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"That's just as well, it was still premature, but now, all you have to do is sell your car and buy a house in Peace County. I'll find you another public job as a clerk, and with five insurance, you'll have a stable life!"

"A former subordinate of mine, whose sister is only three years older than you, is not yet married, so that when you finish all this, I... And so that you can be a matchmaker and you can take a wife!"

Jiang Weidong said.

Chen Hao was befuddled, as long as he donated money to him, was the treatment so good?

And then Jiang Ran Ran was startled, "Dad, you're not talking about the sister of the officer below you, are you? Isn't she...isn't she retarded?"

"What's wrong with being retarded? Nowadays it's easy to find a daughter-in-law, you don't even look at what conditions Chen Hao is in, I can't even guarantee if people are willing!"

Jiang Weidong said indifferently.

"Erm... this matter will not be bothered by Uncle Jiang!"

Chen Hao's face was angry.

But thinking about what dad had said, he endured it.

Jiang Weidong, on the other hand, wasn't done yet.

When he finished eating, Jiang Weidong contacted a second-hand car market for Chen Ge to quickly dispose of the car, part of the fundraising Buying a house, he could also take this opportunity to arrange a contract job with Chen Hao.

At least he's half of the system!

Chen Hao definitely didn't want it.

He even wanted to just reveal his identity and beat their faces off.

But when he remembered his dad's advice, after all, he had done something wrong to Uncle Jiang with Aunt Tang before.

Even though he didn't know what exactly he had done.

So Chen Hao really couldn't say anything.

He just wanted to hurry up and put an end to this matter that dad had told him, and then never mind this mess again.

The car didn't matter to himself anyway, so he agreed to do it.

"Okay, let Lin Dong accompany you, Lin Dong knows a lot, so you don't have to let anyone pit you into an idiot!"

After finishing his meal, Jiang Weidong faintly said to Chen Hao.

If Lin Dong hadn't come up with the idea for Chen Hao to fundraise, he really wouldn't have been willing to arrange a job for Chen Hao, even on this kind of contractual basis I don't know.

Now, after his fundraising, he'll be able to find a department and work as a clerk for $2,000 to $3,000 a month, which is good for a lifetime. Do him justice!

Of course, Chen Hao agreed to accompany Chen Hao along.

"Hmph, pit into a fool? It's a wonder I don't pit you against a fool!"

Lin Dong's goal is obvious, he wants to use Jiang Weidong to screw Chen Hao out of all his money and his car, so how can he pretend to be an idiot in the future?

I never thought that this Chen Hao would actually say yes for a crappy job, haha!

How could Chen Hao not know what was in Lin Dong and that Uncle Jiang's mind.

It's just a way to end it with you guys, so that you don't have to beep to beep to beep later.

If dad lets himself help him again, he'll have a reason to refuse.

So, Lin Dong, Jiang Ranran, and a few of Jiang Ranran's good classmates, all came to the used car market.

"Boss, come out, we want to sell this car!"

Lin Dong shouted happily.

"Here we go! Whew, Big G!"

A young man inside came out and was stunned to see Big G.

Lin Dong, on the other hand, handed up a cigarette and wanted to take a step to talk to his boss.

The idea was to lower the price of the car for Chen Hao.

But unexpectedly at this time, Chen Hao suddenly looked at the used car owner and smiled, "Li Xiao?"

The used car owner looked up sharply and was stunned when he saw Chen Hao.

Then slapped his own thigh, "Fuck, Chen Hao!?"

A face full of surprise came over.

Li Xiaoxiao, Chen Hao's neighbor plus a hairdresser, is considered Chen Haos best friend, half a year older than Chen Hao, playing together since childhood. And they were kind to Chen Hao.

Both of them were top of their class when they were young.

But later, because of some things, he did not finish junior high school and did not read, followed others to learn auto repair, did not expect a few years past, this is dry big! It's become the owner of a used car.

As Chen Hao is away at college and hasn't come home, so the contact is obviously less in the past two years.

But Fatty, we all know that even if we haven't seen each other for three to five years, as long as we see each other, we're still warm as if we had childhood feelings.

"When did you come back, why didn't you call me?"

Li Xiaoxiao hammered hard into Chen Hao's chest.

"I also came back a while ago, I didn't go back to my hometown, I'm in the county now!" Chen Hao also smiled happily.

"Li Xiao, what are you doing when you have customers you take care of them?"

At this time, a woman came out of the store, dressed quite fashionably, looking about the same age as Chen Hao.

And of course, this girl Chen Hao also knew, used to be a junior high school, and at that time fell in love with Li Xiao.

