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"Have you seen Michelle Yang? She went to the capital?"

Honestly speaking, upon hearing the word Yang Xue, even though it had been months since she had heard it, Chen Hao still couldn't help but shake her entire body.

In particular, his heart was still somewhat gripped with pain.

After all, having been good with Yang Xue for two years, most of his memories in Jinling University came from this girl, even though Yang Xue had later broken Chen Hao's heart and made him hate her somewhat!

However, since the last time she revealed her identity as Jinling Young Master Chen, she was very cold to her.

Yang Xia was hit by the blow and dropped out of school.

From this incident, in fact, Chen Hao's disgust, hatred, and hatred towards her had all gone.

There was even some self-reproach.

At that time, she had nothing, Yang Xia didn't dislike her and was with her.

A piece of food, a piece of shopping.

It is true that later on, Yang Xia changed, but think about compared with Zhao Yifan these girls, Yang Xia is not better.  

After all, she had her moments when she disliked herself.

And which girl nowadays doesn't love money.

At that time, her own indifference could be said to have ruined her future.

A good university wasn't even finished.

In fact, some time ago, Chen Hao was thinking about coming to have someone look for Yang Xia, so that she could have a secure income future and feel more at ease with herself.

But on second thought, Chen Hao still dismissed the idea, I'm afraid that doing so would make her hate herself even more!

"Well, what's your reaction to that? Excited? Excited? Or blame yourself?"

Han Siyu looked at Chen Hao with interest and asked.

"No. How is she now? How's it going?"

Chen Hao asked.

"You don't have to worry about her anymore, she's doing very well now, and it's so good that it's beyond your expectations, and she told me that she'll go back to Jinling and take her Find all the things that were lost!"

"She had quite a scary look in her eyes when she said that! She didn't say anything even when I asked her, right Chen Hao, why did Yang Xia drop out of school at that time?"

I remembered that at that time, Han Siyu also sent a message to Chen Hao.

But at that time, Han Siyu wasn't interested in knowing about Chen Hao, but it was different now.

She was really curious.

"It's nothing, nothing at all!"

Chen Hao said with a bitter smile.

What she had lost she would get back sooner or later, and to be frank, she wanted to settle the score with herself ah.

What had Yang Xia experienced during this time?

I can't even think about it, but what is certain is that Yang Xia is indeed living a good life right now, so that's good enough for me!

"Forget it if you don't! It'll be clear to me when she comes back anyway!"

Hanfield said, "Come on, let's get out of here! I'm getting ready for the broadcast this afternoon too!"


Chen Hao nodded numbly and was about to go out.

"Right Chen Hao, I'll help you this time, I want you to promise me a request!"

Han Feier stopped Chen Hao again.

"You say!"

"I hope you don't marry another girl until I know who my average brother is, okay? That's all I ask!"

Han Siyu bit her lip.

She didn't know why she was talking like that.

You guessed that ordinary little brother was Chen Hao, so you fell in love with Chen Hao?

Han Siyu didn't know, but that was what she was thinking anyway.

What if Chen Hao was just ordinary little brother, and what if Chen Hao was already married when she confirmed it?

Han Siyu didn't want to have such remorse, so she said so.

In fact, she wasn't even sure if she loved Chen Hao at all.

And Chen Hao looked at Han Siyu in some surprise when he heard this.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with you, I'm just looking for an answer!"

Han Siyu pouted.

"All right! I promise!"

Chen Hao had just heard Yang Xue's name, making him a little distracted for a moment.

He agreed without even thinking about it.

It was better than telling Han Siyu that he was ordinary guy.

Let the matter of having fans find Qin Ya be settled.

Chen Hao circled down the stairs with a heart of gold.

Ling Fei and Xiao Qiang followed behind.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Chen Hao, and you'll see that he has something to say to you.

But Little Qiang, on the other hand, didn't dare.

"Little Qiang, it's fine, just say it to Chen Hao!"

Zhao Tong Tong couldn't watch anymore, so he was busy.

Chen Hao only then reacted and looked at him, "Is there something wrong?"

"Brother Chen Hao, I have something I want to ask you for, I just don't know if you can say yes."

Xiao Qiang despised Chen Hao at first, but when Chen Hao drove the big G, Xiao Qiang was confused.

"O, go ahead!"

"My sister she works for a leasing company and she needs to go lease a big G this month, she's one short of that, and if she misses that target s words, she might be fired, so I see you have a big G. Can you rent it to my sister and her company for just three days? Time, my sister will pay your rental fee!"

Xiao Qiang said.

Chen Hao this is understandable.

There are companies that specialize in this kind of work, such as making movies with cars and such.

When the time comes, they need to sign a lease contract.

This way, the owner of the car doesn't have to be responsible for any accidents and all the expenses, just renting the car out for a few days, you can make like ten or twenty thousand for nothing.

"Just this ah, then okay, I'll rent it to your sister!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

This little Qiang had helped himself today.

Moreover, seeing that he was quite concerned about his sister, Chen Hao appreciated it, after all, he also had a sister.

If it was his sister who was in trouble, Chen Hao he would have no qualms about helping.

"Thank you, brother Chen Hao! I'll call my sister and have her come sign the contract with you!"

Xiao Qiang was excited.

After signing the contract, Zhao Tongtong and the others returned home and went to prop up the relationship.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, also initiated Li Zhenguo and the others.

This matter of Qin Ya, no matter what the outcome was, there had to be an outcome.

Otherwise, Chen Hao would never have peace of mind for the rest of his life.

Soon, it was evening.

Chen Hao had also been running all day.

He was tired and hungry.

Just came to a restaurant and simply dealt with a bite.

