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After Chen Hao connected the video, he called out respectfully.

Although this wasn't the first time that he had opened a video for his dad after learning his identity, but then, Chen Hao's attitude was a little more respectful.

After all, dad was now much more dignified than before.

"Song ah, what are you busy with?"

Dad, however, looked at Chen Hao with a benevolent smile.

"Getting ready for a break, Dad, are you calling so late, what's the matter?"

"Well, there is one thing, I had your sister look into it, I know you usually spend most of your energy on your homework. But now your sister has gone to her property over in North Africa, so it's been delayed, so I don't know if your sister has told you yet."

"Is it for me to help you find a woman?"

Chen Hao remembered what his sister had explained to him in front of the front end time, to help himself to a woman.

"Yes, I'll fax you her picture later, so help me find out as much as you can about her whereabouts, alas, otherwise, dad will be Blame yourself for the rest of your life!"

"And one thing you should keep in mind, don't let your mother know!"

Dad sighed sorrowfully.

It made Chen Hao sound awkward.

It even made his face look bad.

Was this the one woman Dad had failed?

The first thing that Chen Hao thinks of is his own mother, and he feels so sorry for that. Mom, right?

"What does she have to do with you? You have more energy than any of us, so if you wanted to find it, surely you found it, right?"

Chen Hao said.

"Alas, child, if Dad can find it conveniently, there's no need to let your sister and brother-in-law find it, as far as what's at stake? You and your sister have the same problem, anyway I'm telling you, it's not just the relationship you think, she and what happened to our family back then. It's about something big. After all these years, the Chen family is very sorry. As for what, don't ask. I'll tell you later. Yours!"

"Okay, that's it, give me a snack on this!"

After saying that, Dad hung up the phone.

Soon after, Chen Hao received a fax message on his side of the phone.

It was one of those black and white photos from decades of generations.

And on the photo, there was a woman.

The moment he saw the woman, Chen Hao's hand suddenly shook violently, almost dropping the phone on the ground.

After looking at the photo for a long while longer, Chen Hao even sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Isn't this... isn't this Su Rosebud?"

Yes, the woman in the photo was indeed born beautiful, of the Chu Chu type.

Almost exactly the same as Su Sizyue.

If it wasn't for the fact that the photo was black and white, Chen Hao would have taken her as Su Sizyue.

How could it be her?

Chen Hao thought to himself that this woman should belong to his father's peers.

In other words, she was most likely Su Rose's mother.

After all, Chen Hao was clear that Su ziyue had grown up in an orphanage.

Her parents had abandoned her for some unknown reason.

Now, if nothing else, the woman that Dad had asked him to find was Su Rose's mother who hadn't run away.

Even now, many thoughts drifted through Chen Hao's mind.

I remembered that when I first met Su Rose, a throb suddenly arose in my own heart.

It was the kind of first time you saw her, and you felt very close to Su Rose, naturally close, and naturally wanting to protect her! The no reason kind.

Now that I think about it, couldn't it be that Su Rose is his sister?

Although father kept explaining, to say that the two were not related at all, Chen Hao would not believe it to death!

This night, Chen Hao suddenly had a lot of nerves and couldn't sleep as he lay in bed tossing and turning.

When it was the next morning, Chen Hao called Su Rose, making sure to meet her and have a good time with her

Have a chat.

The two of them had also been chatting occasionally on WeChat when they were fine.

Su Rose has now gone to a new kindergarten.

It's doing quite well.

And with Chen Hao's help, he had directly given Su Rose a house for the two tigers to live in.

"Teacher Su, can you do me a favor, I can't review the homework of these kids in our class, my boyfriend came to pick me up and wanted to Go out shopping, will you approve it for me?"

A female teacher with long hair and waist length, at this moment, faintly said to Su Rose who was also grading students' homework.

"But Teacher Liu, I also have some of my homework here that is still being graded!"

Su Rose said in a difficult manner.

"Hmph, don't want to help if you don't want to help, what reason are you looking for ah, don't think that you're a bull if Mr. Tang introduced you as a teacher, huh . Think about it, who is Su Sizyue ah, just a month here, and was named the most beautiful teacher in the Jinling City Early Childhood Education Campus, you more Awesome, now can't I even ask you to help grade my homework?"

The teacher named Liu Ke was cold.

She entered this Jinling's best kindergarten two months earlier than Su Sizyue, when Su Sizyue first came, Liu Ke often bullied her, reviewing homework often.

Moreover, people Liu Ke has found a boyfriend who is also a powerful and influential existence, plus good looks.

The school district originally voted for the 'most beautiful' female teacher Liu Ke thought she would definitely take the top spot.

