire venue instantly quieted down.

"Bureau Huang, Zhang *Chief*, Prefect Li, just a moment ago, our Young Master Chen as kidnapped by a group of fake **people!"

Li Zhenguo.

"No way, right?"

Li* Chang was shocked.

"Jin Biao, where's the witness you brought, let her in!"

Li Zhenguo said.

Then we saw Jin Biao send someone to lead a woman in.

So it started with the smashing of Li Xiao shop, to Chen Hao and the others being taken away, as well as Yang Guoquan, and what relationship Yang Guoquan had with Li Xiaogang all explained.

Naturally, when Jin Biao investigated, he gave a lot of money to the woman to make her dare to tell the truth.

After all, Yang Guoquan and Li Xiaogang, both of them were not easy to provoke.

Several VIPs were all shameless at the moment.

In the end, the leader directly slapped the table.

"Immediately send someone over, I'd like to see who dares to be so bold?"

"Yes yes yes!"

The crowd all responded.

A group of people hurriedly rushed out from the venue.

The people outside, who were all talking to each other at the moment, were stunned to see such a big scene.

"What... what happened?"

A middle-aged man pulled over a small driver and asked.

"I'm not too sure about the Jiang Division, but it's said that Young Master Chen, the venue tonight, was blocked and taken away!"


"How's it going, Lee Smile? My brother has his eye on your store, and besides, you're the one who messed with my brother's cousin first this time, so to cut down on food... Bitter, just sign the paper?"

Li Xiaogang walked in with Yang Guoquan.

Slapped Li Smile's face and said.

"Bah, fuck off, you have the guts to let me go, let's fight alone!"

Lee smiled with red eyes.


Li Xiaogang raised his head is a mouth smacked on Li Smiling's face.

It was about to greet the little brother to gang up on Li Xiao.

The humongous woman, on the other hand, was coldly walking towards Chen Hao, she wanted to beat Chen Hao up.

But just at that moment.

"Brother Gang, Brother Guoquan, it's bad, something big has happened!"  One second to remember to read the book

One of the boys rushed up and fell down after a couple of steps because he was panicking.

"What is it?"

Li Xiaogang drank.

"Outside... there's a lot of armed police outside, and a lot of luxury cars, and they've surrounded the whole rotten building!"

Little Brother Way.

Now things have gotten so bad that Li Xiaogang posed as a cop and dragged away Li Xiao and Chen Hao, who was thought to have little background.

It was as simple as giving Li Xiao a hard lesson, dampening Li Xiao's anger, and then pushing him out of the used car market.

But I didn't know which gods this was touching.

A large number of armed police were here.

The previous Li Xiao gang had been arrested in the past because of this, but this time, it was obviously much more serious than last time ah.

"Did you see it clearly? How did that happen?"

Li Xiaog was also unexpected.

Now busy running to the window to see, and sure enough, there was blackness below, all people.

The headlights outside were shining, and the night turned to day.

"My God, very few people know about this rotten building, how did they find out about it?"

Yang Guoquan's face also turned pale at once.

"It's finished, it's finished, even if you jump into the Yellow River, you can't wash it off ah!"

And the mother and daughter were also terrified.

At this moment swallowed saliva and said, "Brother Gang, Brother Guoquan, what should we do?"

"I don't know what to do!"

Li Xiaogang's heart shook wildly.

And that was also the time.

There was a cracking sound outside.

"Don't move, all of you!"

A large group of armed police poured in.

The window's Yang Guoquan and Li Xiaogang were even blinded by a strong light at the same time.

By the time Chen Hao and the others were freed, Li Xiaogang and the others were pushed down.

The people outside were already waiting.

"Young Master Chen! To your horror, we've only just found this out!"

Zhao Zixing walked up with Li Zhenguo and some of the big VIPs.

"I'm fine!"

Chen Hao spoke up.

I just didn't expect this Li Xiaogang to be so bold, a false alarm.

And the Li Xiaogang and Yang Guoquan who were being held on the side were all confused.

These people in front of them were big personalities that could only be seen on TV, and they were calling out to this man Chen Shao?

Is he Jin Ling Chen?