"What do you guys mean? Think of me as redundant, huh? Am I that bad?"

As we were eating, we heard a noise from people dining at a seat not far away.

Chen Hao turned his head to look.

It was two women and a man.

One of them, a man and a woman, were sitting in a piece and were eating, while the other girl, who was apparently arriving later, was somewhat similar to that kind of catching f*cking scene, where the standing girl was yelling at the two people.

"How much thought have I put into you, where am I any better than her, and you used to love me, didn't you love me, how did you end up with her in the Together!!!"

The girl was still shouting.

Originally, this kind of thing was commonplace, and it was fine for Chen Hao to glance at it.

But now, Chen Hao was staring at it for several times.

Because this girl was not a bystander, it was Chen Lin.

And the man and the woman, needless to say, were Ding Hao and Li Shihan.

Right, the party heard Li Wenyang said, Li Shihang and Ding Hao have become.

Then Chen Lin must be anxious ah, after all, she also likes Ding Hao.


And Chen Lin cursed, suddenly, she received a slap on the mouth.

It was Li Shihan who stood up with a cold face: "Chen Lin, you've had enough, you're sick!"


 "Li Shihan, how dare you hit me, Ding Hao, didn't you even see this bitch hit me?"

Chen Lin covered her face and looked at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao, on the other hand, turned his head to the side to show his attitude.

"Hooray you guys, count me Chen Lin blind!"

After Chen Lin scolded her, she ran out in tears.

As for Li Shixuan, she threw her chopsticks away and apparently was in no mood to eat after being so disturbed, and soon left with Ding Hao as well.

"I can't believe that these two good girlfriends have now reached this stage..."

Chen Hao had watched the entire process and understood what was going on.

In fact, to be frank, Chen Lin and Li Shihan were still not interested in Ding Hao's real estate.

After all, in the past, Ding Hao who had no money was also following them all day long, and the two girls who hadn't seen him were very good to him.

But now, Ding Hao has the real estate, as well as the personal connections.

He became handsome and stable in the eyes of the two girls.

Alas, Chen Hao could be said to have the most experience with this kind of thing.

I just wonder what the two girls' expressions will be when they find out later on that Ding Hao actually gave everything to them?

Oh, helplessly laughed.

Chen Hao left even after he finished his meal.

"Hey, big grandson, wait a minute!"

As soon as Chen Hao left the restaurant, he was hugged by an old man lying in front of the restaurant's entrance.

"Fuck, what are you doing?"

Chen Hao was stunned.

"Great grandson, you must have money to eat in a restaurant like this, give me some money, I haven't eaten in many days!"

This old beggar hugged Chen Hao's leg and said.

This old beggar, with a shaggy face and white hair.

Now he was hugging Chen Hao again, with the intention that he would not let Chen Hao go if you didn't pay.

Chen Hao was Helpless.

Take out the wallet to give the old beggar a hundred.

Hehe, really rich!

The old beggar hastily put it away, but his hand was still holding Chen Hao.

"Are you done yet?"

Chen Hao was in a temper for a moment and said coldly.

"Great grandson, I also want to ask you a favor, can you send me to the medical center, I want to heal my leg!"

The old beggar said again.

"Damn it, you're leaning on the old beggar too much, you're trying to blackmail me!"

Chen Hao was speechless for a while.

"Who's an old beggar, I'm just in distress, not a beggar, okay?"

The old man.

And now, a lot of people have gathered in the street.

Looking at this scene and pointing.

Chen Hao thought to himself that he was really unlucky.

This old man shouted again one grandson at a time.

In the end, Chen Hao had no choice, so he sent him to the medical center across the street.

It was while the old herbalist at the medical shop was looking at his leg.

As Chen Hao paid, he glanced grudgingly at this old man.

Only then did he see that this old man's chest actually had a tattoo and a faucet that was hideous, as if it wanted to devour everything.

Was this old beggar really a hero in distress?

Chen Hao said something in his heart.

Maybe this old man was once a king as well.

But this was none of his business.

A total of a thousand dollars had been spent for this old man, and if it were normal, Chen Hao wouldn't have messed around as a good man to save him.

Wasn't this just a case of being relied upon by him.

After glancing at him, Chen Hao was ready to leave.

At this time, a broadcast suddenly sounded on the TV of the medical clinic, Jinling TV.

It was about the disappearance of the Qin family's Qin Ya.

The police were currently involved or something.

Apparently, it was Qin Ya's father who was also relying on the media to look for him.

Seeing this news item again made Chen Hao blame himself for a while.

"Ugh, this girl is quite pretty, I hope it's okay, after all, what kind of perverted bad guys don't exist in society nowadays?"

"That's right, a girl has to protect herself when she's out there!"

Some of the patients said.

"I think I saw this girl a while ago, she was alone and got stuck with a couple of guys!"

The old beggar who was lying on the bed said.

And Chen Hao, who was about to go out, fell back on his words.

"What did you say? Have you seen her?"

Chen Hao asked anxiously.

The old man looked at Chen Hao and he smiled, "Seen, met outside the Jinling station, that day was noon it seems, just her alone, because of this The girl was quite white and tall and pretty, so I was impressed, except that several people came to pick her up, and the group talked to her and she Himself in a hurry to get in a car in a few minutes!"

"What, do you know someone?"

The old man smiled.


Chen Hao nodded his head.

He asked the old man some more details, and from the old man's description, what he encountered that day was really Qin Ya, and at the right time.

As long as we figure out where Qin Ya disappeared from, and make sure that she was kidnapped, this matter will be easy to solve.

Seeing that Chen Hao was leaving again.

The old man hurriedly pulled him again.

"What else are you doing?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Great grandson, you're a great guy, can you tell me what your name is?"

