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The cats and dogs that Jiang Weidong said, Chen Hao knew without thinking that he was mocking himself.

At the same time, it was also a statement to Lin Dong and his family.

Chen Hao's face was white with anger.

"Dad, what are you talking about, Chen Hao quickly sit inside the house!"

But Jiang Ranran angrily retorted.

"Ranran, what else are you letting this man in for ah, a dog that eats the inside out, let him help that Lin Xiaofeng, such a big favor Lin Xiaofeng is now a Vice President and Director of the Bureau. The Jiang family has a little bit of him. Not even light can account for it!"

Tang Lan said with a grumbling face.

The reason why he said so was because Tang Lan knew that this time the favor was too big, even if Chen Hao was capable, he would not be able to let so much company business be given to him again.

What's the point of giving him a good face when you can't lend him any energy yourself?

Just to scold him severely.

"Hmph, you said that our Jiang family helped you so much, and your Uncle Jiang even gave you special thought about work, but as a result, you only fundraise for your Uncle Jiang With half a million dollars, you yourself still have six hundred thousand, how much can you afford, hurry up and fall in love with wherever you are!"  

Tang Lan impatiently waved her hand and directly gave the order to expel the guests.

The crowd of guests in the living room also looked at Chen Hao teasingly.

Lin Dong Nai hugged his shoulders and smiled: "Yes, Uncle Jiang, he still has 600,000, and as a result, he raised 500,000 for you. It doesn't make sense."

Jiang Weidong's face was light and white, and now he pointed at Chen Hao, "Get out of our Jiang family!"


After saying that, the cup of hot tea on the table slammed down directly towards Chen Hao's feet.

The hot water splashed onto Chen Hao's pant leg.

It was hot and Chen Hao was on fire.

"Dad, what are you doing, Chen Hao is sending me back!"

Jiang Ranran was all anxious to cry.

"Ranran, I'm telling you, you can't associate with this country bumpkin in the future!"

Jiang Weidong scolded furiously.

As for Chen Hao, who was now coldly sweeping away Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan, if it was an onlooker, Chen Hao would have rushed up and stomped them to death regardless of the situation right now.

Now, forcibly swallowing down a mouthful of bad breath, Chen Hao turned around and went out the door.

In his heart, he secretly said, "Jiang family, if in the future, after your own identity can be exposed, and your own father's identity is also exposed, I wonder if you will still have this face?

Chen Hao left in anger.

And shortly after Chen Hao left.

Xu Xin took a taxi and arrived at the Jiang family with a large bag of gifts.

She also heard about the mother's case, in the past, although Aunt Tang and her mother had been fighting openly and secretly.

But it doesn't matter about the children on both sides.

For example, if Rannan comes to her house, her mother is very good to her.

If you go to Ranran's house, Aunt Tang is also very nice to you.

So after hearing that Aunt Tang had been stimulated, Xu Xin came to take a look.

"Little Xin, you've come!"

Tang Ran said.

Xu Xin it, came in and saw the broken teacup on the ground, and look at the crying Jiang Ranran, also do not know what happened, when the point after.

Just go beside the side to console Jiang Ranran.

"Okay old ginger, don't lose your temper so much, you this thing it, although not the same as the last collapse incident, but the result is the same. It's all not much of your responsibility to be implicated!"

"There's only one solution!"

Father Lin said.

"Lin *Chief*, then tell me quickly!" Jiang Weidong became energetic again.

"Still, we have to rely on the Dreamer Group's connections, and it's best to solve this matter by looking for the red men around Young Master Chen! After all, if they put in a little good word with Young Master Chen, you'll be fine, won't you!"

Father Lin.

Jiang Weidong said, "But how can I get in touch with Young Master Chen's side of the popular people, General Manager Li and General Manager Zhao?"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Because Jin Biao is Li Zhenguo's henchman, what he says will be especially useful on Li Zhenguo's side. So, with his help, this point of yours won't be a problem!"

"And I've also heard that this person, Master Jin, extraordinarily prepared enthusiasm, you are the Merchants Office, begging him definitely good use!"

"And do you have Master Kim's contact information?" Kang Wei Dong.

"I don't have that either, and I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with him."

Father Lin shook his head helplessly.

Then Jiang Weidong began to anxiously ask for Jin Biao's contact information.

"That Uncle Jiang, the Jin Biao you're talking about, I know someone who has his contact information!"

Xu Xin also understood the gist of the matter and interjected now.

"Huh? Sorin, you're telling the truth, aren't you?" Jiang Weidong and Father Lin were both a little unexpectedly excited.

"Mmhmm, and my mother pulled in so many indicators this time, it was also all because of Master Biao Jin's help, it was a friend of mine who made him Help my mother!"

Xu Xindao.

And also carefully watched Tang Lan's mood.

"Then tell me quickly, who is this friend of yours? Can you ask him out for a meal so he can help out?"

Jiang Weidong came over and smiled at Xu Xin.

"Huh? Uncle Jiang, why don't you know? It's reasonable to say that if you say the word, he'll help you with anything!"

Xu Xin was confused.


Jiang Weidong asked in shock, he actually still had the energy of such a person?

"It's just Chen Hao, Jin Biao is especially close to Chen Hao and helped my mom, Chen Hao just told him and Jin Biao immediately went to do it !"

Xu Xin said.

"What? Who did you say it was? Chen Hao?"

Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan were all stupefied.

Jiang Weidong was stupefied because he didn't expect Chen Hao to have such strong connections.

Tang Lan, on the other hand, didn't expect Chen Hao to help Lin Xiaofeng, who was directly connected to Jin Biao's Li Zhengguo side.

Lin's father and son were also all confused.

"Xiao Xin, are you sure? Chen Hao and Jin Biao both know each other?"

Jiang Ran Ran was taken aback.

"Mmhmm, and it's not just as simple as just knowing each other, because I think Jin Biao has a bit too much respect for Chen Hao!"

Xu Xindao.

Jiang Weidong's cheeks felt hot as his face went blue and white.

"Old Jiang, what should we do, Chen Hao let you smash away ah!"

Tanglan's cheeks hurt too.

"Hmph! No, just call him back!"

Kang Wei Dong was out of breath.

"Who's going to fight then? I just made it sound so bad!"

Tang Lan was ashamed.

"Ran Ran, you should call Chen Hao..."

Tang Landao.

Jiang Ranran nodded.

Put down the phone after a while of calling, "He's not answering!"

"Alas, ah Jiang, Jin Biao is a popular person beside Li Zhenguo, now Chen Hao is on good terms with Jin Biao, if you can't get through this relationship of words, then you must be hopeless!"

The others were saying at this moment.

Jiang Weidong didn't expect that he would still have the day to beg Chen Hao, and after he had smashed him away.

He was the one who was most embarrassed.

"Dad, I know where Chen Hao lives, why don't we go find him, and you apologize to him, maybe Chen Hao will forgive you?"

Gingerly, he said.

"What? You want me to apologize to this kind of person?" Kang Wei Dong's eyes glazed over.


But Jiang Weidong still couldn't stand the crowd's persuasion, no way, if we don't look for Chen Hao in this matter, who else can we look for!

So in the end, the scalp still went to the hotel to look for Chen Hao.

In the end, I went for half a day, but I couldn't find anyone.

Call Chen Hao, this time it's a busy line.

Now Chen Hao, was indeed on the phone.

"Dad, there is news about the jade pendant, the origin is from the southwest, there is a history, and this kind of jade is very expensive, it seems that you asked me to find the The Dream Peasant is a lady's daughter?"

In a quiet cafe, Chen Hao was drinking coffee and making a phone call.

The call was from dad just now, asking how Chen Hao was doing with the jade pendant.

"Yeah, of course it's a lady's daughter!" Dad smiled.

"Then Dad, is it possible that the Monmouth family is not in the southeast region, but in the southwest? I thought you said you saw her when you were a soldier in the Southeast Sector?"

Chen Hao was confused.

"I'm not sure about that, I don't know exactly where the Dreammist family is, or even what her last name is, so I'll need you to investigate this specifically! up, as soon as possible, and let me know the first time you get the results!"

Dad smiled.

Chen Hao was wondering if he should tell Dad about Sizyue, since Siyzue was most likely Dreamsome's daughter ah.

But then again, even talking about it wouldn't help the whole thing much ah.

It's better to wait until there are a few more clues.

Torn between.