The two men were sweating cold.

This time it's really a toilet punch, looking for death!

The mother and daughter were even more shocked.

"Chen Hao, what... what the hell is going on here?"

Li Xiaoxiao looked at the group of big shots all booing Chen Hao and was confused.

"When we get back, I'll explain it to you properly!"

Chen Hao thought to himself, it would be better to be straightforward with Li Xiao, his own brother, sharing both blessings and difficulties, there was no need to continue hiding his identity from Li Xiao.

This is also because of this little incident, obviously there is no way to attend the banquet tonight.

Chen Hao and Li Xiaoxiao had to go take statements.

But listening to Li *Chang's meaning, I'm afraid this matter will have to be investigated strictly, this Yang Guoquan and Li Xiaogang, this time even if they don't die, they will be locked up for a decade or two.

"This matter can be said to have caused too bad an impact on our Pingan County, even directly affecting the future direction of Pingan County, Li Xiaogang A guy who is in the business of demolition, really has the guts to do it! Severe punishment, it has to be severe!"

In the office, Li *Chang was furious.

Throwing a bunch of documents directly on the floor.

The people under his hands were all startled.

"Li *Chang, this Li Xiaogang he is an outlaw, this kind of thing, he has done it before and squatted in, what a Repeatedly, but this time, it's enough to convict him of kidnapping!"

"Well, did that back him up? Or is there anyone who's particularly close to him?"

Li*Chang asked.

"This really doesn't exist, except to say that the one who is close, it seems to be the Investment Promotion Office's Jiang Division, with whom I've had dinner several times!"

"Kang Wei Dong?"

Li* Chang's eyebrows furrowed.

"Yeah, but Jiang Weidong is clean, the cleanliness part is fine, probably because of his job, inevitably with these people Deal with it!"

A subordinate asked.

"Hmph, that won't work either, no matter what, this person knows Jiang Weidong and works with their Investment Promotion Office, and now Li Xiaogang has stirred up the Jiang Weidong is to blame for such a disaster, this way, transfer Jiang Weidong out of this department! Where is there a vacancy?"

Li* Chang fumed.

"That leaves the propaganda there lacking a deputy who writes materials, but Kang Weidong..."

"Hmph, let him be a clerk, isn't it said that Jiang Weidong writes good articles, this will also just let him use his strengths!"

After saying that, Li*Long left with his hands behind his back!

Plus, Chen Hao's side.

This matter was handled for a full night.

When it came out the next morning, Chen Hao simply followed Li Xiao to his used car dealership.

Li Xiao and Su Ting were both wondering about Chen Hao's identity now.

After asking about it, Chen Hao spoke about it.

"Chen Hao, is it true or not? You're the Young Master chen from Jinling?"

Li smiled with a surprised face.

Su Ting was also shocked.

"Uh-huh, yeah!"

"And the Dreamer Group is yours too?"

Li smiled in surprise and delight.


Chen Hao laughed and said, "So ah, what I said about letting you do a large car dealership trade is not just talk, later, someone will come to help you run it! The handover procedures!"

"Really?" Soutine opened her eyes wide.

"Of course it's true!"

Last night, Chen Hao had told Li Zhenguo about this matter, and it was naturally not difficult to do.

That's why Chen Hao came over with Li Xiaoxiao.

The two brothers chatted for a while before Chen Hao got up and went back to the hotel.

Now Chen Hao had no car, and it wasn't easy to take a taxi in Pingan County.

So Chen Hao got a bicycle and rode back.

Li Xiaoxiao stood at the door and looked at Chen Hao leaving, tsking: "My brother, this is too low-key, if I had as much money as him, I would go out! It must be a fleet of Maybachs. There must be a dozen girls and bodyguards everywhere we go. Damn it, for what happened yesterday with Yang Guoquan, if I don't make his whole family regret living in the world, I won't be called Li Xiao!"

Li smiled with hatred.

"Huh? What did you just say?" But Su Ting's eyes glared.

"I say make Yang Guoquan's entire family regret coming to this world ah!"

"I mean your last sentence!"

"Gotta have a dozen chicks to keep you company...ah!"