"Chen Hao..."

Chen Hao saw that he had provided a clue, and now returned his words.

"You're really surnamed Chen, so let me see your chest, shall I?"

There was a flash of excitement in the old man's eyes.

And without letting Chen Hao share, he came over and pulled Chen Hao's collar.

Chen Hao naturally resisted.

But this old man, who didn't know where to get the strength, slightly pushed, and Chen Hao's arm directly couldn't move.

Pulling his own collar apart.

This old man frowned.

"Hiss, that's strange, no!"

The old man said, and let go of Chen Ge as well.

This old man, what a nervous wreck!

Chen Hao thought to himself as he rubbed his wrist.

While the old man was dazed and stunned, Chen Hao quickly slipped away.

At the same time, he also called to inform the Heavenly Dragon, Earth Tiger and Zhao Tongtong and the others about this matter.

It wouldn't be long before the Heavenly Dragons and Earth Tigers would be able to find out what was going on.

Because Chen Hao felt that this should be a deceptive kidnapping, just in the hope that nothing would ever happen to Qin Ya....

As for this old man that he met at the entrance of the restaurant today, it made Chen Hao feel a little surprised, at the same time this old man actually happened to know about Qin Ya's matter, making Chen Hao even more surprised, just think it's too coincidental!

But Chen Hao didn't think too much about that for now.

As it turned out, an hour later, Tian Longdihu had found out what happened.

Qin Ya had indeed been tricked away, and at the moment, was under house arrest in a luxurious small area. House arrest for two days now.

The trigger for the whole incident appeared on a student named Li Yue.

Li Yue owed money to the underground forces of Jinling, so he tricked Qin Ya as collateral!


Chen Hao cursed.

And then, he told the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger to prepare their men and hurry to rescue them.

In fact, before making this call to Chen Hao, the people from the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger had already arrived at that community.

Chen Hao hurriedly wanted to rush over there, but that's when he realized that his big G was leased away, so he couldn't run to Genting Mountain Villa and drive again.

It was a good thing that that community wasn't far from this location, so Chen Hao pedaled into a small yellow car and hurried there.


The clouds were dense and it was raining heavily outside as well.

After Chen Hao sent a message to Zhao Tongtong, his cell phone was also dead and turned off.

Then he braved the rain and rushed to the Yunhua Community.

At this moment, within the Yunhua community.

A full hundred or so Maybachs came, surrounding the entire community, and all four entrances were blocked.

And there were many black-clothed men in suits coming, all of these black-clothed men with black umbrellas, standing neatly beside the cars. The momentum was too strong.

Many of them are from inside the building, holding their cell phones and filming.

This was definitely big news.

God knows what's going on, and who knows who's offended which big brother ah.

Anyway, the old shock.

At the same time, at the entrance of a restaurant in Yunhua District.

There was also a group of young men and women standing in the rain.

"Teacher Meng, it's raining so heavily and the entrance to the community is all blocked, we can't leave ah!"

A girl said.

"Ahem, if you can't, you can stay at Teacher Meng's house, but Teacher Meng just moved to a new house anyway!" A boy said.

"Seriously, if the guidance counselor hadn't asked our local students from Jinling to move her to her new home today, they wouldn't have been able to see this kind of scene, all of them Maybach! Fuck me!"

More students were shocked at the Maybachs that surrounded the neighborhood.

"Huh? Mentor look, why does that guy on the little yellow bike look so familiar?"

A girl looked on in reverence and suddenly saw a boy coming from outside the neighborhood on a yellow bike and shouted....


"Fuck, isn't that Chen Hao?"

Some boys recognized Chen Hao.

"Yeah, it's really him, geez, it's raining so hard, what's he doing scurrying around on his bike?"

"I thought he won the lottery, haha, I thought his mount would change, but it's still so crude!"

"Exactly, but in our class, I secretly liked him once, knowing he won the lottery, haha!"

A group of girls were discussing it.

This group of boys and girls were not just anyone else, it was Chen Hao's fellow university students, a dozen of them.

And that teacher Meng, naturally, was Meng Cai Ru.

Today, Meng Cai Ru has moved to a new home, from the teaching staff apartment office out.

The Yunhua district is a high-grade grade, the price is around 25,000.

Meng Cai Ru when the university teacher, while opening a Taobao shop, plus doing micro-business and so on, anyway, with Han Feier to help promote publicity.

So also followed to earn big money.

It's simply a new set of house, three rooms and two rooms.

It's natural to look for your own students to move.

The local students in Jinling were all called by Meng Cai Ru to come.

Right now, once she saw Chen Hao, who was riding his bike from afar, Meng Cai Ru's heart skipped a beat for no reason.

Similar to Han siyu, she also liked Brother Ping Fan.

So of course she was sensitive to the very likely to be Ordinary Chen Hao.

After all, it was raining, and although Chen Hao was hurrying, he was still riding slow.

At this time, there had been three cars in a row from Chen Hao's side heading straight to the entrance of the Yunhua community.

Successively from the three cars came down Zhao Tongtong and the others, as well as Qin Ya's parents and the others.

The last car was Han Fei'er who was holding a mobile phone live streaming device with Du Yue and the others.

Chen Hao told Zhao Tongtong about this, and naturally Zhao Tongtong informed Qin Ya's parents and the others.

As for the fact that so many people are now blocking the neighborhood, it should be the Tian Long Dihu and the others who are closing the door and fighting the dogs.

I guess now Qin Ya has also been rescued by Tian Longdi Tiger and the others.

"Stop, what for?"

Zhao Tongtong and the others were stopped by the bodyguards as soon as they passed.