The family was the town's supermarket, rich.

Unexpectedly, the two were still talking now.

"Hey, my brother Chen Hao, Su Ting, you know him!"

Li smiled and said, "Now Su Ting is my fiancée, and we just got engaged three months ago!"

"Oooo, Chen Hao, I was wondering who it was, so hurry up and serve the guests!"

Unexpectedly, Su Ting saw Chen Hao, but she gave him a cold glance, then turned around and walked away.

Of course there was no such thing as looking down on her, but rather a touch of resentment that flashed through her eyes.

Chen Hao just smiled awkwardly.

"Fuck boss, we've been standing here for half a day, are you guys done chatting!"

Lyndon said, "We're selling cars!"

Lin Dong thought to himself, this fucking coincidence, it's actually Chen Hao's buddy, how can I pit myself against this!

"Oooh, who's selling the car? This young master, is it you who wants to sell the big G?"

Li laughed.

"Oh, I'm just helping him sell it, it's Chen Hao's big G. It's been open for a while, and I'll sell it to you for a million!"

Lin Dong said.

Looking at Chen Hao again, "Chen Hao, look this is your buddy, do you have the nerve to sell it too expensive? It's all good to make a little profit!"

Not waiting for Chen Hao to speak yet.

But Li Xiao was stunned: "Chen Hao, this your car?"

"Uh-huh, I'll explain it to you properly later, it's just as well this car is for sale!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

Li smiled and nodded, circled around the car already, and lifted the hood to look at it, "This car is over two million, and it's still driving without It's been a month. Why did you sell it, Chen Hao? And for a million dollars? Who is this kid to you?"

Li Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Dong's mischievous eyes when he said something about selling a million.

"He sold the car because he was in a hurry to buy a house and get married and find a job, as long as you give the money here, Uncle Jiang and I can immediately give him too Arrange it clearly, iron rice bowl, eat for a lifetime and never lose it, huh?"

Lyndon said.

"Did he really say that? A work daughter-in-law can have it all?"

Li Xiao, on the other hand, was pleased to see Chen Hao, if it was really an iron rice bowl plus wife, then the deal was really worth it.

Li Smiling was also happy for his brother.

Chen Hao just smiled bitterly.

There was no way he could tell brother Li Xiao that this was returning the favor for dad!

"But this young man, I don't have that much money, do I? By the way brother, you smoke, you worry more about my brother's business!"

Li Xiao said as he took out his own cigarette and tried to hand it to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong didn't take it, but took his own to light and smoke it.

"Oooo, you don't have that much money to open a used car shop, so forget it, let's go to that one across the street! Chen Hao, see, it's not that you won't sell it to your buddy, it's that your buddy doesn't have the money!"

Lin Dong directly threw his face to Li Xiao Chen Hao.

"There's no need for a million, just give this car to you, I can't drive it either!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"Fuck, Chen Hao you're sick, right?"

Jiang Ran Ran was also startled to see Chen Hao.


You know, this car was Chen Hao's biggest asset.

Now it's actually going to be given to his friend.

Chen Hao, what are you pretending to be!

Jiang Ran Ran, who had shifted her favoritism towards Chen Hao, was now a little more than annoyed.

It was as if this car wasn't anything else, it was her own.

In fact, in certain emotional moments, Jiang Ranran really did all consider Chen Hao to be her boyfriend.

But now... alas, I don't want to talk about it!

"Chen Hao, how can this work, this is your prospective new car, how can you give it to me, how about this, I only have 700,000 in my hand now, you two cars It was bought for two million, I'll buy it at one million eight hundred thousand, but I'll have to sell it and I'll give you the rest!"

"Seven hundred thousand, then!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly, he knew that if he really gave it to Li Xiao like this, he definitely wouldn't want it.

However, that incident back then, how could it be that Chen Hao's big G could make up for it.

"Leave Li Xiao alone, I'll explain some things to you later, just seven hundred thousand, let's sign the contract!"

Chen Hao patted Li Xiao's shoulder.

As for Li Xiao, he didn't say anything, because he thought that when he sold the money, he would just give it back to Chen Hao.

It didn't matter if it was a contract or not.

Just like that, under the astonished eyes of Jiang Ranran and the secret joy of Lin Dong, Chen Hao signed the contract.

And sold the car.

According to the agreement, Chen Hao helped raise half a million for Jiang Weidong.

There was just two hundred thousand left.

"Lin Dong Ranran, my cousin is the one who sells houses, their place happens to be open today, she's not off work yet! Chen Hao wants to buy a house, I'll give her a call, go to my cousin's and buy it, but the 200,000 is barely enough for a down payment!"