Before she finished speaking, Su Ting gave Li Xiao's soft spot a good squeeze!

Chen Hao had ridden his bike all the way to the entrance of the hotel.

But just when he put down the car, he suddenly saw a girl who was holding her leg and limping as if she was looking for a taxi.

And seeing this girl.

Chen Hao immediately turned away from her face and tried to enter the hotel.

"Chen Hao?"

The girl suddenly shouted, apparently she had seen him...


This girl, if it's not Jiang Ranran or whoever!

Chen Hao can't say he hates Jiang Ranran, nor can he say he is bored.

It's just that he doesn't want to see her.

Hehe, sometimes it's interesting to think about emotions.

I remember when I was a kid, I was only seven or eight years old, I was led by my father, and when I saw Jiang Ranran.

I thought Jiang Ranran was so beautiful. When she grows up, it will be fine if she becomes my daughter-in-law.

After all, at that time, Jiang Ranran was the exquisite little lovely child, white and clean, and wore nice clothes.

It's just particularly arrogant, disliking Chen Hao for not being a city person.

Chen Hao wanted to get close to her, so she scolded Chen Hao away.

Although Chen Hao is quite afraid of her, he still wants her to be his wife.

This feeling only faded quite a bit as Chen Hao went to middle school. 

When we meet again now, Chen Hao would guarantee that if he exposed himself, not to mention catching up with Jiang Ranran, even if Jiang Ranran backtracked, it would be possible.

But now was now, not before.

Now Chen Hao was just trying to avoid her, it would be better if he never ran into her.

But to be afraid of something!

"Chen Hao, don't you see me?"

Jiang Ran Ran seemed to have broken her foot, and now asked Chen Hao with a little anger.

"No...didn't see it!"

Chen Hao was embarrassed.

"I was going to take a bus to Jinling City today, but I accidentally broke my foot, so I won't go!"

Jiang Ran Ran had walked to Chen Hao's side and said.

"Oooo, that's fine I'll go in first!"

Chen Hao pointed at the hotel and turned around to leave.

"Hey hey hey, what do you mean, I said I broke my foot, you didn't even ask!"

Jiang Ranran grumbled.

This indifferent attitude of Chen Hao made Jiang Ran Ran really feel a bit overwhelmed.

Yeah, how afraid of himself Chen Hao used to be, so to speak, even when he first met Chen Ge at home some time ago, if he asked Chen Hao to do anything, he would definitely be arsed.

Also, at that time, he never took Chen Hao's words and actions seriously.

But I don't know when it started, probably after knowing that Chen Hao was rich.

Jiang Ran Ran felt that Chen Hao was different, and she, herself, began to care about what Chen Hao thought of her and what he said and did.

Just think of Chen Hao's indifference just now.

If it was before, you could do whatever you like, you couldn't even put it in your eyes.

But not now, Jiang Ranran was unhappy, especially unhappy!

"Oooh, so is your foot okay?"

Chen Hao was helpless.

"Hmph, it's fine!"

Jiang Ran Ran a angry.

Chen Hao withdrew 600,000 in the bank himself saw with his own eyes, and also Chen Ge helped Aunt Lin to complete the target, so that she became the vice president of the things mom was crying yesterday.

Really, after hearing that, Jiang Ran Ran shocked badly.

It felt like she might have lost something!

"I'm glad it's okay, I have to get back to bed, I had a busy night last night!"

Chen Hao was also really tired.

Right now, he wanted to enter the hotel.

"So this is where you've been staying?"

Gingerly, she was startled again.

"Uh-huh!" Nodding coldly, Chen Hao walked towards the hotel.

"Chen Hao, you're really so cold to me, I've got an injured foot now and I want to go home, but you won't even send me back?"

Jiang Ranran's eyes suddenly turned red.

This boy, just have to be pampering himself and loving himself, but what's going on with the lovey-dovey attitude towards himself now!

"But I don't have a car, do I? I thought that G500 was sold, I can't give it to you!"

Chen Hao helplessly spread his hands.

"Then... then you have a bicycle, you can send it with a bicycle, and also, you made my mother sick with anger last night, so you don't go to See?"