As a result, the parents of the students voted for the most beautiful Su Qianwei.

Of course Liu Ke was anxious.

Also inquired about Su Sizyue, really a little back is not.

That's why there is a scene in front of you.

As for some of the other older female teachers, seeing this scene, they also dare not speak out.

"Alright, I'll just review it for you! Teacher Liu Ke!"

Su Rose bit her lips and moved the pile of homework she left behind from Liu Ke's desk and put it on her own.

"Hmph, that's more like it, don't think you're fooling around just because you've selected a most beautiful award, let me tell you, I, Liu Ke, don't lose anything to you!"

Liu Ke scolded Su Rose.

Just proudly turned around and wanted to leave.

"Rose, let whoever's homework approve it, you don't owe her any money, what do you care about her for?"

And at this time, a faint voice sounded.

A boy walked up to Su Rose and moved the large stack of homework back to Liu Ke.

"Fuck, who the fuck are you?"

Liu Ke was stunned.

Chen Hao didn't even look at her and directly pulled up Su Rose's arm, "Didn't I tell you to take a leave of absence? Why are you grading her homework? Come on, let's go eat first, there's something we need to talk to you about!"

"Uh-huh, I'm taking my leave!"

Su Sizyue nodded her head.

After seeing Chen Hao, it was as if Su Sizyue possessed a sense of security.

Because normally, she was indeed a little afraid of the arrogant and domineering Liu Ke's. But when she saw the two of them ignore her out, her teacher lowered her head and smiled.

But seeing the two of them ignoring themselves out, her female teacher lowered her head and smiled.

Liu Ke, on the other hand, blushed.

"Oh my, teacher Liu Ke, your boyfriend has come to pick you up again! So envious!"

In the kindergarten, several young female teachers who had gone out shopping were chatting with Liu Ke's boyfriend at the door right now.

At this moment, when they saw Liu Ke, they all envied her.

But right after that, and see the side also walked out of the Su Sizyue and Chen Hao.

A few girls pounded each other's arms: "Oh my gosh, you see? Could this boy be Su Sizyue boyfriend?"

"Oh God, no way. This boy looks so low!"

"Haha, that's how the two of them got together!"

As soon as Chen Hao's side also came out, a mocking voice entered his ears....


"Hmph, no wonder Su Sizyue dared to be so disobedient to me today... So, he's got a boyfriend! It's really pissing me off!"

Liu Ke rolled her eyes and looked at Chen Hao and Su Sizyue and said.

"Ke'er, what's wrong?"

The man who was leaning on the car door with both hands in his pockets was also looking at Chen Hao with a hostile smile.

"It's still not this Su Sizyue ah, originally well, today the students are on holiday, we have to stay at school to grade homework, but I'm not going to Shopping it, let her help, the results of people's boyfriends come, directly refused to help!"

"If you didn't know, you'd think you'd found a great boyfriend, a loser!"

Liu Ke just told her what had just happened.

She took a look at Chen Hao wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of sweatpants and sneakers or something, and it looked like that kind of loser configuration.

Thus speaking without regard.

"That's right, chose the most beautiful teacher bleached chant, or Ke'er your boyfriend is powerful, he is driving a BMW 5 series, too awesome!"

"I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it. It's about getting collegial!"

Liu laughs.

Trying to isolate Su Sizyue with this.

"Hurrah hurrah hurrah!"

The group of girls jokingly got on the bus and left.

Chen Hao had wanted to go up and spray that Liu Ke.

After all, seeing Su Sizyue bullied by her classmates like this, Chen Hao definitely couldn't be angry.

But what? Su Sizyue held Chen Hao's arm, preventing Chen Hao from being impulsive.

"Damn it! What's so great about having money?"

Chen Hao cursed as he watched their backs as they left.

Then he left with Su Sizyue in the big G that he had parked on the side of the road.

It was now almost eleven o'clock.

Chen Hao took Su Sizyue into a restaurant.

"Chen Hao, you said you were looking for me for something important, what is it?"

After sitting down, Su Sizyue asked curiously.

"Siyzue, do you recognize a woman called Dreamsome?"

Chen Hao didn't beat around the bush, this matter didn't just involve Su Sizyue's life, it also involved himself ah.

If that Meng Min is really the woman that father used to be.

Wouldn't that mean that you have a sister out of nowhere!

And it felt too strange to Chen Hao as well.

So right now, he must ask for clarification.

As for Su Sizyue, when she heard these two words, she suddenly gave a full body pause, then looked at Chen Hao with a surprised face.

"You... how did you know about her?"

Su Sizyue asked in shock.