Along with Lin Dong and Jiang Ranran, there were two of Jiang Ranran's female friends, two little girls.

One of them said with a smile.


Jiang Ranran nodded faintly.

In this way, Chen Hao would become a poor man, right, with nothing more than a house and a mortgage.

Quite literally all the aura is gone, and that's it.

As for Chen Hao, he agreed to give up his car and donate the money to Jiang Weidong for no other reason than to return the favor for his dad.

If his own words, he is sick ah still take care of people like Jiang Weidong.

But when you listen to Jiang Ranran's little girl friend said her cousin bought the community.

The location is pretty good.

Chen Hao, it just so happens that he also plans to buy some houses in Pingan County and arrange accommodation for some executives.

The original plan was to buy a whole building as an employee dormitory, but now, it's not a problem to check out the house first and book one.

So, after saying goodbye to Li Xiaoxiao, I went with them.

Buying a house was simple.

I chose one, paid the down payment, signed the contract and waited for the bank to approve the loan.

"Oh my cousin, and handsome brother Lin Dong, thank you so much, it's so late now, don't leave, I'll treat you to Let's have supper for four, haha, cousin is treating you today!"

The girl's cousin was now happily speaking to Lin Dong Jiang Ranran and the four of them.

As for Chen Hao, he was also standing next to her with the purchase contract, he was supposedly a customer and had paid for it himself.

Even if it's a treat, you have to call yourself, right?

And the salesman just ignored him?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do that.

"That can't be, today no matter what, you can't let sister treat you, everyone think, what is the meaning of today, Chen Ge bought a house, let's The snack, of course it has to be Chen Hao's treat!"

Lin Dong laughed happily.

"Yeah, Chen Hao we followed you from seven o'clock to almost eleven o'clock now, and helped you finish buying the house again, and let me tell you, if it wasn't for an acquaintance You can't even get that price, go laughing in your sleep!"

The girl scowled.

"Right, right, I'll just pay for what we're having for supper tonight, just consume it as 10,000!"

Lin Dong smiled at this time.

"Huh? How come you're paying for Chen Hao's dinner, Brother Dong?"

"You may not know this, but I owe Chen Hao ten thousand dollars, so I'll hire it for him, and the note will be forgiven!"

Lin Dong thought to himself, you won't get ten thousand dollars back from me!

I'd rather buy and play than give it back to you.

"Well then, let's go, I'll be off work soon!"

The salesman was also happy.

At that moment, Jiang Ranran's phone rang.

It was Jiang Weidong calling.

"What's going on? Didn't I tell him to raise at least $800,000 so I could put him in a job? How come it's only half a million?"

"Dad, he only sold his car for $700,000, to a friend of his!"

"The half a million for this idiot is just an award for him, and as for the job, I'll have to figure it out later, huh?"

Jiang Weidong spoke coldly and hung up the phone directly.

"Chen Hao, my dad said..."

Jiang Ranran was still a little embarrassed at this point, looking at Chen Hao and telling him that the job would have to wait.

Chen Hao smiled faintly, "I know, no need to help me find a job, as for the late night snack, you guys go ahead and eat, I won't go, goodbye!"

After saying that, he threw out Lin Dong's IOU from his pocket and Chen Hao left directly.

Chen Hao walked out.

For some reason, after being mocked by them, Chen Hao didn't have the anger he used to have.

After all, they, by all accounts, were not of the same world as himself.

As for the Jiang family, he had first funded the help to bring the Jiang family back to life, and then raised funds, so to speak, no matter how big a favor his father owed, it should be paid back.

The father's debt to the son, so it's all settled.

As for the future of the Jiang family, you do not need to care.

What's the point of going to dinner with Jiang Ranran and the others!

That night, Chen Hao went back to the hotel to sleep.

It was only seven o'clock the next morning when he waited.

His own phone rang.

Upon looking, it was from Li Xiao.

"Chen Hao, are you up yet? Come over to my shop if you're okay, I've asked your sister-in-law to make breakfast, I have something to tell you, the car is sold, so come on over!"

Li Xiaoxiao said from the phone.

Last night, Li Xiao learned that Chen Hao might need money urgently, after which he had entrusted all the connections he could to his circle of associates, and at least found a buyer for Chen Hao as soon as possible.

Chen Hao, of course, misses Li Xiao, in fact, if Li Xiao doesn't call him today, Chen Hao has to go to Li Xiao.

Even this time before returning to Pingan County, Chen Hao thought of him.

When he washed up and dressed, he went straight to Li Xiao's used car dealership.