Dad said again, "By the way Chen Hao, it's going to be your birthday soon, right? Well, since you're in high school, your parents your sister has not accompanied you on your birthday, originally this year after your poor education, our family was You can reunite and have a proper birthday for you!"

"But your sister's gone to North Africa, and I'll have to be there in a few days, in case you don't get to celebrate your birthday again!"

Dad apologized.

Chen Hao smiled, "It's okay dad, I'm in Pingan County now, after dealing with these things, I'll go back home for a few days, there's Master Wu. What about Auntie Wu, don't worry, I'm not lonely on my birthday every year!"

"That's fine, this birthday, the first birthday of your poor upbringing education, try to make it as lively as possible, but don't be like your sister, that year Your sister bought an island in the Pacific Ocean for her birthday and invited all the world's celebrities there... that's too high-profile! You hold the line, just don't be shabby!"

Dad instructed.

"I know, you don't have to worry about that!"

After chatting with Dad some more about recent corporate matters, Chen Hao hung up the phone.

Looking at the text message, it prompted several missed calls from Jiang Ranran.

Chen Hao was also not going to call back.

What's the matter with Jiang Weidong, that's it, he Chen Hao won't interfere anymore, end of story!

Otherwise, you'd have to invite their family to your birthday party anyway.

At this time, a person came to the cafe.

It was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit.

Holding an envelope, he respectfully arrived in front of Chen Hao.

"Young Master Chen,this is the entry recommendation letter you wanted, I've written it all for you, when the time comes, you can directly start at Dreamer Investment Management Company The!"

The middle-aged man didn't dare to sit down, so he stood beside him.

"Okay, trouble, by the way, don't talk about this to anyone but you!"

Chen Hao took a sip of his coffee and said.

"Little one understands, little one understands!"

This entry letter was given by Chen Hao with the help of a senior executive.

The last time he talked to Li Xiao, Chen Hao knew that the inside of the investment management company could be very chaotic.

Therefore, Chen Hao's plan was to blend in and see what was going on inside these days.

After all, Chen Hao understood that if he were to directly investigate as Young Master Chen, it could be said that he wouldn't be able to investigate shit.

It would be difficult anyway.

And Li Zhenguo was now running both sides of Jinling and Pingan County, and was also in charge of this jade pendant


Chen Hao would be too embarrassed to trouble him.

Whether or not it was as dark as brother Li Xiao said, Chen Hao went in to see for himself.

That's why there is now this appearance.

Some of the original Jinling Business Group's personnel, most of them stayed on the project development of Yunmeng Mountain, in line with the principle of investing in Pingan County.

So part of the executives are outside the original Jinling Business Group, most of them are through the company annexation, new recruits recruited into the Dreamer Investment Group.

But nepotism was ignored.

Shady naturally has to be more.

We found a random place to eat lunch at noon.

Chen Hao went back to change into a proper little suit, leather shoes and the like.

He also took a copy of the interview material plus a recommendation letter and went to the group's direct subordinate Dreamer Investment Management Company for an interview.

"This beauty, is the investment department interview on the 26th floor?"

Upon entering, Chen Hao saw a little girl holding a pile of papers and just came out of the elevator, so he asked.

"Ummm, yeah, you're here for an interview, it's on the 26th floor!"

The girl looked to be about her own age, and looked to be fresh out of college, her face not yet free of the youthfulness she had when she was on campus.

"Thank you!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"You're welcome... Ah!"

The girl was also patronizing the greeting, and the document she was holding in her arms carelessly fell to the ground.

Chen Hao immediately squatted down and helped her pick it up piece by piece.

"Did you also just come over from the university for an internship?"

The girl smiled as she picked it up and said to Chen Hao.

"Yeah, how long have you been here?"

Chen Hao asked.

"I've only been here for seven days, I don't know anything, hehe, I'm also from the investment department, good luck with the interview, we'll be colleagues from now on! My name is Fang Fei!"

Fang Fei laughed.

"My name is Chen Hao!"

"Thank you ah, your elevator is here, come on smooth o!"

Fang Fei smiled sweetly and made a gesture of victory towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded and entered the elevator as well.

This little girl was quite pretty, and her smile gave an even sweeter impression.

It was white and pure.

Chen Hao also found it quite interesting.

After entering the elevator.

It soon stopped at the fifth floor.

A very pretty girl dressed in a black uniform came in.

She was also about the same age as Chen Hao.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, had come for an interview, so naturally, he had to greet everyone he saw.

Just smiled and nodded to her.

However, the girl glanced at Chen Hao very coldly and didn't respond, then played with her phone against the elevator.

Not too long after, the girl looked at the elevator button again.

Only then did she look at Chen Hao and asked, "Are you the new one in our investment department?"

The voice was quite faint.

"No, I'm here for an interview!" Chen Hao laughed, "I haven't joined yet!"

"Oh, you're pretty confident when you're still employed, but you're definitely out of luck!"

The girl glanced at Chen Hao and said.

"Huh? Why? I haven't even started this yet." Chen Hao was confused.

"You'll know when you get up there ah, you're really unlucky, our investment department only needs two people this time, a man and a woman, so you'll definitely be No chance!"

The girl said again.

Chen Hao thought to himself, I'm pretty well dressed today, and I feel pretty good about myself, so how come I'm still so clueless?

Soon, the 26th floor arrived.

By the time he arrived at the interview hall, Chen Hao had only discovered why that girl had said that....


Because after Chen Hao came up.

Only then did I see that there were quite a few people who had come to interview today.

Handsome men and women, it was less than thirty or forty people.

And the place that passed by the interview hall, there was an office area.

There are more girls working.

Every time a handsome man came out of the elevator, they were as if they had never seen a boy before.

Issuing 'Wow!' The sound.

I didn't expect that when Chen Hao came out, the wow sound was much less.

I don't know if it's because I'm not charming.


Chen Hao secretly hated a sentence.  

"Thirty-eight, it's going to be two today, what's with all the people coming?"

Some of the girls were still counting their competitors.

Now bitterly.

"Well, look at this guy, he's here on his own, is he the only one who still thinks he can get an interview?"

"Aside from being a bit more innocent looking, it's really featureless, and it's nowhere near as good as that handsome guy from earlier!"

"That's right, I think it would be better to go home early, so as not to waste time here!"

Some of the boys also said.

It couldn't be helped, most of us were here in a hug, and with a competitive relationship, some of them were rude enough to ridicule.

Chen Hao took a deep breath and listened to a mockery of ridicule.

Nor did he attack.

After all, Chen Hao knew exactly what he was here for.


The elevator door opened again, and out of it came a very tall, or at least a long-legged girl.

She had long, burgundy cape hair.

The body is rugged, the face is exquisite, the skin is white.

In short, the image temperament is particularly good.

At a glance, it's that kind of goddess model!

She was heading this way, carrying interview materials in her arms, apparently.

And as she appeared, many of the girls shut up in a gloomy manner.

Many of the guys, on the other hand, were staring at her with a pair of fiery eyes.

Chen Hao was not immune to this, along with the same eyes of others, seeing from the bottom to the top.

I thought to myself that she was really quite beautiful.

It's not even a few points worse than Qin Ya.

"Beautiful girl, you also come to the interview ah, huh, such a coincidence, convenient to add a WeChat do, my brother-in-law works in this company, when the recruitment assistant manager !"

A most handsome boy was now smiling and walking next to the pretty girl.

"Thanks, no thanks!"

The woman tidied her hair and shook her head in embarrassment.

Sort of a polite refusal.

"What's there to be afraid of, I see that you have such a good temperament, you're most in line with the conditions of this recruitment, this time as long as a man and a woman, it's definitely the two of us Go into the office and add a microphone to get to know each other!"

The boys continued to pester.

Chen Hao looked at the boys, so confident.

I thought to myself, "Is it possible that my introduction letter is useless?

And girls, obviously not the kind of very casual girl, but can't help, in front of everyone, the boy has been pestering ah, so still give the micro signal to the boys.

Let the other boys jealous ah.

"Everyone be quiet, now read the name of the interview, read the name back to a to, then come in with me, the first one, Young master Chen"



Chen Hao was also looking at the girls, and at this moment, as soon as he heard Young Master Chen name, he subconsciously answered back.

As a result, the taller boy also answered back.

This was very awkward.

The assistant glanced at Chen Hao with some contempt.

