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"Chen Hao, is this the new car you bought?"

Li Shih-Han asked in surprise at this time.

"Aang, it was mentioned a few days ago, and it's just used for transportation!"

Chen Hao threw the car keys casually onto the table.

It made Chen Lin excited and distressed at the same time.

Afraid of ruining the car keys.

Excited, you can see that Ding Hao's face is green now, it's disgraceful.

"By the way Ding Hao, I heard from Lin Lin that you also bought a car? I've never seen that car before. What is it? BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz Audi series? Got to be a million or so, right?"

Chen Hao then looked at Ding Hao and smiled.

"Oh, Ding Hao he bought the Passat, more than two hundred thousand also! It doesn't compare to your two-million-dollar one!"

Chen Lin said with a blank look at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao took a deep breath and his hands were trembling.

"Passat ah, Ding Hao, why can't you remember to buy this car?"

Chen Hao laughed.

"I'll buy whatever I like, no need for you two to worry! You just won the lottery, what are you fooling around with?"

Ding Hao said urgently.

"Alas, I'm truly blessed to be with you Chen Hao, I'll be following you for the rest of my life! You're going to be nice to me O, and the clothes I'm going to buy you said you'd buy me today!"

"Ummm, sure I'll buy you one, but you also promised me that you'd give me your first time tonight, hehehe!"

Chen Hao grabbed Chen Lin's hand and smiled.

Chen Lin bar, hearing this all wanted to shake Chen Hao's mouth.

Fuck, when did the script tell you to say that.

After all, falling in love is falling in love, but if you get into that kind of topic, it's easy to make Ding Hao break down.

It was a good thing that Chen Hao's sentence left a lot of leeway.

Chen Lin was like a warning to Chen Hao, don't say anything nonsense.

But looking at this moment, Ding Hao's face was green and purple.

And his mouth was trembling.

Chen Lin knew that Chen Hao's words could be considered irritating in place.

"So bad you! It's annoying!"

Chen Lin shyly said.

"No! Chen Lin, what's wrong with you? If you want to buy something, I'll buy it for you. Why do you have to give your first time to this loser? He's not... Even if you won the lottery, you don't have to treat yourself so badly!"

As expected, Ding Hao directly stood up, angry.

"Hmph, Ding Hao, what right do you have to call my boyfriend a loser, besides, he's my boyfriend, what's wrong with me giving him my first time ? What's going on? What's your hurry?"

Chen Lin also lost sight of the occasion, and now retorted Ding Hao.

"Chen Lin, I always thought you were the kind of girl who was very down-to-earth and paid attention to her character, but to be honest, I chose Shih Hsun in the One piece, the whole thing, I'm just not...

Often painful and very tedious, and I'm very remorseful, but now that you're like this, I'm not remorseful or self-conscious in my heart! Shihan, let's go!"

Like a pique, Ding Hao tried to pull Li Shixuan away.

And as Chen Lin looked at Ding Hao, a flash of emotion flashed in her eyes.

But her greatest advantage compared to Li Shihan was that she understood Ding Hao the best, and knew Ding Hao's mental state the best.

She knew that Ding Hao was testing whether she still liked him or not before saying so.

If she regretted it now and apologized to Ding Hao.

Then that would be the real end of it.

Chen Lin hugged Chen Hao intimately now, completely as if Ding Hao's words didn't exist.

"Darling, I don't care what others think of me, in short, if I treat you well in the future, will you also treat me well?"

Chen Ge hugged Chen Lin's waist in a smooth manner, and also gave her a few gentle squeezes at her waist.

"Of course it's good!"

Chen Hao wasn't stupid enough to eat tofu for nothing.

The hand was not honestly touching Chen Lin's body.

And the words must have been heard by Ding Hao.

Ding Hao's face became even greener.

He was dragged out by Li Shihan.

"Fuck, okay, you're still touching!"

Chen Lin saw that Ding Hao had left, which was why she moved away from Chen Hao.

Quite a bit of anger looked at Chen Hao: "You act pretty good, but don't really do it, okay, really take me as your girlfriend ah! "

"Oooh, so what are we going to do now that Dinho is gone?"

Chen Hao asked her.

"Hmph, don't worry, he'll be coming for me soon! One! Two! Three!"

Chen Lin counted her fingers before the words fell.

"Ding Hao, what are you doing?"

Li Shih Huan's voice came over.

"Chen Lin, there's something I have to make clear to you, I don't know what you think of me right now, and I'll admit that the day before yesterday Shih-Han hit you I was wrong not to help you, and I regret the torment very much, but I want you to give me a chance, and I'm going to prove to you that I'm better than Chen Hao, the ruffian, is going to be strong, and much stronger!"