Once Chen Hao heard that, there really was a door.

Busy saying, "Who is she to you?"

Su Sizyue shook her head lonely, "I don't know who she is to me, I just know that she's the one who abandoned me, and it's likely that my Mother, I also asked the director of the orphanage later, and he told me!"

"Because I was found at the entrance of the orphanage with a jade pendant that just had the name of Dream Peasant engraved on it!"

Su Sizyue looked at Chen Hao, "I haven't mentioned this to anyone, how did you know about it? Is it Big Tiger Two Tigers and the others?"

Chen Hao thought about it.

Still, he was not going to tell Su Sizyue the truth for the time being.

Mostly, Chen Hao didn't know how to say this.

Simply by way of saying, "Hmmm, it seems like I heard them mention it from some unknown one, Sizyue, don't you want to find your mother? Or is this one called Be a Dreamer?"

Chen Hao changed the subject.

"Of course I want to find her, but how can I find her!"

Su Sizyue said, "That's why I didn't tell you about this, you've helped me a lot already, and I really didn't want you to Help me again and I won't know how to repay you!"

"What's the point, if you're looking for it, then don't worry, I'll help you!"

Chen Hao smiled and patted Su Sizyue's shoulder.


Su Sizyue nodded her head heavily.

Then, from herself, she took out the jade pendant that was wrapped in a red cloth.

"Chen Hao, look, this is the jade pendant!"

Su Sizyue handed the jade pendant to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at it, could it not be the information about the jade pendant in those pictures that Dad had sent to him.

"Siyzue, can you let me hold the jade pendant for a while, I want to find a master to help check the origin of this jade!"

Chen Hao smiled.

When Su Siyzue paused, she nodded her head, "Yes!"

Next, Chen Hao asked about some of Su Siyzue's previous events.

"It's really hot outside, and my sunscreen isn't working anymore!"

Just then, a group of people entered the store.

One of the girls couldn't help but say, carrying a pocket of stuff in her hand.

"Sister Ke'er, there's a luxury shop next to the restaurant, let's go in there later and walk around, shall we?"

A girl said.

"Yeah, let's eat first!"

This girl was not a bystander, it was Su Siyzue's colleague Liu Ke.

"I'll go, Sister Ke'er look, isn't that Su Siyzue? She's actually eating here?"

The girl next to her pointed at Su Siyzue and Chen Hao.

Obviously very surprised.

Liu Ke's boyfriend was so rich, he definitely wouldn't take them to a very random place to eat.

So this restaurant was very upscale.

But I didn't expect that such an upscale restaurant, but even a girl like Su Siyzue, who usually only had one dish and one rice, could come in! .

"Well, if it isn't Su Siyzue... Come here to eat?"

Liu Ke sneered and walked over.

Chen Hao had also just put the jade pendant away and frowned when he saw these girls walk over.

"Have you ordered yet? Why did you only need two drinks?"

Liu Ke said.

"Oh, maybe people little two, just want to come in and see what's going on, there are so many of these people visible, coming in and not ordering anything . Just order two drinks to sit dry and also take pictures and pretend to be a friend or something!"

The female colleague who was better friends with Liu Ke said at this time.

It made Liu Ke and the others laugh.

"Waiter, do you have a set menu for four ah? Can I get a package? A higher standard!"

"Of course sir, in addition, our newest restaurant has a special grilled bullfrog dish made by a Sichuan chef. Taste it?"

The waiter looked at Liu Ke and the others again.

Liu Ke tsked while looking at her boyfriend.

"Okay, okay, let's see then..."

Liu Ke's boyfriend took the menu, only to look at it and get confused.

"Shit, what's wrong with you? A plate of bullfrogs actually costs 1,699, and this is a plate?"

The boyfriend was speechless.

Liu Ke was also shocked, "Huh? So expensive I'm going, I'm about to eat most of my month's salary!"

"Yes sir, it's only a small portion, there are about six of them, and this dish will make you feel both in the way you eat it and the taste experience Worth every penny!"

"Look, those tables are ordering it!"

The waiter pointed at the customer dining next to him.

Indeed, the bullfrog did the right trick.

And Liu Ke and the others took another look at the boutique large portion, it was 2,698.

This was too cruel.

They came in to spend, and the ideal price would only cost a couple of thousand.

"How about a small portion to try?" Liu Ke watched as the neighboring table all ate and slurped their mouths too.

"Alright, one then? Oh, no problem!"

Afterwards, his boyfriend raised his voice and shouted, "Have a taste of the split-roasted bullfrog!"

This showed that he was conditional.

And at this time, Chen Hao's side also served the food.

It was the waiter who brought in two noodles in clear soup.