Qin Ya's parents hurriedly begged, and the bodyguard listened, isn't this the parents of the girl they saved, when they respectfully let the crowd in.

"This way Siyu ! Phil!"

Some girls saw Han Siyu and hurriedly called her over.

And Han Siyu obviously didn't expect to run into so many classmates here.

Just walked over with Du Yue.

"Siyu, you're amazing, they won't let anyone in, so how come they let you in, and what the hell is going on ah?"

The girls all gossiped about it.

Han Siyu is really shocked at how big the scene was.

"It's a girl who was kidnapped, we got the news and came over, I didn't think there would be so many people to rescue her!"

"Huh? Then who is this girl? But look at his parents, they don't look like the leader of the pack, do they?"

A girl asked.

Meng Cai Ru was also curious and looked at Han siyu.

Han Siyu shook her head, "I'm not sure about that, it was Chen Hao who told us that the person had been rescued, but was in shock, and is now at the What about the Yunhua district!"

"Chen Hao?"

Meng Cai Ru was shocked.

"Ummm, this girl is Chen Hao's friend, and Chen Hao asked me to help find her!"

And as Han Siyu said that, she seemed to have reacted to something.

Looking at each other for a while with Meng Cai Ru, both of them were a bit surprised.

"Hahaha, look guys, that fallen chicken Chen Hao just came over!"

"Look at him, isn't he low, really, Xiao Yun, didn't you just say you liked Chen Hao? Go confess your love to him. !"

"Go to hell, will you, only a fool would confess to him!"

The crowd was frolicking.

"Young Master Chen!!!"

Suddenly, the black-clothed bodyguards with black umbrellas and crowds shouted in unison.

The voices were so loud that it seemed like the entire neighborhood was shaking a bit.

What's more, two bodyguards ran over and held the umbrella over Chen Hao's head.

Chen Hao wiped the rainwater from his face and got off the small yellow car.

The other bodyguard, on the other hand, immediately ground a white towel.

"Young Master Chen, the person has been rescued, but is unconscious due to shock, other than that, there are no injuries, just house arrest!"

The bouncer.

"Then I'm relieved! I'll go in and see!"

The boulder hanging in Chen Hao's heart finally landed.

Then he walked towards the front.

The bodyguards at the entrance stood in two rows respectfully.

Holding their umbrellas, they looked at Chen Hao with their eyes aligned.

The other few bodyguards at the entrance had already heard the news of the closing.

They all came running over.

Also after seeing Chen Hao, they stood respectfully on either side of the road.

"Young master Chen!"

The newcomers bowed slightly and shouted in unison.

These two shouted in unison.

The few girls who were ready to enter the community, Zhao Tong and their parents, as well as Qin Ya's parents, were all startled.

Right now they were looking back at Chen Hao in surprise.

"Young master Chen?"

"Chen Ge...he's Young master Chen?"

Zhao Tongtong and the other girls were horrified.

Identities were exposed.

Chen Hao didn't feel anything, because to Zhao Tongtong and the other girls bar, he wasn't taboo about anything.

Only when Chen Hao turned his head, he himself was shocked.

Han Siyu and Meng Cai Ru, as well as his own classmates were all there.

Right now, they were all staring at him.

Why were they all here?

Chen Hao's face was embarrassed.

But right now, saving people was important.

"Young Master Chen, you've come over!"

At this time, Zhao Zixing came out from the building and said respectfully.

"It's all figured out, it was a man named Li Yue who colluded with the underground forces in Jinling, that young master of the Shen family, Shen Kai, who put Miss Qin Ya under house arrest Fortunately, nothing happened. As for the reason, it was because Li owed Shen Kai money. Shen Kai offered to take Miss Qin Ya on the condition that she take him for three days. If Li Yue can't exchange the money in three days, Shen Kai will use force on Miss Qin Ya!"

Zhao Zixing said what he understood about the situation.

Shen Kai was thrown down from the building by Tian Long Dihu because he tried to do something just now and fell unconscious.

That's why they blocked the neighborhood.

Li Zhenguo, on the other hand, went to the Shen family in awe.

That was basically the situation.

Chen Hao didn't care about the dumbfounded Zhao Tongtong Meng Cairu Han siyu and the others, and went in to take a look.

It wasn't until the unconscious Qin Ya was pulled away by the medical cart that Chen Hao's heart completely relaxed.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

Zhao Tong Tong Meng Cai Ru and the others all came over.

Looking at Chen Hao, they instantly felt so strange.

"Oh my god, Chen Hao is Jinling young young master Chen! Oh my god oh my god!!! I'll just die!"

The girl named Xiaoyun bit her lips off in regret.

Not to mention the other girls and boys.

Meng Cai Rou and Han Feier were even more breathless.

"It turns out that the person who's been helping herself is actually Chen Hao! The rich young man that I've searched so hard for is in my own class, and so close!"

As for Han Siyu, the phone in her hand was even more unsteady and fell straight to the ground.

Because she was now, her brain was completely blank.

Chen Hao sucked in his breath and walked over to pick up Han Feier's phone and return it to her.

"I didn't expect you all to be here, Conductor, what are you doing here today?"

Chen Hao asked with a faint smile.

"We're moving Young master Chen for the guide, no no no, we're moving Chen Shao! Just finished moving the guide to buy us dinner!"

A girl blushed and said.

"Oooh, that's perfect, take my car and get you back!"

Chen Hao said.

A bodyguard immediately opened the car door.

Chen Hao got into the car and was the first to leave....

If we stay any longer, Chen Hao won't know what to say....

"It's really him!"

Han Feier trembled as she looked at Chen Hao's back and said.