"Chen Hao, what luck, last night a buddy helped us get in touch with a buyer, haha, I sold you 1.85 million, so According to our agreement, I'll pay you $1,100,000 and I'll make $50,000 out of it! Got you!"

After arriving at the car dealership, Li Xiao pulled Chen Hao into the room, and also locked the door, and said to Chen Hao very mysteriously.

Afterwards, she took the check and gave it to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao will definitely not take it.

Besides, it's unknown whether Li Xiao makes money or not.

Just as the two were pushing and shoving.

"Li Xiao, open the door for me, damn it, where's my 100,000 yuan bankbook?"

Su Ting, who ran out of the kitchen, shouted at Li Xiao as she smashed the door.


"What $100,000 passbook?"

Chen Hao was stunned.

When he immediately opened the door, he saw that Su Ting was in a hurry already.

"Don't worry about it, I have use for this money!"

Lee laughed at him.

"What do you use? What do you have in your hand? I go, what are you doing with such a big check?"

Su Ting was directly anxious.

"This is money for Chen Hao! Seven hundred thousand dollars to acquire a two million dollar prospective new car, how is that possible!"

Li smiled and said.

"Why is it impossible, what's wrong with making Chen Hao money? You Li Xiao can't trap anyone, you can trap him! Bring it to me!"

Su Ting snatched the check away.

"Hmph, the car sold for a total of one million eight hundred thousand, and we've given Chen Hao seven hundred thousand, we still have to give someone another hundred thousand hard work for the introduction!"

Soutine picked up the bill again and now saw the amount clearly.

"1.1 million? Li Xiao, what do you mean? I see, 100,000 dollars you used to give to Chen Hao, then we lost 100,000 dollars in this big business? You're crazy you!"

After saying that, Su Ting hurriedly picked up a wine bottle and smashed it directly towards Li Xiao, but it missed and hit Chen Hao's feet.

Li Xiao was also anxious, and the two of them wanted to fight.

Indeed, this car where to sell 1.85 million, is to spend money to find the relationship, zero profit to sell out, because Li Xiao last night to see Chen Hao's face unhappy, is not a lack of money difficult to live ah.

So just want to give Chen Hao share money as soon as possible.

So Li Xiao would rather take a point.

Also have to help Chen Hao.

And Su Ting's wine bottle was obviously smashed to Chen Hao's face.

"You give me the check, I said give Chen Hao the 1.8 million, give it to me!"

"By virtue of what ah, I don't give, we owe Chen Hao ah, and Li Xiao, when you were in junior high school, if you hadn't been stabbed by Chen Hao by The school expelled me, I could live like this with you, you were the top student at our age!"

Soutine cried.

"Fuck you, what are you talking about you!"

Li Xiao blushed and cursed directly.

It was stopped by Chen Hao standing in the middle.

Yes, as soon as this matter was said, Chen Hao's heart just gripped pain.

He grew up with Li Xiao, and Li Xiao's family was poor, so the so-called two people who share the same illness are most likely to become close friends.

The two of them were good buddies, studying together.

Li Xiao, on the other hand, belonged to the kind of people who were excellent in their studies and quite fond of hanging around.

It was common to get into fights in the grade.

Why does Chen Hao say that his shadow is in high school and not middle school?

Because Chen Hao was bullied less in middle school, there was Li Xiao.

And Chen Hao had a girl friend in junior high school.

It wasn't exactly a relationship at that time, anyway, the two of them used to write letters and deliver letters and such.

Mostly, later on, this girl was seen by a student who was quite good at hanging around, and knowing that she was close to Chen Hao, she brought someone to block Chen Hao after school to beat Chen Hao.

Li Xiao goes with Chen Hao, and helps Chen Hao to fight that day when he gets beaten up.

When the fight got heated, Li Xiao stabbed that kid.

So no one was killed.

But Li Xiao was also expelled from school for that incident.

After that, Chen Hao got beaten up several times.

And that girl, then became with the guy who was a good mix.

Chen Hao was afraid of girls in high school and college and was shy when he met them, but it was also related to the shadow of this incident.

Since then, Chen Hao has taken Li Xiao's kindness to heart.

And after Li Xiao was expelled, she hung out and didn't go home, plus after Chen Hao went out to study, Li Xiao changed her phone number a few times, and Chen Hao couldn't even get in touch sometimes if she wanted to!

It could be said that Li Xiao's great future was ruined in direct relation to himself!

That's why Su Ting didn't like the way she looked at herself.

Su Ting was a nice girl, her family owned a big supermarket in town, and she was rich, but she never disliked Li Xiao, and had talked with Li Xiao since the first day of middle school.