"Haha, I go, just two bowls of noodles in clear soup ah, it's really too humiliating, right?"

"Geez, it's okay to ask for two servings of rice and have someone fry you a plate of shredded potatoes!"

Several girls laughed.

"Move over, sir, here's your boutique specialty bullfrog extravaganza! I'll serve you a meal!"

At this time, a waiter respectfully served up a bullfrog.

But Liu Ke and the others at the table, who were still covering their mouths and laughing at Chen Hao and Su Siyzue, at this time, their smiles froze....


"Fuck, they're actually eating so well?"

Liu Ke was suddenly shocked.

The vanity on his face also disappeared without a trace at once.

"Hmph, what's the point of pretending to have no money, what's the point of eating such good food?"

Liu Ke said in mockery.

The other two girls were hit in the face and mocked along.

But what, people Chen Hao's food was just good, and it was still two people who ordered such an expensive one, while at their table, only four people ordered a small portion.

So when the waiter served the food, he couldn't help but give them a blank stare.

Chen Hao was persuaded by Su Sizyue and didn't have any general knowledge with them.

It was just eating and chatting.

When she finished eating herself, she realized that the table next to Liu Ke's had already left, obviously unable to bear the contrast, and hurriedly finished eating and left.

"Let's go too!"

Chen Hao touched his belly.

Then he took Su Sizyue out the door.

"By the way Sizyue, where are the clothes I bought for you before? Why aren't you wearing it?"

Chen Hao smiled at Su Sizyue.

In the past, he didn't shy away from buying clothes for Su Sizyue.

Su Sizyue blushed and lowered her head: "I'm too embarrassed to wear such nice ones!"

Chen Hao laughed.

It was similar to himself, but he was poor and thought that clothes were fine as long as they were clean.

But now, Chen Hao wore ordinary clothes because Chen Hao didn't want to be too loud.

But obviously compared to herself, Sizyue was too aggravated.

"What are you afraid of, right, there's a luxury shop here, I'll take you in to pick out some nice clothes!"

"Huh? I'm not going, it's too expensive!"

Sure Sizyue shook her head violently.

"It's okay, come on, we have the Black Gold Card!"

Chen Hao laughed.

Su Sizyue was then dragged in by Chen Ge.

"Brother Tian, I want this dress, it's really beautiful! Do you think I look good in it?"

Liu Ke took a dress and put it in front of her body and shyly compared it.

Because this dress is really beautiful.

The rich young man named Tian flipped through the label and almost threw: "Fuck, a dress costs more than 20,000, why don't you go grab it! Darling, just another one..."

Tin touched his wallet, advising.

"How about this one, then?"

Liu Ke asked again.

But a look at it, more than 10,000, still too expensive.

And those two girlfriends, only with a bag on the side watching the part, after all, they do not have a boyfriend like Brother Tian, their salary, but can not support these brands.

It's okay to follow a piece of glamour, but it's simply unrealistic to have someone Brother Tian help buy these!

After picking out a dozen or so pieces here, Brother Tian was too expensive and didn't settle on anything.

Liu Ke was depressed at the moment.

"Chen Hao, the clothes are too much to buy, right? I can't wear it! And it's too expensive!"

Su Sizyue pulled on Chen Hao, who was carrying a pocket of clothes, and said.

She looked all too distressed.

"What's expensive, people depend on their clothes!"

Chen Hao thought to himself, it's not like Rose needs to live a low-key life like she does.

"Hey, this dress is nice and cheap, buy it!"

Chen Hao looked at the dress next to Brother Tian again, chose the right size, and directly let the somewhat dumbfounded guide on the side put it on.

"Fuck, Su Sizyue? guys are crazy, right?"

As soon as Liu Ke saw the two of them and the luxury goods they were carrying, he was directly confused.

The ones that Chen Hao was carrying, it must be more than a dozen, right?

"Geez, can you afford to buy one? How could you buy so much? What are you playing at? Are you taking pictures again?"

The two female colleagues also scoffed.

It was like stepping on their tails, and their self-esteem was seriously bruised.

And Chen Hao didn't look at them either, after making his selection, he came to the cashier.

And Liu Ke and the others looked at each other and directly followed Chen Hao and Su Sizyue over.

"Hello sir, the total amount of clothes plus bags is 320,000, may I ask you?"

And frankly, the cashier was stupid.

Not to mention Liu Ke and the others behind them, all with their mouths wide open.

"Swipe your card!"

Chen Hao slapped the black and gold card in his hand.

The cashier immediately took a respectful stance.

"Sir, after you have spent so much today, our shop, will give you three additional sets of clothes to purchase!"