Ding Hao said.

I could tell that his pride was bruised.

And Chen Hao was watching from the side, and he really admired Chen Lin, the woman.

"But, I already have Chen Hao now ah, and Chen Hao he has a luxury car, and he can buy me designer cosmetics and bags, what about you, you What can I get?"

Chen Lin returned.

"Okay, Chen Lin, that's what you're doing with Chen Hao, isn't it, just because he's richer than me?"

Ding Hao raged.

This dialogue, Chen Hao heard very familiarly, wasn't it what Yang Xue had said to herself that day in the grove.

And Chen Hao understood it.

Ding Hao, it wasn't either.

It's how much you love Chen Lin, but because of a man's pride.

Still, the person who is loving me, suddenly loving someone else, is unacceptable to a vain man like Ding Hao.

So he wanted to conquer Chen Lin and take his dignity back.

"You can say whatever you like, Chen Hao, let's go, let's go drive!"

But Chen Lin pulled on Chen Hao's arm and went out to drive.

"Get out of the way, it's blocking the road!"

Chen Hao patted Ding Hao's chest and told him to move out of the way.

When Chen Hao arrived at the driving place.

At this moment, Ding Hao chased him out again.

"Little Song ah, can I drive this car, I've never driven such a nice car before!"

Chen Lin said.

"Okay, here's the key then!" Chen Hao tossed the keys to Chen Lin.

"Lin Lin, don't go, can you hear me out, I was wrong, I was really wrong, please give me another chance, I'll definitely Cherish you well, more than Chen Hao, from now on, anything you want, if I can buy it, I'll give it to you! And I'm going to prove to you that I'm definitely a hundred times better than this Chen Hao, a hundred times stronger!"

Ding Hao came straight over and pulled on Chen Lin's arm.

"Really? But you've got Li Shihan now, huh?"

Chen Lin grudgingly looked at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao looked at Li Shih Huan: "Shih Huan, I'm sorry, I didn't realize until now that I love Chen Lin, we should break up."

"Ding Hao you!"

Li Shihan, on the other hand, was directly angered and cried.

Chen Lin finally had a smile on her face, and right now, her self-esteem was completely satisfied.

As for Ding Hao, Chen Lin caught his pride in action, knowing that he had found a boyfriend who was better than him, he must be highly stimulated.

After all, no matter how beautiful a beauty is, if no one chases you, your value will be devalued, after all, there are more beauties in the sea.

But, when there is a very strong boy chasing you, you will only appreciate!

Otherwise, they won't cherish you even if they get you!

In this comparison, his own importance had surpassed that of Li Shih-Han.

After all, the kind of strength that Li Shih Huan's ex-boyfriend Ma Fei had, Ding Hao didn't look down on it at all.

The next step was Ding Hao pulling Chen Lin's hand to say something.

Chen Hao looked strangely embarrassed on the side, and just happened to drink coffee to pee, so she went to the bathroom.

"Ding Hao, since you are truly sincere this time, then I'll agree to be with you!"

Chen Lin smiled as she saw that she had achieved her goal.

And just at that moment.

"Huh? Miss Chen, what a coincidence! You're here! I was hoping to find you..."

A female voice suddenly came over .

And seeing the visitor, Chen Lin's pupils suddenly shrank violently....


"Miss Chen?"

A woman about twenty-four or twenty-five years old came over.

Looking at Chen Lin respectfully said.

As for Chen Lin, as soon as she saw her, she naturally pretended not to recognize ah.

Who is she?

Can it not be the business manager Wang Xiaozhang who rented this car to himself.

"O-Oh, what can I do for you? If there's anything, wait till I get back to wee you! I can't right now!"

Chen Lin's face was light and white.

God, what a coincidence.

I'm not sure if I've met the manager of the rental car.

That will not be revealed later, but he just got back together with Ding Hao ah.

"It's okay Miss Chen, I'll talk to you about it, because when you rented this car, I didn't pay attention to the time and wrote It's tomorrow. I made a mistake. You're supposed to have it by 4:00 p.m. We have to have it back to the customer by 5:00 p.m.! I'm so sorry. It was an oversight! I was going to call you later too!"

Wang Xiaozhang laughed.

Then he waved his hand with Chen Lin and left.


But Ding Hao and Li Shih-Hsin were all confused by this?

"Chen lin  rental car? What's this about?"

Dinghao was a little unresponsive.

"Huh? I...I don't know!"

Chen Lin didn't know what to say.

Completely blinded.

"Hmm, I see, Chen Lin, you rented this car, right? Did you rent it on purpose to cheat Jung-ho? It must be!"