Chen Hao had a really good impression of Su Ting.

So no matter how Su Ting talked about herself and treated her badly, Chen Hao was not angry at all.

The main thing was that Li Xiao was doing well too, and Chen Hao was even happier in his heart!

After persuading the two.

Su Ting still went to serve breakfast.

As she ate, she chatted with Li Xiaoxiao about the various things in the past.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, told Li Xiao that this Mercedes Benz big G was actually a gift from the event.

But his own identity, Chen Hao is a bit torn.

The main reason is that he is afraid that after telling Li Xiao, it will be too sudden, and he is afraid that this sincere brotherly love will be lost.

Of course, no matter what, Chen Hao was definitely going to help Li Xiao to the death this time back, that was no problem!

"Let's say Chen Hao, I've been allowed to take this money, I'm uncomfortable how, this daughter-in-law of mine is stable, and you haven't settled there yet, you The girlfriend you talked to in Jinling City, whether you marry her in the future or not is a different matter, this money, you take a big head, I take a small head!"

Li Xiao still wanted to give Chen Hao money.

But Chen Hao, said that he didn't want any more, and said that Li Xiao would leave immediately if he gave him any more.

Only then did Li Xiao didn't pester him anymore.

"Hmph, that's more like it, with this money, you'll be able to make it big, Brother Smiling! It's also Chen Hao's way of repaying you!"

Only then did Su Ting's face have some joy.

The first time I saw Li Xiao's face was quite unhappy, so I persuaded Li Xiao to say: "Brother Xiao, a colleague who used to work with me, she was formerly in the office. A few days ago, she called me to say that one of her girlfriends is anxious to get married, she's the same age as us, and asked me to introduce her to her. Or else we can talk to Chen Hao and ask them to go on a blind date. If they are really introduced, Chen Hao will have a family. And it's a big help to Chen Hao!"

Li smiled and laughed: "That's okay, Chen Hao, just one blind date, people this is anxious to get married, as long as the match is good, you Getting married this year, unlike that girlfriend you talked to in the city, they have too high a view, the family has a higher view, it's really not realistic !"

Li smiled in concern.

Chen Hao shook his head, so he said no need for it.

"What don't use, it's always good for you to take a look on a blind date, it's not like I'm telling you to get married, you can talk about it if you think it's suitable, you don't talk about it if it's not . That's the best way to kill two birds with one stone! Just making friends!"

Li Xiao was really thinking about himself.

And because of this, it was not good for Chen Hao to refuse his brother.

Can't he just tell Li Xiao now, don't worry about it, I'm a super rich second generation?

Then Chen Hao should go to hell!

Just smile and nod your head, "OK!"

Let's just meet one side, just like Li Xiao said, the worst thing we can do is to make a friend.

"Haha, that's good, I'll go do it now, that girl's family is from Pingan County, let's see if we can arrange a lunch party at noon!"

Su Ting was quite happy about it though.

After finishing breakfast, Su Ting told Chen Hao to go back and change into some nice clothes to get ready.

Chen Hao left as well.

Shortly after leaving the house, Li Zhenguo called again.... 


What Li Zhenguo called about was the jade pendant.

He had already made inquiries about an experienced master, who was on a jade antique street in Pingan County.

He heard from Li Zhenguo that he was famous in the area, and that he was a handicraft handed down from his ancestors.

To identify this kind of ancient jade, it was natural to look for a master.

Chen Hao decided to let him take a look at it first, and if he couldn't, he would go and find some masters in the country.

After all, that old dean didn't even know Meng Ye's identity.

With no clue, how can we investigate?

So, to say that the only clue was this jade pendant.

Originally, Li Zhenguo wanted to accompany Chen Hao along.

But dad had instructed that the fewer people who knew about Meng Ye's case, the better.

Plus, Li Zhengguo was busy right now, so Chen Hao went on his own.

After all, Chen Hao knew about that street.

The Antique Street wasn't big, just a few shops that sold porcelain antiques.

After going there, it was obvious that Li Zhenguo had already arranged everything.

An old man with eyes and a long white beard, dressed in a tang suit, was already waiting for Chen Hao.

"Hello Mr. Chen, my name is Xu Moinian!"

Xu Moinian smiled at Chen Ge.

"Mr. Xu is courteous, back to business, this time I am asking you to help me appraise a piece of jade, including the age of this piece of jade, its history, in short, the more The more detailed the better!"

Chen Hao went straight to the main topic.

Afterwards, he carefully took out the piece of jade pendant.

And when Xu Moinian saw the jade pendant, his eyes couldn't help but jump slightly.

