The unknown heir 213

Chapter 213

"Yes sir, ten thousand!"

The waiter smiled.

Lin Dong's face was ugly, he had thought that he had finished pretending to be a pervert by dropping a thousand yuan, but he didn't expect that the bottle of flower arrangement was so expensive.

What if you took out your own father to call it.

Definitely not.

This western restaurant is headquartered in Jinling, and the owner is quite powerful in Jinling, so it doesn't matter if you have this connection!

But let yourself really pay $10,000, where is the money on you?

"Well, ten thousand is ten thousand, what's the big deal!"

Jiang Ran Ran's voice was cold at this point.

She even wanted to take money to smash the waiter's face.

Now, in front of Chen Hao, not steaming steamed buns was still a fight for breath!

Right now, she looked to the side at Lin Dong. She knew that Lin Dong must have a way!

Lin Dong touched his pocket and whispered in Jiang Ranran's ear, "I've only got two or three thousand yuan left on me, where's the money?"

"Ah!" Jiang Ranran thought that Lin Dong there must be five or six thousand there anyway, he still had five or six thousand on him, and thought that the two of them would make up to save face Just get past it and be done with it.

But that's all that's left of Lin Dong!

The current face was a little embarrassed.

"That waiter, put it on my tab! I'll pay for them with this advance!"

Chen Hao didn't want to help when he saw the two of them chattering.

But he could see that Lin Dong was probably tight with his hands.

As for Jiang Ranran, it was even harder to see his face.

Although these two people didn't put themselves in their eyes, to see Jiang Ranran in such a difficult situation, Chen Hao was quite embarrassed.

After all, when they met, Chen Hao had told them that they could just look for him if they had any difficulties in the future.

Right now it was the initiative to say.

"Hmph, Lin Dong doesn't want your money, Lin Dong has plenty of friends!"

Jiang Ran Ran said.

This point, Lin Dong with who to pick up 10,000 yuan ah, say to really borrow, his father must know sooner or later, that shall not split himself.

When the thought of not borrowing for nothing.

Then he said, "Okay, Chen Hao, you first lend me 10,000 yuan! I'll give it back to you tomorrow!"

"No problem! By the way, you have to give me an IOU!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

The waiter, on the other hand, immediately brought a pen and paper.

Although Lin Dong's face was ugly, he still wrote an IOU and handed it to Chen Hao.

Then he picked up the thousand dollars he had thrown on the table and stuffed it back into his wallet.

Taking Jiang Ranran with him, he went out.

"Hmph, Ranran, this fool's money is not borrowed for nothing, hehe, I'm embarrassed in front of him today, but when he asks me for money Just wait and see, the kid doesn't have much family anyway!"

Lin Dong was still thinking of fixing Chen Hao.

And looking at such Lin Dong, Jiang Ran Ran's heart suddenly felt that he was unfamiliar, so unfamiliar that it was as if he had never known him before.

Just one word, LOW!

Yeah, now Lin Dong is so LOW, before right, Jiang Ran Ran actually felt that having money or not wasn't too important.

After all, she grew up in a greenhouse and never had much of a need for money.

Just feel that in the future to find a boyfriend, not necessarily rich, can take himself to dinner is good!

So the existing relationship and a Lin Dong whose job everyone envies is naturally her top choice.

Because Lin Dong was respected no matter where he went.

But today, in the western restaurant, it had simply refreshed Jiang Ranran's worldview.

It was good to be able to take herself to dinner?

Oh, without money, you can't even eat a decent meal.

Chen Hao ordered that pile of delicious food that Jiang Ranran so badly wants to eat, but Lin Dong has no money.

Broke a vase, can't even pay for it.

Borrowing money from others and thinking of how to be bad to them.

Is this the kind of guy you like?

Jiang Ranran shook her head.

"Ran Ran get going, I'll drive you home first!"

Lin Dong said at this time.

"Forget it, you go ahead on your own, I'll just take a taxi back!"

After Jiang Ranran said that, it is on the side of the road directly to stop a taxi, do on and leave.

Only Lin Dong was left dumbfounded.

Of course he understood what was wrong with Jiang Ranran, his heart hated Chen Hao to death!

And not long after, after Chen Hao and Xu Xin had left each other's contact information, they also finished eating.

Chen Hao gave Xu Xin a taxi to take her home.

He also ran to the KTV next door to see that the scene had broken up and the KTV was temporarily closed for the night.

Chen Hao didn't expect so many things to happen this day, it was really quite tiring.

Right now, she took a taxi and returned to her hotel.

As soon as he returned.

His own phone rang again.

One look, it was the same strange number that was called during the meal.

Who is this?

Chen Hao was suspicious, so he clicked answer.

"Chen Hao, what are you doing? Why don't you answer the phone!"

As soon as it was connected, a clear and beautiful female voice came out.

And when he heard this voice, Chen Hao was suddenly a bit confused as well.

"Qin Ya, how come it's you!"

Chen Hao was confused.

By the way, half a month had already passed since the day of the holiday.

During this half month, Chen Hao had spent most of his time in the hospital serving Master Wu, and it seemed like Qin Ya had stopped paying attention to him because of that incident on the day of vacation some time ago.

Chen Hao thought to himself that this was just as well.

The two of them had basically cut off contact.

Unexpectedly at this time, she suddenly received a call from Qin Ya.

"Hmph, it's surprising isn't it, I used the landline in my room to call you, what do you mean, you didn't even contact me, you really didn't take me for a O friend!"

Zhenya grumbled.

"No, just surprised you would call me!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Why can't I call you?"

Qin Ya said wistfully.

"Because I'm not a rich man, just a little poor loser!"

"I forbid you to degrade yourself like that!"

Zhenya raged.

"Really, that's what most girls call me!"

"That's most of them, I never meant to look down on you, on the contrary, I think you're a lot better than all those rich kids, I I know you're avoiding me because you love your girlfriend, but if your girlfriend wasn't here, you'd be very mean to me. Okay, right?"

"Maybe... "Chen Hao didn't know how to say it either.

This girl Qin Ya, to be honest, was pretty and elegant and had a good heart, anyone who could have her as a girlfriend would really be a great blessing.

But Chen Hao, because of Su Mu Han, he was fond of Qin Ya, but not the kind of fondness.

"Did you call me for something?"

Chen Hao asked.

"Can't I call you if I'm fine? Okay, I'm fine, so hang up!"

Zhenya spoke harshly.

"Toot toot toot..."

Chen Hao then hung up the phone.

But it immediately called again, as soon as Chen Hao answered.

"What do you mean! What's wrong with you! I'm really pissed off at you, I need to talk to you about something, and it's important!"

Zhenya was speechless.

"What is it?"

"I'd like to meet you at your home tomorrow and stay there for a few days, is that convenient for you?"

"Hey, hey, Chen Hao, can you hear me?"


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