"Linlin, you've got to stop moping, you've got to look, what's wrong with this neighborhood today? So many people?"

Just at that moment, a line of three or two girls also came out of a unit.

Seeing the scene in front of her, one girl rushed to drag the girl who was walking away and had apparently just cried, the girl named Lynn....


"Yeah, lots of luxury cars!"

Lynn was also a little shocked to see a luxury car at the moment.

Maybachs, each one of them was worth a house here now.

If anyone could marry into such a family, how enviable it would have to be.

Alas, it's a pity that I, Chen Lin, am considered pretty, but as a result, Ding Hao didn't even like me and chose that bitch Li Shihan.

What's wrong with her? She's just good at pretending!

Not bad, this girl is the same Chen Lin who is sharing the room with other female colleagues here.

When you see the scene in front of you, you can't help but feel envious.

Many of the girls on the scene also left successively in a complicated mood.

As for Li Yue, he was naturally taken away by the police for processing.

When the next day came, Chen Hao went to the hospital to visit Qin Ya.

"Chen Hao, thank you for saving me!"

After Qin Ya woke up yesterday, Qin Ya's parents naturally told her what happened.

"Nothing! It's my fault, by the way, that I didn't take care of you!"

Chen Hao blamed himself and said.

"Chen Hao, is it also you who saved my mother's life, because Li Yue has already explained to the police that he saved my mother, that he Lied to me, and I wouldn't have gotten into his car that day if he hadn't held my mother accountable!"

Qin Ya was looking at Chen Hao at the moment.

Because Qin Ya was confused herself when she heard her father say that Chen Hao was actually Young Master Chen.

It was truly shocking.

"It's me!"

Chen Hao nodded his head, there was nothing to hide now that it was over.

"You're so silly, why didn't you tell me, do you know that for a while, I wanted to be with Li Yue, to really be with He's together, and you've done me a disservice, haven't you!"

Qin Ya gently twisted Chen Hao's arm.

"I know, you're afraid that I'll pester you, right?"

Qin Ya looked at Chen Hao with red eyes, "I just realized the reason why you don't want to be with me, you are Jinling Young Master Chen How could a guy with a noble identity card fall for a girl like me, huh, I'm just saying it's all my own fault!"

"No, I'm not what you think, it's just that you know that I can't fall for another girl when I'm with Tongxin!"

Chen Hao said truthfully.

"O, I know, it's okay, I've also thought it through after this, maybe I don't really like you, but was sent by you in the first place I your most precious thing struck, and now I realize that it's not even a drop in the bucket for you!"

"That's good, I'm relieved, Chen Hao, I wish you and Mu Han happiness ah!"

Qin Ya smiled cheerfully.

Chen Hao saw that she understood and was relieved.

"Mmhmm, we'll be good friends from now on, as long as you have anything to do, I can definitely help you!"

Chen Hao smiled.

Speaking of which, to Qin Ya, it's nothing but self-blame.

After all, I had stood her up many times before, and now I almost caused her to get into trouble.

Therefore, Chen Hao's words were not polite.

"Okay, I'll remember your words, when I have something to do, I'll ask for your help!"

"Ummm, then take a break, I'll go to the restaurant and get you some porridge!"

Chen Hao got up and walked out.

And looking at Chen Hao's departing back, the smile on Qin Ya's face gradually disappeared, pulling her blanket viciously a few times.

Chen Hao took Qin Ya's lunch box and just walked out.

As a result, he almost bumped into one person.

"Oh my, are you blind, do you walk without eyes?"

It was a girl, who was being held by another girl with a drip bottle and a drip, and she cursed directly at Chen Hao.

"Sorry, I'm not... eh? Chen Lin?"

Chen Hao took a look, isn't that Chen Lin!

"Chen Hao? Why are you here?"

Chen Lin was surprised as well.

Last night, it was actually those co-ed roommates who accompanied Chen Lin for the sling shot.

It was because Chen Lin was drenched in rain when she came back last night, plus she was emotionally stimulated.

Just had a high fever.

Then, not a lot of convoy blocking the road, behind a lot of police cars also came.

Anyway, just didn't go out at the time.

Thought I'd carry it over for the night.

And then I woke up this morning.

Her roommate noticed that she was getting worse.

Rushed to the hospital.

It was just put on a drip and the situation was better.

I didn't expect to almost get hit by Chen Hao.

"My friend is in the hospital, I'll go get him a bowl of porridge!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Oooo, Linlin, I see, this is the rich young dog's legged son Chen Hao that you said came out of your class, right?"

The other girl was now looking at Chen Hao and scowling.

"Oh my gosh Little Qian, what are you talking about!"

Chen Lin was embarrassed.

"Isn't it him? Making legs for those rich young men, but it's really okay, and now you're going to fetch porridge for people!"

The girl sneered.

Chen Lin's face was red and white.

Her own friend Xiao Qian was just like this, straightforward and big-hearted.

She is even more heartless than herself.

Not bad, these words were what Chen Lin told her.

Because the last time at the Yunmeng Mountain Celebration Conference, Chen Hao wasn't very cool, when Chen Lin were almost on her knees, but also had to give Chen Hao the milk tea.

There was even the thought of whether or not to pursue Chen Hao backwards.

So she and Li Shi letter Ding Hao speculated, Chen Hao in the end who is ah, why does it look like he and those rich young play well, and those rich young are so good for him?

As a result, I don't know who Ding Hao was asking, but he said that Chen Hao wasn't that cocky, but was actually someone's dog's leg, and even visited someone's house!

Chen Lin and Li Shixuan believed it.

But to be nicer to Chen Hao in the future was a given.

After all, he played well with those rich youngsters.