"What's going on? I don't see a renaming, do I?"

At this time, the female assistant walked over towards Chen Hao.

It was obvious that this boy named Young Master Chen knew all these recruitment assistants and such.

So just look at Chen Hao's interview profile.

"Aren't you called Chen Hao, make a fool of yourself, what do you promise to do when I call Young Master Chen!"

"I'm sorry, I misheard you!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly in embarrassment.

"It can't be, he thought that this beauty was calling out for Chen, the lesser of the lesser, so he agreed! Haha!"

A boy scoffed.

"If you don't know, you'd think that Jinling Chen has arrived!"

Everyone laughed.

Even the girl was smiling slightly.

Chen Hao didn't have anything to say this time, after all, he was the one who made a fool of himself.

Then Young Master Chen went in for the interview.

Soon after, he came out with a smug face.

"Brother Shao, what was the interview about, can you tell us about it!"

The crowd gathered around and asked.

"It wasn't much of an interview, just a chat with me, and I made the three interviewers giggle, and then asked when I could come to work and stuff like that No fun!"

Young Master Chen said with both hands in his pockets.

The crowd of boys were all jealous, it looked like they wanted a boy today, and it was him.

Next, everyone took turns going in for an interview.

Chen Hao handed in the documents and put the letter of introduction up for sure.

After answering a few examiner questions, they also let Chen Hao out.

Then it was time to wait for the final results.

Some of them had gone straight away.

As for Young Master Chen, he was just pestering that pretty girl to talk to her.

"The results are out!"

Quickly, the assistant woman came out with two entry forms.

"Who's been selected?"

The crowd speculated.

"Staff recruitment for the Investment Management Department, the successful interviewee, Miss Yang Minxue!"

And Yang Minxue, naturally, was the chipper girl.

"Successful interviewer, Mr. Chen Hao!"

The female assistant said again.

"Minsetsu, let's go!" Young Chen subconsciously smiled.

As a result, his smile soon froze.

"Eh? Wait, not yourself?"

Young Master Chen looked confused.

The crowd was also all confused.

They all looked at Chen Hao.

As for Chen Hao, naturally, he knew what was going on, and after saying sorry to these people in his heart, he also walked over to take the entry form, and then went to the office with the girl called Yang Minxue to sign the entry application.

"Chen Hao, we're both in the same department, where's your home?"

After signing the application, there are only two people left in the office.

So Yang Minxue was chatting with Chen Hao.

"I ah, Pingan County Xiaogu Town!" Chen Hao.

"Huh? What a coincidence, we're pretty close to each other, I'm from Xiaoquan Town in Pingan County!"

Yang Minxue said with a smile.

It could be seen that she was quite a goddess, but she also loved to talk to people.

Communicating generously.

"You have a hot spring mountain there, right, it's quite famous, I'll have the chance to go to your town for a bubble bath in the future!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

"Fine, then I'll treat you to a reception!"

Isn't that what new people do when they come into a company, new people are most likely to become friends with each other.

"Is the new guy in today?" At that moment, a clear girl sounded outside the door.

Asked the recruitment assistant.

"Yes, Supervisor Liang!"

"Okay, show me!"

The conversation between the two outside, Chen Hao could hear it clearly.

However, the voice of the new supervisor, Liang, was quite young, but Chen Hao's head buzzed a few times after hearing it.

This voice, how did it sound so familiar?

It can't be that coincidental, is it her?


As expected, when the door opened, the girl came in with the female assistant.

Chen Hao finally got a clear look at her face.

"Liu Yannan? It's still you!"

Liu Yannan, Chen Hao's junior high school classmate and also the daughter of Chen Hao's junior high school principal, was particularly good at school with Chen Hao and Li Xiaoxiao.

At that time, they had good grades with Chen Hao and Li Xiao. They also participated in some activities and competitions outside the school.

At that time, the relationship was quite good.

But later on, after both of them got into the County First Middle School, they were no longer in the same class.

In the beginning, many new students did not know each other, Liu Yannan even asked Chen Hao to go to the cafeteria to eat together, and also came to Chen Hao after class to chat about their respective situations.

But after a few days, Liu Yannan went to eat with her roommate, and the number of times she came to chat with Chen Hao decreased.

And then it was just once a week that they could see each other, and they even greeted each other last semester.

After that, seeing Chen Hao is like seeing a whiff of air and just ignoring it.  

Even by the time she was a senior in high school, Liu Yannan had become a stranger to Chen Hao.

Later on, both went to undergraduate universities, with Liu Yannan going to a school in Yanjing and Chen Hao in Jinling.

By the way, it must have been three years since we saw each other.

I can't imagine that Liu Yannan has developed really well and has become a supervisor.

"Chen Hao? How are you?"

Liu Yannan was also stunned when she saw Chen Hao.

Yes, it's been years since we've seen each other, and in high school, the subtle change in relationship with Chen Hao from being a good friend to a stranger, Liu Yannan knew it in her heart.

That's why it was still a strange awkward surprise to suddenly see.

"I've just been successfully employed, and I'm ready to come here to work!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Oooh, I'm talking!" Liu Yannan smiled faintly and looked at Chen Hao's profile with Yang Minxue.

"Yannan you're amazing, you're a supervisor!" Looking at the labeled position on Liu Yannan's chest, Chen Hao said admiringly.

"Mmhmm, thanks, but when you come to work here in the future, don't bite into one Yannan's, you can call me Team Leader Liu, whatever!"

Liu Yannan said somewhat evasively.


Chen Hao nodded.

"Assistant Li!" Liu Yannan closed the file: "Originally, our group is a newly formed group, it is true that we are short of two employees, but now, our group Preparation is all about quality, not quantity, so of the two of them, I can only have one!"

Liu Yannan said.

This time, Yang Minxue was full of tension.

Since Chen Hao knew the two of them from Liu Yannan, Liu Yannan would definitely choose Chen Hao over himself.

Ugh, why is it so backwards!

However, Liu Yannan was the one who, after a faint glance at Chen Hao, set his eyes on Yang Minxue.

"Yang Minxue, my group is just missing a girl to come over right now, so it's you!"

"As for you Chen Hao..."

Liu Yannan looked at Chen Hao and said, "I know we're lacking a person in this logistics department, so you go there and be in charge of the various teams' Get materials and stuff!"

Chen Hao hadn't spoken yet.

The assistant said, "But Supervisor Liu, Chen Hao he is a graduate of Jinling University..."

"I know, but I can't do anything about it, let's do it now, Chen Hao do you agree, if so, I'll transfer you over first, wait How about in the future, when you are outstanding in your work, I can apply to the leadership and transfer you to our department?"

Liu Yannan smiled somewhat perfunctorily.

As for why.

It's just that she doesn't pay attention to it, after all, in high school, as Liu Yannan matured step by step, she realized that being with Chen Hao was already a bit humiliating.

After all, he was known as a very, very poor man.

Vanity, most girls developed their vanity during that period.

Then wait until college, it would enter its peak.


Chen Hao nodded, it didn't matter to him where he went, it was just that Liu Yannan's indifferent attitude towards his old classmate now made Chen Hao a little uncomfortable.

And that was it, after completing the induction procedures.

Chen Hao and Yang Minxue both took up their respective jobs.

Chen Hao's office area was in a corner of the hall, managing the files, as well as the distribution materials for some items.

So this was just right, some of the information had passed through his hands, and it was also convenient for investigation.

Then, when Chen Hao went to the bathroom to wash his hands, he suddenly faintly heard the sound of a phone call coming from this side of the women's toilet.

"You just hurry up and come over for an interview in the next two days, be quick, I've already left the position for you, you're dreaming of laughing go you!"

It was a girl's voice.

"What did you say? I thought we were out of positions? Alas, it was indeed gone at first, it was one of our leader's brother-in-law who was coming, and it didn't work out that his brother-in-law was this time I didn't come up, but one of my junior high school classmates came up, humph, he ah, what family background I know, just give him a job. So I thought of a way to do it on the spur of the moment, so I transferred him to administrative logistics, and he cheerfully agreed to do it, so you're Gotta hold on tight, it's expired!"

And Chen Hao was listening.

At this moment, his face was already a bit pale.

This voice, who else could it be if it wasn't Liu Yannan.

It turned out that she was indeed setting herself up just now.

Chen Hao also thought to himself, what was that little assistant so surprised about at that time.