Li Shih Huan said.

Ding Hao looked at Chen Lin, "Lin Lin, is what Shih Huan said true?"

Chen Lin didn't know how to answer.

When she was indecisive.

Just saw Chen Hao returning from the toilet.

Suddenly, Chen Lin had a plan.

Turning to run to Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, come here, I need to tell you something!"

Chen Lin grabbed Chen Hao's arm and whispered, "It's over, it's over, Ding Hao knows about the rental car, now you're taking this on, Let's just say you rented the car and you lied to me, okay? Please, help me for once!"

Chen Hao is also confused, what's going on here?

And now, Ding Hao and Li Shihan had walked towards Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao you bastard!!! How could you lie to me like that? You rented this car and used it to hit on me, right? It's not even your car!"

Chen Lin suddenly shouted.

"What's the situation ah this is? That's my car, huh?"

Chen Hao said.

"Hmph, Chen Hao you don't talk tough, I really can't see ah, you're so dirty, using such tactics to deceive Chen Lin, and Chen Lin almost got You got your way, of course, and almost caused me to actually break up with Shihaka!"

Ding Hao laughed and scowled.

"Now you know who's really good to you, some girls, when they see someone's money, they go and stick it to them, and end up getting Played, now do you see?" Li Shihan looked at Ding Hao.

"Ding Hao, you just said you were going to be nice to me!"

Chen Lin Lin cried.

"Hmph, Lin Lin, I advise you to wake up, for such a loser who almost made me break up with Shih Hsun today, really . We were supposed to attend Miss Lin's birthday banquet at noon, and we almost made a scene, what a mess!"

After Ding Hao took a glance at Chen Lin Chen Hao, he pulled Li Shihan's hand and began to walk towards the Jinling Hotel.

Today, Miss Lin's birthday banquet, Ding Hao naturally arrived early, so he had no choice but to go to the cafe for coffee first.

The result staged such a show, alas!

As for Chen Lin, as Chen Hao's status depreciated, Chen Lin's value naturally depreciated as well ah.

"By the way Chen Hao, didn't you win the lottery? Hahaha, why don't you come to the Jinling Hotel? We have tickets!"

Ding Hao taunted Chen Hao for a while and happily left with Li Shixuan.

Chen Lin, on the other hand, squatted on the spot and just cried.

"Whew, Young Master Chen! Why are you here?"

Suddenly at this moment, a voice sounded.

Then, a middle-aged man in a suit was seen trotting over towards Chen Hao.

"You are?"

Chen Hao looked somewhat familiar, but some couldn't recall who it was.

"Hehe, Chen Hao, it's normal that you don't know me ah, but I know you, I was there at your reception last time in Pingan County . I saw you at that time, my name is Wang Biao, I was just recruited by Mr. Li as an event manager, and you are attending the conference today. Miss's birthday party?"

The middle-aged man rubbed his hands and laughed nervously.

Chen Lin, on the other hand, also stopped crying and was now dumbfounded at the scene before her.

Even Ding Hao who was about to enter the hotel and Li Shihan were a bit confused.

"Aoao, hello Manager Wang, how come this birthday banquet is still yours to plan?"

Chen Hao was confused, which Miss Lin?

How come someone from your own group is planning this for her?

"Ahem, of course, it's Miss Lin Yi Yi's birthday today, it's all under the group's umbrella, so of course I have to help plan it! A lot of our Jinling Commercial Street owners are here today, and they're all moving to Yunmeng Mountain Commercial Street in the second half of the year, so... Quite the party!"

Wang Biao explained.

"So that's how it is!"

Chen Hao was still quite frustrated in his heart.

Lin Yi Yi and herself were considered friends, so why didn't she invite herself to this birthday party?

"Manager Wang, you know Chen Hao?"

Chen Lin, on the other hand, fluttered her eyes and said.

She looked at Ding Hao's eyes again now.

How come it felt as if she had wrestled back a game.

Could it be that her own best friend, Wei Xue, had arranged the rescue.

After all, Wei Xue was watching nearby, only she didn't appear.

The more I thought about it, the more Chen Lin felt like this.

"Of course I know Young Master Chen, even if I don't know Chen Shao, I still have to know Young Master Chen's car, haha!"

Manager Wang pointed to this big G.


Chen Lin thought to herself, "It really was her best friend who made the move.

Where did this come from, but awesome!

As for Chen Hao, he was just mocked by Ding Hao as well as Li Shihan.

At the moment, he left, one is Chen Lin side is not good to explain.

The other is that their own heart is not energetic ah.