The cashier respectfully said.

"No no no, I don't want these either, they're too expensive Chen Hao, I don't want them!"

Su Sizyue's head shook like a rattle.

"I can't wear these at all either, I really don't want them!"

She was terrified simply.

"You can't wear it, it's fine. Go choose three more sets. Your colleagues in the park have good relationships with the teachers. When it's for you to maintain relationships!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

It could be seen that there were too many people who bullied Su Sizyue honestly.

And this card, which he didn't spend for nothing, had a fixed spending amount of three hundred thousand every month anyway.

Spending it on Su Sizyue's body, Chen Hao felt that it was worth it.

Maybe it was the kind of feelings with Su Sizyue in his heart.

And the few female colleagues behind Liu Ke'er and the others.

Hearing this sentence was even more surprised.

Especially the other two.

"Wow, Rose your boyfriend is so rich, his name is Chen Hao isn't it, Chen's name is nice and he is handsome too!"

The two girls came over to compliment each other at once.

Isn't it obvious who is more powerful now?

"Huh? Liliwen, thank you, Chen Hao he's...he's not..."

Su Sizyue wanted to say that it wasn't her boyfriend.

Chen Hao took up the topic, "I'm her godbrother! And I'm not handsome either, you see how low I'm dressed!"

"Hehe, Chen is really good at jokes!"

The two girls puffed out their tongues in embarrassment.

I thought to myself, huh, Godbrother? That Su Sizyue might be someone's little girlfriend!

But that didn't affect the status of Su Sizyue in their hearts at the moment.

After all, people had money to fall back on!

"Sizyue, Chen Shao bought you so many clothes, and also said that you can give them to your colleagues who are on good terms with you, Rosebud, do you remember? I was smiling at you on my first day at the nursery!"

A girl said.

"Yeah, Sizyue, you don't know where our school cafeteria is, or did I point it out to you? Have you forgotten?"

The other girl said.

"I remember!"

Su Sizyue nodded her head.

"Hmm, Su Sizyue, I never thought you'd have such a rich godbrother, buy you so much you can take it, and I'll tell you what , that dress is the one I liked first, you have to give this one to a colleague!"

Liu Ke was jealous to death all want.

"Hmph, Liu Ke, you shameless one, you're the one who usually bullies others Sizyue, but you actually want Sizyue to give you something, you think you're What is it?"

The two girls cursed at Liu Ke.

"Fuck, you guys?"

Liu Ke glared.

"Well Sizyue, since these two colleagues of yours were nice to you before, you can choose to give them your clothes, and I'm sure if something comes up later, You'll be helping each other out too, so come on, I'll drop you off at school!"

Chen Hao glanced at Liu Xiaoxiao.

"Ah! Thanks Chen, we'll definitely help each other out in the future, right Sizyue?"

The two girls were so happy.

Leaving the store.

When they got to the parking lot and were about to get in the car, the two girls were surprised again.

"Huh? The big G, Sizyue. Is this your brother's? Oh my God!"

After teaching this arrogant Liu Ke a lesson.

That afternoon, Chen Hao took Su Sizyue's jade pendant and was ready to return to Pingan County to find Li Zhenguo to help investigate the matter.

He also said goodbye to Qin Ya from the hospital.

So he drove back to Pingan County.

But after entering the county, the main road was closed and the boundary strip was pulled.

The police, and many workers as well as leaders were gathered here.

Chen Hao dropped the car window, took off his sunglasses, looked in front of a curious, gave a few workers on the roadside to hand out cigarettes, ask what the situation.

A few workers looked at Chen Hao very polite, and said.

"Little brother, we can't go ahead, something big is happening!"


"What's the big deal?"

Chen Hao was stunned.

"Here ah, it was originally a construction project recruited by the Merchants Office a year ago, and as a result now, the materials used by the developer might not be right . It resulted in the collapse of an engineering area, seriously injuring over sixty workers and hundreds of others! Fortunately no one was killed!"

"Last night, I heard that all of the developers ran away. The people from the Merchants Office suffered, and I heard that a dozen people, including the Jiang Division, were all sacked and have to wait to be dealt with!"

Worker Road.

China Merchants Office, remember Uncle Jiang is a director of the China Merchants Office, was dismissed?

But on second thought, Chen Hao asked, "So this isn't a runaway, is it? No one was killed. Can't we just pay for it? And the main responsibility isn't the Merchants Office, is it?"

"Ahem, the developer has long been out of money chanting, it was rumored six months ago that the developer was out of money, and anyway, we don't know who to call, so we're just spending our time here To be paid, as for the Merchants Office, oh, someone has to stand up against things, right? And now it is a large group to develop a key moment in the construction of Ping An County, as a result of such a thing in Ping An County, the leadership is certainly O rage, that's a terrible effect!"