It turned out that Liu Yannan was arranging her own people to come up.

And again, it was the leader's brother-in-law or something.

It seems that this newly formed investment group is very messy ah.

The more Chen Hao felt that the more he came in as an undercover agent, the more he gained too much.

Since Liu Yannan wouldn't speak of any love at all, when the time came, Chen Hao wouldn't need to give her any face at all.

Right now, Chen Hao kept this matter in mind and went back to work.

The day's work was quite leisurely and boring.

Soon, it was time to finish work in the afternoon.

Originally, during the day, Yang Minxue and herself had agreed to have dinner together after the next shift.

Maybe Yang Minxue felt a little embarrassed that she had entered the department and Chen Hao hadn't.

Because Chen Hao knew that this girl was quite good at taking care of other people's emotions.

Chen Hao thought, just to have a meal, it doesn't matter, so he agreed.

Their department seemed to be having a meeting or something.

Chen Hao came downstairs and waited.

About ten minutes later, Yang Minxue came out.

However, she didn't come out by herself, but with Liu Yannan.

"Chen Hao, I forgot to tell you, tonight, I can't treat you to dinner, Supervisor Liu said to introduce a friend to me, let me One piece to dinner!"

Yang Minxue smiled somewhat apologetically.

"Of course it's no problem, you go ahead!" Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

And Liu Yannan just looked at Chen Hao and sort of greeted Chen Hao, then went to drive Yang Minxue away.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, also had to go back.

At this time, the phone suddenly rang.

It was Li Zhenguo calling....


"Young Master Chen, is to ask you something, before you said that you want to buy a place to stay for the company's employees, you said that you will choose to do it, If you're busy, let me do it if you're busy, Chen, I just happen to be going back to Pingan County today!"

Li Zhenguo said.

"No need, I've already chosen the location, I'll let you know to come over for the handover after the purchase! You'd better help me worry more about the jade pendant!"

Chen Hao said.

"Okay Young Master Chen, there's one more thing, it's your personal matter, hehe, it's going to be your birthday soon, according to the rules, this time it's definitely for the Where do you think the location of your hot and boisterous birthday party would be better?"

"I'm still in my hometown for my birthday, but as far as the fun goes, forget it, you guys can come over then and we'll just have dinner! "

Young Master Chen hadn't celebrated many birthdays since he was a child, and in the past, if he celebrated his birthday, he would just have a nice meal by himself or be called by Grandpa and Grandma Wu to have a nice meal.

After all, since high school, his parents and sister were not home.

Even if Chen Hao had wanted to, no one would have given him one.

Now with a bitter smile, he said.

"Everything is at Young Master Chen's disposal!"  

After making a deal with Li Zhenguo's side, Chen Hao also hung up the phone.

Thinking about buying a building, Chen Hao of course chose the location.

It was the place where he bought the building last time.

After all, this place was close to the company, and the environment was also very good.

As he couldn't eat any more food, Chen Hao walked to the sales center to take care of this matter.

At this moment in front of the sales center.

Two cars stopped.

Seven or eight men and women had come down from the car.

"Hello handsome men and women, do you want to choose a room? I can show you!"

The buying agent was presently polite.

"It's the two of them who are going to buy the wedding house, and we're following along to see it!"

One of the girls said.

"I said Xue, look at how big your boyfriend's house is, it's nice to live with his parents, and you don't need to buy a new house . And this house is the most expensive in our Pingan County!"

Yes, it was Li Mingxue and her boyfriend who came to buy the house.

At this time, the girl said to Li Mingxue.

"I do think it's better to come out and live, because it's really inconvenient to live with your parents! How nice this is, and you can enjoy a beautiful moment for two!"

The other girl also said.

"Ummm, yeah, we were thinking the same thing, come out to live out and enjoy the world for two again, right Chen Lin, didn't you say you've also found Is he a good boyfriend? Why didn't you come today?"

Li Mingxue to Chen Lin Road.

They are all high school good classmates, now it, all back, a few before play to be good, naturally to come out to play, this is not first class Li Mingxue from the hospital work, to want to go to choose a house.

All the people are a piece to play.

"That boyfriend of mine...he's not coming!" Chen Lin is a little embarrassed.

Which has a boyfriend ah herself, there is but only Chen Hao pretend, alas, it is not real.

"What about you Shihan? Didn't you say your boyfriend was coming?"

Li Mingxue asked Li Shixuan again.

"He won't be here until later!"

Li Shih-Han faintly looked at Chen Lin before looking at Li Mingxue and smiling.

Most of the people here had heard about what had happened between Chen Lin and Li Shixue, so they were quite sensitive to some of the words and all of them were not mentioned.

"I think we'd better pick a house, pick it and go play later!"

Li Hao said at this time.

The crowd is just picking up the house.

There is always something to talk about.

Li Shihan asked: "Right, tonight we several party, how can we not see Jiang Xueqing and Li Wenyang them? In the past, this kind of thing, Li Wenyang must have attended all of them!"

"Forget it, something happened at Li Wenyang's house, he can't come out, as for Xueqing, I called her, she said she's not feeling well and can't come out either Up!"

"O-Oh, let's get together next time then, by the way Ming Xue, you still haven't told me how you've developed so fast! What a quick turnaround!"

Li Shihan asked curiously.

This question, Li Hao was full of embarrassment.

Li Mingxue was also embarrassed and coughed, "It was Chen Ge who helped, and of course, there's Li Hao, he helped me a lot too!"

"Chen Hao?"

Upon hearing Chen Hao's name, both Li Shih-Han and Chen Lin were both nervous at the same time.

In fact, Li Shihang asked a lot of information about her classmates along the way, speaking as if she was not returning from Jinling, but as if she was returning from studying abroad, knowing nothing and wanting to inquire about every student in her class.

But actually, later Chen Lin would ask how this student didn't come, and Li Shihan would ask how that student didn't come.

In fact, they both wanted to ask why Chen Hao didn't come ah?

After all, the current Chen Hao was especially sensitive to Li Shihan and Chen Lin.

"Yeah, you guys probably don't know, Chen Hao  he's amazing, he's not the same as before!"

Li Mingxue looked grateful.

Chen Lin and Li Shihhan thought to themselves, how could they not know that he was different from before.

"Hmph, isn't it just knowing a few people? What's the big deal about knowing people more!"

Li Hao was full of frustration.

Chen Hao stole all the limelight from him, causing Li Hao's status in the class to drop too much now, before, everyone was discussing Li Hao and Li Wen Yang.

Now the most discussed was Chen Hao.

And as the crowd was saying.

Suddenly a girl was a little surprised.

"Look guys, isn't that Chen Hao? Why is he at the sales office?"


The crowd was shocked at the words and looked back, but it was Chen Hao.

"It really is Chen Hao!"

Chen Lin was full of surprises.

In fact, after returning, Chen Lin had sent several messages to Chen Hao.

As a result, Chen Hao didn't even return.

So these past few days, Chen Lin had been pondering, did Chen Hao have no feelings for her?

As for Li Shihan, there was a little surprise.

But along with that was the loss.

Chen Hao now has the ability to drive on the big G, but what, it's not good for her anymore, cold as hell.

In short, the two of them each had their own thoughts now.

Li Mingxue saw something and asked, "Chen Lin Shihan, did something happen between you two and Chen Hao in Jinling?"

"No, what could there be, to say there is, it would be that Chen Hao used to be the best to someone, and now, he's a stranger to someone! Oh."

Chen Lin struck.

"Che, it's just a ride for you once, what's the big deal, who says Chen Hao and I are strangers!"

Li Shihan's heart could not stand it.

The two of them were about to argue.

The other girl, with a twinkle in her eye, said: "Then I think it's better, let's all go and sit over there, and then see what will happen to Chen Hao! Come in, which one of us did he greet first, soon see?"

"Fine, surprise Chen Hao by the way, he turns around and sees us all sitting here and scares him!"

Li Mingxue also smiled.

Li Hao was full of jealousy.

But watching everyone sit down on the sofa next to him, he went over.

And at this time, Chen Hao just happened to walk into the sales office from across the street....


Chen Hao is now also quite anxious, this matter should have been done two days ago, but then wasn't that thing Li Xiao delayed a little time, so delayed now to do.

Because some places are personally picked by Chen Hao, so also personally come.

As soon as Chen Hao entered the sales office, he went straight to the sales front desk here.