I thought since I caught up with Lin Yi Yi's birthday banquet, I'll go in and take a look, and by the way this Ding Hao's face is beaten, save him from continuing to pretend!

Just say to Manager Wang, "Manager Wang, then give me two admission tickets, I don't have any today!"

"Huh? Good good Chen!"

Manager Wang nodded his head immediately.

And Chen Lin is to Chen Hao winked, remind Chen Hao to take it as it comes, this is someone Miss Lin's birthday banquet, this find group performance where there is admission ticket ah.

But when she saw that Manager Wang took it out, Chen Lin was shocked.

Ding Hao and Li Shihan were also shocked.

And Chen Hao didn't care about anything else, he directly hugged Chen Lin into his arms, "Let's go, today brother will take you in for the birthday banquet!"

Chen Lin, on the other hand, was a bit lost in Chen Hao's embrace and hugged Chen Hao's waist.

Under Ding Hao's somewhat jealous gaze, he walked into the big hotel now.

"Damn, why is Chen Hao so dignified?"

Ding Hao was jealous.

But still, he followed along with a piece of it....


"I'll go, Chen Hao we can really come in!"

Chen Lin was surprised.

Being hugged by Chen Hao, she didn't resist.

It was because this plot reversal was a little too exciting.

They had entered the venue now.

Lin Yi Yi's birthday banquet, this time put on extra grand, mainly because Lin father wanted to follow this opportunity to do a large party just.

Ding Hao, as a person from Yunmeng Mountain, naturally had the qualification to come as well.

In any case, there are more than a hundred people on the scene now, and a lot of rich young men and some bosses have come.

The layout of the venue was similar to that of a wedding ceremony, with a long walkway in the middle and a banquet on both sides.

After Chen Hao brought Chen Lin in, he found a seat and sat down directly.

After all, a lot of people came, all of them just looking for a friend to sit down.

Ding Hao, on the other hand, came in and stared hard at Chen Hao and Chen Lin, and with a green face, took Li Shixuan to sit with a friend at another table.

"Chen Hao? What are you doing here?"

At this moment, a voice filled with questions sounded beside Chen Hao's ears.

Chen Hao turned his head and was also shocked.

It was a girl, it was Uncle Jiang's daughter, Jiang Ranran.

There was a group of handsome men and women standing beside her, and right now, Jiang Ranran was looking at Chen Hao in surprise.

How could Jiang Ranran be here?

But on second thought, Chen Hao somewhat understood.

Yes, Uncle Jiang is now the leader of the Investment Promotion Office, and he must have dealt with a lot of managers when he was making investments in Pingan County.

Think about it, this is a big party event that Yi Lin's father deliberately made, even Ding Hao like this wanted to come, so naturally, Jiang Ranran could get a voucher over.

I didn't expect such a coincidence, but we really ran into each other.

"Ranran, this person is your friend ah?"

Next to Jiang Ranran, a young and handsome boy asked at the moment.

"It's not really a friend, just from our hometown, his father and my father earlier had some relationship just, now long ago not with their family Come and go! His family owes a lot of money. His parents have all gone overseas to work. I just didn't expect her to come to an occasion like this. !"

Jiang Ran Ran glanced at Chen Hao and said.

After all, the time Chen Hao put her down in the western restaurant, Jiang Ran remembered.

The first time I came out, I was able to get a ticket to a party with my dad, and my dad got it for me, so I wanted to come out and get some insight.

This is not, this trip out, I got to know a Jinling's rich young Zhang Lang.

Zhang Lang's family used to engage in big business, and now I heard that Yunmeng Mountain project development, contracted a mountain village of Yunmeng Mountain restaurant agent, the future can be described as no shortage of funds.

A truly great strength rich young man.

In comparison, Lin Dong was also eclipsed in front of this rich young man.

Even Jiang Ran Ran felt how ridiculous it was that he was still holding a grudge over the fact that Chen Hao had hit Lin Dong in the face before.

"Young Master Zhang, this is just a poor kid, he used to be a famous big poor guy in our Pingan County High School!"

Lin Dong was naturally present at this party, and at this moment, he stood out from the crowd and said to Zhang Lang fawningly.

"Oooh, hehe, I see, let's go find a place to sit down and talk again!"

Zhang Lang said to the man and woman behind him.

"Brother Zhang, just come, I've got a good seat for you!"

At that moment, Ding Hao brought Li Shihan over to say hello.

After all, Ding Hao was now quite close to Chen Hao and their side of the table.

"Old Ding, you're early! Sister Ranran, let's go, let me introduce you to my friend Young Master Ding!"

Zhang Lang smiled and introduced it.

Ding Hao was now also nowhere.

Come on, after all, there was Yunmeng Mountain's shop.