Chen Hao understood after hearing this.

There was no way, this matter couldn't be closed by itself.

After expressing a little sympathy.

It also drove around.

On the way, Li Zhenguo also sent a WeChat to Chen Hao, saying the same thing about the collapse of this construction building, it really was a once in a hundred years!

Chen Hao just happened to tell Li Zhenguo to help him find a master jade connoisseur.

After all, he knew a lot more people than himself.

Returning to the hotel he rented, Chen Hao took a shower and went out to find a place to eat dinner.

Chen Hao took a shower, and was about to go out to find a place to eat dinner.

At this time, his father called himself.


Chen Hao.

"Son, ah, the place you invested in our hometown, something happened, I heard that the building collapsed?"

"Uh-huh, yeah, but it's not my group that's involved."

Chen Hao thought to himself that dad's information is just so well informed.

"Oooo, I know it's not your group, I'm just saying, that Uncle Jiang of yours has been dismissed already, see if you can help them. Home?"

Dad said.

"What? Didn't I tell you, Dad? His Uncle Jiang has long forgotten his friendship with you, so why are you asking me to help him?"

When Chen Hao heard this, he was simply baffled.

It was because she was also on the phone with dad.

Dad didn't often mention the Jiang family's affairs, the general idea is, if it's difficult again, you should help more.

Otherwise, you would think that every time Chen Hao sees that Jiang Ranran who looks down on her, when she is in trouble, he can't help her out. For what?

It wasn't that Dad had mentioned it many times.

But, the last time he went to the Jiang family, Chen Hao was chilled badly, so naturally, he told Dad about it.

This time, when something happened in the Jiang family, Chen Hao knew about it on the way here, but he didn't bother.

After all, according to Uncle Jiang's intention, he would go to their house less often in the future if nothing happened.

So Chen Hao didn't bother to take care of it.

"Alas, there are some things, one sentence or two can't make it clear, have you met that Aunt Tang of yours?"

Dad suddenly changed his words.

Making Chen Hao's brow furrow, "See ah! What's going on?"

"Ahem, I used to, did something wrong to your Uncle Jiang ah, so I this heart, self-recrimination ah, in short, how their family Don't bother about us, help as you can, alas!"

Dad exclaimed.


Chen Hao was directly shocked.

Could it be that dad had an affair with Aunt Tong?

A hat for Uncle Ginger?

"Dad, what's going on? And what about the woman you told me to find, Dreamhouse? Aunt Tang and that Dreamhouse, are they yours?"

Chen Hao was directly head over heels.

"Ahem, brat, what are you talking nonsense about, anyway me and the two of them aren't what you think they are, anyway the Jiang family and your Aunt Tang . If you can help, I'll help. Let's call it a debt of gratitude. And, Meng-min, you too. !"

After saying that, he directly hung up the phone again.

Chen Hao held the phone for a long time unable to regain consciousness.

What is this all called.

Even Chen Hao had the intention to call his mother, after all, Chen Hao's heart was really self-conscious for helping his dad hide it from his mother.

Alas! But thought better of it, trust Dad for once.

Look at the time it's only 5:30.

Chen Hao scratched his scalp, no way, he will go to Uncle Jiang's place to run.

When he went downstairs and drove directly to Jiang's house.

After arriving.

A lot of people from the Jiang family came today.

And Uncle Jiang, because of taking responsibility for a bit of being dismissed, anxious fire, a sickness, is lying on the sofa fainting to hit the bottle!

Some guests, on the other hand, were just there to talk.

"Old Jiang ah, okay ah, since this matter came out, don't feel bad, the county's leadership is also too bad influence, in a fit of anger put the You jerk it off, and maybe you'll be requisitioned again when it passes!"

"Yeah, besides, isn't Tang Lan still working at the bank, and Ran Ran has grown up, so I'm sure he'll be fine financially!"

"Thank you Old Li and Old Zhao, why don't you stay and have dinner together tonight?"

Jiang Weidong said weakly.

"Forget it, we won't eat, we just came to check on you, and now we have to hurry back!"

They stood up and prepared to leave.

"Old Li and Old Zhao, do you think there's really nothing that can be done about this matter with our old ginger? You guys have so many connections, you must give us an idea for Ginger!"

Both of them shook their heads helplessly, indicating that there was nothing they could do.

"Aunt Lan you shouldn't worry, before I came here, my father did say something about Uncle Jiang about this..."

Lin Dong was naturally there.