The previous salesman, as soon as he saw Chen Hao, had an embarrassed and despicable emotion on his face.

The embarrassment is because originally thought Chen Hao is a moneyless gullible white, so that day Jiang Ran Ran accompanied Chen Hao to buy a house, let Chen Hao and loan what's there.

For Chen Hao's attitude, she was also very cold.

After all, it wasn't a rich customer.

But what, didn't expect to come every other day to hit her face, people directly do not apply for a loan, but the full amount to buy.

No loan broker's interest is low.

So before that day her attitude was even worse, and scolded Chen Hao.

"Are you a douchebag for putting away a loan? What's wrong with some money you do?"  

The scolding was pretty bad.

As a result, people Chen Hao just threw a pile of money on the ground and only replied back, "Hurry up, don't waste my time!"

The entire sales floor was silly.

The faces looking at the agent were also with mocking interest.

It left her with no face at all.

And now that she saw Chen Hao coming again, she naturally had complicated emotions.

"Let me ask you something! Also, I want to ask you, if you don't reply to my tweets and calls, how come you don't own the house after I bought it? Clients now?"

Chen Hao directly addressed the last purchasing agent again this time, this time to ask her how much it would cost if she bought an entire building directly.

But the thought of Chen Hao looking for her in the past two days and her not returning directly was a bit of a nuisance to Chen Hao.

"Oh, what did you ask me? What, you want to turn it into a loan? I'm sorry, it can't be transferred. And if you want to renovate the house, you'll have to wait for the deed. Okay, I've answered all your questions. Are you okay? It's okay, I'm going to go see another client! No time for you to talk!"

The agent, Li Yue, gave Chen Hao a direct blank look.

It made the other salespeople giggle.

They were all watching the hilarity.

Who didn't know that Li Yue was the one who liked to dislike people the most among all the salespeople.

As a result, the last time this person hit her face, he still won't get back at you properly?

After Li Yue finished speaking, she rearranged her folder and then stood to the side to write her records.

"What kind of attitude is that? I'm your client, okay?"

Chen Hao directly scolded.

"Oh, what me what attitude ah? What kind of attitude do you want me to have? It's just the full amount of money to buy a suite, you run here pretending to be a pussy, I did not get much commission from you, a total of from you. Two thousand dollars, if you want it, I'll give it to you myself, so don't be my customer, huh?"

If you take out a loan, then the commission can be more.

But if you don't take out a loan, the commission is just a little, and there is a bonus for selling the house with a loan, if Li Yue's customers in their sales office don't take out a loan to sell the house, by the way, there is also a deduction for Li Yue's bonus.

"What about your manager? And no one cares about that?" Chen Hao didn't expect that Li Yue would actually come up and dare to give a client a face.

Anger did not hit her.

As for those people at the front desk, they were all smiling bitterly and lowering their heads at the moment, no one answering Chen Hao's words.

Apparently, not many of them put Chen Hao in their eyes.

"I said where's Li Yue, what's the situation? You're at least last year's selling crown, how can you argue with anyone too!"

At this time, a middle-aged couple walked in.

The seven or eight staff members at the front desk all stood up at this moment and smiled, "Boss Li, you're here!"

"Mrs. Lee, you're beautiful again!"

The people greeted each other.

And Li Yue, at this moment even more eye-opening smile said: "Boss Li, this is the man, if not for my cousin entrusted me to get him a house, I'd be No match, Boss Li, how many suites are you here to buy this time?"

This owner, Mr. Lee, is in the condo conversion business, that is, he buys the properties, converts them from three-room to six-room kind, and then rents them out.

So naturally, it was the meat and potatoes of these people in the sales office.

"Buy a set first, and hurry up and do it for me!"

Boss Li smiled, hugging his wife, the two even more despicable look at Chen Hao.

Some people are like this, see themselves well treated and respected, look at others, indifferent, naturally generated a sense of superiority.

On the side of the VIP area over there.

At this moment, Li Mingxue and Chen Lin Li Shihhan they all looked at the scene in front of them.

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the store and say hello to Chen Lin.

So they didn't go over.

Now it's even more embarrassing to go over there, Chen Hao is being hung out to dry, so it's embarrassing to go greet him now.

So they simply all watched from the VIP area.

At this time.

Li Yue, still with anger on her face, brought the contract over to Boss Li.

At the same time, he also took an extra copy of the information.

There was also a tiptoeing little girl behind her.

"Hmph, Zhang Meng, this client will be handed over to you from now on, let's change the contract information information! Change your name! Also, two thousand dollars I'll WeChat to you, you'll be in charge of docking with him later, alas, tired!"

Li Yue watched Zhang Meng finish the changes very carefully, and after glancing at Chen Hao, she was now introducing the household type to Boss Li with a smile.

"Mr. Chen, I'll be your buying agent from now on, so if you have any questions... you... you can find me!"

This Zhang Meng, looks quite young, just around twenty years old, is new to the should, quite young.

At the moment, he spoke looking at Chen Hao, and also with a nervous face.

After Chen Hao coldly looked at Li Yue.

Smiling faintly at Zhang Meng, "Alright, you help me accept the information about the two buildings B1B2, I want to take a look!"

"Yes sir, I'll give you a brief introduction!"

Zhang Meng nodded her head heavily.

"Hmph, Zhang Meng, he has finished buying the house, this is deliberately making fun of you, what are you taking care of him for, just ask him what's wrong and let him Just say if you have something to say and leave if you have nothing to say, just waste this time!"

Li Yue on the side, immediately despised and said.

"Li Yue ah, what's the point of screaming with this kind of person, hehe, I guess he hasn't bought a few houses, he wants to ask around about everything, this kind of person I've seen It's a lot!"

That boss Li laughed.

"Alas, but don't say ah, now that our Pingan County's house prices have risen so much, the kind of countryside they can buy one set of houses is only Not bad!"

Mrs. Li also had a scowl.

But Zhang Meng, however, still found the B1B2 household type and handed it to Chen Hao to take a look. Because B1B2 is now just listed, has not yet begun to sell it.

He also patiently explained a bit.

Chen Hao closed it after reading it and said, "Alright then, I'll take all of B1B2 and both buildings! Sign the contract!"



The people at the front desk, along with Li Yue, listened, amazed.

But what followed was the outbreak of nothing but thunderous laughter.

In particular, Li Yue and the couple surnamed Li were all laughing together.

"Hahaha fuck, brother, this bull is not blowing like this!"

Boss Li covered his stomach and laughed.

"The man is mentally ill, isn't he?"

"Yeah, and we're buying two more, I thought I fucking heard wrong, hahaha!"

"That...should we call for security?"

The guy at the front desk was laughing uproariously.

And then the manager came out with a serious face: "What is it? Look at you guys, what kind of image?"  

Li Yue was laughing so hard that she was about to bite her lip: "No... it's not the manager, it's this guy called Chen Hao who said that he... he wants to buy two of our buildings! , hahaha!"

Li Yue's tears were flowing with laughter.

The manager was clearly of much better quality than their salespeople.

Now she looked at Chen Hao with bated breath, and then walked towards Chen Hao with high shoulders and a righteous face.

"This Mr. Chen... poof!"

As soon as he opened his mouth, this manager couldn't help but laugh right out loud.

Because in his eyes, the words were just too funny.

Their quality was that no matter how funny the customer was, they couldn't laugh unless... they couldn't help it!


Chen Hao faintly touched his nose.

This group of people was too infuriating, and of course, it was too easy to ask them to stop laughing.

"How much is the price of a building? Calculated yet?"

Chen Hao asked Zhang Meng with a cold face.

"This I know, a building of more than a hundred households, the total price after the discount is sixty-five million, two buildings, that is 130 million sir! "

Zhang Meng did not laugh.

And Chen Hao thought, half of it is used to convert into staff apartments, half of it is converted into ordinary apartments for rent.

This was just right.

"Alright then, I'll have someone send the money, and we'll sign the contract!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he made a direct phone call: "Send 130 million to **Sales Center, want cash!"

Chen Hao then leaned against the front stage with a cold face, watching the group of people in front of him cover their stomachs and laugh, wondering if the group would still be laughing later on.

"This gentleman, please calm down, because this contract wasn't signed indiscriminately!"

The manager converged a little and smiled.

And Chen Hao didn't reply.

Twenty minutes later.

A truck headed directly towards the door of the sales center

It was coming backwards.