The status naturally rose.

It was also already considered to be integrated into the rich young man's circle.

And after everyone's introduction, Jiang Ranran also naturally got to know each other.

To be honest, Jiang Ranran has really gained a lot today, and has learned for the first time what is the charm of high-end social circle.

Originally, Jiang Ranran thought that those rich young circles, the topics of discussion were all luxury luxury cars and so on.

But, people never discuss these.

They talk more about some small insights in life, and some investment and financial management skills they learned from their fathers.

It was as if a new world had opened up for Jiang Ranran.

In comparison, Lin Dong, who loved to show off his wealth and power, was like an ugly duckling.

Not to mention that profiteer-like Chen Hao, who was disgusting to see!

What's the big deal.

And Ding Hao's show.

It was also embarrassing to Chen Lin's face.

Because by now, Chen Hao's status as a rich young man could no longer be played.

After all, the people present were all rich youngsters ah.

And then look at the human family, Ding Hao, how well mixed up he was and how many friends he knew.

Failure, Chen Lin thought to herself, today was simply too much of a failure.

Not being able to hold your head up at all!

"By the way, when is Goddess Lini coming out?"

Some rich young man similar to Ding Hao, the first time to attend such a big event, and the first time to see the rumored incredibly beautiful goddess Lin Yi, now anxiously asked.

And at this moment, the day after the hotel.

"Manager Wang, are you sure you've read it right? He...he's here? How is that possible?"

Lin Yi Yi had just finished applying her makeup, and now hearing the words of the host manager, Wang Biao, she pushed the makeup artist away at once and stood up and asked.

"Huh? Miss Lin, don't you know about Chen's visit?"

Wang Biao was confused.

"No, why would he come... You should be mistaken, by the way, is there a girl with him?"

Lin Yi Yi asked.

Why had Lin Yi Yi not contacted Chen Hao all this time.

It was because after Chen Hao had Su Tongxin, Lin Yi was sad and knew that Chen Hao wouldn't like her at all, and when she saw Chen Hao instead Some of them were divine.

Originally, Lin Yi Yi wanted to invite Chen Hao to this birthday banquet.

But father said it.

Young Master Chen was recently busy with the development of Pingan County, and one of Chen Hao's elders was not well enough to be hospitalized.

Warning himself not to disturb Young master Chen.

And this party, to be honest, none of the group's senior executives came, look at Bai Xiaofei and all of them didn't come.

So why did you invite Young master Chen?

Lin Yi Yi was the one who agreed in a lonely manner.

In fact, her heart was always thinking about Chen Hao.

Now, hearing that Wang Biao said that Young Master Chen was here, how could she not be excited, but she really couldn't believe it.

"Really, Miss Lin, how could I be mistaken about Young master Chen, the entrance ticket was personally given to Young master Chen by me, oooo, Young master Chen seems to have really brought it with him A girl's!"

Wang Biao laughed bitterly.

"I still can't believe he'll come over!" Afterwards, he turned his head to the staff, "Get ready, I'll be right out!"

Inside the lobby.

At this moment, also as the lights dimmed, Yi Lin, who was wearing a white strap dress, slowly walked out.

"I go, beautiful woman, an absolute beauty!"

"Oh my god, Miss Yi Yi is so beautiful!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, listened to the noise of the crowd and also lifted his head towards the stage....


By the way, it had really been a while since Chen Hao had seen Lin Yi Yi.

I didn't expect to see Lin Yi Yi again after a while, but this girl seemed to be pretty again.

"Miss Lin Yi Yi looks so beautiful!"

Offstage, Ding Hao, who was on the side, couldn't help but look dumbfounded.

Directly off the cuff, he praised.

As for Li Shihan, she was even less angry in the slightest.


Because of Lin Yi Yi's looks, it really made even Li Shi Han jealous.

She all admitted that Miss Lin Yiyi was indeed a beautiful woman.

"Of course, Miss Lin Yi Yi is Jinling Young Master Chen's god-sister, can she be average looking!"

Zhang Lang faintly smiled bitterly. 

"Then Zhang Shao, is Miss Lin Yi Yi celebrating her birthday today and Jinling Chen isn't here?"

Jiang Ranran asked.

She thought that it would be great if she could get to know  Young Master Chen again today.

"Oh, Young Master Chen won't come, let me tell you, my father told me that Young Master Chen from Jinling especially likes to keep a low profile, he's a very easy-going The man, he never likes to participate in such a big scene!"

Zhang Lang smiled proudly as if he knew Young Master Chen well.

"Oooo!" Jiang Ranran couldn't help but show a look of regret.