Said at this moment.

As soon as this was said, Jiang Weidong as well as Jiang Ranran who had also cried beside him, they all looked at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong thought to himself, hmm, at a critical moment, it's still up to him, right?

Jiang Weidong took Lin Dongde's hand and said, "Xiao Dong, did your father he say anything?"

"My father said, Uncle Jiang you this matter is a matter when you say it is a matter and not a matter when you say it isn't a matter, because after all it's not your responsibility. As long as you can bring in a new developer to fill the gap and settle the injured workers and others, after all, people It's all about hard earned money!"

Lin Dong smiled.

To put it bluntly, the meaning was to find new funds to take over.

"Alas! However, now that this has become a jerry-built project, it's possible that those buildings that were built will have to be demolished, and who would want to take on such a project, and One of the funds to make up for the damage will also have to come from our county, so much money, the county can't afford to pay ah!"

Jiang Weidong shook his head.

It wasn't like he hadn't thought of this solution.

Ding Dong!

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.

Jiang Weidong thought it was another colleague leader coming, and hurriedly let Tang Lan help him stand up, "Ran Ran, go open the door to welcome the guests!"


Jiang Ranran nodded and went over to open the door.

"Chen Hao?"

Seeing Chen Hao, Jiang Ran Ran was clearly and visibly stunned.

"Ugh, how come it's him!"

Tang Lan couldn't help but be disappointed.

Jiang Weidong also shook his head in boredom.

He let Tang Lan help him lie down again.

Obviously, he thought that the guest who came was an honorable guest, but seeing that it was Chen Hao, this was a bit of a big gap ah....


"Uncle Ginger, Aunt Don, I came to see you!"

Chen Hao carried a pocket of things and smiled presently.

Just about to put the stuff down.

Tang Lan glanced at Chen Hao without saying anything.

Jiang Weidong lay on the bed even more didn't move his eyes.

It was quite embarrassing to watch Chen Hao being ignored, because after all, Jiang Ran Ran was aware that Chen Hao might be quite cool in Jinling.

Even the big G was driving on.

That day, it even sent itself to the station.

To be honest, the heart was a little grateful to Chen Hao.

But this matter didn't have time to tell father yesterday, because as soon as Jiang Ranran came back, father felt like the sky was going to collapse after such a thing happened.

Where was the heart to talk about his experience of having fun ah.

So she walked over and helped Chen Hao pick up the things she took and put them on the table.

Thank you so much Chen Hao, for coming to visit my dad!"

Jiang Ran Ran.

Lin Dong, on the other hand, had his eyes narrowed and looked at Chen Hao with hostility.

Chen Hao didn't know what to say, so he found a place to sit down and listen to them talk.

As for Jiang Weidong's attitude, Chen Hao was mentally prepared for it.

"Alas, capital funds, where should we pull a fund to take over this property now?"

Jiang Weidong a grown man was mourning at the moment.

"Uncle Jiang, I wonder if you've been looking for the Jinling Dreamer Group? They are now going to throw ten billion dollars at our Pingan County, have you approached them about this project?"

"Of course I looked, to be honest, I know some of the managers in them, I used to have a good relationship with them, but now I'm going, not anymore and not a single company will take it!"

Jiang Weidong shook his head straight in pain.

"But now hope lies with them, because this amount of money is certainly not money for the Dreamer Group, so all we ask is for a nod , and the matter was naturally settled, so my father said!"

Lin Dong saw that the core of the current situation was obviously himself, and also said quite coolly.

"Xiao Dong ah, this matter, you also have to let your father worry more ah, this great kindness, your aunt Tang, and Ran Ran and I will remember for the rest of our lives The!"

"Don't worry Uncle Jiang, my dad will work hard to lobby the Dreamer Group on your behalf!"

But I thought to myself.

Che, my dad doesn't care about that.

If it wasn't for chasing after your daughter Jiang Ranran, he wouldn't bother to bother with this himself.

But to save face, Lin Dong still wants it.

"Fine, fine, I'm relieved to have you to say this, tonight Xiao Dong you don't go, stay for dinner, and you Rang Ran's All of your friends and classmates, stay for dinner, I'll let your Aunt Tang cook!"

Jiang Weidong's face finally looked a lot better.

"Okay, I'll clean up first, alas, but there's not much food, I have to go buy some more! I've got some chicken, duck and fish to get out of this, and I can't get out of it!"

Tang Lan said urgently.

At this time, she glanced at Chen Hao who was sitting quietly in the corner drinking water, and presently said somewhat unkindly.

"Chen Hao, you're idling here, I'll write a menu, you go to the supermarket outside the neighborhood and buy me my food!"