The security guard couldn't stop it even if he wanted to.

"Huh? What the hell is this?"

The entire sales floor to buy property people are all confused.

They all came around to watch.

And the manager, he also walked to the door and watched, what does this mean.

At this time, Chen Hao's cell phone rang.

It was a call from a subordinate.

"Young Master Chen, the money has been delivered to the door, all in cash, may I ask if we should send someone to take it in, or if they should come and move it?"

This subordinate asked directly.

Because Chen Hao just called with a very bad tone to ask for cash, this subordinate seemed to have guessed something.

So he deliberately made a noise about the move.

"Move what move!" As Chen Hao continued on the phone, he signed the purchase contract for the two buildings and threw his pen away, "Pour it out the door for me!"

"It's Young Master Chen!"

After the man on the phone finished.

I saw the rear compartment of the truck open, and inside, all over the place, all the money.

Then the body slowly lifted up, and finally, a whole truck full of money, all poured in front of the sales center.

"Oh my god!"

The manager was so scared that he just sat on the floor.

As for Li Yue, she couldn't hold the folder in her hand.

As for the ones at the front desk, and the people who were buying the house, they all also quieted down and stared at the scene before them.

Who is it? That's pretty fucking awesome, right?

And at this time, a man in a suit came down from the car and stepped right over the pile of money at the door.

Walking up to Chen Hao's ear, he whispered, "Young Master Chen, it's all done!"

"Mmhmm, good, the next thing is in your hands, I've picked out the location of the house building, you and this Zhang Meng's Miss hand over!"

Chen Hao patted Zhang Meng's shoulder.

Zhang Meng swallowed saliva in fright.

Two buildings, really bought, how much money would you have to pay for your commission this time?

God, you've just gone against the grain!

Zhang Meng just felt as if he was in heaven.

Li Yue, on the other hand, was now filled with remorse in addition to fear.

He really bought it.

If he didn't have that kind of attitude just now, then all of these, all of them would be his own commission.

And fucking sales by himself!

But just now, twenty minutes ago, I had just signed the transfer contract....

Now Li Yue's face was almost green.

Not to mention the group of staff members who hadn't paid any attention to Chen Hao just now.

As for Boss Li and Mrs. Li, they were already so stupid that their heads were blank.


Chen Hao, right, had wanted to keep a low profile today, even if Li Yue expressed a few words of dissatisfaction to herself, Chen Hao wouldn't hit her in the face like that right?

But this group of people is too much.

Really treating me like a soft persimmon, pinching and fingering ah!

And looking at the scene all so many people looking at him in shock, Chen Hao was embarrassed.

He wanted to leave.

It would be embarrassing if he was recognized by someone he knew.

But as soon as he turned around.

Chen Hao was startled.

Because there were several people standing at the VIP area on the side.

And they were all acquaintances.

Li Shihan, Chen Lin, Li Mingxue, that Li Hao, and a few girls from the same high school class were all there at the moment.

They were all stunned now, frightened and pale.

"Chen Hao... you you you!"

Chen Lin's words were trembling.

Because they had all seen Chen Hao's words and actions just now.

Especially when Chen Hao said that he wanted to buy two buildings and even called to have the money called.

Actually, a few of them girls also had a laugh.

But what.

When the scene in front of them happened, the shock of it was immeasurable.

Because they had known Chen Hao for so many years, they had never seen such a domineering Chen Hao before.

It just felt like Chen Hao was a stranger.


Li Hao's phone directly didn't hold and threw it on the ground.

Li Shihan even gasped violently, her heart was gripped with pain.

Although numerous times fantasized, but the most terrible thing still happened.

Li Shih-Han, Li Shih-Han, if you treat Chen Hao this way, what if he's very powerful in the future, will you regret it?

What's the big deal? Chen Hao just won the lottery and met a few people.

In the past, Li Shihan had always comforted herself like this.

But now, all of her answers were like a piece of glass that had been smashed by a stone falling from a high altitude and smashed right to pieces.

"I go, when did you guys get here?"

Chen Hao originally had one hand in his pocket, but now he was embarrassed to take it out.

Not bad, just now Chen Hao was just furious and pretending to be something else.

But now, well, he didn't need to pretend in front of Chen Lin and the others.

After all, Chen Hao hated the feeling of pretending....

"Chen, we've always been there!" Li Hao swallowed and just changed his mind.


"Chen Hao, we were supposed to party today, we were going to call out to you!"

Chen Lin hurriedly ran to Chen Hao's side.

At the moment, Chen Hao was being watched by everyone.

Whoever was next to Chen Hao and was able to speak to Chen Hao felt forced to be a dick.

Li Shihan looked at Chen Hao with a complicated face, not knowing what to say.

"Okay, then you guys have a good time today, I still have some things to do, I have to go first!"

Chen Hao smiled at Chen Lin Li Mingxue and the others.

Then without a word, they left.

Li ShiHan stomped her foot angrily, this time Chen Hao didn't look at her again, making her feel bad....

Besides, after Chen Hao left, he took to the highway and was also about to take a taxi.

"Chen Hao? Are you waiting for a bus here?"  One second to remember to read the book

At this time, a Toyota Camry stopped, the rear window down, it was Yang Minxue.

The one sitting next to Yang Mingxue was Liu Yannan.

As for the driver, it was a handsome boy who looked about the same age as himself.

Chen Hao just remembered, before Yang Minxue was going to treat herself to dinner, but as a result, she was called away to eat by Liu Yannan, and Liu Yannan didn't call out to her at all.

Chen Hao only came to the sales center.

From the looks of it, they should have finished their meal.

"I'm ready to go back!"

Chen Hao said.

He also took a special glance towards Liu Yannan in the car, but as a result, Liu Yannan had been playing with her phone and pretended not to see her.

Well, if you don't say hello, Chen Hao won't take the initiative to greet you.

"Oooo, sorry about today ah Chen Hao, wait for tomorrow, find a time tomorrow, I'll treat you to dinner!"

Yang Mingxue apologized.

"Okay, it's fine!"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Then we'll leave first!"

This was someone's car, and Yang Mingxue was too embarrassed to let Chen Hao up.

Just say so.

And the driver of the car, looking at Chen Hao despised coldly grunted, then a foot of the accelerator directly left.

"Mingxue, who's that guy? Are you friends?"

The driver asked with a bit of jealousy at this time.

In fact, why did Liu Yannan invite Yang Mingxue to dinner today, it was because this deputy team leader of Liu Yannan's had taken a liking to Yang Mingxue as soon as he arrived.

So they asked out for a meal to get to know each other.

But bar, today's meal, obviously some heat can't come to the field, so that this deputy team leader didn't have a good show of superiority.

And Yang Mingxue was a little lovey-dovey with himself.

This made him secretly unhappy in his heart.

But what, now that he saw a kid who was actually greeting him so warmly, Deputy Team Leader Wang Kang's heart became even more uncomfortable.

"He's my new colleague, Chen Hao, Deputy Team Leader Wang!"

Yang Mingxue said faintly.

"Oh, didn't I tell you about this person before, Chen Hao, one of my junior high school classmates!"

Liu Yannan was cold at the moment.

"Ao-Oh, I remember, then Yannan, why didn't you greet him just now?"

Remembering what Liu Yannan had said about Chen Hao, Wang Kang's heart felt a lot more comfortable, and asked now.

"It's not like we're on the same level, what's the point of greeting him, and Mingxue, don't say that you're colleagues with him in the future, he's not from the marketing team The staff, the administrative support staff for the marketing team!"

Liu Yannan reminded Yang Mingxue.

"Pfft, fuck, I was going to ask him how many groups he went to, but it turns out he's the one doing the fucking logistics, haha! Min Suk, stay away from people like that! Not in the same league as you, you're white collar know that right?"

Wang Kang mocked with a smile.

The entire investment management department, the full name is Dreamer Investment Management Company, belongs to the group directly, which, the company is divided into market research department, audit department and so on several departments.

And Liu Yannan, is the head of the four groups of the marketing department, which is also the supervisor.

There are several other groups.

Responsible for the market research and development work of investment projects.

In her eyes, logistics is the marketing department inside the odd jobs, so it's of no use.

The group of people discussed and left.

When it was the next day, Chen Hao came to work early in the morning.

As a result, when she entered the elevator, there was also one person carrying a briefcase inside.

The two of them looked at each other.