"Ranran, do you want juice, this is foreign juice, it's delicious, I'll pour you a glass!"

Lin Dong on the other side saw that Jiang Ranran had been talking to Zhang Lang, and he was really feeling bad.

Right now it was to please.

"What are you drinking ah, I'm not drinking, leave me alone!"

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ranran glanced at Lin Dong in disgust and moved his eyes back to Zhang Lang.

"I'll have a glass of juice!"

At this time the waiter with a tray passed by Chen Hao Chen Lin here.

Chen Lin slurped her mouth, she was really thirsty, especially just now because of the rental car thing for a bit, and now into the rich people gathered in the occasion, really nervous.

Seeing that the juice was delicious, she wanted a glass.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

Suddenly, there was a bang.


It was followed by a girl's scream.

It made the whole city quiet.

It was Chen Lin, who had just taken a sip of juice and found it delicious, so she took a glass for Chen Hao as well.

It was then that Chen Lin's hand shook and she didn't hold it steady, the tall glass fell straight to the ground and shattered.

The juice was also splashed all over Chen Hao and herself.

Only then did she scream.

"Yah, why are you so careless, I'll wipe you up!"

Chen Hao didn't say.

Then he drew a tissue and wiped Chen Lin's skirt and also wiped his own pant legs.

"Fuck, it's so damn embarrassing, is this Lou Lou entering the Grand View Garden? Can't even hold a goblet?"

"Oh, yeah, this occasion, can't see people Lin Yi Yi goddess in a speech it, but actually only eat and drink, a little taste too! No!"

The few rich young men at the same table looked at it and couldn't help but ridicule it.

It was as if the louder the ridicule, the more it would please Lin Yi Yi.

"Ugh, see, this is the difference between getting a real rich young man as a boyfriend and a fake rich young man as a boyfriend, some of the high class occasions are Never been there, no wonder you made a fool of yourself!"

Li Shihan saw that Chen Lin had made a fool of herself and said with a sneer now.

"Ugh, really, it's fortunate that I'm not good with someone!" Ding Hao also said.

As for Jiang Ranran, at the moment he just looked at Chen Hao and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it, I really didn't mean it!"

Chen Lin was also scared and hurriedly bowed and apologized to everyone.

Then she blushed again and pulled on Chen Hao's sleeve.

"Chen Hao, let's just go, let's not stay here!"

Yes, originally when Chen Lin came in, she already knew that Chen Hao's role would definitely not be played, but at that time, that kind of scene, she followed Chen Hao in and came in as well.

But I didn't expect to make a fool of myself, and if I continued, it would definitely be a disgrace.

"Go what? Stay well, it's just a broken glass, it's fine!"

Chen Hao also

It was really the first time I saw a girl like Chen Lin, who had such a fantastic vision, also have an inferiority complex.

I couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

I'm similar to her, and I was quite unable to let go when I participated in the big event for the first time.

Just persuaded Chen Lin.

"What kind of people are these two? How did you get in here, so unruly, is this party, is it really anyone's place?"

A middle-aged rich businessman at the next table was now speaking coldly.

The crowd followed suit.

After all, it was too impolite to make a commotion while Miss Lin Yi Yi was speaking.

And whoever came out to speak at this time was definitely going to give the Lin family a certain impression.

There would be fewer benefits of showing their faces later.

So everyone ridiculed it.

They also all glanced at Lin Yi Yi on stage, wanting to see how Miss Yi Yi would react.

As a result, Yi Yi Lin on stage, her eyes were actually red at the moment, and the mike in her hand had fallen to the ground at some point.

"You're really here!"

Lin Yi Yi suddenly brought out a burst of tears.

Chen Hao was squatting and wiping his trousers, and now hearing Lin Yi Yi's words, he lifted his face and found that Lin Yi Yi had seen him at the moment.

"Well Well, happy birthday!"

Chen Hao was embarrassed.

Then touched all over his body, and there was no gift except for the car keys.

You can wish you a happy birthday now," he said, "I'm sorry, but your birthday is sudden, and I don't have a present for you."

"I thought you'd forgotten about me by now!"

Wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

With her dress in both hands, Yi Lin trotted over towards Chen Hao.

In the astonished eyes of the crowd, she gave Chen Hao a big hug.

"After all this time, you didn't even contact me, did you forget about me when you had someone else!"

Lin Yi Yi cried as she hugged Chen Hao.

The aggravation of being left out of the cold was released.

"Alright, alright, good boy, no crying, no crying!"

Chen Hao patted Lin Yi's shoulder.



And the people on stage were all surprised at the moment.

Who was Lin Yi Yi? How many rich young eyes of the dream goddess.