Gingerly, he asked again.

"Fart your mother! What do you mean you're sick with anger at me! It's none of my business!"

Chen Hao cursed.

"Ah! Okay, okay, I'm wrong, okay, you take it easy!" Jiang Ran Ran was so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.

No one had ever scolded her like this, but when Chen Hao scolded her like this, she instead felt in her heart that she had said the wrong thing and blamed herself.

And in fact, the self-recrimination coupled with the shame of being scolded, Jiang Ranran couldn't stand it as she said it.

Tears were pouring down.

And as Chen Hao saw her crying, he also felt that his words just now were a bit heavy.

After all, as soon as she heard Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan now, Chen Hao's anger wouldn't hit a nerve.

The tone of her voice also softened a bit, "You can take a taxi yourself, I have to go back and rest!"

"I'm not leaving!"

Jiang Ran Ran's temper was also up.

Standing next to Chen Hao's bike.


Now this situation right, it was a bit embarrassing for Chen Hao to scold her again.

I thought to myself that if I didn't send her away, it wouldn't be so easy to go back to sleep.

Fortunately, their neighborhood was not far from this hotel.

Chen Hao just nodded, "Alright, if you don't mind taking the bike, I'll send you back with the bike!"


Jiang Ranran nodded heavily.

Sitting behind Chen Hao, one hand was still gently gripping Chen Hao's clothes.

"Chen Hao, I never thought you'd know how to ride a bicycle, but I don't even know how to ride one now!"


"Oh, when I taught you as a kid, didn't you scold rednecks before you rode something like that?" Chen Hao mocked and laughed.


Jiang Ran Ran blushed, remembering that when Chen Hao came to her house as a child, Chen Hao would ride a bike.

It was still Uncle Chen who brought Chen Hao on his bicycle at that time.

But now, what about herself? Actually sitting on top of a bike.

And it's a much more comfortable feeling than sitting in Lindon's sedan, don't you think!

And Jiang Ranran's reaction also reminded Chen Hao of a saying.

Better to sit in a BMW and cry than to sit in a bicycle and laugh.

In fact, Chen Hao felt that the key was not whether the BMW or the bicycle, the point was who rode the bicycle and who drove the BMW.

On the way there is a sentence without a sentence chatting, but also to the place.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place.

It was only when she arrived at Jiang Ranran's house that Chen Hao saw that it was only nine o'clock at Uncle Jiang's house at the moment, and it was already very lively.

Because there were quite a few guests in it.

Jiang Weidong was sitting on the sofa right now, his hands against his forehead, obviously something was worrying him.

Tang Lan, on the other hand, also looked ugly.

On the side, there were quite a few middle-aged people, who should be Jiang Weidong's colleagues, advising him on something.

Even this brat Lin Dong was there, and there was a middle-aged man sitting next to Lin Dong, who was somewhat like him.

It should be Lin Dong's father.

Jiang Ran Ran clearly didn't know what was happening and was a bit confused.

Instead, Chen Hao listened to their persuasion and understood a bit of the meaning.

It turned out that Jiang Weidong didn't know what trouble he had gotten into again, and had been transferred to another department as a clerical section chief!

I'm just getting sad.

"Mom and Dad, look who's here!"

Jiang Ranran said at this time.

Chen Hao was not what he used to be now, so his status was quite heavy in Jiang Ranran's heart.

"Oh, it's him here, dad, this is the Chen Hao I told you about, he's old and awesome, and now Ran Ran is so good with him too Besides, Chen Hao has money. He withdrew 600,000 from the bank. We're too redundant here. We can't help Uncle Jiang, let's go. Let's go!"

Lin Dong looked coldly at Chen Hao, now tugging on his dad's sleeve.

As for his dad, he just nodded, "Okay, let's go, ah Jiang, you can figure this out on your own."

After saying that, he got up.

"Deputy Lin*, don't go, this which is our family's guest, you're our guest of honor!"

After saying that, Jiang Weidong glanced fiercely at his indisputable daughter and shouted angrily.

"Ranjan, what's wrong with you! What kind of cats and dogs are coming home too!"


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