This man, isn't he the one who pulled Yang Minxue yesterday.

At this moment, Wang Kang despised Chen Hao with a glance.

There were only two people in the elevator, so Wang Kang said.

"Hey, working in logistics, you and Minsaeng just met, right?"

"Uh-huh, yeah, I met him yesterday!"

Chen Hao saw that this person, from yesterday in the car, had never failed to show disdain to himself, so he did not speak with a smile like he did with the others, but just returned a light sentence.

"Oh, I advise you to stay away from people, they say that they are only inviting you for dinner as a courtesy, you really think that they want to invite you ah, also Don't you see what you do for a living, and are you in the same class as others?"

Wang Kang sneered.

Here is to give Chen Hao a heads up, meaning, pee on yourself, Mingxue has herself here, you kid stay away from her.

"Isn't it a class that doesn't need you to worry about it, who are you? Need you to mind your own business?"

Chen Hao said coldly.

The elevator door opened at that moment, and Chen Hao didn't even look at him.

"Fuck, kid you wait, I won't play you to death!"

Wang Kang's face was green and white with anger, and no one in the company had ever spoken to him like that.

And Chen Hao came to work right here in the hall.

"Good morning, Chen Hao!"

A girl greeted Chen Hao.


Chen Hao smiled as he came to his desk and opened his computer.

There were three people in total in the administrative logistics of the marketing department.

One was Little Fatty.

As for the other person in the logistics group, it was a girl.

And the moment he saw her.

Chen Hao was just slightly pleased, "Fang Fei, it's you, huh?"

Isn't this girl the same girl that Chen Hao met at the elevator when he first came for the interview yesterday?

It was just that when Chen Hao came yesterday, Fang Fei seemed to have gone out on a mission.

"Hey, Chen Hao isn't it, I knew it was you as soon as I looked at our colleague's name, yesterday I went out to deliver documents, and when I came back from work And you're all gone. Ha ha! I never thought we'd actually become colleagues!"

"Yeah, I didn't think of that either!"

Chen Hao was a little surprised.

Just a few sentences into the conversation.

A woman came over.

"Newbie, do me a favor, this is a USB flash drive with twenty movies on it for me! Finish downloading it for me by noon today!"

Chen Hao looked at the woman.

It was also half an acquaintance.

It was the woman who was quite pretty but quite cold when she came up in the elevator yesterday and said that she was sure she had no chance to join the company.

Yesterday, Chen Hao also knew her.

Her name is Wang Meina, and she is the deputy head of the third team.

A local from Ping'an County.

It was reasonable to say that the marketing department asked themselves to do things as a position.

But what, this next movie?

Chen Hao said, "Team Leader Wang, it's not appropriate to download movies during office hours, right? I have to work?"

"What do you mean? You call your shitty job a job? Let's get you something to do, look at you dawdling, and I'll tell you what, if I'm delayed in watching a movie this afternoon, you'll be waiting!"

Unexpectedly, as soon as Chen Hao said it, Wang Meina was directly anxious.

Slapping the flash drive on the table, she directly turned around and walked away.

"Chen Hao Chen Hao!"

Fang Fei, on the other hand, pulled on Chen Hao's sleeve.

"Chen Hao, in our company, there are a few people who can't be messed with, do you know who she is?"


"Who is she?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Deputy Team Leader Wang is a god-sister recognized by the Deputy Director of the Marketing Department of our investment company, so you should know what I mean anyway!"

Fanny whispered.


Chen Hao thought, that's weird, from yesterday when I saw her, she was either looking in the mirror or playing, anyway, I don't see her working much, it looks like she has a backstage ah.

The next thing was the movie that Wang Meina was going to download.

After all, Chen Hao has to work here for a short period of time as an undercover agent, so he can't get too stiff with Wang Meina.

And so it was downloaded.

"That who? Logistics crew, what are you doing?"

The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it.  

At this time, a young man with his hands behind his back, in his thirties, suddenly said coldly.

Apparently, he was seeing Chen Hao's computer screen.

And behind this youth, there was also a personnel standing.

It wasn't anyone else, it was the deputy head of Liu Yannan's group, Wang Kang, who was currently looking at Chen Hao with a cold smile on his face.

"Minister Zhang, this employee is actually downloading movies during office hours, hehe, the guts are really big ah, officially on the first day of work like this, later still Great!"

Wang Kang pointed at Chen Hao.

Minister Zhang had already walked over to Chen Hao's computer desk at this time, because when Chen Hao downloaded the movie, he must have minimized it.

I don't know how Minister Zhang's eyes were so sharp, but he could actually see himself downloading movies from such a distance?

Chen Hao was wondering!

And Zhang Bu has clicked on the content: "Who told you to get off the movie during work hours? What do you take our workplace for? What's your name?"

Zhang Bu bellowed sternly.

At this moment, the entire hall staff, as well as the marketing department, all came out to watch the scene before them.

Yang Mingxue was also standing next to them watching, seeing Chen Hao being trained, it was quite awkward to be honest.

"I didn't download this movie!"

Chen Hao.

"You didn't download it, so who told you to download it?"

Zhang Bu coldly said.

"It's Deputy Team Leader Wang!"

Chen Hao pointed at Wang Meina.

Originally, well, I didn't come here to work, and now there was even less need to take the blame for an employee like Wang Meina.

This is exactly what Chen Hao meant, to sue her in front of the leadership and see what the outcome of the treatment of Wang Meina is!

And Wang Meina, right now, was directly filled with anger.

Picking up the bookshelf, she threw it over towards Chen Hao, "Who are you talking about? Who told you to download it?"

Wang Meina was furious.

But isn't that right, although someone like Wang Meina was at fault, it was worse for such a high-minded and arrogant girl to have her admit her mistake than to hit her in the face.

What's more, Chen Hao was still an ordinary junior employee.

So of course, she couldn't stand it.

I watched Wang Meina launch into a frenzy and pounce towards Chen Hao.

The commotion got bigger and bigger.

The minister also frowned: "Okay you Wang Meina, what's the trouble, take away your U disk, I tell you, if the Next time, don't blame me for being rude!"

After saying that, he glared at Chen Hao again and then walked away.

Chen Hao thought to himself, this is the fucking end?

For ignoring company discipline like that, how can you give a warning to Mina Wang?

As for that Wang Kang, after sneering at Chen Hao from the side, he also left with a smug smile.

This matter bar, say big or small.

But Wang Meina is considered to bear a grudge against Chen Hao, and when the leader left, he still scolded Chen Hao there, ridiculing the words, how unpleasant to hear.

No one from the entire marketing department responded either, obviously quite afraid of her.

Chen Hao stayed a little depressed.

Soon after, it happened to be urgent to pee, so she went to the bathroom to use the toilet.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she smelled a great smell of smoke.

Apparently a few people were smoking in there.

"Brother Kang, this kid is probably finished this time, right? Waiting for the three-month turnaround, the minister's place will definitely not approve him haha!"

"If you dare to fucking offend us Kang, I'll make sure he can't make it here!" Another man said.

"Okay, okay, you'll see when the time comes, I'll fix him!"

Another person said, "By the way, Yang Minxue is the one I'm interested in, you two have nothing to do to stop fawning over him!"

"Okay Con!"

After a few people spoke for a while, they left.

Chen Hao could hear them clearly in the other flap.

Headed by that Kang, who else could it be if not Wang Kang.

Chen Hao had also guessed this guy long ago.

It seemed that Minister Li, who had just been shouted to by Wang Kang, had been intentionally shouted to.

And as a deputy minister, Wang Kang must be aware of some of Wang Meina's habits.

One look at the USB drive on his computer and he would know.

So he deliberately sued to embarrass himself and to offend the most unpleasant Wang Meina.

Fuck, this kid is really a pussy!

Chen Hao had also heard of some shady colleagues in the workplace, but never expected to run into them this way.

It seems that he sees himself as a rival and wants to get rid of him if he can't make it in the company!

Well, let's play then!

Take your time. There's no rush.

This day at work, Chen Hao spent it all in the midst of Wang Mina's ridicule.

When the afternoon finished work.

Once Chen Hao came back, but he saw that his colleagues from the investment department were downstairs, and they didn't leave, playing with their cell phones and making phone calls, as if they were waiting for a car or something.

Because Chen Hao went to deliver documents, I don't know what the situation is.

Just to see Fang Fei with colleague glasses little fat are also in.