By the way, it was because of this kind of thinking of Chen Lin and his own performance that day at the Yunmeng Mountain celebration that made Ding Hao feel bad about himself.

Turning to get directly good with Li Shihan.

Fuck, Li Shihan was shocked and didn't react, okay.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

As a result, people Chen Hao's connections were more awesome than Ding Hao's, of course she was shocked and regretted it.

It's just that she showed it, and this bitch didn't show it.

And what about later, Chen Lin also realized how unrealistic it was to please Chen Hao just because of her personal connections.

After all, in theory, Chen  had nothing.

Ding Hao, on the other hand, had a family fortune and a shop.

And also arranged a better job for Li Shihan.

That was the reality.

So with a best friend, Chen Lin couldn't say anything good.

Chen Lin was now embarrassed: "Chen Hao you don't listen to her nonsense, by the way, where are those rich friends of yours?"

Although in his heart he still despised Chen Hao who was running errands for others as a janitor, but anyway, Chen Ge knew them, he was a person.

So it was still good with it.

"Oooo, they recently went to Hainan to play!"

Chen Hao said.

"They're not taking you with them!" Chen Lin asked tentatively.

"What are they taking me for!" Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

They are a group of rich youngsters who like to spend money, and they, themselves, like to live an ordinary life, so in addition to having activities, they usually drink a drink or something, and they don't play together.

Chen Lin skimmed her mouth. I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it.

After a brief chat or two next, they separated.

"Haha, that's the guy ah, I think he's quite innocent looking, if only he was really good, I'd chase him! Unfortunately..."

The girl said.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do. I've been thinking about chasing him for a few days, but if I'm with him, even if he's just a follower, that's fine. I'll be able to hit Ding Hao in the face and make him regret it. That guy, Ding Hao, is also quite sensitive to Chen Hao. I'm sure Ting-ho will come back for me if he gets irritated! That way I can be with Ding Hao and hold him for the rest of my life!"

"It's just a pity that all those rich young men have gone to Hainan to play, and look at him now, he's so low again! Ding Hao still knows his background, how to make Ding Hao regret it!"

Chen Lin was sad.

"Hey! I'm sure I can make Ting Ho kneel before you and beg you to be with her! One piece!"

The girl said with a snap of her head.

"What's the solution?" Chen Lin was busy asking.


But Chen Hao was now making porridge in the hospital restaurant.

"Chen Hao, you haven't eaten yet, come, come, I've bought something delicious outside, let's eat together!"

Just at this moment, Chen Lin came over with a pocket of food and even patted Chen Hao's shoulder.

"No need, aren't you still on the drip, why did you come to the restaurant?" Chen Hao said with a smile.

I don't know how, but Chen Lin had suddenly become so passionate, and it really made Chen Hao a little uncomfortable.

Although this girl didn't shy away from ridiculing Chen Hao, Chen Hao wouldn't hold a grudge against her.

Presently, she was also speaking politely.

"I ah, well ah already, it's good to see you after! You're my medicine you know!"

Chen Lin looked at Chen Hao with a very ambiguous smile.

And the body was very close to Chen Hao, seemingly rubbing against Chen Hao's arm.

It made Chen Hao's goose bumps rise.  

Honestly speaking, Chen Lin used to be an art student, the captain of the Latin dance team, and her body looks were extremely beautiful.

And compared to Li Shihan, she was a bit more voluptuous.

It was also considered a seductive beauty.

But just now when we met upstairs, Chen Lin's attitude wasn't like this, so how come it's only been half an hour, and she's become so enthusiastic and a little too enthusiastic, right?

"Is there something wrong with you, Chen lin?" Chen Hao asked.

"Oh my, you first stop asking well, I just ran downstairs specifically to buy you food, what's good about the restaurant's rice ah, also dead Expensive as hell, and what do you see here?"

In addition to the roasted chicken, drinks, and various other dishes that Chen Lin bought for Chen Hao, she also carried a hot egg dunking cake in her hand.

"I know, you love to eat egg dumplings, remember when we were in high school, you usually ate steamed buns and pickles, only on the weekends Only saved a few bucks to buy myself an egg doughnut on vacation! I saw one for sale on the side of the road, so I bought it for you!"

Chen Lin pulled Chen Hao to sit down.

Seeing this egg dunking pancake, Chen Hao's heart was quite itchy, yeah, when the family was broke in high school, Chen Hao felt that the best thing to eat was egg dunking pancakes.

Although I don't know what Chen Lin really wants.

But seeing that she was so enthusiastic and bought herself multiple things, Chen Hao was embarrassed to shrug it off and leave.

Besides, she had joined the Hope Primary School she had built as a teacher, so she would be able to take care of her in the future, and it wouldn't be a problem to have a meal from her.

The main thing was that it was hard to refuse.

"Come, come, roast chicken, dunked cakes, hurry up and eat while it's hot, you put down the porridge first, I'll tell you something after you finish eating!"

Chen Lin pushed the things in front of Chen Hao

Then with two hands holding her fragrant cheeks, she looked at Chen Hao with a smiling face.

Chen Hao then ate it up.

"What is it, tell me!"

Chen Hao thought to himself could it be that Chen Lin had changed sex? If that's the case, classmate's love Chen Ge still speaks, the help should be helped.

"Hehehe, it's just that I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend for one day, just one day tomorrow, I'll always remember this kindness!"


Chen Hao was so scared that he almost threw the dunking cake.

Pretending to be a boyfriend again?

To be honest, Chen Hao has already pretended to be a boyfriend for several girls.

And because of this, Chen Hao had also provoked several other girls.

After all, he couldn't really be with them, so why would he pretend to be a boyfriend?

That's why Chen Hao is quite sensitive about this.