Then with a respectful face, he carefully took the jade pendant over.

"This kind of jade, rare to see once in a hundred years, excellent jade, excellent jade ah! Mr. Chen, how did you get this kind of jade?"

Xu Moinian came to great interest and asked now.

He looked Chen Hao up and down, but he didn't see anything.

One had to know that those with this kind of jade were worth a lot of money.

And Chen Hao could also see that although Zhao Zhenguo had arranged everything, he was still hiding his identity from himself.

Right now, he said, "Old Mr. Xu you don't need to ask this, just tell me the origin of this jade pendant..."

"Forgive me for being clumsy with my eyes, it's a bit difficult for me to tell the origin of the jade pendant at the moment, but the feel as well as the texture that this piece of jade gives . I seem to have read about it in one of my ancestor's notes. Mr. Chen, would you mind leaving the jade pendant here? I'll let you know when I find out?"

Xu Moinian said.

"Yes, I hope Mr. Xu will be quick!"

Chen Hao thought about it, since it was Li Zhenguo who arranged it, there must be something on his side.

So he nodded his head.

After another brief chat, Chen Hao was ready to leave.

What to do?

Going on a blind date a little early, Chen Hao now wanted to go and get some money, because the location where he purchased the house was nearby, Chen Hao also happened to hold the agreement contract in his bag, so of course he went to pick up the rest of the money.

After all, Chen Hao can't really take out a loan ah!

"Chen Hao?"

At that moment, a girl suddenly called out to Chen Hao, obviously surprised to run into Chen Hao here.

Chen Hao was also surprised when he looked back.

This girl had come out from the inner courtyard.

Apparently she lived here.

But it wasn't Jiang Ranran's good friend who was Xu Xin....

When we first went to Jiang Ranran's house that day, the beautiful Xu Xin left a deep impression on Chen Hao.

Just felt that this girl was kind.

"Xu Xin, is this your home?"

Chen Hao laughed and asked.

"Ummm, yeah, this is my grandfather! By the way Chen Hao, what brings you to our shop?"

Xu Xin came over and smiled.

"Xiao Xin, why are you talking, you have to call Mr. Chen!"

Xu Moinian was first startled, then educated Xu Xin.

Chen Hao's history Xu Monian is not clear, but that middle-aged man who makes himself all obedient to this Mr. Chen, actually able to alarm the county governor, even the president of the National Antique Research Association these relations, must be extraordinary, which means Chen Hao is not simple.

Otherwise, Xu Monian was so respectful to Chen Hao.

Hearing Xu Xin speak like this, he couldn't help but remind him.

"Oh my grandfather, this is my new friend Chen Hao, who was also a hairdresser with Ran Ran!"

Xu Xin smiled.

"It's okay.

Old Xu, just get busy first!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Huh? Chen Hao, you still haven't told me what you came to see my grandfather for?"

Xu Xin asked.

"Ask your grandfather for a favor! And it's nothing!" Chen Hao.

"O-Oh, then come over to my house and sit down, I'll make you some tea!"

"Next time, I'll have to come anyway, I need to get some money from the bank over there now!"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Just as well, I'm going to go to the bank to deliver my mother's phone! A piece of it!"

Xu Xin went outside with Chen Hao as she spoke.

Chen Hao withdrew money this time, originally wanted to quietly withdraw the money and leave, but did not expect to run into Xu Xin.

A little embarrassed nodded.

"Did your mother forget to take her phone this time?" Chen Hao had no words to ask.

"Ahem, no, it's the cell phone that is taking less, alas, the bank where my mother is a deputy director is in dire need of attracting funds, and my mother is a deputy director and has The target's, having to keep calling different clients on several cell phones, busy her all!"

Xu Xindao.

As we chatted, we also went inside the bank.

"Mom, here's your phone!"

In the lobby, a middle-aged woman was already waiting for Xu Xin.

At this moment, she was startled when she saw Chen Hao who was with her daughter.

"Little Xin, this is?"

Xu Xin's mother asked.

"This is my friend Chen Hao, who I told you about last time, who invited me to a French meal at a western restaurant, hehe, he just happened to be coming to get his money !"

Xu Xin said.

"Huh? So it's this guy. He's quite handsome! What, are you guys going out?"

Xu Xin's mother asked.

Chen Hao said in his heart, "This is not going to make himself Xu Xin's boyfriend.

"Oooo, I'll get some money and then I'll go pay for the house!"

"Yah, it's all in the house!"

Xu Xin's mother was happy.

Think about it, that night, my daughter told herself, the French dinner, so expensive, it shows that this young man is well off financially.