"What are you guys waiting for?"

Chen Hao asked with a smile.

"Huh? Seriously? Chen Hao, didn't you get the text message?" Fanny asked in surprise.

"What's the text message?"

"It's just that tonight we're having a welcome party for the entire marketing department, and we're having a party because we've added you two new colleagues. The! When I first came here last month, the marketing department threw a welcome party for me as well, which was always pretty lively and nice!"

Fanny smiled.

"No? No one notified me?"

Chen Hao looked at his phone and indeed did not receive any text messages.

"Let me see!"

Fang Fei took Chen Hao's phone and looked for it, and sure enough there were no text messages.

Then Fang Fei showed Chen Hao her text message again.

"Marketing Department: welcome party this month, Fang Fei, Box 202!"

Chen Hao thought to himself, this is too damn bullying, the whole marketing department is going, but not calling me?

Although it wasn't worth getting angry, Chen Hao face was still hot.

"Chen Hao, which compartment are you in? Are we one piece?"

At that moment, Yang Minxue came over and asked.

"Didn't call me!"

Chen Hao faintly said.

"Ah? How is that possible? Could it be that Deputy Chief Wang Mina and Deputy Chief Wang Kang have forgotten about you? I'll go find them and ask!" Yang Minxue said.

After all, Yang Mingxue and Chen Hao in the company are two people who came together.

They were both newcomers, so it was easy to develop a bond.

"No need, you guys go ahead, I won't go!"

As soon as Chen Hao heard that Wang Kang and Wang Mina had run it, she knew what was going on.

Now, under the disdainful gaze of a group of female colleagues, Chen Hao left in a lonely manner.

After returning to the hotel where he was staying.

Just preparing to take a shower.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Young Master Chen, are you there? It was Li who asked me to come to you!"


The visitor was Li Zhenguo's secretary.

The reason for looking for Chen Hao was because there was a contract to sign.

Several projects had recently started in Pingan County, so there were many places that needed contracts.

"Hmm? Wait, what's this?"

As the secretary was leaving, Chen Hao saw a pile of envelopes that the secretary had placed on his desk.

When he opened it, it was the entrance tickets for the Group Star Concert.

It looked like it was less than fifty or so.

"It's like this Young Master Chen, our seven projects started at the same time, so the company arranged a large concert, and the stars alone were invited Over thirty, not including some of the big, famous acts!"

"Li said you have a lot of friends from school in Ping An County, so he asked me to send the tickets, and if you still need them, Li can also send them again for the You arrange it!"

The secretary smiled.

"No, that's pretty much it, and I don't have many friends!"  

Chen Hao said indifferently.

The current secretary bowed deeply, exposing the two career lines.

However, it did not attract Young Master Chen's attention.

This caused the secretary to secretly regret.

Only then did he leave.

"Who is this pile of tickets for? Oh, Li is really good at getting things done, he's quite considerate!"

Chen Hao smiled in his heart and said, "Right, give him a few from Li Xiao's side, and wait for tomorrow, give Fang Fei that girl a few more!"

It's been a long day at work, and Fang Fei has been the most caring person in the company today.

Chen Hao naturally wants to express this.

After washing up, he went to bed and opened a video chat with Su Mu Han.

Counting the days, Su Tongxin has been away for more than two months, and should be back in less than a month.

The two of them chatted for a full three hours.

Only in the end did they hang up the video.

This night, Chen Hao slept quite soundly.

When it was the next day, he still arrived at the office early in the morning.

There were already quite a few colleagues here.

They were all obviously having quite a good time at last night's party, and the afterglow was still warmly discussed.

"Haha, last night was the most hippest time to play, you all don't know, we went to KTV later, Xiao Zhang all kissed Xiao Li! , lol!"

"Right, and Xiao Tao, who is drunk and still wants to confess to Fang Fei, this dead kid, to see how honest he is with others, is dying to bring Fang Fei to the Pulling in his own bosom, and as a result, Fang Fei gave him a mouthful, I want to laugh just thinking about it when I see Tao's confused face!"

The group of girls were all laughing and trembling.

At this time a girl suddenly lowered her voice mysteriously.

"There was actually something else that happened last night, I saw it when I was in the bathroom!"

A girl said.

"Huh? Quickly tell me what's going on?"

"Ahem, it's the deputy head of Group 4, Wang Kang, who seems to have confessed to their group's newcomer, Yang Minxue. And even bought a bouquet of flowers, Liu Yannan is there, fixing the two of them up!"

"I go, this is strong, so what happened then? Has Yang Minxue agreed to this yet?"

A crowd of gossips asked.

"I don't know about that, I was just trying to get in there to check it out and then the group pushed me out! But it doesn't look like it should be a yes!"

"Ahem, so how did you know?"

"Because Wang Kang is really stubborn too, and you know what he said later? He knows that Yang Minxue likes the singer Lan Ting, isn't this Lan Ting is coming to our Ping An County, and there are many big names, with concerts. Wang Kang said that for Yang Minxue you can go buy her concert tickets?"

"Huh? Is this really fake? I heard that tickets for the concert alone, even for the last seat, start at $2,000, and they're not even available! It's too hard to rob!"

The girls said with regret.

The concert thing, these days in Pingan County media, social networks, and news street bus stop sign, publicity everyone knows, not to mention the front of the ticket, even in the middle of the back of the ticket prices are fried very badly.

Two thousand dollars just to start, very common location, in fact, has been speculated to five or six thousand, are not necessarily buy it!

This time to the stars of the popular have, many of them girls crazy like the fresh meat, who are going to be impressed ah.

But only from the internet to see the live broadcast addiction.

"If he can really snag it, I guess Yang Minxue has to promise him, right? And I'm sure Mina Wang will have to grab the tickets too, you'll see, she'll never come to work that day! She's a die-hard fan of star brother Yi Fan, and all the movies and entertainment on her phone are about him! She's definitely grabbing tickets to go!"

The people all discussed it.

Not long after, more and more people went to work.

Fang Fei also came.

"Good morning, Chen Hao!"

Fang Fei's face was a little unpleasant, but she still greeted Chen Hao with a smile.

"Good morning Fang Fei!"

Chen Hao smiled, knowing that Fang Fei had a bad time last night, Chen Hao didn't ask.

"Right Chen Hao, this is the bun I bought, I bought too much, I can't eat it, have you eaten yet? Why don't you help me eat a few?" Fanny asked.

"Well, I didn't eat breakfast!"

Chen Hao wasn't rude, so he squeezed a few small cage buns and tossed them into his mouth.

And watched as Fang Fei turned on her computer.

On her computer screen was the background of an actress.

Chen Hao then asked, "Fang Fei, you like this star ah, I heard that she is coming to the group concert!"

Fang Fei nodded vigorously and sipped her soy milk, "Yeah, I'm really excited, when I was in school, my biggest dream was to wait for the When I earn money, I'll definitely go to one of her concerts to hear her sing live, but right now, she's so close to me and I'm going. No more, alas, no tickets are too expensive, I didn't even line up to grab six thousand dollars, and if I had more money, I wouldn't have any!"

Fang Fei lost her way.

Chen Hao squeezed a few more small steamed buns and tossed them into his mouth, "That's easy, I have the door, I'll give you a ticket!"

Seeing Fang Fei is really good, and now he's eating someone's Xiao Long Bao.

Chen Hao had so many tickets, it would be a waste not to give them away.

"Ah? Are you serious?"

Fang Fei was pleasantly surprised, but disappointed, "Chen Hao you're just making fun of me, how can tickets be so easy!"


Chen Hao said as he pulled out a ticket from his bag and handed it to Fang Fei.

"Here you go, it's still in the middle front seat! This location has a raised platform, and it's not crowded, so you can see best when taking pictures and such!"


Fang Fei's jaw-dropping acceptance of the tickets couldn't even believe it was real.

"Chen Hao, this, this, I don't even know how to thank you!"

Fang Fei's hands were trembling.

She had to give Chen Hao money, but Chen Hao didn't want it.

After eating the bun, Chen Hao was thirsty, so he went to the water dispenser to get water.

And at this time, another group of colleagues came.

"Angry as hell, angry as hell! It's really pissing me off!"

A girl came over angrily, throwing her bag on the table.

"Deputy Team Leader Wang, what's wrong?"

Someone asked.

This girl, naturally, was Wang Mina.


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