Chen Hao was startled.

This was treating himself as a maid.

Alas, but thinking about it, looking at the faces of Jiang Weidong and the others here, Chen Hao was also quite awkward.

It's just as well, go downstairs yourself and tell Li Zhenguo to take over the property.

This way the task that father had explained was also considered done.

So it was agreed.

If it wasn't for dad's many explanations, Chen Hao wouldn't care!

He's not the kind of guy who kneecaps people!


"Chen Hao, I'll go with you!"

Jiang Ranran saw Chen Hao carrying the basket out and said.

"Ranran! What are you doing? Can't you tell who's important and who's not? Hurry up and take care of Xiao Dong's water!"

Jiang Weidong heard this but was anxious.

Tang Lan even saw a hint of something wrong.

What was wrong with her daughter, from the time she entered the house until now, it seemed like she didn't speak to Chen Hao in the same tone as before.

None of the Chen family was good!

Tang Lan even pinched Jiang Ranran and asked her to accompany Lin Dong.

After Chen Hao went down, he immediately dialed Li Zhenguo.

He told Li Zhenguo about this matter.

Of course, Li Zhenguo was fine with it and immediately started making arrangements.

Only then did Chen Hao helplessly go to the supermarket and buy all the food he needed to buy.

When he went upstairs again.

It was discovered that the Jiang family had undergone a drastic change.

"Congratulations, Uncle Jiang!"

"Yeah, I didn't expect Dreamers to agree to take over the building, and it's wholly owned!"

Kang Wei Dong also stopped dripping and said that his face had recovered extremely well.

Holding the phone in his hand, it felt like he was holding a baby.

"Come, come, you must all have a good drink with me today! Especially you Odo!"

Jiang Weidong said.

He felt that this matter was not without the help of Lin Dong his father.

Maybe it was also his own connections that were powering up.

In any case, the leader just called, so that his own official restoration, specifically in charge of this matter.

The next step would be to raise another fundraiser, and then the matter would all be settled.

How can you not be happy.

Even looked at Lin Dong and Jiang Ranran.

Jiang Weidong sprouted a different idea.

"Ranran, let me tell you..."

"Chen Hao, you eat the vegetables!"

I was just about to say something, but saw my daughter actually give Chen Hao food.

Jiang Weidong's eyes were about to stare out: "Ran Ran what are you doing? Chen Hao has his own hands, doesn't he know how to chuck vegetables?"

Jiang Ran Ran said, "Dad, you don't know, Chen Hao he..."

Lin Dong stared hard at Chen Hao and said suddenly, "Alas, Uncle Jiang, you probably don't know that Chen Hao is not what he used to be!"

All the same, of course he had to have himself to say.

"What's not today?" Aunt Tang brought another plate of food and asked.

"Oh, Chen Hao has now won the lottery and bought himself a Mercedes G500, that's awesome! Of course Rannan is going to be nice to him!"

Lin Dong was sour.

"I'll go..."

The entire table of boys and girls were all startled by the news.

"How many did you hit?"

Aunt Tang asked.

Chen Hao didn't know what to say.

At that time, in order to conceal his identity, he lied to Jiang Ranran that he had won the lottery, but right now, the lie had to be rounded up.

"Bought a big G!" said Chen Hao.

"What? The winning ticket bought the big G. Fuck you won two million?"

The crowd was all shocked.

Chen Hao just remained silent.


Suddenly, Jiang Weidong coldly and directly slammed his chopsticks.

"Nonsense! It's stupid!"

Jiang Weidong said: "Chen Hao, others can show off, but you don't know what's going on in your own mind, what are you showing off? And buy a Mercedes, what's wrong with having this two million you do!"

Jiang Weidong shook his head.

Lin Dong looked like he was taking a revenge thrill and smiled, "Yes Uncle Jiang, think about it, this car is one or two million, if you take out one million, make up a So Uncle Jiang, you can also arrange for Chen Hao to work as a labor dispatcher. Climbing up to those rich kids just because you know how to spend your time!"

"Yeah, still Little Dong has some insight, Chen Hao I'm asking you, have you bought a house in Pingan County yet?"

Chen Hao shook his head.

"So have you found a job yet?"

Chen Hao still shook his head.

"Ugh, I've never seen you so brainless, let's do this, while the car was just picked up not long ago, don't sell it quickly and raise a million and eight hundred thousand dollars With the rest of the money, I can get you an apartment, and I'll get you a job with five insurance and one job to do. Place to go to work honestly and forget it!"

"Oh yeah, and one more thing..."

Jiang Weidong took a sip of wine and looked at Chen Hao.


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