Now as soon as she heard that she was going to buy a house she liked it even more.

"Whew, Deputy Division Lin, who bought a house?"

At this moment, a cold and mocking voice came over.

It was also a middle-aged woman who came over.

And seeing this middle-aged woman come to the lobby, Chen Hao was startled.

It was Jiang Ranran's mother, Aunt Tang Lan Tang.

Yes, Tang Lan also worked at the bank and served as a leader, and was also a deputy, at the same level as Xu Xin's mother.

But running into Aunt Tang as soon as she arrived, Chen Hao was a little surprised.

"Chen Hao? What are you doing here?"

Tang Lan then took another glance at Chen Hao and also asked unexpectedly.

"I'll take the money!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

Now he didn't even bother to call Aunt Tang.

"Hmph, okay Chen Hao, now you won't even call out Aunt Tang when you see me, what? You're not doing it, are you? No money, right? Get some money to live on? Really, what's the point of winning the lottery derring-do!"

"And that thing about your job, the half a million dollars you donated this time, if it was more I could have arranged for you to have a good labor unit for almost a month, but Now, people have fundraising for more, your Uncle Jiang means, you wait for now, you can arrange labor dispatch later. Work!"

Tang Lan was the first to write off the relationship.

"I said Deputy Tang, what are you talking about? What's no money?"

Xu Xin's mother asked in shock.

"You still don't know? Oooh, no wonder, I'm afraid Xu Xin doesn't know either... Chen Hao now ah..."

So, Tang Lan told Chen Hao that his family used to be poor, including things like selling his car and buying a house now.

He also put extra emphasis on the fact that Chen Hao had become a poor man.

Let Xu Xin's mother directly shivered.

Fuck, I almost pushed my daughter into the tiger's mouth!

"Mom, I brought you the phone you asked for!"

At this time, there was a sound of brakes outside, and then several figures from the bank poured out.

It couldn't be Jiang Ranran and Lin Dong, as well as the two girlfriends who were with Jiang Ranran yesterday, and it looked like they were going out again.

They were also dropping by to give Tang Lan a mobile phone.

"Chen Hao? What are you doing here?" Jiang Ran Ran saw Chen Hao at a glance and asked no questions!



"Hmm, no need to ask, must have come to get some pocket money, haha, you don't know, I noticed his money yesterday, he had it in his wallet Not a penny more!"

Lin Dong laughed out loud.

As for Jiang Ranran, after glancing at Chen Hao, she didn't say anything else.

In the past, when Chen Hao was rich, Jiang Ran Ran still had some feelings for Chen Hao.

But now, Chen Hao had done a series of things that made Jiang Ran Ran feel nothing all of a sudden.

"Yeah, the one who came to get the money is still here with Xu Xin!"

Tang Lan smiled.

Jiang Ran Ran's face tightened, as if she had sensed something.

Hurriedly pulling Xu Xin aside, she said a lot of words like Chen Hao is out of money and might want to cheat you.

Xu Xin, on the other hand, looked at Chen Hao somewhat nervously, "Chen Hao, why are you selling your car ah, and how come you're selling it so low ah?"

She was thinking for Chen Hao.

"I'll tell you about it later, I have to get some money first, I have something to do at noon!"

Chen Hao smiled at Xu Xin.

Then without looking at the others, he came directly to the counter.

As for Lin Dong, he had to make the mistake of bringing a few girls over to look at Chen Hao.

It meant to look at Chen Hao's jokes.

"Sir, may I ask how much you take?"

The counter salesman asked.

"Let's take six hundred thousand dollars first!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Fuck? Six hundred thousand?"

Lin Dong was startled.

And Jiang Ran Ran was also startled.

Tang Lan and Xu Xin's mother who were all ready to go in on the side were also looking over this way.

"Okay sir, you wait a moment!"

The salesman said.

Then he asked Chen Hao to enter his password and sign.


The sound of the machine counting money rang out.

The smile on Lin Dong's face directly froze.

"You... you actually have money? Didn't all your money go to the car?"

Lin Dong was surprised.

"When did I say my money was for a car!?"

Chen Hao coldly said.

"Then Chen Hao, how many more did you get?"

Jiang Ran Ran asked.

At this moment, Xu Xin's mother and Tang Lan also came over.

"I'm hit... "Chen Hao got up a high note, and everyone instantly stared all around, "Forget it, it's not much, let's not talk about it!"


Jiang Ran Ran a gas.

And so much money, Chen Hao's small bag can not fit, just at this time there are to you staff to change the black garbage bags, Chen Hao will want a The six hundred thousand a load, and after speaking to Xu Xin, he left with it.