And unattainable.

Only the top richest young men could be friends with her.

But now, this person who didn't look that great actually got Lin Yi Yi's active embrace.

And those words were just too ambiguous!

Who is this guy?

All the rich young jealous.

As for Ding Hao Li Shihan, they were all confused at the moment.

Chen Hao was just a rich man, how could he be favored by the goddess like this.

All of a sudden, all of the aura all shrouded towards Chen Hao.

It made Ding Hao vomit blood in jealousy.

Not to mention Zhang Lang who was on the side with Jiang Ran Lin Dong and the others.

"Wait for the night, I'll give you another birthday at night!"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

Honestly speaking, Chen Hao did come in here with the intention of hitting Ding Hao and the others in the face.

But it was to use Wang Biao and the others to fight.

It turned out to be such a scene.

It caused Chen Hao to be strangely embarrassed.

"Okay, this is what you said, so consider this your compensation!"

Only then did Lin Yi Yi stop crying.

After wiping away the tears, Chen Hao persuaded Yi Lin to finish this activity, and only then did she leave with Xu Xia.

Walking out of the hotel, Chen Hao and Chen Lin walked in front, while Ding Hao Li Shihan Jiang Ranran and the others, they were not far behind.

Just now, it made them simply too embarrassed.

At this moment, they were all wondering in their hearts, what kind of status is Chen Hao? How can you let Miss Lin be like that?

And as they walked, they came to the car.

"Miss Xu Xia, I've been waiting for you for a while! You can't get through on the phone."

At this moment beside the car, Wang Xiaozhang had apparently been waiting with the contract for quite some time....


"Manager Wang, my phone is off!"

Chen Lin ran towards Wang Xiaozhang in advance.

Because now, Ding Hao and the others were also following Chen Lin.

Afraid that the matter of renting a car would be broken again.

But the more afraid of what comes.

Li Shihan really can't believe that this Mercedes Benz is Chen Hao's, everyone doesn't know, before Chen Hao's show of wealth, every sentence is like a sharp thorn, ruthlessly pierced Li Shihan's heart.

It brought a burst of heart-breaking pain.

So to see this woman again, she not only wanted to listen clearly, but also ask for clarification.

Now sparing Chen Hao, she walked up to Wang Xiaozhang and glanced coldly at Chen Lin.

"Whew, Chen Lin, what are you afraid of?"

"Manager Wang is it, may I ask if this car was rented by Chen Lin?" 

"No, no!"

Chen Lin busy said, and also to Manager Wang winked.

Manager Wang also saw the problem, was trying to cover it up.

Li Shih-Han snatched the contract away, flipping it open.

Li Shihan laughed directly: "Hahahahaha, it's really rented ah, God, Ding Hao you guys come and see na, and Miss Jiang Zhang Shao, tell you an interesting thing, today na, I'm having coffee with Ding Hao, and then this girl called Chen Lin...."

Li Shih-Han shows everyone Chen Lin's rental car contract while telling them about the morning's events at the cafe.


Who let Chen Hao just hit everyone in the face again.

And it stirred up Ding Hao's jealousy again.

No need to think about it, Ding Hao was having regrets about Chen Lin again.

But everyone had seen what happened when Yi Lin hugged Chen Hao, so there was no way.

He could only start with the car rental incident.

After all, Chen Hao was Young Master Huang Young Master Bai's dog leg, and knowing Yi Lin was quite plausible.

As for the rental car matter, let's see what you, Chen Lin, have to explain.

At the same time, this car was not bought by Chen Hao, Li Shih-Han's heart was really happy and relaxed, just as relaxed as if she was originally pressed down by a big mountain, but now the mountain was gone.

"Chen Lin, so this big G is really your rental ah? I didn't know you were so calculating!"

Ding Hao looked at Chen Lin in disgust.

Chen Lin buried her head very low and cried, "I'm sorry, Ding Hao, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lie to you!"

"Haha, the renter, Chen Lin, the ID card is written so clearly, let me see who the owner is Chen Hao?"

Turning over a page of the contract, Li Shih-Han looked at it and was stunned.

"This this is... misspelled, isn't it?" Li Shihan stared.

Chen Lin also raised her head.

"Mr. Chen, so you're here! I'm sorry, I was so preoccupied with talking to Miss Chen Lin that I didn't notice you!"

Wang Xiaozhang, however, just happened to see Chen Hao standing on the side at this time.

Presently surprised, he walked over.

"It's fine Manager Wang, by the way, is it possible for me to sign and the car will be ready to drive away?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Of course Mr. Chen, but do you need to test it?"

"Don't need it anymore, I've been in this car all day, it's fine!"