Because Chen Hao was really afraid that someone else would find himself in a fake marriage in the future, which would be even more troublesome!

"Hey, what are you afraid of, just for one day, will you help me with a play, please?" Chen Lin's hand scratched at the back of Chen Hao's hand.


"It's because of Ding Hao, isn't it?"

As soon as Chen Hao thought about it, he also knew what Chen Lin's purpose was.

As expected, there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world, taking the short end of the stick!

There's no such thing as love without a cause!

"Ummmm, yeah, I just want you to help me put on a show to piss him off! Then he'll come around, and Dinh Ho is quite small-minded and narcissistic, so he'll never tolerate me with someone better than him. In one piece!"

Chen Lin smiled.

Chen Hao said, "Then if you ask me to act, you probably won't be mad at him, but will laugh at him instead, I'm not better than him, how great Ding Hao is . The family has the development of Yunmeng Mountain and has even set up a shop there, which will be great!"

Chen Hao said this on purpose.

"Of course I know you're not as good as him ah, that's why I asked you to play it, you know Chen Hao, because you and Li Shihan that bitch in high school. The reason for the ambiguity, plus the fact that you've let Ding hao down in public a few times, is why he's sensitive to you! If you could have appeared to him in another guise, he would have been jealous of you, and then, what, he would have regretted it to me! And your job is done! That's why you're the best person for the job!"

Chen Lin looked like she had a chest full of ideas.

And naturally, this idea was a solution given to her by her best friend just now.

Although Chen Hao wasn't a rich young man, but one could package Chen Hao as a rich young man ah!

"Wait, did you say a different identity? What do you mean?" Chen Hao was confused.

"That's right, you play the rich young man, and as for how you got rich, you won the lottery! Anyway, it's just that you have to act like you've got more money than Dingo, and you can drive, right? I've rented you a limousine. As long as you act according to the arrangement I made with my best friend, you'll definitely make Ding Hao's face tomorrow. Beat the swelling!"

"So, now that I'm all set, I owe you Chen Hao, and I've already rented the car, so promise me, okay?"

Chen Lin begged.

It seemed that this time, Chen Lin had paid a big price in order to regain Ding Hao's love.

So much so, Chen Hao also really didn't know how to refuse.

Originally, it was going to be time to bid farewell to Qin Ya tomorrow, just as tomorrow their own car is also due, so they will drive back to Pingan County.

Looks like the plan will have to be postponed by a day.

"Alright, I promise you!"

Chen Hao nodded.


Chen Lin smiled excitedly.

"Then how do you know that we will definitely run into Ding Hao tomorrow?"

Chen Hao asked again.

"Hmph, sure you can run into it, don't worry about that! Then let's simply meet here in front of the hospital tomorrow, I'll pick you up!"

When Chen Hao finished eating, he also went back with Chen Lin, who had come on strong and her fever had gone down.

Chen Hao couldn't help but think, could it be that this is the power of love, that love can really make a girl crazy?

Or is this the power of money?

Ugh, no reason to sigh, if nothing else, if your identity is exposed, will that Li Shihan come around to you?

After all, Chen Hao is considered to have seen Shihan through to the end.

Went back and fed Qin Ya porridge.

A day without incident.

By the next morning, Chen Hao was waiting for Chen Lin early in the morning by the park next to the hospital, as promised.

At this time, a brand new white dazzling Mercedes-Benz G500 drove over and stopped directly in front of Chen Hao, and then the window rolled down.

Chen Lin and her girlfriends were in the car.

Chen Lin said, "Chen Hao, I didn't expect you to be quite punctual, hurry up, let him change into a small suit first, then take him to design a new one. Hairstyle!"

"Hey hey hey, Chen Hao, what are you staring at, did you freeze at the sight of such a nice car? Hurry up and get in, it's your big G today!"


Of course Chen Hao was dumbfounded. Because this big G, it was too familiar, right?


"Is this the car you rented?"

After getting into the car, Chen Hao took a look at the big G, which is not the one he rented to his sister Wang Xiaozhang.

I thought to myself, this is too coincidental.

"Hmph, although you know people that group of rich youngsters, but I can also see that that group of rich youngsters do not take you to play it, and you have not done so well The car, right?"

Chen Lin is a little proud of herself.

Drive quite smoothly.

"This car a full two million it, or quasi-new car, do you know how much rent a day, just the deposit we paid a hundred thousand, put our The savings of both have been paid in!"

Chen Lin's sister was also proudly saying at the moment.

She also didn't forget to hold her phone to record video or something.

"Lin Lin, open the skylight, I want to stick my head out and take pictures!"

Girlfriend is excited at the moment.  A second to remember to read the book

"Yes, open for you! But you're slow, a little scratch and you'll be docked money!"

Chen Lin instructed as she reached out to turn on the automatic sunroof switch.

"Oh my, which is the automatic sunroof switch? This is a two-way street, play not understand it!"

Chen Lin was anxious at the moment.

After all, it was also just rented over, and it was normal that some things were not understood.

Chen Hao was sitting in the back, seeing Chen Lin's long fingernails scratching and touching randomly on her console, also really a heartache.

Chen Hao was speechless and told her about the sunroof switch.

She tried it.

The result was fine.

"Fuck, Chen Hao, you're good, you're actually pretty good at this car!"

Chen Lin said, "Also, didn't you like cars quite a bit that bout in high school, it seems like you've studied them all!"

Chen Hao just smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

Then, Chen Lin's girlfriends stuck their heads out to take pictures.

Next, Chen Lin and the others first took Chen Ge to a hair salon and gave Chen Hao a new hairstyle.

They also had Chen Hao put on a small suit, white shirt and leather shoes and so on.