"So he still has money!"

Aunt Don was alarmed.

"Yeah, I didn't realize how many he'd hit!"

Jiang Ran Ran was in a hurry.

As if she had done something that she regretted.

"Damn, if you ask me, Chen Hao is deliberately pretending to be poor to us!"

Lin Dong hated it even more.

Because he had just been slapped in the face, and it was a hard slap.

Right now, the mood to go out and play was gone....

And back to Chen Hao again.

Chen Hao has gone to the sales office and, no doubt, smacked that salesman in the face yesterday.

Full payment for the house directly.

A total of seven hundred thousand lump sums.

This is the big guy.

And after doing all this, it was almost noon, and Li Xiao began to call to hurry.

Chen Hao hurriedly went back to change his clothes and went straight to a hotel called Jin Ruyi.

At this moment, in one of the hotel's private rooms, Li Xiao and Su Ting had arrived.

Li Xiao and Su Ting had already arrived.

Besides, there were three others.

One is Su Ting's best friend, and the other is the girl from the blind date, with long hair, white skin, and a delicate and pretty appearance.

And next to her, there's the girl's mother.

A middle-aged, slightly chubby woman who had her eyebrows tattooed like a caterpillar, looking a bit brawny.

"Chen Hao this person is really quite good, not that we're boasting, you'll know it when you meet him, a graduate of a prestigious university, and quite clear and elegant, now The job was also arranged immediately, and I heard that I could enter the public sector, and I also bought a house in Pingan County!"

Su Ting just chatted with them.

After all, to Chen Hao, because of Li Xiao, the junior high school was originally all quite close.

It was only later when that incident happened with Li Xiao, that's why Su Ting resented Chen Hao.

But now, these resentments have been eliminated quite a bit, and it's just fine to worry about Chen Hao for her.

"How big is the house? It can't be less than three rooms, right? It's not even a house if it's not three bedrooms and two bathrooms!"

At that moment, the girl on the blind date looked up and asked a question.

"Why? It's just a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, huh?"

Lee smiled and said.

"That's fine, where's the car? What brand of car?"

The one who opened the door was the mother of the blind date girl.

"Oooh, the car then hasn't been bought yet, and besides, cars aren't worth much in general!"

Lee joked.

"Ahem, actually, the RVs and all that, it doesn't matter to us, mainly because the chap has to be an honest man, like the kind that talks a lot, Not for bragging!"

Mom again.

"Honest, don't worry, absolutely honest!"

Su Ting said, "We kind of grew up together, can't we be clear about this~!"

The crowd was chatting.

Chen Hao pushed the door in.

"Chen Hao, come quickly, I'll introduce you!"

Li smiled and introduced everyone to each other.

And the middle-aged woman stared up and down at Chen Hao, and could tell that Chen Hao looked honest.

The heart was also at ease.

Within a short while, the food was served, and anyway, the people on both sides were just eating while chatting sentence by sentence.

"Oh my, I said why isn't this last dish on yet, I'm going to rush it!"

That colleague said, and gave a wink to Su Ting Li Smile.

Then the three of them went out together, and Li smiled and patted Chen Hao's shoulder, signaling Chen Hao to cheer up.

The middle-aged woman saw everyone leave and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

"Your name is Chen Hao, right? Your condition, as we all know, is quite honest, what do you think of my daughter's looks?"

The woman.

Of course honestly ah, Chen Hao was still the first time to go on a blind date like this, and looking at this woman like a tigress, almost didn't say a word except for Li Xiaoxiao asked.

"Quite good!"

Chen Hao.

As for that girl, she now glanced up at Chen Hao, then pouted and somewhat disdainfully lowered her head again.

Fuck, what kind of eyes?

Chen Hao cursed in his heart.

"Let me tell you, but my daughter works in a company under the Dreamer Investment Group, Daheng Production and Trading Company, Dreamer Investment The group knows, right? That's a big group with superb financial strength, how hard it is to get in to work there, you know?"

The woman.

Daheng Production and Trade, if Chen Hao remembered correctly, it was just a factory that the dreamer supported and invested in, like this kind of supported local project, there were quite a few this time.

Just like that even dared to say that it was under the Dreamer?

Chen Hao smiled helplessly in his heart.

He just nodded his head. But in his heart, he wondered, this woman is quite normal, and her looks and temperament are good, so why did she have to marry low?

"We, well, just to see you honest, because my daughter is looking for an honest man to marry, but before marrying you, I here Covenant, you listen!"


Chen Hao is confused, fuck, what kind of rhythm is this?


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