The Unknown Heir 330

Chapter 330

What Qin Ya was thinking was also very simple.

If she ended her association with Chen Hao completely like this.

In terms of a girl's psychology, it was impossible to say that she was willing.

Even if you yourself are bad, are you really so bad that you can't even look at me one more time.

And precisely, if Chen Hao were to do something for himself, only then would Qin Ya's heart feel relatively better.

It wasn't some kind of scheming scheme.

Just simply want Chen Hao to do something for himself, prove that he still has weight in his heart, and perhaps be content.

That was roughly how it was.

But Chen Hao was hesitant this time.

In the past, it was fine to pretend to be a boyfriend, these favors weren't anything, and as a friend, it wasn't like he couldn't help out.

However, assuming a kiss, this was very difficult for Chen Hao.

But a mouthful of rejection, he also promised Qin Ya before.

After all, he has no grudge against Qin Ya, plus some things, Chen Hao still has gratitude and guilt towards Qin Ya.

"Oh, just assume pro, I didn't ask you for anything else, at most just wasting your time for a day, can't this little request satisfy me? ? I said, just help me, and I won't bother you from now on!"

Qin Ya had tears in her eyes.


After struggling for a long moment, Chen Hao nodded.

"But I have a condition!" Chen Hao

Qin Ya's lips bit slightly, "You say!"

"That is, apart from the Yanjing Qin family, let's not make too much noise!"

Naturally, Chen Hao had his own considerations in saying so.

How could this matter be widely publicized.

"I promise you!"

Qin Ya took a deep breath, then said with a somewhat indifferent face, "Then, Young Master Chen, I won't bother you anymore, as for the time, it will be set for tomorrow Bar, go back and I'll arrange this!"

Afterwards, Qin Ya left with Zhao Tong Tong.

After returning to the hotel, Chen Hao lay down on the bed, quite tired today and wanted to rest for a while.

But then there was a knock on the door.

Chen Hao got up and opened the door.

"Great Grandson!"

"Old Uncle Qin, why are you up here again?"

Chen Hao smiled helplessly and bitterly.

The old man in front of him was none other than the old beggar from before.

It was because last time, Zhuang Lao had saved himself once.

So Chen Hao treated him extremely well and not only promised to send him back to his hometown Shuchuan, he also gave him a sum of money so that his subordinates could go over and settle him down properly.

Of course, after getting to know him, he also knew his name, he said it himself, his name was Qin Yifan, his name sounded quite atmospheric.

But to be honest, Chen Hao felt that Qin might be getting old and a bit confused, sometimes he didn't know which words were true and which were not! .

Some poor.

But I didn't expect it to go away yet.

And Qin Lao was really unpredictable too, finding himself with precision every time.

"You said you were taking me back with you!"

Old Man Qin chuckled.

"I... Alright, but I'm going to Shuchuan, and it'll be a day or two later!"

"That's okay, I'll wait for you, and hey, don't think I'm a burden, I might even be able to help you!"

Old man Qin smiled again.

"Alright, alright, I know, thank you ah Old Uncle Qin, right, you go back and rest first, I'll pay for your food for the past few days! "

Chen Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

"Fine, I'll wait, let's set off in a few days!"

Old Man Qin left in a flourish.

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't really let old man Qin go.

He had helped himself two or three times, but Chen Hao was grateful.

For example, the last time he was surrounded by people, if he hadn't suddenly rushed over

Having relieved himself and dragged himself away, he really didn't know how to end up that day.

But, he was an old man and his speech was still a bit upside down, if he really followed, I'm afraid it would be a burden when the time came, it wasn't rude, it was just that Chen Hao really couldn't bear to toss him!

When it was early the next morning.

Chen Hao received a call from Zhao Tongtong.

Of course, it was about the hypothetical kiss with Qin Ya.

In order not to proliferate, Chen Hao even Yonghao Xiaofei Li Zhenguo and they didn't say anyone.

On Qin Ya's side, Chen Hao also understood and mainly wanted to tell the Yanjing Qin family as well as the Long family.

"Chen Hao, I'm picking you up downstairs!" Zhao Tongdao.

This form was also very simple, everyone was just going to the hotel for a meal, so that Qin Ya's side of the clan could also settle down.

"Okay, I'm going down right away!"

Chen Hao said with a bitter smile.

When Chen Hao arrived downstairs, Zhao Tong Tong was already waiting.

Chen Hao then prepared to go over there in one piece.

As a result, only then did Chen Hao see that there was a car parked at the side of the hotel.

In front of the car, Yang Lu was standing there.

Seeing Chen Hao, Yang Lu trotted over.

"Chen Hao! I came to see you, but your bodyguard wouldn't let me in, huh?"

Yang Lu said.

Of course, Chen Hao's bodyguards also knew about the Yang Xue sisters.

So when Yang Lu came, naturally they wouldn't let them in, let you talk about the smallpox.

The bodyguards didn't even inform.

"You're looking for me? What for?"

"You have to help my sister, my sister is going to swallow pills and kill herself! It's been going on since last night and I just can't talk her out of it, and the only one who can help her now is you!"

Yang Lu looked anxious.

"O-Oh, then let her make as much noise as she wants, how can I persuade her~?"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

"Hmph, you're so heartless, what is my sister doing all this for, isn't it just to make you look at her squarely, and, you know that yesterday Did Long Shaoyun hit my sister at the banquet for what reason?

"Because Long Shaoyun had asked my sister to trick you out and then tried to do something bad to you, my sister didn't agree to him, and now you're in luck, my sister suffers from The excitement is about to get worse and you don't even care!"

Yang Lu said.

"I told you, she has nothing to do with me anymore, besides you give her a message for me, it's fine if you want to make a scene, don't ever get into trouble in my villa again!"

After Chen Hao said that, he sneered and prepared to leave.

"You you you! What a bastard you are, Chen Hao, you're just an animal, now you're rushing to get engaged to someone else, and you don't care about my sister's life or death~"

Yang Lu shouted.

"Oh, who told you I was going to get engaged?"

"Don't pretend, the Dragon Family already knows, it's considered swallowing a bad taste, and you still want to lie to me!"

Yang Lu Dao.

"You love to know or not, I don't have time!"

Yang Xue was indeed humiliated yesterday, beaten and abused like that by Long Shaoyun.

But before, Chen Hao's heart might have ached for her.

Not anymore.

Then, he directly left with Zhao Tongtong.

After Yang Lu stomped her foot in anger, she also left.

Genting Villa.

"Eldest Miss, Second Miss she's back!"
A maid said.

Yang Xue, who was lying on the sofa, stood up at once: "Ah? Has Chen Hao come yet?"

"The only person I see coming up here is Second Miss, and I don't see Young master Chen ah?"

"Well, how could it be!"

Yang Xue said urgently, then pushed the maid away and went to the door herself to look, and sure enough, she saw Yang Lu herself coming up, where there was half of Chen Hao.

"This son of a bitch, is he really that cruel?"

Yang Xue was full of dejection.


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