Chen Hao said.

Then walked over to the dumbfounded Li Shihan.

Bringing the contract over, he wrote his name on it.

"You you... is this really your car?"

Li Shihan looked to Chen Hao and asked.

She was now quite close to Chen Hao, and she hadn't been this close to Chen Hao since she graduated from high school.

Right now, it really made Li Shih-Han's heart spill like a five-flavor bottle, not a taste.

"Whose do you think it is? I've told you, it's my car and none of you believe me!"

Chen Hao gave a faint glance at Li Shihan.

Then he patted the stunned Chen Lin on the shoulder, "Let's go, let's send you back first!"

"Ummm, Chen Hao, you can take me straight to the station, I have a ticket for tonight, I'm going back home to Pingan County!"

Chen Lin was really pleasantly surprised.

At the same time, this wave that Chen Hao had installed was simply painful.

But yet, for some reason, Chen Lin's heart was not angry at Ding Hao's kind of emotions, but happy and excited from the bottom of her heart.

"Young Master Chen, this car of yours has to be about two million, right? It's really quite nice!"

Zhang Lang, who was watching from the side, came over at this time and smiled at Chen Hao.

He thought to himself, no matter how much others ridiculed Chen Hao.

But the fact that Chen Hao knew Lin Yi Yi and drove a luxury car was very telling.

It was never a bad thing to turn enemies into friends yourself.

"Two hundred and twenty!"

Chen Hao looked at him and faintly smiled.

The two of them also shook hands.

Right at this moment, Zhang Lang's phone suddenly rang.

"Hello dad? Okay, I got it, I'm going back now!"

Zhang Lang hung up the phone: "That Young Master Chen, I'm a bit busy now, I'll excuse myself ah, Lin Dong Ran Ran sorry, can't send you guys to the It's the station, and my dad told me to get back in a hurry!"

After saying hello to Chen Hao again, he drove off straight away.


Jiang Ran Ran was startled.

What can we do about this?

It was originally agreed at the banquet that Zhang Lang Zhang Shao drove them in his BMW 7 series.

Because when they came, Lin Dong was too embarrassed to drive his car, so they came in a car.

Now Chen Hao had gotten into the car and started it, and Chen Lin naturally sat on the passenger side.

Lin Dong was grey-headed, "Ran Ran, why don't we take a drop and go?"

"Hit the drip? You just know how to take a taxi, look at you, you can't just buy a car and drive to the house, but now people have a car to pick them up, and I still have to take a taxi!"

Jiang Ranran's eyes went directly red with shame.

Really, the downside of having no money she had really learned again today.

"Get in my car, I'll take you to the station!"

Chen Hao put on his sunglasses and smiled hehehe.

It was not that he wanted to help Jiang Ranran, it was just that now in this stall, it wasn't so much to just throw his face away.

Jiang Ranran lifted her face to look at Chen Hao, bit her lips or sat on it.

At the same time, looking at Chen Lin who was sitting on the passenger side, there was no reason to actually have a surge of jealousy.

If nothing else, shouldn't the co-pilot's seat be hers to sit on?

"Damn it, just sit down and I'll deal with you later!"

Lin Dong cursed under his breath.

"Oi Oi! What are you doing?"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Dong.

"Fuck, I'm getting in!"

"I'm talking about them and her, not you, and Lin Shao, don't forget to pay me back the money you owe me later, it's almost day, I'm here But there's your IOU!"

Chen Hao directly locked the car door.

Damn, this product himself took the initiative to help him last time, but today he actually mocked himself and let you ride in the car?

Do I have bubbles in my head?

Chen Hao said in his heart.

Right now, without looking at the crowd, he drove away directly.

Li Shihan looked at the shadow of the departing car.

The heart, on the other hand, was very complicated.

In high school, didn't Chen Hao care about himself the most? He had to review himself and not eat, even if it was raining heavily he ran to buy it for himself.

And which time didn't Chen Hao look at himself with a look of concern?

Even if it was three years since we had seen each other, just like a while ago, when she had treated Chen Hao that way, Chen Hao had seen herself with the same kind of concerned look.

But this time... Chen Hao's cold eyes and the way he ignored himself made Li Shihan too uncomfortable for a moment.

Because it seemed like Chen Hao hadn't even looked at himself from the time he took the contract, to the time he drove away?

And after Chen Hao sent them to the station, because there was still Qin Ya, he didn't go back and directly rented a hotel to stay.

It was also the same night that Chen Hao received a video call, which was connected through the family's special secret channel that only the core members of the Chen family had.

And with a look at the notes of this video, Chen Hao plopped down from his bed and hurriedly pressed connect....


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