Not to mention, after this set of dressing up, Chen Hao looked somewhat handsome.

It made girls with high vision like Chen Lin couldn't help but take a second look.

"Where are we going now?"

Chen Hao asked at this time.

"Go to the cafe next to the Jinling Hotel! Right Chen Hao, I have to tell you something else. You know Bai Shao and the others, you've been in contact with the rich kids, but you're acting like a rich kid today... Unlike them, you're an overnight millionaire, so you have to come across as untamed and rich and capricious in order to bluff. Ding Hao, you understand the mentality of a profiteer, don't you?"

Chen Lin said.

"Huh? It doesn't have to be like that to get rich overnight, does it?" Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

If you were like this yourself, Chen Hao thought to himself, you, Chen Lin, wouldn't be bothering to pursue Ding Hao right now.

"Geez, anyway, you do as I say, and also listen to Wei Xue's arrangements as well! She'll lay it out for you!"

Wei Xue was naturally Chen Lin's best friend.

What could Chen Hao say, he could only nod helplessly.

At the cafe.

Chen Lin, on the other hand, began to get into the act.

At this moment, she gently took Chen Ge's arm, snuggled into Chen Hao's bosom, and walked in.

And after going in, Chen Hao also saw that originally, next to a location in the cafe, Ding Hao and Li Shihan were indeed drinking coffee.

Chen Hao admired Chen Lin, this intelligence work was too accurate.

And then, Chen Lin held Chen Hao's arm and walked towards the seat next to Ding Hao and Li Shih Han.

At this time, Li Shihan looked up and also just saw the scene in front of her.

At this moment, she was slightly startled.

"Two of you, what would you like to drink?"

The waiter came over respectfully at this time, seeing that Chen Hao and Wei Lin were both dressed in formal attire and also looked respectful.

"What's the most expensive coffee you guys have here? Today.

Drink the most expensive!"

Follow the violent mentality taught by Li Shihan.

Chen Hao sat down and crossed his legs and said.

"Huh? The most expensive? Sir, the most expensive coffee we have costs three hundred dollars a cup..."

The waiter was a little surprised.

"Three hundred dollars is three hundred dollars, it's not too expensive! Make it two!"

"Yes sir, just a moment!"

The waiter bowed slightly and retired.

Chen Lin, on the other hand, looked at Chen Hao's show of wealth as if he owed her a beating, and even shook the watch in her hand from time to time, really felt funny and curious, didn't think that Chen Hao was still quite handsome!

At this moment, Ding Hao must have also noticed Chen Hao and Li Shihan next to him.

At this moment, Ding Hao really didn't look good on his face when he heard that Chen Hao had ordered a 300 Yuan cup of coffee.

Especially since Chen Lin was so intimate with him.

It made Ding Hao feel too uncomfortable in his heart.

Yeah, in the past, there was a beautiful girl who circled around you every day, and you quite enjoyed everything she did for you.

Even if you're not with her anymore, she's still in love with you, and anyone would feel the greatest satisfaction of vanity.

But I didn't expect that Chen Lin would move on so quickly.

Moreover, it was still the Chen Hao that you were very sensitive to.


Presently Ding Hao placed the coffee on the table and said coldly.

"Well, what's the point of pretending to be rich and burning buns! Don't I know what your background is, what's the point of pretending!"

Li Shihan, on the other hand, also glanced at Chen Hao and Chen Lin and persuaded Ding Hao.

"Right Chen Hao, you just bought a new car, where are you going to take me to play later, how about Jinling Commercial Street? I've got my eye on a dress. Can you take her to buy it later? Just over $3,000! Please!"

Chen Lin held Chen Hao's hand and said.

"Go away, look at your cheap look, you can wear clothes that cost more than three thousand dollars, less than six thousand pieces, don't mention it to me, are you ashamed ah you !"

Chen Hao ably opened Chen Lin's hand and scolded her.

Chen Lin, on the other hand, did not think that Chen Hao was too handsome to play a violent man.

Then she nodded her head as if she was a little bird.

"Hmph, what's the derring-do, it's just running errands for others!"

When Ding Hao saw how Chen Hao scolded Xu Xia so much, Xu Xia instead backstabbed him, he was even more jealous.

Fuck, what does this Chen Hao have, what does he have that's better than himself?

"Alright Ding Hao, some people are just so showy, using a chicken feather as a token, don't mind them!"

Li Shihan couldn't help but speak up at this time.

"Alas, Chen Hao, a while ago we all thought you were working as an errand boy for those rich young men, but it seems I was wrong to blame you, you were running to rub it in Their richness went away, haha, I didn't expect you to win so much money in the lottery!"

When Chen Lin saw that the effect had been achieved, she now grabbed Chen Hao's hand and said adoringly.

"What? Won the lottery?"

That caught Ding Hao's strong attention.

"Chen Hao, how many did you hit?"

As for Li Shihan, she was also staring intently at Chen Hao nervously.

If it was just winning a million or two, I'm afraid it wouldn't be enough for a girl with such a high eye like Chen Lin to fall back on Chen Hao like this.

It must be a big amount.

And look at the current Chen Hao, how generous he is.

Li Shihan was really afraid that Chen Hao would surpass Ding Hao, so that the most regretful would be her, so of course she was nervous.

"It's really luck, I didn't think I would have luck, I came down with so much money. As for the amount, I'm not at liberty to tell you guys! Really inconvenient, sorry!"

Chen Hao looked at Li Shihan and smiled.

At this time Chen Hao reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his phone.

As a result, a car key fell out accidentally.

And Ding Hao and Li Shih-Huan saw it and all stared at it.

"Mercedes G500 key!?"


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